Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Murder of Vincent Foster Won't Go Away

It is astonishing how many Americans want a murderer in the White House, but that is precisely what the 2016 election results showed when millions of votes were registered for Hillary Clinton who was a perpetrator in the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster in July 1993. Evidence newly brought to our attention confirms that Foster was murdered with White House complicity.

We have covered Foster's murder before, linking it to the Inslaw software scandals,  Hillary Clinton's possession of nuclear launch codes, as well as to Whitewater financial scandals. However, recently acquired evidence points most likely to a large file which private investigator Jerry Parks had assembled on Bill Clinton's massive drug use and sex with underage girls at his brother's apartment in Little Rock. Part of  Parks' files included information on illegal assignments he had performed for the Clinton's under direction from Vincent Foster.

Parks admitted to 2 instances in which Foster paid him 1,000 USD to pick up a trunk of cash from the Mena airport, which was an important hub in the nation-wide Bush Iran-Contra cocaine drug distribution operation, which Foster received on behalf of the Clintons. Parks' files obviously contained information deeply damaging to the Clintons' crime syndicate.

Parks also surveilled Bill Clinton for Hillary in order to assess Bill's vulnerability to scandal in a presidential election. Again Foster was the intermediary for Hillary with Parks who had been working for the Clintons for 10 years when Foster pressed him for his files. On two occasions within a week before his murder, Foster attempted to obtain the files, at which points Parks reminded Foster of the agreement that the file would not be given to Hillary. In refusing Hillary's demand for the files, Parks signed his own death warrant as well as that of Foster. The Clinton Body Count grows.

We know for a fact that Clinton aides ransacked Foster's office at the White House immediately after his murder was announced in order to remove files, and that Hillary completely remodeled the office in an effort to scrub the scene of the crime of incriminating evidence. We believe that the documents taken were directly related to Parks' - probably copies of what the private investigator retained. When Parks was murdered 2 months after Foster, his apartment was also ransacked, but only his Clinton file was taken.

The new evidence convincing us that Bill and Hillary Clinton were co-murderers of Foster is Clinton's firing of FBI Director William Sessions the day before the murder, an act precipitating a leadership vacuum at a critical moment when a capital crime was committed. Leaving the murder investigation to Fort Marcy Park rangers is like sending a high school class 1A football quarterback to substitute for Tom Brady in a Super Bowl game.

Not only did the firing of Sessions leave a power vacuum of sorts, it also represented foreknowledge and premeditation to know that someone important should be fired to undermine investigations.

While there were many anomalies found at the crime scene, there are 6 which confirm conclusively that Foster was murdered and at some other location than the park.
  1. Virtual absence of blood - Witnesses, such as first responders, noted that there was a conspicuous absence of blood at the crime scene. The virtual absence of blood raised red flags for veteran homicide investigator Vincent Scalise who said that suicide, as the one alleged of Foster, would have left large quantities of blood and body tissue over the area, yet none was found. Louis Freeh's FBI - as with Hoover's - altered evidence and testimony to fit the subsequent story that such claims were never made.
  2. No evidence of suicide. The sin qua non for suicide is forensic evidence making a prima facie case that such an act indeed occurred. A confidential witness who saw and reported the dead body studied intently Foster's corpse, noticing specifically that there was no gun. The gun which was later planted on him did not belong to him, nor did it match the nature of the wounds found on Foster. Just as significantly, the bullet which allegedly killed Foster was never found. Thus there is no physical evidence to support the cover-up theory of suicide.
  3. Thugs preventing access. A man seen by Patrick Knowlton prevented park visitors from advancing near the place where the murderers planted the body. A good sketch was obtained from him but it was never investigated. However, the purpose of the guard was to prevent access to the body dumping prior to the scheduled time of discovery, and to protect the perpetrators while they staged the crime scene. The sketch of the man looked like one of George Bush's Cuban thugs involved in the murder of President Kennedy.
  4. Neck wound. Foster suffered a neck wound - possibly lethal - which the FBI covered up. Had this evidence been disclosed, Foster's death would have had to been ruled a possible homicide triggering a murder investigation.
  5. Massive carpet fibers. Large quantities of carpet fibers were found all over Foster's clothing proving that he was rolled up in a carpet and removed from some location which we will discuss momentarily. Accessories after the fact to murder claimed that the fibers came from a contaminated body bag, but clothing articles left in Foster's car, which did not go inside the body bag, had those same carpet fibers.
The evidence is overwhelming that Foster was murdered. Those who claim otherwise are accessories after the fact to murder, and participants in the cover-up of a capital crime.

