Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chronicle Mea Culpa: Identifying the Three Tramps In Dealey Plaza

Contrary to our previous posting on the topic of the three tramps escorted by 2 police officers through Dealey Plaza, we do not believe that Chauncey Holt or Frank Sturgis was either of the men in the parade.
There are at least 4 versions of the famous photos showing the alleged 3 derelicts in column marching to the sheriff's office by Dallas Police Department officers Marvin Wise, sporting a Ku Klux Klan insignia on his sleeve, and by Billy Bass in the rear.
While many names have been proffered as suspects, we believe that the most reliable research was done by reporters Ray and Mary Lafontaine in 1992 which involved follow-up of the 3 men whose identities they determined from police records released in 1989.
The 3 men were Gus W. Abrams (3d tramp), 53; Howard Doyle (2d tramp), 32; and John F. Gedney (first tramp), 38. At the time of the research, the Lafontaines discovered that Abrams had died in 1987 but the other 2 were still alive.
Does this mean that the men were tramps? In the case of Abrams we believe that the answer is yes. The other 2 men are worthy of further research.
Many respected experts on the Kennedy assassination have averred that Chauncey Holt was the old man, a conclusion based upon work by Dallas police profiler/artist Lois Gibson, and Holt's confessions. Given the Dallas Police Department's heavy role in the murder of President Kennedy, we pay no attention to anyone from that corrupt criminal organization.
While Holt may be an entertaining story teller, the former accountant for Myer Lansky is not exactly what we would call a fountain of truth. In fact we believe that he was largely full of himself and other debris as he told his tales. On the other hand, his mendacities do not mean that he was not part of the plot. We still believe that he was indeed a forger who provided falsified Secret Service credentials to the assassins.
The most persuasive evidence against the traditional claims about Holt, Hunt, and Sturgis comes from an anthropological forensic examination of several candidates which precludes Sturgis, Hunt, or Holt as part of the ensemble. For details we urge interested readers to follow our second source in the Reference section.
Even an amateur comparison of Hunt, Holt, and Sturgis, using contemporary photographs, precludes the possibility of any of them being any of the 3 tramps.
Fletcher Prouty who had significant interactions with CIA in the 1950s and early 1960s observed that one of the tramps had a receiver in his ear. Another source indicated that the bag held by Abrams carried radio equipment, which corresponds to a story by yet another source that the men had walkie talkies. We believe that this story is plausible, in which case 2 of the men were part of the murder of the president.
Former Marine Commandant Victor Krulak, corresponding with Prouty in 1985, stated that police officers ( if they were indeed police officers ) were carrying shotguns, and headed to the sheriff's office which was indeed strange, given the completely separate jurisdictions of the 2 law enforcement organizations.
If  Doyle and Gedney were part of the murder, they were being escorted by police to safety.
This affair brings us to Frank Sturgis' 1977 confession in the San Francisco Chronicle that the reason for the Watergate break-in was to suppress pictures showing him and Hunt being arrested in Dealey Plaza. While there may indeed be pictures of the men arrested, the tramps photo is not one of them.
For now, we believe that the photos, circulated since at least 1967, are a red herring of sorts. The only loose end is to determine the backgrounds and roles of the 2 police officers, and Doyle and Gedney. It is way past time to put to death the nonsense about E Howard "scumbag" Hunt and Chauncey Holt being the among the tramps on parade.


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Saturday, May 30, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: The Chapwood Index and Why It Matters

It is common knowledge among both amateur and honest professional economists that the United States government produces a sewer of economic lies in practically all of its economic statistics series, especially the CPI. Fortunately there is another antidote to the US lies in the organization which produces the Chapwood Index.
Many long time readers or savvy students of economics are aware of John Williams' excellent Shadow Stats website which produces honest data for a host of economic indices produced by the fraudulent US government, such as from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. His outfit produces a series on the consumer price index which shows rates of growth often double the official government numbers.
We have now discovered the Chapwood Index which focuses on a narrower set of data for the consumer price index, but its specialization allows it a deeper coverage and analysis of price increases based upon data from 50 US cities.
The results are astonishing. According to Chapwood, the cost of living has increased 10-13% per annum across the US since 2011. When considering the compounding effects for the years 2011-14, the cost of living has increased by 56% in Chicago. The statements that the middle class has been wiped out are too moderate.
By contrast the liars in the US government have reported CPI growth of 2-3% for the last 20+ years, assertions which do not withstand critical or honest scrutiny. Just like the USSR, the US government lies every time its lips move.
Thus we have solid honest statistical evidence from 2 different sources using 2 different methodologies substantiating that the US is on the verge of hyperinflation, the inevitable outcome of the Quantitative Easing program started by quack economist Benjamin Bernanke. Bernanke was less of an economist and more of a gangster for the Ziocon crime syndicate which was bailed out to the tune of 25+ trillion USD.
For those who want an truthful understanding of price increases in the United States, we recommend the work of both organizations.

Reference, accessed 5/31/2015

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Was Hale Boggs an Alcoholic?

