Friday, January 15, 2021

Remembering Dr King

It's that time of year again to remember Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who was much more gruesome than his popular image. It defies human decency that anyone would pay homage to such a "terrible" man. What was the real content of King's character? We shall find out.

King was murdered by the police state, to be sure, in 1968, but his legacy isn't really civil rights because he was simply a front man for far more powerful forces manipulating him. Who was King and who were his masters?

King, like Obama after him, was given a doctorate and credentials he could not earn on his own. King's plagiarism is well known, and well covered-up, but until Mike King reported on the findings of a panel investigating the matter, I had not been appraised of its extent. A 1991 Boston University panel reported that as much as 1/3 of King's doctoral thesis was plagiarized, including the punctuation errors.

Recently, some high profile individuals were sentenced for bribing college officials to matriculate their oh-so-not-so-bright children into prestigious universities. In theory students can still be expelled from colleges and universities for plagiarism. Yet for King, it is a career builder.

But King needed a credential because he was designated to lead a civil rights campaign. And having a black man with a doctorate was just the ticket to give the movement gravitas. But why King? My theory is that he was compromised and easy to control because of his sex addictions. An article published in the Independent reports the consensus that King's many extra-marital affairs are well known and documented.

This article also covered more revealing sordid events in King's life, including the following documentation about his involvement in a rape. The Independent reports,

“When one of the women protested that she did not approve of this, the Baptist minister immediately and forcibly raped her.”

A handwritten memo, probably added by the FBI’s head of intelligence operations, adds: “King looked on, laughed and offered advice.”

One interviewee expressed great disbelief at the story, but King admitted that he was a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde character. Why is such a story so hard to believe given the content of King's character and his admission about his duplicity?

So this great civil rights leader was an easy blackmail victim, but it is doubtful that he needed too much arm twisting to carry on the charade of a sanctimonious charlatan. It was probably the promise of money and women which drew him into the game.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was led by Jews for decades. Why? It was an instrument of a larger Jewish program to deconstruct America, having nothing to do with ethical interests. And this is where King's handler, Stanley Levison, enters the picture. He is the one who scripted King and his more memorable utterances such as the I Have a Dream speech. King did not have the rhetorical gifts to write such florid and stirring speeches. After all, he had to steal other authors' works for his doctoral thesis.

Levison was a communist which is why King so openly joined forces with them - he was under orders as to how to form his alliances. Undoubtedly this drove the FBI to surveil him, and eventually to kill him. But King was only the sock puppet, Levison and his tribe were the string pullers.

Jacquelyn Kennedy called King a "terrible" man. We concur. It is time to abolish the King holiday. How could decent people celebrate a sock puppet who gave advice to rapists on how to screw their victims better?

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