Wednesday, September 22, 2021

FDA's Taylor Lee: Blow Darts Are Always the Answer

FDA's Taylor Lee toasting to using drones to "vaccinate"
Project Veritas released another bombshell episode of its investigative report into the "COVID" "vaccine" agenda which shows FDA employees planning to use blow darts to forcibly "vaccinate" people. Taylor Lee stated that "Blow darts are always the answer" to "vaccinating" people against their wills, admitting that he endorsed this approach as a resurrection of Nazi Germany.

Lee was very expansive in his tactics for attacking people, mentioning blow darts, drones, and other technologies to overwhelm people. He even volunteered that he would go door to door "stabbing everyone. Oh, it's just your booster shot!"

While the video of Lee may suggest him talking at times tongue in cheek, especially with his call for Amazon tribesmen to be hired to conduct the attacks, it is not. His term "blow darts" is a euphemism for drones which will be armed with injectors to attack people. He even admitted that the funding was available for doing it.

In order to overcome Black resistance to the "vaccine", he recommended attacking Whites first so that Blacks would accept the bioweapon.

Lee said, "At this point, I don't care about your bodily autonomy because it's not just your bodily autonomy that you're putting in jeopardy." But somehow I don't see the homosexual psychopath disagreeing with "my body, my choice" for abortion rights.

Unfortunately Lee offered no evidence of how a virus could endanger anyone. No one has ever done that with any virus. He is in the grip of an infantile religious fervor like Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot who demands allegiance to the New World Order.

How does one justify injecting people with an experimental drug for a condition which has a 99.9% recovery? Lee advocates the use of the Johnson & Johnson bioweapon but it is under Emergency Use Authorization, a pesky detail which can be removed with administrative fiat - regardless of its illegality.

Most ironic about Lee's concern with bodily autonomy and health safety is the fact that the bioweapon is highly lethal. It has claimed millions of lives, yet Lee wants to murder more. Hundreds of millions of people have been irreparably harmed and will eventually die within a couple of years. Yet he wants to "vaccinate" more people. The interviewer failed to ask if Lee was "vaccinated."

As scientists have discovered, the bioweapons contain nothing but lethal substances such as spike proteins, graphene oxide, stainless steel, parasites, prions, for a total of 72 substances for some of them.

When addressing the problem of "vaccine" injuries, Lee stated that it is simply a matter of cost benefit analysis where each life is only worth 5 million USD. So in the case of people dying from blood clots Lee said
And that's the way that like we're trained to like, try and think about these things in terms of cost, benefit analysis, that type of stuff.

In other words, there is no moral dimension in the thinking of the psychopaths at the FDA. It is simply an organization run not by greed, but by pure totalitarian agendas which thinks nothing of killing people to force the "vaccine" down everyone's throat.

Fear the FDA and CDC. But be prepared to destroy them.

Reference (Project Veritas COVID Documentary Episode 2)

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