Saturday, June 20, 2015

How Theodore Roosevelt Faked His Attempted Assassination

People familiar with the charlatan Theodore Roosevelt will not be surprised to learn that the gun shot wound he allegedly suffered while running for president in 1912 was entirely faked.
The reason people familiar with the publicity whore Roosevelt would not be surprised by this fakery is that the "Rough Rider's" life was manufactured horse manure, including his famous charge up San Juan Hill. We have documented how this event never occurred, and that this president's military record was entirely fraudulent.
Even the "prestigious" PBS has reported that a black Brigade accomplished the heroism of San Juan Hill - not Leonard Wood and Hop-along Roosevelt.
Mike King has re-examined the shooting event in the 1912 election to discover that it could not have possibly been true that Roosevelt was shot and then delivered a 90 minute flatulent speech.
On October 14, 1912, John Flammang Schrank allegedly shot Roosevelt with a Colt .38 caliber pistol moments before the president was scheduled to deliver a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When his ineffectual bodyguards explained to the crowd that Roosevelt had been shot, some in the crowd started yelling "Fake! Fake!" Thus began the first October Surprise.
Then in drama queen fashion - as King puts it - Roosevelt revealed to the audience his blood stained shirt to "prove" that he had been shot. He was "miraculously" saved by his thick speech and steel lined eye glasses case. Although he claimed Bull Moose bravado, there was other bull in the story. Thus arises the legend of the original magic bullet theory.
It is preposterous beyond imagination to believe that a .38 caliber pistol at close range would have been stopped by paper and an eye glasses case. It is also preposterous to believe that the former president would not have been rushed to a hospital for treatment, especially given that his predecessor was downed not so much by the bullet but by the residual effects of the shooting - and a fake doctor who guaranteed that McKinley would die.

Oddly enough, given this background, Roosevelt's bullet was never removed. If you are wondering why, it is because he never had a bullet to remove.
But why would Roosevelt stage this publicity stunt? His Jewish handlers, specifically Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff were hell bent on electing their sock puppet, the treasonous, adulterous, murdering, racist, ziowhore Woodrow Wilson because they were desperate for World War 1.
Taft was on the cusp of winning re-election, but Roosevelt was ordered by these men to run in the 1912 election to syphon votes from Taft and to create insinuations that Taft was behind his attempted murder the way Roosevelt was truly associated with the murder of McKinley.
It is unclear if there is anything truthful in Roosevelt's biography, but we are certain that the gunshot wound is completely staged fakery.

Mike King, 1912: The Faked Shooting of Teddy Roosevelt, Tomato Bubble, nd, accessed 6/20/2015

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

If You Can't Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Relativity

The old saying goes that if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with...the general theory of relativity. Albert Einstein was neither an original thinker, nor correct when he espoused his plagiarized theories of relativity. And he was an MK Ultra programmer to boot.

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) has been hailed as the greatest physicist of the 20th century, if not of all time. His General and Special Theories of Relativity, and his famous equation E = mc^2 are considered landmarks of modern physics. Not only are these ideas the product of a warped mind, but there is vigorous dissent today over their veracities.

Perhaps Einstein's poor academic records in both mathematics and physics help explain his nonsensical theories he plagiarized from other scientists, but as Nikola Tesla observed,
"The theory of relativity is a mass of error and deceptive ideas violently opposed to the teachings of great men of science of the past and even to common sense."
Tesla proved himself time and time again as a scientist without peer who accumulated by 1932 700 patents. His critique of the theory of relativity is devastating, requiring little in the way of mathematics to prove his point.

The most fundamental error of the theory of relativity is its insistence that space and time can curve or warp. Space cannot warp because it is nothing, and nothing cannot have properties such as curvature.

Another assumption of relativity is that the velocity of light is constant and cannot exceed 186,000 mph (or as the metric nuts would have it, 300 km/sec). However scientists have observed particles (matter) moving faster than the speed of light - a supposed impossibility. As Einstein himself admitted, it takes merely a single experiment to prove his plagiarized theories wrong, and indeed that has happened.

The experiment also vindicates Tesla's lament that modern physics had forsaken the scientific method by depending upon masturbatory equations which had no connection to the physical world it was attempting to describe or explain.