The conventional political wisdom about Hale Boggs is that he was an alcoholic who was prone to speak out of turn or with compromised mental faculties - especially when it came to defaming J Edgar Hoover and the US Justice Department. Our view is that there is no evidence that Boggs was an alcoholic.
We cannot say for certain that Boggs was not an alcoholic since proving a negative is a fool's errand. But we can say that the evidence for its claim is weak as it seems to rest upon an elaborate game of telephone and rumor mongering.
The most substantive case for Boggs' alcoholism comes from a 1988 article by Steven Waldman in The Washington Monthly reviewing numerous congressional leaders from the 1960s and 1970s who were alcoholics. Some of the subjects such as Wilbur Mills admitted his problem, as did others, but Boggs was thrown into the mix and labeled guilty by association long after his murder.
Waldman cites Jack Anderson and Drew Pearson, the latter of whom could be considered the Paula Jones of gossip columnists. Anderson is more credible and should give pause when considering his revelations. But Anderson was not perfect, and relied upon numerous unnamed and unqueryable sources for information.
The other main source for the allegation of Boggs' alcoholism was Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, two men who were criminals and murderers. If fraud vitiates all, then we can dismiss both men as liars and unreliable sources who should be discarded like so much Soviet propaganda.
After Boggs' incendiary speech in April 1971 in the House of Representatives, where he was Majority Leader, lambasting the criminal Department of Justice and FBI under the criminal and murderer J Edgar Hoover, Nixon became infuriated as only Nixon could become.
A taped conversation between him and Minority Leader Ford the following morning reveals the inception of the rumor, and the means by which they would cordon Boggs from any White House Congressional meetings.
Before getting to their strategy, Nixon lamented the shameful conduct of Boggs in lashing out against the FBI and its infringement on civil liberties by tapping the phones of Congressmen. Nixon said to Ford, "Do you realize that the FBI has not tapped the phone of one congressman or senator since 1924? And Hoover has the records to prove it." Our comment: ROTFLSHIPMP.
The statement is pure chutzpah and infantile playground bluster. Here is one professional feces substantiating the virtue of another with yet a third swallowing the feces. Nixon was covering up the murder of John Kennedy while Ford did exactly the same thing when he acted covertly as the Warren Commission liaison with the FBI in contravention to all ethical conduct for such an investigation. Ford's role was to make sure that the FBI presented only evidence which bolstered the Dulles-McCloy Commission's a priori claims of Oswald's guilt. Ford also doubled as a bullet hole mover "to clarify the evidence."
Hoover for his part had been caught in numerous income tax frauds, covering up the Kennedy murders, and claiming that organized crime didn't exist, or that if it did, that it was not a problem.
We see what kind of character we are dealing with on this phone conversation. Following Nixon's lead that he thought Boggs might be on "the sauce", Ford picked up from there by saying that Boggs might be under medication, was incoherent, that he embarrassed Albert (Speaker of the House Carl Albert), and that he wasn't safe to take in public.
Here we have it folks - Carl Albert, a lush, drunk, alcoholic according to Waldman's article, showing discomfort at Boggs' alleged slurring. Only in a CIA Kafkaesque world could anyone take any of this seriously.
So Nixon told Ford that in order to keep Boggs out of White House meetings, he would invite only the Speaker and Minority Leader from the House, and the Majority Leader and Minority Leader from the Senate, thus neatly cutting Boggs out of the circle.
Nixon's concern was that his criminal and unethical machinations would become public knowledge with Boggs present, and thus fodder for more speeches in the House. In other words, Boggs decided to support the law and the Constitution, whereas Nixon and Ford wanted none of that.
Thus our belief is that Ford or one of his direct associates fed the information to Anderson in order to discredit and ruin Boggs. We admit that this is just a theory, but given that Anderson peddled much material based upon secret and anonymous sources, it is no stretch of the imagination to suppose that he was fed bad information quite frequently as a means of discrediting him.
Thus when Waldman passed along his allegations that Boggs was an alcoholic, he was passing along junk which originated in the Nixon Oval Office, and laundered unwittingly through Jack Anderson.
None of this is to say that we would ignore credible evidence documenting the fact that Boggs had a drinking problem. Nothing would surprise us. However, we would not even accept the testimony of his daughter Cokie Roberts whom we liken to Paula Jones - "she is not to be believed."
Our view is that more research is required to establish the point that Hale Boggs was an alcoholic. Until it is forthcoming, we aren't buying it.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

Nixon Tapes: Nixon Takes on CIA

In an extraordinary display of naiveté, President Nixon in a conversation with John Ehrlichman concerning the murders of the Diem brothers of South Vietnam in 1963, believed that he was president and could issue orders to the CIA to disclose information needed for international diplomacy.

This conversation alone may exculpate Nixon from the murder of John Kennedy - assuming that Nixon was not playing dumb with his domestic affairs advisor. If Nixon knew that the CIA murdered Kennedy on orders from Rockefeller and one of the Rothschilds, we doubt that he would be willing to tangle with Richard Helms.

The discussion in question took place on October 8, 1971 with the trip to China looming, as well as détente with the Soviet Union. Ehrlichman had a couple of motives for getting information from Helms, one of which was that understanding the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis was essential in negotiations with the USSR since they had not forgotten the episode. In other words, negotiations required a mastery of recent events including knowing what provoked and motivated the US government to act the way it did.

Erhlichman also raised the issue of the Diem murders with Helms, insisting that a proper understanding of that operation was required in dealing with the Chinese, with whom Nixon was well into planning a visit in February 1972.

His more immediate concern though related to an article Life was planning on the South Vietnamese coup. Ehrlichman wanted Nixon to have the background information so that he could respond knowledgeably to the press which was one of Nixon's objects of paranoia, and with good cause.

During the Diem thread of the discussion, Ehrlichman also wanted the story so that he could uncover dirt on President Kennedy in order to discredit Teddy.

Ehrlichman reported from his meeting with Richard Helms that the DCI was very worried about E Howard Hunt's employment by the White House since Hunt "knew where all the bodies were buried." Apparently Helms was concerned that Hunt might disclose more than was good for the CIA.

Helms was so scared of the revelations about Diem that he insisted that Ehrlichman provide him protection and safety - apparently from legal jeopardy due to crimes committed by the CIA.

The mention of Hunt makes it very clear that Nixon knew about the plumbers early, and that they were not brought in under his nose as we had reported previously regarding the work of Len Colodny.

