Saturday, April 30, 2016

Update on the Murder of Dorothy Kilgallen

Investigative reporter and celebrity Dorothy Kilgallen was murdered on November 8, 1965 in order to prevent her from publishing exclusive information she had obtained about Jack Ruby's testimony to the Warren Commission, as well as the results of her interview with the Kennedy assassin who murdered Lee Oswald.
We have discovered many details since we first published on this subject several years ago, including how Jayne Mansfield was murdered in connection with Kilgallen.
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Friday, April 29, 2016

One Minute Chronicle: The Origins of the Pyramids

The Great Pyramids of Egypt have fascinated not just tourists, but historians, archaeologists, mathematicians, builders, and others who have marveled at their wonders, yet have always remained a mystery of how they were built. The answer is relatively obvious if you know how to interpret the Bible.
The pyramids are a phenomenon not just of Egypt where perhaps the most famous wonders of the ancient world are domiciled, but also on nearly all continents, including North America where the Tlahchiualtepetl of Mexico is found at 3 times the size of the Egyptian Great Pyramid.
We assert that the cultures did not independently develop the idea of the pyramid, but that they come from a common culture which lived on a single land mass which split apart in the time of Peleg.
Modern archaeologists marvel at the engineering tour de force of the pyramids. The perfectly square base of the Great Pyramid is level to within an inch across its entire breadth. It consists of about 2.5 million dressed stones, with a total volume which dwarfs anything else modern man has created.
The limestone blocks are so tightly abutted with an advanced cement that not even a razor blade can be wedged between them. Precision joints are less than 1/50th of an inch. The interior passageways are perfectly straight, with rooms having dimensions in accordance with the Golden Rectangle.
The King's Chamber has a coffer cut from a solid piece of granite. Drillings into very hard granite show feed rates of .001 inch per revolution. In other Giza pyramids, portcullises have been found who constructions baffle modern engineers.
While other amazing feats of engineering could be cited, the main point is that the construction of the pyramids in the time given to create them is beyond modern building capabilities. Yet in some quarters, historians and others insist that the Egyptians built them.
Some interpretations suggest that Egyptians were assisted by superior beings from alien planets, a line of thinking which starts to get us to the right answer. Based upon what we know about Egyptian mathematics and engineering arts, it is absolutely implausible to suppose that they built the pyramids. The same line of reasoning would deny the same accomplishment to other civilizations in other parts of the world.
As an aside, the logic of ascribing the pyramids to the Egyptians is the fallacy of coincidence. Just because a man is holding a smoking gun over a dead body does not prove that he was the murderer.
Fortunately the mystery is not that great when we consult the Bible, particularly Genesis 6 which tells us that the Sons of God came down to earth to cohabitate with the women who in turn produced the heroic men of renown. The sons of god were not angels as many have asserted. The Apostle Paul precludes that possibility when he firmly states that no angel can be regarded a son of God. Thus the Sons of God were literally God's offspring - in other words the siblings and cousins of Jesus.
They came to earth - probably through Mt Hebron - the Mount of Transfiguration - to build pyramids for which purpose it is not entirely clear. They seemed to want to establish a dynasty and to deny it as an inheritance to Jesus. Thus they interfered in human affairs in a way which angered God who wiped out the entire civilization, preserving only Noah and his immediate family.
The flood explains the weathering of the Sphinx and pyramids. The earth is not old enough to support the great ages some speculators have advanced.
After the flood God caused the single land mass which Jesus created in Genesis 1 to split, taking their pyramids with them. We affirm that mystery of the pyramids is solved.


Eric Dubay, The Great Pyramid Mystery, The Atlantean Conspiracy, September 17, 2014, accessed 9/17/2014

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bush Puppet Headed for White House