Unraveling the problems with relativity even further, Arend Lammertink describes the fundamental error in relativity owing to its reliance on the equations of James Clerk Maxwell which are flawed in assuming that electromagnetic fields are caused by matter rather than vice versa.

To compensate for this incorrect assumption, relativity uses Lorentz transforms for inertial frames rather than Galilean transforms of classical physics. However Maxwell's equations can be corrected by modifying his assumption about causality of electromagnetic fields, in which case Galilean transforms can be made to work in conjunction with the classical aether model of the 19th century. Thus the complexities and irrationalities of relativity can be banished.

One other experimental discovery reported by Lammertink is that the speed of light is not fixed in deep space. This discovery is essentially the nail in the coffin of the theory of relativity.
One other conundrum which has never been adequately resolved in establishment physics is the incompatibility between quantum mechanics and the theories of relativity. The disjuncture is most uncomfortable because we are supposed to believe that the physics on the micro level is quite different than at the macro level.

These massive failures of the theories of relativity lead us investigate the tawdry character of Albert Einstein who was not a scientist in the classical sense, but who was an intelligence operation to destroy Western science.

We have already noted that Einstein was a plagiarist who stole ideas from Maxwell, Poincare, and other competent physicists, but he did so because of his general incompetence with physics.

The myth has been told how Einstein escaped Germany because of oppression against Jews, but the truth is that he left because he was a communist under observation trying to destroy the German nation. Mike King documents his activities as a Marxist, and his unmitigated hatred of Germany, calling for its annihilation.

Of course the devil's advocate would argue that his hatred for Germany was a reflex for its anti-Semitism, yet that argument is a lie. Germany wanted to rid itself of Jews because the Jew sought to destroy Germany. The classic Jew always accuses his enemies of his own crimes.
The bottom line is that Einstein was a Zionist who in 1947 was named among the top 10 friends of the Soviet Union. He was an enemy of the United States.

In addition to calling for world war and destruction of Germany, Einstein was a vicious husband and father. He treated his wives like door mats, with the following excerpt from his conditions for continuation of his marriage to Mileva:
You will renounce all personal relations with me insofar as they are not completely necessary for social will stop talking to me if I request it.
As a deadbeat dad, Einstein had few peers. He gave practically nothing to his 2 sons, whom he abused, while living or in death. His significant wealth he lavished on himself and his many adulteries.
Finally Kay Griggs in her seminal interview in 1998 noted that Albert Einstein was an MK Ultra programmer and subject who was seen often at her former husband's homosexual orgies.
Einstein was a scientific fraud and Zionist weapon against America. It is a shame to this country that his drivel is still studied long after it has been proven to be quackery. It is a greater shame that Americans still worship this morally depraved deviant.
Arend Lammertink, Electrical Engineer disproves Einsteins Relativity Theory: The Ruins of 106 Years Relativity,, September 26, 2011, accessed 6/17/20017
Mike King, The Einstein Monster, Tomato Bubble, nd, accessed 6/17/2015