At the end of the meeting with Ehrlichman, the latter tells his boss that he is president and entitled to information Helms was sitting on, a point with which Nixon concurred. This was a fatal miscalculation because US policy is managed by the CIA, and probably unleashed the Bush-CIA coup against Nixon.

Based upon the conversation, we surmise that neither Nixon, nor especially Ehrlichman, knew that Henry Cabot Lodge, Ed Lansdale, and a host of other spooks were responsible for the murder of the Diem brothers. On the other hand, there is strong reason to believe that Nixon was playing dumb about the Bay of Pigs and other Cuban matters since he himself had set in motion the invasion plans when he was Vice President, and was expected to authorize it once he was sworn into office. Thus it is very important not to take Nixon at face value on the tapes. He is frequently lying or misleading his interlocutors.

Nixon was probably very much in the dark about the Cuban Missile Crisis, but not about the Bay of Pigs. And we find it hard to believe that he did not know that the CIA had murdered the Diems.

Nevertheless, the conversation was very fascinating, underscoring the difficulty in conducting foreign policy when the White House does not realize that the CIA runs it.

Nixon Tapes, Conversation of October 8, 1971

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Nixon Tapes: Prolepsis of Watergate

In a startling tape recording of a conversation between Richard Nixon and his chief of staff H R Haldeman, with Henry Kissinger present, the president ordered Haldeman to clean out the Brookings Institute safe. The date of the conversation is July 1, 1971.
In a tirade against the press and lawyers, Nixon ordered Haldeman to find a lawyer by noon, and one who is a "son of a bitch" who is just as "tough as I am." He instructed him not to use a "high minded" lawyer like Ehrlichman - they couldn't get the job done.
In vintage Nixon paranoia, he vented against lawyers who were worried about "legal niceties" and who had no idea about how to handle politics and public relations, of which John Mitchell was an example.
At the end of the brief conversation he made it very clear that he wanted "the Brookings Institute safe cleaned out." While out of context Nixon's orders could be misconstrued as burglary, we believe that he was looking for legal means to get access to its contents. He ranted about a conspiracy and winning a case in the press. We are not certain what it was in the safe which so annoyed him, but we surmise that it was related to leaks.

Nixon Tapes, Conversation Number 534-2(3), July 1, 1971,, accessed 5/25/2015

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Nixon Tapes: Nixon on the Vice Presidency

In a rather fascinating taped conversation with John Connally, former governor of Texas, and Bob Haldeman, Nixon's chief of staff, President Nixon expresses his views on the vice presidency and the replacement of Spiro Agnew.
The discussion took place on July 21, 1971 at which time Nixon offered the vice presidency to Connally because Agnew did not show the leadership qualities the president thought necessary in a vice president. He told Connally that he had tried to engage Agnew in various policy initiatives in an attempt to groom him as a leader, but Agnew just didn't have it.
It is possible that Nixon was also frustrated with Agnew's difficulties with the press, and the gaffes which caused significant consternation for Nixon, but he may have seen Connally as having more political capital.
In any event, Connally dismissed the offer out of hand, explaining that the office of vice president was a sinecure or make work position for which he would not feel comfortable.
Nixon's response was that he would refashion the office more closely to that of his tenure under Eisenhower where during the last 2-3 years Nixon presided over cabinet meetings and the National Security Council. While not elaborating on the reasons for Eisenhower's power sharing, it was clear that Nixon alluded to the former general's poor health after suffering 2 heart attacks while in office.
The real carrot from Nixon was the promise to assure a succession from vice president to president. He promised Connally that he would do all he could to make the transition inevitable. The offer is interesting in its own right because Nixon did not have coattails or a dynasty to pass along; so this overture to Connally may have been his way of hand picking a successor.
Connally probably found the discussion galling because Nixon said that the vice president should be the alter ego of the president, a contemplation which probably made the Dealey Plaza survivor nauseous. Connally was a thorough going pompous ass in his own right.
Toward the end of the meeting, Nixon reviewed possible vice presidents, of whose first mention was Gerald Ford. Nixon's assessment of Ford was that he was a good guy but not presidential timber. Of Rockefeller Nixon stated that neither the party nor the country could accept him. Of Reagan he said that it just couldn't be. Although he recognized Reagan's strengths, he thought him too simplistic to be the bold, imaginative leader the office of president required.
In general Nixon's conversation was political bluster and flatulence. It may have been that Nixon wanted to reward Connally for his role in the Kennedy murder and his silence in concealing the conspiracy. Nixon said that Johnson's selection as vice president was a shot gun marriage. He also noted that Johnson had no respect for Humphrey, disdain he expressed for practically everyone but himself.
Nixon did offer Connally the job of Secretary of Treasury, a position he accepted, and which was quite in keeping with his comments that secretaries had more responsibility and impact than the vice president.
We question Nixon's sincerity in offering Connally a role of vice president which had substantive powers and responsibilities. We suspect that Agnew was chosen because he was a serviceable door mat, was owed political favors, and would not upstage Nixon. Connally we believe could have upstaged the president, a situation which would have caused significant stress in a stressful presidency.

