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The Complete Exoneration of Richard Milhouse Nixon

As the 49th anniversary of the Watergate scandal rolls around, your Chronicler thought it would be appropriate and well past due to completely exonerate the 37th president of the United States of alleged crimes committed pursuant to the burglary at the infamous hotel.

Most people believe that Watergate was about a petty larceny which spun out of control by an egregiously paranoid president who committed obstruction of justice to escape the tentacles of the enveloping crisis. This belief is only partially correct, and hopelessly naïve and foolish.

The precipitating event of breaking into the Democratic National Convention offices located in the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC made no sense. The president had a commanding lead over his Democrat rival for the Oval Office, as the results in November richly substantiated. To risk political capital for such an operation would have been lamebrained. It served no purpose to the president, and thus was not Nixon's doing.

The break-in was a preposterous hoax committed by CIA to bait Nixon into a cascading series of missteps which would demolish his presidency. The perpetrators of the crime were, which to be very clear was not the president, CIA operatives. The arrested men made it very clear that it was a CIA operation. All 5 burglars had CIA or FBI connections as either agents or operatives, with E Howard Hunt - the mastermind of the operation - and Frank Sturgis being the two most interesting, a point to which we shall return.

So why did CIA entrap Nixon in a plot which cost him his presidency? Nixon, according Michael Collins Piper, did two things which put him on the Establishment's enemies list. In the first place he was not sufficiently pro Israel. His administration did not give Israel as much advance notice of the October 1973 Arab invasions as it could have, a lapse which the Jews viewed as intentional. Other sources show that it was bureaucratic red tape. In any event, since when does the United States owe Israel anything?

Nixon's larger sin was attempting to significantly reorganize the government to make it more responsive to elected officials, a move which treaded upon the sacred ground of many departments such as State, and the all mighty CIA. For these two transgressions, the 1972 presidential election would be overturned.

The purpose of Watergate was to provide an insurance policy to the Establishment to force Nixon to heel in the event that he became too big for his britches. When the Deep State felt that Nixon was no longer controllable, it unleashed the clanging charge of the Imperial Presidency, not because it felt that Nixon overstepped his powers, but because he did not heed his minders.

Regarding Nixon's paranoia, the old saying is a propos: Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean that they aren't out to get you. In Chronicles past, we have reported how Admiral Thomas Moorer led an espionage ring against Nixon, which was fundamentally sedition and treason. Nixon foolishly refused to fire Moorer, believing that he could play Machiavelli better than the master himself.

The Pentagon Papers affair did not do anything to assuage Nixon's security about the integrity of his White House and other departments which allegedly reported to him. Thus with these two examples, the stage had been set to create a great distrust on Nixon's part about his own government, and cause him to waive in the so-called Plumbers, led by Hunt, into the White House.

But even the Plumbers are a red herring. Most astonishingly, Piper documented that Henry Kissinger brought Mossad asset James Angleton into the White House to spy on Nixon. Angleton and Richard Ober were the two men sitting in the White House eavesdropping on the president. While Piper does not go so far as to claim exactly what Angleton was doing, it is clear to your Chronicler that Kissinger fed him information about what he knew of White House operations. But more shockingly, there can be no doubt that Angleton was listening directly to Oval Office conversations of the utmost sensitivity, including those related to Nixon's handling of Watergate. In short, Angleton was Deep Throat.

Operation Deep Throat required disclosure of the Oval Office taping system, a practice in varying degrees going back to Franklin Roosevelt. These tapes gave plausibility to leaks which only Angleton could make because he was listening to White House conversations in real time - as they were taped.

Angleton is important because of his service to Israel in the murder of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. When one designates Israel, one is also speaking of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and many more Jewish people and organizations. Not only did Angleton work for Mossad, but so did Frank Sturgis, a man who admitted to murdering Kennedy. So is it any coincidence that these two Jewish sycophants were attempting to destroy yet another president? Of course not.

Nixon was surrounded by enemies in his own administration - whether it was Moorer, Kissinger, Angleton, Dean - Nixon was battling sharks. If the president had not been paranoid, he would have been an imbecile. With James Angleton feeding Oval Office conversations to Ben Bradlee of the Washington Post, their wives being best of friends, Nixon's fate was sealed.

Thus when White House counsel John Dean, who was one of the perpetrators in the crime, and Nixon were caught on tape attempting to produce a document exculpating the president of any legal jeopardy, Nixon was forced into a trap brilliantly set by CIA, Henry Kissinger, White House counsel, and Israel. Nixon had nowhere to run. He was fighting a coup, an insurrection against his own government by conspirators and co-conspirators who to this day have never been indicted for their crimes. The legal defense is entrapment.

Technically Nixon was indictable for obstruction of justice. But this case was no civil matter. It was an attack upon the United States by Israel and its allies in CIA and in positions of great power. The rules of war are different than the rules of peace. Israel was at war again with the United States. Angleton, Kissinger, Dean, Hunt, Sturgis, and many others were enemies of the state, their allegiances belonging to foreign powers.

In this sense, I fully exonerate Richard Milhouse Nixon of all crimes and allegations charged against him in connection with Watergate.

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