Get ready for yet another Bush presidency. Either Hillary or Ted Cruz - both Bush protégés - will end up in the White House even though the latter doesn’t seem to have the political support to pull it off. However, politics is not about votes but about money.
Ted Cruz certainly seems like a low odds bet for the White House, but he is a CIA supported candidate who may upstage the murderer Hillary Clinton. Two CIA front companies, Strategic Solutions and Cambridge Analytics, are both dredging up votes for Cruz, apparently on the assumption that in order to rig the Diebold voting machines, a certain amount of honest support is required before stuffing the computers with the required fake Cruz votes to steal a win.
Cruz is interesting for numerous reasons, not the least of which is that he is a Canadian-Cuban who fails to qualify for the presidency on Constitutional grounds. But as George Bush, Jr said, “The Constitution is nothing but a goddamned piece of paper.” This attitude bodes well for Cruz who until 2013 was a Canadian citizen.
But it is not only Bush’s attitude which Cruz has, but also Bush, Sr’s support through his father Rafael. Rafael, Sr is the namesake of his son Rafael, Jr better known as Ted Cruz. Senior was photographed with Lee Oswald in front of the International Trade Mart in New Orleans on August 16, 1963. The significance of this photograph is staggering.
Before developing that angle, we need to fill in Rafael’s background. According to the Wayne Madsen Report, Rafael left Cuba in 1957 after giving up his fight against the US supported and hopelessly corrupt Batista regime. He came to Houston, where he enrolled at the University of Texas Austin. The anomaly is that Cruz claimed that he only had 100 dollars to his name at the time; so clearly he had other sources of income which his CIA connected father, or perhaps the CIA itself, supplied in order to get Cruz enrolled in the mathematics program.
Between 1961 and 1963, Cruz married his first wife Julia Ann Garza, moved to Dallas, and then to New Orleans where he was when photographed with Oswald. As an anti-Castro partisan working for the CIA, Cruz would have worked out of the infamous Camp Street building where Oswald’s Fair Play for Cuba was also headquartered.
Another artifact of Cruz’ stay in New Orleans which substantiates his work for CIA was the fact that he maintained 2 residences in New Orleans – an official residence, and a plausible deniability residence. Dual addresses is standard operating procedure for many CIA operatives and agents.
By 1967 Cruz was divorced and remarried to Eleanor Darragh whom we assume he met while working at an unknown oil company in New Orleans. Further research is required to identify the company, but we would include candidates such as Clint Murchison’s concerns, George Bush’s Zapata Oil, George DeMohrenschildt’s company, William Buckley's Pantepec, or Prescott Bush’s Humble Oil Company.

[ed 4/29/2016 - we have since discovered that the oil firm in question was Schlumberger, a French company which bought out Cruz' consulting firm. Our speculation is that this purchase was a huge payoff for services rendered in the murder of Kennedy].
As a resident alien, Cruz was required to register for the draft, something he did long after he was required in 1967, and in violation of the law. Instead of going to Viet Nam, he fled to Calgary where in time he later assumed a leadership role in a Zionist-CIA front religion known as Dominionism.
Cubans were actively recruited by the CIA in its conspiracy to murder President Kennedy. CIA controlled “news” sites covering this story allege without fact that Lee Oswald was the president’s assassin. We have proven time and again that this is a lie. But the significance is that George Bush, Sr led the Nixon founded Operation 40 group, made up of angry Cubans, to assassinate the president, in which plot they participated from the Dal-Tex building near Dealey Plaza to fire at the president.
Oswald’s role in the Fair Play for Cuba operation was to ferret out Castro sympathizers for the CIA, a task with which he collaborated with Guy Banister who also worked at the same Camp Street address out of which we believe Cruz worked.
Now for the best part. The photograph of Cruz and Oswald in front of the International Trade Mart is extremely important. The ITM was a satellite organization for Permindex headed by CIA conspirator Clay Shaw, the latter firm a gigantic corporation with tentacles all over the world, especially in Europe, America, and South Africa. Permindex worked directly under the British Special Operations Executive where the Bronfmans and Meyer Lansky were key players. The SOE was the private arm of the Queen of England, Elizabeth Windsor, which carried out special intelligence assignments, including the murder of President Kennedy.
ITM was a US subsidiary with headquarters in New Orleans, and which District Attorney Jim Garrison assumed to be part of the conspiracy to murder Kennedy.
In 1970, Raphael Cruz, Jr was born, better known today as Ted Cruz. With at least 2 CIA companies working to support Cruz, and with tight connections to George Bush, Sr, there is a real possibility that Cruz will be installed as president with a little help from Diebold machines and George Bush, Sr. Neil Bush, the Savings and Loan Scandal criminal from the 1980s and a principal in the treasonous 9/11 attacks on America, is not on Cruz' inner campaign management staff for nothing.
If Cruz does not make it, then Bush crony Hillary Clinton will win. Either way, the Bush crime dynasty continues on.
Wayne Madsen, Was the father of presidential hopeful Cruz involved in the JFK assassination?, Wayne Madsen Report, April 7, 2016, accessed 4/28/2016
-, George de Mohrenschildt, Spartacus Educational, nd, accessed 4/28/2016
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The End of the Carbon Fuel Age

Carbon fuels have been such an organic part of the American economy for at least 150 years that it may seem inconceivable that these energy sources are on the wane. Several facts point to their declines, a process in motion since the turn of the century.