Nixon Tapes, Conversation 541-2, July 21, 1971, Audio accessed 5/25/2015 at

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The JFK Snipers at the Dealey Plaza Pergola

Just when we thought that we had identified all of the sniper positions in Dealey Plaza where President John F Kennedy was murdered by the CIA on November 22, 1963, new information emerges which upsets the apple cart by locating 2 snipers in the pergola of Dealey Plaza.
Leroy Blevins is the researcher whose extraordinary photographic analysis shows that 2 snipers operated out of the west "tower" of the north pergola, behind where co-conspirator Abraham Zapruder stood filming the murder for the CIA.
At the time of his presentation, Blevins claimed 26 years of photographic and videographic analysis, experience which he put to excellent use in exposing the explosive information contained in these documentary images.
Blevins used a combination of enlargement and colorization techniques to bring clarity to photographs which otherwise occlude their secrets. The enhanced images show convincingly that at least 2 snipers were located in the "tower" terminating the pergola.
In addition to enhancing the photographs, Blevins correlated each photograph with the location of the motorcade, showing how the 2 snipers shots fits within the context of the ambush.
As good as his photographic analysis skills are, we are disappointed in Blevins' logic skills for he asserted that because there were 2 snipers in the pergola, there could not be, therefore, snipers behind the fence. This logic error is disturbing because the rest of  his presentation discloses outstanding information.
The rush to the top of the grassy knoll by police and civilians alike, plus the testimony of Ed Hoffman, provide more than ample evidence of a sniper team behind the fence of the grassy knoll.
On the other hand, the discovery of the pergola snipers could cause damage to our Greer theory because the shots from the pergola could explain the shot seen in Zapruder frame 313 without the necessity of inserting Greer into the role of sniper. But there is still ample witness testimony of  .45 caliber shots, so we are not prepared at this point to abandon our thesis that Greer shot the president.
One interesting note from this discovery is our conclusion that, in addition to filming the ambush for the CIA, Zapruder was also positioned to obscure the snipers in the pergola.
So from our perspective, the locations of the snipers include 1. behind the fence of the grassy knoll, 2. The north pergola 3. The Texas School Book Depository where Mac Wallace was located, 4. The Dal-Tex building where George Bush Sr's Operation 40 group was stationed 5. and the records building next to the city jail.
We salute Mr Blevins for his superb work in identifying the pergola location of 2 snipers.
Leroy Blevins, untitled, Blevins Biblical Investigations,, n.d.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: The BLICS Battle of the Bulge

For those who pay attention to the shenanigans and crimes of the Federal Reserve, it may have escaped notice that Quantitative Easing has continued full steam ahead contrary to the claims of its various sock puppets asserting otherwise.
There have been at least 4 - yes we said 4 not 3 - incarnations of QE since 2009 which ignited the meteoric rise of the stock market in spite of weak economic fundamentals. The purpose was to bail out the Wall Street banksters who had caused the market crash of 2007-8 in the first place, whose price tag is well over 25 trillion USD and rising.
However, the Fed has attempted to maintain the fiction that QE has subsided or disappeared, with the CIA owned economic pundits on the CIA and Jew controlled finance cable channels moving their collective lips in sock puppet unison predicting the next advent of QE as though it ever ended. Will she, or won't she is the sock puppet parlor game regarding Rothschild whore Janet Yellen's next move on interest rates and QE.
About a year ago, some financial analysts noted that the tiny country of Belgium with its equally tiny GDP had purchased a huge amount of US treasuries to the tune of 450 billion USD. Where did a country whose GDP is about 450 billion USD find the funds to purchase that many treasuries? Did the Bond Fairy place 450 billion USD under its pillow while it slept?
If by Bond Fairy you mean the US Fed, Bank of England, and CIA, then you would be correct. The Fed has been sending hundreds of billions of dollars to its European vassal states to bid up bonds. When the publicity about Belgium's strange US bond purchases became wide spread, the Ziocons at the Fed decided to distribute the loot to more countries to better conceal its criminal activities. So now Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman Islands, and Switzerland are part of the Fed crime syndicate which in aggregate own over 800 billion USD in US treasuries. We don't understand why no one else is clamoring to buy them - NOT.
We suspect that the Luxembourg banker who was murdered last year was murdered by the Fed for refusing to participate in the crime. But then again he could have been murdered by the Chinese for crimes and frauds perpetrated against the Chinese.
One of the mechanisms for the funds transfers is currency swaps, but we are certain that the Bond Fairies have many clever instruments for conveying funds to its satrapies for the purchase of bonds and QE to infinity as Dr Jim Willie calls it.

So rest assured folks, QE has not ended and will never end until the entire financial system collapses of its own weighty fraud.

Jim Willie, Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple, and Fresh Jack Ass, TF Metals Report, May 22, 2015, accessed 5/23/2015

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Understanding Post Soviet Geopolitics

