Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Irish Genocide 1845-50

Americans collectively believe that a potato famine ravaged Ireland from roughly 1845-50, causing a decimation of its population. As we shall see, the truth is that the Queen's government intentionally perpetrated an ethnic genocide on the Irish people.

One estimate of the number of people murdered by the British government given by hovers around 5.2 million which was roughly half of the Irish population of 1841. British imperialists usually cite a famine, almost invariably given as a potato famine, as the cause for the devastation. The maliciousness of this lie is that the Irish people never relied upon potatoes for their sustenance. Potatoes were a late and minor arrival to the Irish diet.

As the aforementioned source notes, the Irish diet traditionally consisted of meats, dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruits. The assertion that potatoes were a foundation of the Irish diet is a malicious and scurrilous lie.

Since the English never successfully pacified the freedom minded Irish, aristocratic British Prime Minister John Russell deployed 200,000 British troops to systematically remove enough food from Ireland to feed 18 million people, in order to crush them with brutal starvation. Royal garrisons literally occupied Irish farms and farm communities to enforce the confiscation of food, with more troops infesting the seaports to deny entry of food, and to ensure the deportation of all food possible.

Part of the food shortage in England stemmed from the Corn Laws of the UK which imposed ruinous tariffs on importers of grains. When the European potato crops failed in 1844 and 1845, it was the English who were disadvantaged due to their dependence on potatoes - not the Irish. Since the landed aristocracy needed to earn its lucre off the backs of the poor, its Corn Laws guaranteed high grain prices domestically which forced the lower classes to rely on potatoes.

In regards to the genocide, writes:
Queen Victoria's economist, Nassau Senior, expressed his fear that existing policies "will not kill more than one million Irish in 1848 and that will scarcely be enough to do much good."6 When an eye-witness urged a stop to the genocide-in-progress, Trevelyan replied: "We must not complain of what we really want to obtain."7
Thus we can see that it was the express and explicit policy of Queen Victoria and Russell's government to exterminate as many Irish as it possibly could. The royal government also enlisted the Catholic church to aid in the systematic starvation, something which should surprise no one who is acquainted with that religious order's pedophilia.

It is time people recognized the British royals for what they were and are - blood lusting murdering psychopaths.

-, The Mass Graves of Ireland,, 1995, accessed 4/12/2020,
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Virus Crash Course

The astonishing ignorance of Americans concerning viruses is the direct cause for the establishment of the police state. I will give you information to rewire your brains about viruses, and set you free from the fear and paranoia gripping so many people.

The root of the fear mongering is the fake science of Louis Pasteur, a subject covered in these Chronicles in ages past - long before the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of the corona syndrome hit. Pasteur gave us the germ and viral theories of disease, but this is wholly false, something which the French scientist was forced to concede near the end of his life when he acknowledged that the great Antoine Bechamp had the right idea about pathology.

At the risk of oversimplification, we can say that the regnant theory of disease asserts that germs and viruses are contagious and the cause of illness. This idea is absurd, and it matters not that you can find all kinds of ignorant doctors and researchers who spout this nonsense.

As the body accumulates toxins, it reaches a point, especially at seasonal changes, when it needs to purge itself of the wastes. It is not truly a coincidence that many people become ill at the same time during these seasonal transitions. It is sort of like spring cleaning for the body. But the uncritical observer will assume that all of these people got sick because they all caught "a virus" from someone else who was sick. This inept observation is the error of conflating correlation with causation.

When the body recognizes harmful wastes, it sends bacteria to decompose them so that the body can excrete them through sweat, breathing, and bowel and urinary elimination. When bacteria encounter proteins and other toxins which they cannot process, the body calls upon its library of 300,000 plus viruses to finish the job.

The body's repertoire of viruses is organ specific. In other words, it has a collection of viruses for the liver, and another set for the skin. These viruses cannot invade other cell types from which they originated.

When the body creates a virus, it encodes it with its own DNA/RNA because that is the only way it can replicate. The virus needs to reproduce as quickly as possible to deal with the threat of the retained toxins.

Thus, most people, including most medical professionals, believe that the virus is the cause of disease because pathology in the organ is accompanied by viral DNA. Nothing could be further from the truth. Again, this observation is the inept conclusion that correlation equals causation.

Rather than attacking a virus, healers should be focusing on the removal of the toxins prompting the production of viruses, a conclusion which flows directly from Bechamp's work.

Now that we have explained in coarse terms the workings of the body's healing mechanisms, we can see clearly that one cannot "catch" a disease. Viruses can only reproduce in the body if they have the same DNA as the host. To be more blunt, you cannot catch the flu from a swine. Such thinking is most medieval, backward, and uninformed.

Viral DNA can persist in the body for a long time, and consequently can show up in so-called tests for the viruses. The test says absolutely nothing about the quantity or activity of the DNA fragment. However, in all cases, viruses are your friends; so it doesn't matter if you have them.

Not only cannot viruses cross species, but they cannot communicate between the same species. In other words, you cannot give anyone corona virus. Outside the body, viruses are dead and have no biological viability - they have no reproductive mechanisms. Only living cells can produce viruses within the body.

One point of clarification is required before leaving the topic of viruses. Your body is under assault by all kinds of toxins. The people of Lombardy and Wuhan live in the most horrific pollution on the planet and their governments do not care. These two regions also have the highest densities of 5G radiation in the world which is highly toxic and lethal. Your body cannot handle GMO foods - they are a ticking time bomb. The water you drink is utterly polluted and dangerous especially if it comes from the typical municipal water system with fluoride being one of the biggest problems. And don't feel smug if you drink water out of plastic bottles - the plastics are strong endocrine disrupters.

The point is that all kinds of factors can contribute to bodily toxins. Your body is naturally healthy, but your environment and lifestyle may not be.

Please put the fear mongering away. Please stop listening to the fake news talking heads. Do not trust your government to tell you the truth. William Casey, former director of CIA, said in 1981 that the CIA will have done its job when everything that the American people believes is a lie. The virus theory of disease is one of those lies.

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