Monday, May 10, 2021

Will the Real Deep Throat Please Stand Up?

In a Chronicle of some age, we rejected - with considerable scorn - the story that former FBI executive Mark Felt was the notorious Deep Throat of Watergate fame. Even our nominee failed the truth test as we discovered after reading Michael Collins Piper's investigation into the matter which is explosive in substance and implication.

Mark Felt, doddering, crippled, and half-demented, was wheeled out before the nation in one of the most ghastly acts of disrespect of a senior citizen we have witnessed. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein had the audacity and psychopathic temerity to reveal him as the secret source of their revelations about the Nixon administration as they pummeled it in their political assassination of the 37th president. Have these "people" no decency? Have they no shame?

Our candidate for Deep Throat was certainly better placed and more plausible, but it was wide of the mark as well. We thought that Alexander Haig, Nixon's autocratic, treacherous, and traitorous chief of staff, was well placed, and had enough access to the tapes that he could provide the damaging information which tore asunder his boss' government. Of course, none of this error precludes Haig's involvement in the destruction of the government and Nixon, or his involvement in Operation Deep Throat.

However, Piper introduced new material illuminating Deep Throat in his groundbreaking book, Final Judgment. Drawing on investigation by Debra Davis, author of a biography of Washington Post owner Katherine Graham, Piper provides the most persuasive analysis of Deep Throat we have read.

When Katherine the Great: Katherine Graham and her Washington Post Empire was first published in 1979, Graham flew into a rage, demanding that Harcourt Brace destroy the book. Graham had no libel case - merely a demand that the book be destroyed - because that is what you do when the truth is revealed - especially when it involves treason and sedition against the United States as was her case.

Davis reported that National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger installed his comrade James Angleton of CIA in the White House with Richard Ober, where Kissinger set up a spy network to do surveillance on Nixon. The spy operation Angleton ran was for the Israeli counter-intelligence desk at the White House - not at CIA, meaning that Kissinger and Angleton were conducting Israeli affairs of state out of the Nixon White House!

In other words, Kissinger and Angleton were committing treason by attempting to overturn the 1972 presidential election through espionage for their country Israel, an act in which Mossad was no doubt involved.

Ensconced at the White House, and with full access to the National Security Adviser, Angleton and Ober began monitoring the tapes and conversations in the Oval Office. Whether Ober was Deep Throat proper, or Charlie McCarthy to Angleton's Edgar Bergen, is a rather fine distinction with no difference - the man behind the curtain was Angleton who was deliberately sabotaging the American government for his nation - ie ISRAEL.

Nixon was the target of yet another political assassination by International Jewry and Mossad, the details of which we shall save for another Chronicle. Our main point for now is that James Angleton, working for Mossad, was Deep Throat.

[Postscipt 5/10/2021: It is our belief, though unproven, that Angleton spotted a damaging reference on one of the tapes, ordering Haig to remove it, thus creating the famous 18 minute gap. The popular theory is that Nixon secretary Rosemary Woods made the erasure, but that is surely another fantasy of the Washington Post. To think that Nixon had time to listen to the tapes for incriminating material is lunacy. The damage was to CIA and Mossad - not Nixon.]

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