If understanding Soviet era geopolitics was challenging enough, we would like to introduce our readers to post Soviet world affairs so that they might see the criminality of the Bush Crime Syndicate, and its collaborative ties to the Rothschild Satanists and the Rockefeller Crime Syndicate.
The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was its undoing, perhaps instigated by Western intelligence, more specifically the CIA and Mossad. But we know for a fact that the Bush Crime Syndicate was present to pick up the pieces of the fallen Soviet Union for a larger offense against the successor state of Russia, the Middle East, and the USA. These criminals play for power and for keeps.
The key result from the Soviet invasion was the CIA's insertion into the Middle East and the Caucasus for both the purpose of establishing a beachhead in the Middle East and destabilizing the Soviets, and subsequently the Russians and breakaway satellite states.
What most Americans do not understand about the USSR is that it was controlled by an odd mix of Rothschilds, Jews, Rockefellers, and Israel. The October Revolution of 1917 was the work of Jewish banksters who sought to rape Russia of its natural resources and to denude it of its Christianity.
The tool through which the BCS accomplished this strategic insertion was the Muhajideen whom the CIA founded and organized by recruiting Wahhabi extremists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and culturally similar countries. One of the key leaders in this movement was CIA agent Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman.
While this organization was successful in its routing of the Soviet army, it was preserved after the Soviets left Afghanistan for further conquest of Russia and its former republics. Different permutations of the Muhajideen multiplied of which al Qaeda was one. It must be understood that these groups espoused extreme Islam as a charade. These terrorist groups were actually controlled and financed by CIA, BCS, Saudi Arabia, and Israel for the chief purposes noted above - to destroy Russia, and now to gain control of the vast oil reserves of the Caspian region.
Toward that end, the BCS launched their terrorist cells against Chechnya to gain control of pipelines, and give them a base to wage war against Russia. The philosophical and religious cover under which the terrorist groups operated was Jihad - a vast fraud of manufactured extremism to alarm the West - in the absence of the Red Menace - into supporting financially and morally ruinous wars of imperial aggression.
Amoco and BP were principals in the wars and terror, activities which they helped fund or provide fronts for through their business operations. The motive of course was the Caspian oil discovered by Dick Cheney's Haliburton.
So we have a strange mix of criminals which include George Bush, Sr, Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi intelligence chief Turki bin Faisal al Saud, and Saudi billionaire and CIA agent Osama bin Laden, all of whom cooperated in the Jihad hoax of the 1990s to present to foment wars in order to destroy Russia and control the Caspian oil for which they were ravenously greedy. And we must not overlook the senior executives of BP and Amoco who provided significant assistance.
By 2001, this group teamed up with the Rothschild Jews such as Benjamin Netanyahu and Michael Harari, plus all of the Ziocons in the US, to bring about the attack on the United States with nuclear weapons on September 11 of that year. The groups involved had their genesis in Afghanistan, and were not Islamic terrorists - they were Western financed groups used to wage war against the plutocrats' enemies - the United States and Russia.
The impetuses behind the attack were manifold of which gold and diamonds were a part. But the real goal was to establish the permanency of the war on terror, a fake trumped  event at which the BCS and Jews are quite accomplished. Instead of the Soviet bogymen, they used the Muslims and Jihad to scare America into perpetual war and destruction of the republic.
But rather than dwell on that episode, we must note that the important philosophical development of the post Soviet era was the Project for a New American century which established the protocol for the conquest of the Middle East, which brings us to the present time with Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine, all of whom have been marked for conquest.
All three of these countries have been targeted by the BCS, Israel, and the Rothschilds for destruction, and are financed by a dizzying array of Satanists including George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Victoria Nuland's State Department, and a cast of traitors too long to mention.
After al Qaeda served its usefulness, the BCS and Company trotted out the ISIS bogyman, another CIA-Mossad controlled terrorist organization. Fortunately the Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, and Russians understand that the US and Israel are the sponsors of ISIS along with Saudi Arabia's financial backing.
Thus we have the ostensibly odd case where Saudi Arabia is allied with the Jewish state to conquer the Middle East on behalf of Israel, for that is indeed the end game.
We grant that the web is tangled, but if Americans can understand that everything that they see and hear about the Middle East and Russia is a lie perpetrated by the inventors of the Holocaust Hoax and their groupies such as the BCS, then the Middle East is eminently more perspicuous. It is time to throw a war to which no one comes. America's leaders are criminals and terrorists and it is about to put another one into office in 2016.
William Engdahl, NEO - What if Putin is Telling the Truth?, Veterans Today, May 19, 2015, accessed 5/19/2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Greer's Smoking Gun

At the risk of beating a dead horse, we thought we would provide the smoking gun evidence that William Greer murdered John Kennedy in the limousine in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963.
For those who have followed these chronicles, it is not a new revelation that William Greer murdered President Kennedy. Long time followers also know that we have excoriated the Dulles-McCloy hearings, also known as the Warren Commission, as fraud at best, and cover-up of a murder by the murderers at worst, in a situation where both cases obtain.
As contemptible as the Warren Commission Report is, if one knows how to read it, one can find hidden gems hiding in plain sight. Those who think that they can discover the truth by starting with the WCR are sadly mistaken, but if one discovers the evidence for murder and constructs a proper view of the crime, the WCR can yield insightful discoveries.
One such finding was brought to our attention by our correspondent Deep Truth who found this gem in the testimony of Clint Hill:
"And I heard a noise from my right rear, which to me seemed to be a firecracker. I immediately looked to my right, I jumped from the car, realizing that something was wrong, ran to the Presidential limousine. Just about as I reached it, there was another sound, which was different than the first sound. I think I described it in my statement as though someone was shooting a revolver into a hard object - it seemed to have some type of an echo."
Hill has described the murder of the president by a hand gun - not by a sniper's bullet of which there were many during the 4.86 seconds which the Zapruder film says the first shot began and the last shot ended in which the president's head was shot off by Greer. We should add that the Zapruder film was heavily altered, so its value as a timing device is minimal - but as of now it is all we have.
Greer was under strict orders to not leave the ambush zone until the President was dead. So he turned to his right to murder the president. He didn't have to worry about Connally noticing him because Connally was part of the conspiracy. In any event we do not believe that Connally saw Greer shoot due to all of the commotion from the first shots.
Greer's cues did not come from his own observation. We believe that Umbrella Man was his signaler, and one reason he turned around to get instructions. In another words, while it was "wet" - a code word used among MI6 and CIA for murder - shots should continue to be fired at Kennedy. When Umbrella Man lowered his umbrella, shooting season was over.
One other interesting fact about Hill's testimony is that he was able to run from the car behind the limousine - which was several yards behind - to jump into the back of the vehicle to prevent Jackie Kennedy from escaping for her life. The fact that Hill could run to enter the vehicle is even more proof that the limousine was halted while Greer murdered the president.
The CIA, Mossad, and Bush Crime Syndicate have shills all over the internet ridiculing the case that Greer murdered the president, indicating to us its efficacy as truth. They rarely deal with the facts, of which the most salient is that there is no other credible alternative theory of the murder due to forensic evidence such as ballistics, the condition of the skull, and eye and ear witnesses, of which Hill was the latter.
William Greer, along with his fellow snipers, will go down in history as the most vile murderer of the 20th century - he has no peer for wickedness. Hill's testimony, however inadvertent, reveals the smoking gun, and solves the murder of President Kennedy.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Tippit Murderer Identified