The most fascinating aspect of the murder is the carpet fibers. From where was he carried? Strategic Investment reported in 1993/4 that he was murdered in Hillary Clinton's New York apartment, but this is absurd - but close. Foster was actually murdered in his office at the White House. Since Hillary was redecorating, as a prelude and postlude to the murder, it was very easy to bring in CIA or Mossad thugs to act as construction crew, roll up the dead body, and dump it in Fort Marcy Park.

Another reason for suspecting the White House as the murder scene is the missing security tapes which closely monitor ingress and egress of visitors to the White House at the time Foster was murdered. These tapes are normally highly controlled, but someone with sufficient knowledge of White House security - AND AUTHORITY - to override operating procedures, ensured that the tape was taken from the library. We believe that the tape would show certain men removing a roll of carpet.

Perhaps the most under-reported aspect of the murder was the discovery of semen on Foster's underclothing, strongly suggesting that he was in the midst of sex at the time he was murdered. Blonde hairs were also discovered. Our conclusion is that the hairs were those of Hillary Clinton who acted as the decoy while someone else murdered him.

The investigations which occurred after the murder, including those of Robert Fiske, Kenneth Star, a Republican Congressman, Fort Marcy Park rangers, FBI, and other incompetent parties and conspirators proved nothing. They systematically ignored witnesses and evidence to reach their pre-determined conclusions. Not a single one of them addressed the 6 evidences above which should have been presented to a grand jury but were not. These evidences alone were sufficient to prove murder.

As Rome was riddled with criminality and murders in the clawing for power of the empire, so too Washington. The traduction of the United States could not have occurred without the equally corrupt Bush Crime Syndicate which put the Clintons in the White House.

In the end, Vincent Foster got exactly what he deserved - he was part and parcel of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and every bit as corrupt as his psychopathic masters.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Marina Substantiates Two Oswalds

Marina Oswald unwittingly supported the existence of 2 Lee Harvey Oswalds in describing her husband's background.

An interesting cache of letters written by Marina Oswald from 1962-63 to her aunt Valya and uncle Ilya surfaced in 1991 which reveals how she referred to Oswald's "mother" as his aunt because that is how HARVEY represented her to them when he married Marina in the Soviet Union in spring of 1962.

HARVEY Oswald is the version of Lee Harvey Oswald whom Marina married. He told her that he was an orphan. Peter Vronsky, who translated the letters, editorialized that HARVEY had lied about being an orphan. John Armstrong, the author of Harvey and Lee, suggested that HARVEY was born in Hungary and quite possibly an orphan. The fake Marguerite who took care of him was perhaps an aunt or some other surrogate mother.

In all fairness, Vronsky wrote before a deluge of JFK assassination research shed light on the Oswald Project, and other aspects of Marina and HARVEY. Nonetheless, it is Armstrong who correctly ascertained the relationship between HARVEY and his surrogate mother - or caretaker as he often states it - fake Marguerite.

When the Oswalds returned to Fort Worth, Marina met the surrogate mother and continued to refer to her as HARVEY's aunt to her aunt and uncle. We believe that fake Marguerite was indeed HARVEY's aunt who was involved in some kind of intelligence operation with CIA and possibly Soviet intelligence.

The significance of this revelation is that it substantiates the distinction between LEE whose mother was Marguerite Claverie, and HARVEY who was an orphan raised by an unknown caretaker using the name Marguerite - as Armstrong concluded from his studies.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Were There More Than 2 Oswalds?

We know that there was more than one Lee Harvey Oswalds. But does photographic evidence support more than two? We present some pictures to help answer the question.

1 - HARVEY 1963
The first picture below is Lee HARVEY Oswald's mug shot taken November 23, 1963, the day he was finally charged with the murder of J D Tippit and President John Kennedy. Although the police had no credible evidence for the arrest or charge, they were in the business of framing a patsy - justice be damned. This is the man John Armstrong identifies as HARVEY, and shows him at 24 years of age.

2 - HARVEY November 1959
The next picture is purported to be of HARVEY in the USSR shortly after his fake defection in October 1959. The picture was allegedly taken at the Metropole Hotel in Moscow in November.

This picture is probably the most flattering of HARVEY when he was 20 years old. We believe that there is strong enough resemblance between the first 2 pictures to reasonably conclude that they are the same man - HARVEY Oswald.