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Monday, June 15, 2015

How Vern Halman Saved the World From Nuclear Holocaust

Although we have reported previously on the planned massacre of the USS Liberty by psychopath Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara, we have just discovered that the world avoided nuclear holocaust by a true US patriot Vern Halman, whom we believe deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor.
The story of the USS Liberty is now well known - a case where Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, and Walter Rostow collaborated to destroy the USS Liberty in another Gulf of Tonkin hoax to start a war in the Middle East.
A fascinating article by Judy Morris reveals that the 6 Day War was the idea of the Johnson administration possibly to resurrect his electoral prospects, a war which Israel more than happily undertook. Her sources reveal that Israel simply did not have the intelligence or hardware to attack the Egyptian air force so decisively, meaning that not only did the United States supply the aircraft and intelligence, but also the pilots to bomb Egypt.
Morris also reveals that US Air Force pilots were on alert before the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, and that these were not just ordinary Air Force pilots. They were indeed bombers of the US Strategic Air Command in California who carried nuclear bombs - and not just ordinary nuclear bombs: they were hydrogen bombs whose destructive power dwarfs that of atomic bombs.
Not only were pilots in the US ready to launch an attack on Egypt, but so were pilots on the USS Saratoga stationed in the Mediterranean which actually launched planes with nuclear bombs to attack Egypt, and which were recalled only 3 minutes prior to dropping their payloads. Unable to return to the Saratoga in their armed states, they had to be directed to Athens for disarming.
Johnson and McNamara personally ordered the commander of the Saratoga to call off rescue missions of the Liberty on at least 2 occasions. It was a miracle that the mayday calls were received by the Saratoga because nearly all communications capabilities were destroyed by the Israeli Air Force who added electronic jamming to their attacks.
However the Liberty signal crew found that they had a small opening to issue a distress call which Vern Halman barely delivered. Not only did the Saratoga receive the call but so did several listening posts, US embassies, and Soviet spy ships. The Israeli attackers realized the implications of the received mayday call, and decided that the risks of sinking the Liberty simply were not worth it.
Morris speculates that Israeli air and naval forces may have deliberately sabotaged their attacks since they had more than enough munitions to sink the ship many times over but did not.
It is thus our strong opinion that Vern Halman, along with his crew mates, were not only heroic in defending Liberty, but literally in defending the world from a murderous cabal of psychopaths governing the United States, a list which includes Johnson, McNamara, Rostow, and their Rothschild overlords.
We had previously indicated that the cause for the Israeli attack on the Liberty was due to the highly classified ship's interception of communications proving that the Jews were butchering Egyptians in the Sinai. While we believe that they were doing so, we believe that Morris' sources have uncovered the real conspiracy which was to start World War 3.
While we like Morris' coverage of the attack and geopolitical dynamics driving the assault on the Liberty, we deplore her naïve rebuttal of those who deny the Holocaust. Perhaps one day Ms Morris will apply the same research effort into the Holocaust Hoax as she has to the Liberty Lies.
In their heroic efforts to save their ship from a wanton attack to serve Johnson's psychopathic goals, Vern Halman and the entire crew of the USS Liberty, through that one mayday call, saved the world from nuclear holocaust, and may have even been aided in that salvation by their attackers. In so doing, the lives lost during the attack are invested with great meaning and heroism.

Judy Morris, The USS Liberty, Israel & President Johnson’s Order to Destroy the USS Liberty, Private email of Robert Morrow, June 4, 2015

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Unraveling the Mossad Attack on Charlie Hebdo

When Mossad perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo massacre, including its many fake deaths, it did not realize that its murder and mayhem would be exposed so quickly. New information about Jeannette Bougrab unlocks the key to the Jewish operation against the French satire magazine.
Bougrab quickly emerged as the fake girl friend Stephane Charbonnier, known as Charb, never had. None of his friends or family knew about her - she was a cipher who emerged from the wood work after the attacks claiming that she was the one true love of Charb's life.
But what brings the Jewish Mossad agent into the life of the Charlie Hebdo editor? She was part of the clean-up crew. She managed to quickly insinuate herself into Charb's mother's confidence in order to get a key to Charb's apartment which most likely she had never seen in her life - except for possibly strictly business reasons.
The reason for getting the key was to ransack it for incriminating evidence linking her, and by extension Mossad, Hollande, and Netanyahu to the crime. But that brings us to the fascinating reason for why Mossad was involved with Charb and his magazine in the first place.
Before proceeding, we should salute Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today not only for his real time dissection of the false flag attacks by Mossad ordered by murderer Benjamin Netanyahu, and with which we believe that Bilderberger Francois Hollande was involved, but also for his groundbreaking reporting of the significance of Bougrab.
It turns out that Charb, in financial straights with his publication, accepted Mossad money to publish infuriating satire of Muslims in France. Mossad decided in early January to not only shut down the operation - probably due to risk of exposure - but also to create a sensation to force the few remaining Jews in France to migrate to Israel, and to create more hatred for Muslims in its never ending holy war against Islam. After all, Jews should rule the world and wipe out anyone who gets in their Satanic way, a call made by Jewish rabbis in the United States.
Bougrab's job then was to make sure that any evidence linking Charb to Mossad was confiscated and destroyed. Unfortunately French police investigator Helric Fredou also obtained the explosive evidence, whom the Mossad controlled Paris police department murdered when he was about to disclose Bougrab's and Israel's involvement in the massacre.
Now it would be inaccurate to say that Charb and Bougrab did not know each other, for their relationship appears to have gone back several years during which time she was essentially his handler and conduit for monies supporting Charb's virulent assaults on Muslims living in France. By doing service for the Jews, he kept his financially decrepit operation going.
But Bougrab was definitely not Charb's girl friend.
When Barrett's book hit the book stands, it was denounced by Netanyahu puppet Hollande, proving for us that not only was Hollande involved in the massacre, but that it was a Mossad operation which probably had substantive support from CIA. Clearly investigators and analysts had uncovered the essence of the plot and its details.
Additional proof that Israel was the major instigator in the murders is that Netanyahu was all over the map grabbing publicity in his egomaniacal way in the immediate aftermath of the false flag attack, urging Jews to leave France, and stirring up the lie of the beleaguered Jew. His crocodile tears were contemptible.
Netanyahu also ordered that Jews be murdered as part of the assault, or appear to be murdered, in order to burnish the pity card. Finally, people associated with the protagonists and victims are dropping like flies, the most recent being Bougrab's mother, proving again that there is a conspiracy whose truth must never be learned. Unfortunately for the perpetrators, their modus operandi is well known, and their crimes as plain as day.