One of the most earth shattering breakthroughs in the Kennedy murder case flew under the radar late last year to reveal the murderer of J D Tippit. Not only that but we also discovered that Lee Oswald was not the boarder at 1026 N Beckley.
Before proceeding, we have to salute Hasan Yusuf for his groundbreaking research on the Tippit case. His findings have far reaching impact, and will materially alter the research landscape for both Kennedy and Tippit.
The explanation offered by Yusuf is very compatible with our thesis that an Oswald look alike was at many of the places Oswald was allegedly seen. As a caution, none of this should be misconstrued as a vindication of John Williams' dual Oswald theory - a byzantine story which will lead you to the office of A Beautiful Mind.
Nonetheless, this objection to Williams' theory does not mean that there were no Oswald doubles around the time of the assassination as indeed there were - a fact attested to by Yusuf's diligent research.
Tippit's murderer was a professional assassin by the name of Larry Crafard, who at the time of the assassination was a former US Army soldier who was discharged under honorable conditions most likely due to his homosexuality.
He worked for Jack Rubenstein at the Carousel Club where he served as general handyman. He was frequently described by family and acquaintances with various unflattering adjectives such as "creepy", sloppy, unstable, "rotten disposition", "pervert" and others along those lines.
In the early 1960s he worked as an assassin in San Francisco prior to moving to Dallas. While in Dallas he often used the alias Harvey Lee or O H Lee which was a play on Lee Harvey Oswald and designed to confuse people after hearing the incessant repetition of "Lee Harvey Oswald", a repetition designed to confuse. Aside from Crafard's slovenly appearance, Yusuf spends considerable time describing his physical features and Crafard's similarity to Oswald.
While Crafard is described as somewhat dark complected, he is also frequently described as ruddy, with rosacea a possible explanation for his skin pigmentation. This characteristic is important because it is one cited frequently by witnesses who claimed that they saw Oswald in certain places.
Even more important is Crafard's facial similarity to Oswald. In one particular case an FBI agent showed Mrs James Willie Walker a picture of Oswald as a means of identifying the man she met in October 1963 who introduced himself as Oswald Lee. Walker reluctantly identified the man in the photo as the man she met. However, she was not convinced that the 2 men were the same, the most reasonable explanation being that she was correct for she had in fact met Crafard impersonating Oswald.
But Walker was not the only one to be overcome by a case of mistaken identity. Helen Markham who witnessed the murder of Tippit; Ronald Fischer who saw a man in the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository resembling Oswald; Officer Marrion Baker who saw a man going down from the 4th floor in a light jacket later identified as Oswald; Domingo Benevides who witnessed the murder of Tippit; Julia Postal the Texas Theater ticket agent who sold "Oswald" a ticket; and officer Roger Craig who witnessed "Oswald" entering a Nash Rambler all gave tentative but inconclusive testimony that the man they witnessed was indeed Lee Oswald. Unfortunately they mistook Larry Crafard for Lee Oswald.
One other witness who was also coerced into faulty testimony was Earline Roberts, the housekeeper at the boarding house on 1026 North Beckley Avenue where Oswald allegedly stayed. Yusuf provides convincing evidence that Oswald did not stay there. Where did the legend come from that he did? The information came from Dallas Police officer Gerald Hill who was one of Tippit's murderers.
Thus history has been sorely abused by the false testimony of Hill and the willing complicity of Allen Dulles and John J McCloy of the so-called Warren Commission. There is actually no substantive evidence that Oswald stayed at the North Beckley boarding house, and is probably the reason that the CIA closed it from visitors for the past 50 years. In fact it was Crafard who stayed there, and who left the house soon after the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, and was picked up by Gerald Hill to murder Tippit.
One other person who mistook Crafard for Oswald was Donald P Norton, a former CIA agent who was sent to Monterrey Mexico in March 1962 to deliver 50,000 USD to Crafard for what we believe was the plot to murder Kennedy.
The implications of these discoveries are enormous, and must await a future posting to fathom their depths. But the murderers of Tippit have been identified, and we only need tie up the loose ends.
There is much more in Yusuf's article which we annotate below. While we encourage researchers to read the full article, we also warn them that it is not a literary gem. However, the value of the article is great enough that such deficiencies must be overlooked.

While Yusuf is much more cautious in drawing conclusions than we are, we correlate his findings with so much other known evidence that the conclusion is ineluctable that Larry Crafard was the Oswald double who murdered J D Tippit.

Hasan Yusuf, Did Larry Crafard kill J. D. Tippit?, The Lone Gunman Myth, December 5, 2014, accessed 5/7/2015.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What Is Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst?

