Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Manchurian Candidate Obama

The number of people speaking out who have known Barack Obama prior to his elevation to the presidency continues to increase, giving us greater insight into this Manchurian Candidate president. No one has any idea who this person is, but we have started to assemble some of the puzzle pieces of personality and past.
Although Obama's masters have built him up as a great intellect with fancy degrees, no one who has spoken to him has ever been impressed with his intelligence. Mia Pope said that he was not the dullest tool in the shed, but that he was distinctly unimpressive intellectually.
Recently Eric Muller, better known as Mancow, revealed comments made to him by the well known actor Harry Lennix - not be confused with the computer operating system - which reinforces the characterization of Obama as a substandard intellect.
Lennix stated that he trained Obama to assume the persona of a south side Chicago black American for about 15 years in preparation for elected public office. The personality which Obama uses as president is much the fabrication of Lennix whom Obama closely studied. Obama simply lacked the mentality for the presidency - he was a community activist.
Obama has frequently been dubbed the Teleprompter-in-Chief, meaning that he could not survive without someone feeding him his lines from behind the curtain, so to speak. Mancow stated that he knew Soeotoro before he was ever well known and thought he was an empty suit.
There is absolutely no intellectual substance to Barak Obama, a decidedly vacuous person, but this is precisely what made him so attractive to his handlers. Because he suffers from a severe narcissistic disorder he is both a user, and someone who will be whatever he thinks someone else wants him to be. Each behavior is somewhat at odds with the other, suggesting to us that he may have a multiple personality disorder.
This would fit with our idea that he may be an MK-ULTRA project who was planned from the beginning to be a Manchurian Candidate president. Certainly his upbringing created, through design or fecklessness, an empty directionless person who never worked for his accomplishments. They were created for him and handed to him. There is absolutely no way that Obama could have edited Harvard Law Review - something well beyond his intellectual capacity.
There are plenty of indicators in Obama's life that he was abandoned. His mother tossed him to his grandparents, in part because he was in the way of her lifestyle. His grandparents were absentee parents with minimal involvement in his life. His father Frank was 65 years old when he became involved with him, and was a pornographer working for the Soviet Union who filled him with hate and bitterness. So even though Obama had 4 fathers, he had none.
Obama's decisions and actions are given to him. Using the tactics of Saul Alinsky, and Cloward-Piven, Obama's policies have been specifically designed to bankrupt this nation for the purpose of rendering it impotent to withstand the corporate fascism taking over this country. The reign of terror has already begun as innumerable bankers associated with JPM Chase have been murdered, although they are always labeled "suicides."
Obama told Lennix as early as 1998 that he would be president, something he was clearly told by his handlers who knew that they could control the media and the polling booths to pull off the heist. So what did Obama do to prepare for his future job? Besides running for state and national office, organizing community activists, snorting crack, and visiting gay bath houses such as Man's Country in Chicago, he did practically nothing.
Obama had no substantive legislative record, nor did he complete his term as US senator. However, with several billions of dollars of free advertising from the news media, and a lot of gullible voters who embraced hope and change - whatever that was - he was installed in the White House with his drag queen "wife".
We have heard repeatedly, especially about Fox News, that no reporter or anchor is allowed to criticize Obama, nor are they allowed to broach certain subjects on threat of job termination. The US press is completely controlled by the CIA and corporate Bilderberger oligarchs such as George Soros who have nearly completed their takeover of America.
They will attempt to keep the empty suit in office for another term. A constitutional crisis or war will be engineered to invoke continuity in government laws which were passed by the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Barry Soetoro is a foreign born national who has usurped the office of president through traitors such as David Rockefeller, George Soros, Bill Gates, and other members of the elite global hierarchy. And yet Americans would rather watch Dancing With the Stars. They will get what they deserve - the reign of terror is about to begin.

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Anonymous said...

All signs point to Barry as a Manchurian Candidate, and hew wasn't the first MK'd POTUS and won't be the last.