One anecdotal evidence for the demise of carbon fuels is, as reported by Dr Jim Willie, that the Rockefellers divested around 85% of their energy holdings in 2014-15. For a family which made its trillions (yes, with a t) in oil and energy, it seems a bit strange that this so-called smart money is exiting the industry of its financial birth.
Perhaps the 75% decline in American gasoline consumption since 2000 is part of the gloomy prospect for oil, a decline undoubtedly facilitated by concerted fuel efficiency measures. Another factor in the further decline in gasoline consumption is the emergence of hybrid and hydrogen fueled vehicles. The recent attack on Volks Wagon by the US government in Washington and Tianjin was triggered by its intention to release an engine which gets 200 mpg through proprietary technology using steam.
But it is not just fuel efficiency which is tapering the demand for carbon fuels. Alternative sources of energy are already at hand such as cold fusion, a technology viciously crushed – but not killed - by the Rothschild-Rockefeller combine working in concert with the military industrial complex of the United States. We have published previously the viability of cold fusion as a net producer of energy, and which is already in production.
Most people are aware of the steady gains of solar and wind energy, but another kind of energy associated with the sun is fusion energy, the kind where atoms are fused rather than split. Veterans Today reported some exciting new advances in this field which will allow production of commercially cheap energy with zero emissions.
EMC2 is the company behind the technology it calls inertial electrostatic confinement which uses plasma gas trapped in a magnetic cube to generate energy. Although the company has not produced a net positive energy generator, it believes that it is 3 years away from doing so. EMC2 has been in business since 1985.
If it is able to meet its goal, fusion based energy plants should begin construction around 2030. In the meantime, solar energy advances, cold fusion maturity, and wind technologies should foment a precipitous decline in the use of carbon fuels.
The astute reader will note that we have not referred to fuels such as petroleum as fossil fuels. This is because oil is not a fossil fuel – an exceptionally idiotic idea foisted upon the stupid American. Geofuels such petroleum, coal, and natural gas are abiotic substances produced by the inner earth’s mysterious operations. Many oil fields have replenished themselves as a consequence of such earthly movements. We do not buy the baseless idea that the earth would ever run out of carbon fuels.
On the other hand, it is nice to not put one’s eggs in one basket. With the confluence of these emerging technologies, not only will true energy diversification become a reality, but we will be able to apply energy in very productive ways to raise living standards – if only the people of the world rise to destroy the hegemony of the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Windsor Satanists.
Ian Greenhalgh, Fusion technology breakthrough could herald demise of coal, Veterans Today, April 25, 2016, accessed 4/28/2016

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Gravity Hoax

Gravity does not exist. It is a farce invented by Freemason Isaac Newton to justify the heliocentric model which has the earth orbit around the sun. There isn’t a shred of proof for gravity’s existence.
The learned reader might retort that gravity does exist because he was taught in prestigious schools that it is a real force and even solved complex problems, some with calculus, involving gravitational attractions, influences, and workings.
Unfortunately learning something – even in a university – is not proof of anything other than one has been taught something. A far greater intellectual effort is required to prove a truth. The astute reader might respond that the genius Albert Einstein believed in gravity, but we would remind our reader that the fraud Einstein was often photographed sticking his tongue out at us, displaying his utter contempt for the people who believed his rancid lies. Even so, a genius' belief in something is not proof of anything.
A historically minded reader might inform the author that Newton discovered gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree. A logically minded writer might respond that this proved nothing of the sort – only that the tree let loose its grip on the apple. And thus we come to the crux of our argument.
An apple falls from a tree because there is no countervailing force to keep it suspended in its position at the tree. In other words, the density of the apple is greater than the density of the air, and it totally lacks the aerodynamics to stay afloat as might a feather for some period of time after being loosed from a tether. Thus the apple falls to the ground with accelerating velocity in proportion to its height from the ground.
We do not – at least not yet – deny that for calculational purposes that an object falls at 32 feet/sec2, but this acceleration constant is not due to the effect of gravity but to the air pressure or atmosphere which governs its rate of descent - which according to experimental results is reasonably negligible.
If the air were as dense as bricks, the apple would not fall to the ground when the tree loosed its hold.
The problem with the theory of gravity is that it is a deus ex machina of fake physics, which subject conveniently has the power to keep vast oceans clinging to an alleged sphere while allegedly spinning at 1038 mph at the equator, allegedly orbiting about the sun at 67,000 mph, and about the galaxy at an even dizzier speed. Yet we are able to effortlessly lift a can of cancer water to our lips without the slightest thought of overcoming this great force. These and other paradoxes of gravity have caused “scientists” to declare gravity a weak force and to recast it as curvature in space rather than an electromagnetic force. The great Tesla laughed at space curvature.
(One might respond that Tesla's laugh proves nothing, and so we concede. But since there was nothing proven in the first place, the laugh is a propos.)
Some of the other problems with gravity include the paradox of the earth not pulling the moon into itself and vice versa since both objects supposedly have gravitational pull. Both bodies, in turn should be sucked into the sun. But the heliocentrists invented the nonsense of the orbiting and rotational forces to help explain why gravity does not consume us all. The theoretical physicists have invented one gigantic Rube Goldberg contraption to keep the masses bamboozled.
Falling objects may have acceleration, but they do not accelerate due to gravity. Objects fall to the earth because no countervailing force prevents them from doing otherwise.
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Do Nuclear Weapons Exist?