A new term is entering the conspiracy lexicon, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, or DVD, not to be confused with digital versatile disk. This organization is perhaps darker than the Rothschild cabal which uses the terrorist state of Israel to impose its tyranny on the world. People who have told of it have been murdered.
The DVD has been discussed at some length by Veterans Today, and they by no means are the first to bring it to anyone's attention. Michael Shrimpton, the British barrister and intelligence asset also referenced it in his defense in British court when trumped up charges were brought against him when he reported that Germans and Israelis had smuggled into his country nuclear devices to terrorize the 2012 Olympics.
Gordon Duff, writing in Veterans Today, also noted that Benjamin Fulford has spoken extensively of DVD, giving pause to any out of hand rejections of this dark force's existence and evil.
DVD origins trace back to the 1920s when Prescott Bush, a protégé for Rockefeller-Harriman interests, organized this German outfit to sponsor the Hitler Project. As we have documented, especially from the works of Antony Summers, Western banksters and British royalty were responsible for establishing Adolf Hitler in power.
We do not subscribe to the caricature of Hitler as a murderous, Jew burning fiend. He was far from it, but the main point is that he could not have come to power without substantial financial clout from the likes of Rockefeller, Schiff, Harriman, Theissen, DuPont, and other fellow travellers.
The Duff story then states that DVD survived the war, controlling both Germany and the United States, the latter most prominently through the Bush Crime Syndicate.
The story also states that Germany and Israel formed a close secret alliance through DVD wherein the former supplied the latter with submarines in exchange for nuclear devices. Duff reports that Germany was operating weapons grade nuclear facilities in South Africa as late as 2003.
The alliance between these 2 nations may strike some as odd and suspicious given the standard narrative about Germany's alleged anti-Semitism. But the alliance is not so odd when one considers that the Holocaust is a giant hoax created by Ziocons, even as early as World War I, to use as a pity card for numerous concessions from the West, and from the United States in particular.
So with no Jews killed, there really are no hard feelings - just a cover for certain behaviors on the international stage.
So why would the DVD through Germany fund and befriend the terrorist state of Israel, the Rothschilds' foreign office? Duff presents the argument that Germany has been wreaking as much damage as possible against the United States as revenge for the systematic murder of Germans in American death camps run by Eisenhower. This explanation is also very plausible to us because Eisenhower, under the Morganthau plan and his own vile hatred, murdered between 1-2 million German men, women, and children - a topic we have covered in detail.
The Germans may also be angry over the theft of their best and brightest scientists after the war, but it is also possible that Operation Paperclip was indeed a DVD operation to give the scientists first rate facilities to continue experiments they began during the third Reich. Hence Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles were working with the Germans on future revenge.
The implications of this alliance are enormous, but it also explains the reason that the Bush Crime Syndicate enlisted the aid of the Jews to destroy the World Trade Center. The Jews hate America more than anything else on the planet for a variety of reasons we await a more opportune time to discuss; but for the present time, Americans are nothing more than canon fodder for their terrorism and wars of imperial aggression in the Middle East.
This theory of German animosity towards America fits well with Dr Jim Willie's predictions that Germany has been turning slowly towards a Eurasian alliance with Russia and China, although ostensibly Merkel is staunchly in the American camp. Yet forces motivated by DVD are moving the country out of the American orbit.
Why the Bushes hate America is anyone's guess, but we suspect that as Citizens of the World, and trillionaires many times over, they have no need for the US, and are seeking with the British, Germans, Jews, Chinese, and Russians to put it on its death bed. Indeed the nation richly deserves the payback for the way the CIA and the BCS have wreaked terror all over the world, with the DVD playing critical parts.
We admit that we have not fully unraveled this theory which we believe has merit. This theory means that the United States has been the target of destruction all along since World War 1 . Through the use of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, the United States would sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind in the mother of all blowbacks.
The imperial, rapacious United States, under the aegis of the British, Jews, and Germans, will see the final destruction of this country. Its destroyers have a century of pent up hatred for the United States in a world which will not mourn its loss.
The British did not like being upstaged, and the Jews hate anything remotely associated with Christianity. The Germans for their parts did not appreciate the horrific fire bombings, the Holocaust lies, and the mass murder of their people by Eisenhower. And thus politics makes strange bedfellows.

What a tangled web we weave indeed. We shall return to this thesis as more evidence comes in. At the very least, George Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements was all too sage.

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Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Origins of the So-called Warren Commission

The high school answer to the question about the origins of the so-called Warren Commission states that President Lyndon Johnson was its creator by Executive Order 11130. While the answer is not technically wrong, it is weak and naïve. The true creators of the commission were the murderers who needed an official vehicle for propagating their cover-up.
Donald Gibson plowed fertile fields when he produced his story about the etiology of the Warren Commission for his 1999 book The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up. Using then recently released documents, he pieced together the steps taken by the murderers to invoke the commission, which required heavy lobbying of Johnson to change his mind about such an investigative body.
Johnson initially objected, believe it or not, on the constitutional grounds that the murder occurred within the state of Texas within the city of Dallas and was therefore properly a local matter, although he could see his way to insert FBI assistance into those investigations.
Whether Johnson truly objected to a presidential commission is hard to know for certain because he knew full well that Kennedy was murdered by a high level cabal of which he was a part. The very fact that Johnson ducked before the first shot was fired in the Dealey Plaza ambush is sufficient proof of the vice president's foreknowledge of the murder, and consequently its managers.
Perhaps Johnson opposed the federal approach because he felt that he could control events easier in Texas than he could in Washington - especially in the face of an adversarial national press. He may have believed that the fewer constitutional violations he made would in the end minimize closer scrutiny of the final product. In any event he fell into line within a period of about 2 days.
In the official documents, Johnson is found stating his strong objection to a federal investigation on November 24 and 25, 1963. However forces were soon arrayed against him which persuaded him to empanel The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy on November 29, 1963.
The murderers were petrified of numerous concurrent investigations on account of the possibility of them uncovering some or all of the truth. With the glare of television cameras, the investigation could easily go into directions proving most uncomfortable for The Establishment murderers who ordered the assassination of the president and who were prepared to go to any lengths to protect their secrets.
In fact one of the smoking guns proving that there was a conspiracy to murder the president was the desperate attempts to quell such rumors. Memos from Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach references these fears - especially in his famous November 25 memo making it clear that the public must be convinced that Oswald alone murdered the president. Why must the public be so convinced 3 days after the murder? The police can rarely solve a bank robbery in as much time, so why should a murder of the head of state of the most powerful nation on earth be solved so quickly? The imperative is clearly the result of a cover-up.
The men involved in changing the president's mind were part of a closely knit cabal of establishment eminences whose names include Joseph Alsop, Eugene Rostow, Dean Acheson, Nicholas Katzenbach, J Edgar Hoover, Abe Fortas, Katherine Graham, Dean Rusk, Bill Moyers, Alfred Friendly, and Russell Wiggins.
Gibson identifies Rostow as the source of the idea of a presidential commission, but it is entirely possible that the idea came from Acheson. Either way, neither Katzenbach nor Johnson were the sources of the idea, with the president requiring substantial persuasion by Alsop to turn the corner in relenting to the commission. We suspect that much of this was theater, but as noted above, Johnson only objected in detail rather than in substance to the idea of a cover-up.
Hoover, for his part, was opposed to the idea because he felt that with too many chefs in the kitchen something would go awry. The FBI director felt that an FBI report given directly to the president would be sufficient to shut down the matter quickly by asserting that Oswald was the lone assassin. Given Johnson's and Hoover's close relationship, it is natural that Johnson would side with his partner in crime in preferring an FBI-only solution to the cover-up.
Acheson however made it clear - in so many words - to Johnson that the purpose of the presidential commission was to launder FBI information. The FBI would gather information, and the commission would use or ignore it as needed to produce the a priori conclusions.
At the end of the day, the commission consisted of a majority of reliable participants in the murder and its cover-up. Allen Dulles, John J McCloy, Gerald Ford, and Earl Warren were the reliable members who would guarantee the pre-fabricated outcome. Token opposition would come from Long and Boggs, while Cooper offered fake opposition. None of the dissent was included in the final report contrary to assurances otherwise.
For those dear readers wondering why we refer to the president's commission as the so-called Warren commission, our answer is that Warren had nothing to do with the creation of the commission or its operations. It was run by Dulles and McCloy who were acting for their crime bosses. Warren was simply an eminence front who was ordered to play along to stay alive.
While a few of the names we mentioned may have been compartmentally manipulated to participate in the call for a presidential committee to investigate the murder, we are certain that Rostow, Acheson, Katzenbach, and Alsop were part of the murder cabal. The others may have been part of the cover-up only, but further research is required to clarify their involvements in murdering the president.
Donald Gibson, The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, Progressive Press, San Diego, 2014, 324pp