Kevin Barrett, Charlie Hebdo perps BUSTED! The key lie of Jeannette Bougrab, Veterans Today, June 14, 2015, accessed 6/14/2015

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Why John Kerry Was Murdered

We originally published a story about an assassination attempt upon Secretary of State John Kerry which we couched with a certain level of uncertainty. We have since concluded that the story is indeed truthful, and offer an explanation of his murder.
We will not bother to dignify the story that Kerry fell from bicycle by refuting its imbecility, or dignify the fake photo released of Kerry allegedly sitting in a hospital chair or bed by refuting its idiotic nonsensicalness. The story is that Kerry was murdered.
Instead we focus on how the Secretary of State was murdered, a plot which originated in the White House. The key to understanding the murder is understanding the Jew "Barack Obama" and the Jew Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) who are on an uber Zionist quest to destroy America and to rule the world.
In recent weeks, Kerry had presented foreign policy statements which contradicted those of Nuland, the mastermind behind the Kiev Coup which ousted a popularly elected prime minister, and which led intentionally to a civil war designed to draw Russia into World War 3.
Kerry's foreign policy blunders were to support the Minsk 2 cease fire, and to support a nuclear deal with Iran which would lead to the lifting of sanctions. After all, with Israeli puppet Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen with nuclear bombs supplied by Tel Aviv and the Bush Crime Syndicate, why shouldn't a nuclear power deal be struck with Iran?
Kerry's additional sin was to thwart the war, along with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, with Syria in 2013 . This year, however, Kerry failed to back ISIS and ISIL in a way which would prevent the US military from bombing them into disarray.
When Nuland publicly contradicted Kerry in May and June on US foreign policy, "Obama" took his cue to murder Kerry by sending him to France out of the reach US jurisdiction where he was murdered by ISIS commander Gulmurod Khalimov according to reports from Foreign Intelligence Service.
ISIS is clearly a CIA operation with theater headquarters at the US embassy in Turkey, which means that Khalimov was CIA and taking orders to murder Kerry. This story makes the most sense because it is the cleanest way that Nuland could murder Kerry while leaving the fewest finger prints. Her brazen contradiction of her boss' policy pronouncements is the smoking gun in the conspiracy.
The SVR report states that a gun fight broke out in the meeting with Khalimov, but again there is no reason to believe that story until finding the status of the Kerry security detail. The only important fact is that Kerry was assassinated and died on May 31, 2015.
These same reports indicated that Kerry was saved by Swiss doctors, but we assure our readers that professional assassins do not allow their victims to live, and if for some reason Kerry survived the bullets, he was finished off by doctors the way Lee Oswald was murdered at Parkland Hospital.
The Jewish government of the United States had enough of Kerry's interference in Zionist plans, particularly the Project for a New American Century, and thus determined to murder him. One report claimed that "Obama" flew to Boston secretly to inquire about the state of Kerry, but it was only to ensure that he was dead.
The sequestering of Kerry and perpetuation of myths that he is still alive suggest that there were some unplanned events in the assassination plot. After all his death could have been made a cause celebre to start Nuland's nuclear war.
We don't have all of the pieces to the puzzle. Deciphering a conspiracy in real time is fraught with error. However the study of CIA murders since Kennedy has given us a solid basis for identifying the DNA of CIA/Mossad conspiracies.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

CIA Assassinated John Kerry!