A documentary film claims that nuclear weapons do not exist - that they were a hoax to instill fear, and thus willingness to finance through extortion a vast component of the military industrial complex. The producer may be right, but he failed to make his case.
There is indeed a difference, sometimes quite fine, between being right and proving it. The film in question, Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist, is a most tedious production of nearly 2 hours which shows a collage of film footage documenting the evolution of the nuclear arms race from its inception in the late 1930s when 3 scientists sent President Roosevelt a letter warning of the possibilities of nuclear weapons, down to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
The narrator chimes in periodically to make vacuous statements such as "Here is the United States detonating another fake atomic bomb," followed by many minutes of 1950s news reels reporting yet another bomb test. As a rhetorical effort, this documentary rates an F-. Chopping the documentary to 15-30 minutes would immediately raise its grade to a C.
On the other hand, if one distills the vast prolixity to its fundamental points, the author of the film raises interesting questions, though he never gets around to substantiating them.
If we have understood the points correctly, the theses run as follows: Albert Einstein, along with 2 other scientists, "conveniently" warns of German capability to produce an atomic weapon. This cues FDR to launch a massive, secret military operation to build an atomic bomb before the Germans do so.
These vast expenditures are predicated upon nothing but the musings of theoretical physicists who suppose that atomic explosions are possible, but who have no experimental evidence to substantiate their speculation. In a large and improbable string of first try successes, the Manhattan Project scientists produce an atomic bomb whose first live trial on July 16, 1945 is a rousing success.
From that point forward, the United States, then joined by other world powers, produces an ever scarier range of weapons and potencies to scare billions of people with impending doom, justifying ever more governmental secrecy and extortion of tax dollars to "defend" their countries, and at the same time avoid nuclear war.
The author then concludes that since no nuclear wars were ever conducted, then the weapons were illusory - that nuclear weapons were psychological warfare devices used against citizens to cow them through fear.
Rarely if ever in the 100+ minutes of the documentary is any coherent evidence offered or any argumentation made to support its primary points. But as conspiracy analysts, we can read between the lines to offer a more cogent case.
The narrator makes the point that the nuclear test films were faked using conventional explosives, noting that no full uncut films were ever made available to the public. He also argues that destruction of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were fire bombed, like Tokyo, rather than nuclear bombed. We think that the argument has merit, but as with the entire film, no evidence is presented except for contemporary films, from which viewers are supposed to believe through osmosis from the producers that the damage in front of us is indeed from fire bombs rather than from nuclear.
The author also suggests that the science of atomic bombs was largely voodoo science since there were too many improbabilities and impossibilities to overcome in such a short time for producing bombs, and that time after time the interventions of deus ex machina resolved insuperable obstacles - one of which was the ignition of a controlled chain reaction of nuclear fissures, and the filtration of U235 from U238 and the production of plutonium.
Again we believe that the thesis is interesting and plausible, but it was short on evidence. Nevertheless we are convinced that the author was correct because we know of the massive fakery that the US government used in the moon program, so we suspect that an equal amount of fakery was used in the atomic bomb project. Since no went to the moon, let alone landed on it, then the atomic weapons project was an equally complete hoax.
It would be nice to see scientific evidence evaluating the merits of the atomic bomb theories and potentials given 1940s science.
One interesting note made in the film was that Enrico Fermi was prevented from examining the site of the Trinity Test after the explosion. His lead lined vehicle conveniently broke down before he could reach it. Thus there are no independent eye witnesses to the detonation aftermath.
This pattern continues with the atomic testing program in a similar manner where many detonations are conducted underground or in the atmosphere, meaning that there is no observable independent evidence that nuclear bombs were ever actually detonated.
Our views are quite mixed overall on the effectiveness of the documentary. On the one hand we found it a dreadful use of time whose pain was alleviated by the ability to play hearts while listening to the narration, but on the other, we were presented with doubts we had not entertained before about the authenticity of the nuclear program. We suspect that the program was indeed a faked psychological operation against the American people, and that the nuclear science was a complete hoax, but we are still waiting for a more cogent case.

Edmund Matthews, Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist: The New Documentary, A Virgin of Wellew Production, nd

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Earth Really Is Flat

We can't really fault you if you believe that the earth is a sphere, since most of us have attended public centers of indoctrination where such lies are taught. But the truth is, as the ancients knew, that the earth is truly flat.
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