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Impressions: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up

Few researchers who investigate the murder of President John Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 move past the trigger pullers, or name the names of the real killers, but Donald Gibson goes there. While these disclosures are hugely helpful to understanding the murder, he also overplays his hand by leveling unhelpful criticisms at those who work the lower levels of the case.
Gibson's contributions to finding the murderers is first rate, with some incisive analysis about how they managed to hide in plain site as pillars of The Establishment. Gibson's list overlaps with ours in many respects, with the following elite under suspicion or factually guilty of murdering a president. We have maintained that David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, John J McCloy, Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles, Dean Acheson, Averill Harriman, Eugene Rostow, Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy, George Bush and other well known names in the establishment firmament were the ultimate authorities in launching the coup, and we find a fellow traveler in Gibson.
Gibson throws in a few more names such as Corliss Lamont and Alan Belmont who are worthy of consideration by researchers.
Gibson's argumentation falls along 2 main channels: 1. the immediate conviction of patsy Lee Oswald came not from government sources, but from media outlets having very close connections with America's plutocrats who controlled the major media in 1963. 2. The interconnectedness of these very elite which tied them to some of the lower level figures such as Clay Shaw nearly guarantees elite involvement in the murder as there are no other credible authority figures who could have launched such an audacious attack on the United States. Understanding Dulles' and McCloys' control of the Warren commission gives us another smoking gun.
Thus when we look at who moved and shook the post war world, these very names are present in the New York Times, New York Herald Tribune, Time, Life, Fortune, Washington Post, and other bastions of the plutocracy's communications empire. There simply are no credible alternatives to the names mentioned above. The very fact that the patsy was announced so early without investigation is the smoking gun of a cover-up by the elites who committed the crime.
Gibson covers more ground than this, particularly the inception and conduct of the Warren Commission which had no purpose other than covering up the crime of the century by the very men who were the essence of American government in the 40-50 years after World War 2.
As important as this work is, we find Gibson's analysis incomplete and dated. We could overlook these defects given that he wrote originally in 1999 as the research community was on the cusp of an explosion of new evidence and discoveries made by many researchers, of whom we consider Dr Jim Fetzer dean.
Our objection to Gibson is that he makes unnecessary charges against researchers who only identify vague groups such as CIA, FBI, Secret Service, Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc. He also criticizes many of these researchers for focusing on the lower order aspects of the case. While we agree with the first criticism to a point, we maintain that the Kennedy murder is so vast that no one can comprehensively treat it in less than 3 volumes of about 500-600 pages each, a point which reminds us of Douglas Horne's tomes.
While it does no good to name organizations, largely because organizations cannot be put on trial, it is a starting point, and a way to help organize the mass of information. We call for a major research effort to start broadcasting the names of the executives as we have done in these Chronicles, and for which we have fallen behind because the list is so long.
As long as Gibson is faulting folks for not being specific enough in their allegations, we would point out that he does not go far enough up the food chain himself. Israel, as Michael Piper Collins has noted, is a major player in the murder, with David Ben Gurion, and probably Evelyn de Rothschild being key leaders of the Zio-Bolshevist faction.
Contrary to Gibson's sniping, it did take a village to murder the president - The Establishment needed delegate figures and foot soldiers to pull off the attack. Thus we strongly affirm the findings of the veteran researchers that heavy contingents within the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secret Service, FBI, Pentagon, White House, Organized Crime, Oil and Texas plutocrats, Mossad, and probably the British royal family participated in the murder.
We also agree with Gibson that the names mentioned above are a starting point for The Establishment traitors who murdered a president, and more focus should be placed on these criminals.
Do not misconstrue our caviling with Gibson as a reason to not read his book - it is important and should be on the short list of anyone who wants to comprehensively understand the murder, and its cover-up, of President Kennedy.

Donald Gibson, The Kennedy Assassination Cover-up, Progressive Press, San Diego, 324pp

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