In an escalation of the Mossad-CIA war against Syria, Iraq, and Iran, CIA attempted to murder Secretary of State John Kerry on May 31, 2015.
According to Dr Jim Willie citing Before It's News, Kerry was assassinated by ISIL forces in France, during a secret meeting with that CIA terrorist organization, but rushed to Switzerland where Swiss doctors saved him from death.
ISIL forces operated by CIA and Mossad attacked Kerry while meeting secretly with ISIL in the Moselle district in France by pumping at least 2 bullet holes close to his heart. It appears that Secret Service was involved in the murder attempt given the success of the attackers' infiltration of the meeting room.
The leader for the murder attempt is believed to be Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, an ISIL commander, trained by both CIA and the State Department.
CIA has been furious with the "Obama" administration's failure to support ISIS/ISIL operations with theater headquarters at the US embassy in Turkey. Recent US military assaults on ISIS/ISIL have set back progress in the Soros-Nuland war in the Middle East, both of whom work as Rothschild agents and the Israeli government.
Kerry was flown aboard a massive Boeing medical jet to Washington where he is in intensive care. Although Swiss doctors saved his life, his prognosis for survival is minimal, especially with CIA agents having full access to the hospital where he will be finished off. Our belief is that Kerry is dead.
The attempt on Kerry's life is a message to "Obama" that he needs to resume war plans against Syria and Iran as  part of the Ziocon's Project for a New American Century which received strong support from George Bush and the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The story that Kerry fell from a bicycle - a stationery one at that - was another nonsensical lie spread by the CIA covering the disappearance of Kerry. Watch for body doubles and impersonators in the coming weeks.
The assassination attempt was most likely ordered by murderer Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland who may be elevated to Kerry's position, a move which would strongly confirm our speculation about her involvement in the assassination. Nuland engineered the revolution and war in Ukraine which ended badly for the State Department and Kerry. She is also an Israeli agent working in the State Department.
Willie stated that his confidence level in the veracity of the story is 7-8 on a scale of 1-10. We caution readers that he has also predicted the imminent demise of Deutsche Bank but that institution still survives.
Our own research indicates that this story has gone viral, emanating from several foreign governments throughout the Middle East and Russia.

Jim Willie, Interview with Rick Timpone of Radio One Network, June 9, 2015, accessed 6/10/2015

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Israel Nukes Yemen

The terrorist Jewish state of Israel has dropped multiple neutron bombs on Yemen in recent weeks in a proxy war launched via its puppet state of Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi government, under a new monarch, has launched a war against bordering Yemen in an attempt to wipe it off the map, as Gordon Duff put it speaking of Israel's attempt to destroy Yemen.
Veterans Today first reported the use of nuclear weapons by the terrorist state of Israel in late May, noting that only Israel has announced the use and deployment of neutron bombs.
Israel is operating under the terrorist doctrine known as the Project for a New American Century, a blue print  promulgated largely by treasonous "American" Jews who have possessed - as in demon possession - the American government in order to conquer the Middle East for Greater Israel.
The Jews have launched other wars in the Middle East through CIA-Mossad groups such as ISIL/ISIS to destroy Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
The hypocrisy of the Jewish government is breathtaking as its government in the person of Benjamin Netanyahu has blasted Iran for years for its nuclear program which is for peaceful purposes. Iran has never used a nuclear weapon against anyone, let alone create one.
Additional evidence confirming Jewish use of nuclear weapons comes from downed Israeli F16 fighter jets which were involved in the launch of the neutron bombs.

Most of Israel's nuclear weapons came from the United States which George Bush, Sr stole from the US government to give to the Jewish terrorist state.
Yemen is not the first instance of Jewish use of nuclear holocaust weapons in the Middle East. Jews have used nuclear weapons in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria going as far back as the 2003 American invasion of Iraq after Mossad and the Bush Crime Syndicate attacked the United States with nuclear weapons on September 11, 2001.
We call upon the nations of the world to dismantle the Satanic state of Israel, and to bring to trial its entirely criminal government.


Gordon Duff, Pravda: Saudi-Israeli Nuclear Strike Hits Yemen, Veterans Today, May 29, 2015, accessed 6/3/2015

Gordon Duff, Nuclear War Has Begun in Yemen, Veterans Today, May 28, 2015, accessed 6/3/2015

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