The third picture is allegedly that of HARVEY Oswald with Alexander Romanovich Ziger, a contact or friend with whom he spent much time while in Minsk. The picture dates from around 1960/61 when HARVEY was about 21 years old. This picture does not bear to us a close likeness of HARVEY, and may thus be someone else. However, we are not adamant on the point and could accept that this is HARVEY Oswald.

3 - HARVEY (?) 1960
The 4th photograph is allegedly of HARVEY in the USSR taken with Marina, his wife in front of him, whom we have cropped away. The picture would probably be summer 1961 since they are in short sleeves, and would be after their March wedding.

4 - Allegedly HARVEY 1961
We have much stronger objections to this being HARVEY than picture 3 for 3 basic reasons. The first is that eyebrows do not match. Secondly the forehead is quite flat although some might attribute that to lighting - something with which we disagree. The 3d and most important reason we deny that this is HARVEY is the hair and hairline. HARVEY would experience a dream come true if he could grow that much hair. In all other established pictures of HARVEY, he has concave hair recession around the temples, whereas this person's hairline is quite straight if not slightly convex. In general there is a resemblance but not a distinct likeness to the other HARVEY images.

This brings us to photo 5 which shows whom we believe to be LEE Oswald circa 1956 taken while he was on a Civil Air Patrol bivouac with, among other people, David Ferrie.

The picture would have been taken when LEE was around 17 years old and shows better physical development than HARVEY had. The hair, hairline, and smile look much more like the person in photograph 4. There seems to be way too much hair for this to be HARVEY.
5 - LEE at CAP c. 1956

The implications of these pictures are rather staggering for it would suggest that either the person pictured in photograph 5 is not LEE Oswald, or that if it is LEE Oswald, then he too would have been in the USSR with Marina - if in fact that cropped picture 4 is of Marina Oswald.

The other possibility is that the picture (4) was staged in the USA somehow. An interesting fact about HARVEY Oswald is that he had an IQ of 118 - or possibly 121, an IQ typical of Chief Executive Officers. The CAP is not an outfit which typically attracts young men in that intelligence bracket, but it would be attractive to LEE Oswald whose IQ was 103.

We are still trying to make sense of the photographs and the people in them. We expect our views to evolve as we give more thought to them, and uncover new ones. For now there is sufficient evidence to reinforce the 2 Oswalds scenario, and possibly a third - which brings to remembrance the famous 1940s song - The Third Man.

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Where is Uncle Robert Oswald?

Ralph Cinque just published a fascinating snippet of information supporting the HARVEY and LEE theory which states that 2 different men using the same identity were operated by the same CIA who murdered President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

Cinque related a conversation he had with author John Armstrong who called Rachel Oswald years ago in order to secure an interview with Robert who was the brother of LEE Oswald. HARVEY Oswald is the man falsely accused of killing the President.

Rachel told Armstrong that neither she nor her sister June had ever heard from Robert Oswald - a very strange phenomenon considering that his alleged nieces had lost their father. Robert's complete disassociation with them is "smoking gun" proof that he was not a relative but merely another intelligence figure in the murky Oswald Project.

This episode reminded me of the surreal story Julian Lennon related about rarely seeing his father John. This was because Julian's father was the real John Lennon - not the fake who was allegedly shot by Mark David Chapman. Thus there was no reason for the fake John Lennon to have much interaction with Julian other than for publicity purposes.

This story is yet additional confirmation that HARVEY and LEE were CIA agents who were part of the Permindex-CIA against coup against the American government.

Ralph Cinque, Untitled,, February 12, 2017, accessed 2/12/2017

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blowing the Case Wide Open - The Murder of Dorothy Kilgallen

Mark Shaw recently appeared on The New JFK Show to discuss his latest book on Dorothy Kilgallen, the TV star who was murdered by the CIA after she uttered her memorable line, "this is going to blow the case wide open" - referring, of course, to the 2 exclusive interviews she had with Jack Ruby, the man accused of murdering Lee HARVEY Oswald.

Shaw's title, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much: The Mysterious Death of What's My Line TV Star and Media Icon Dorothy Kilgallen, sounds like a throwback to 18th century book titles which rambled on interminably as a book of their own. While most of the material discussed on the show was not new, Shaw made exceptional advances over previous coverage by identifying a person of interest - one whom we believe to be directly involved in the murder of Kilgallen.

We shall not review Kilgallen as we have done that elsewhere, but she was in the midst of an affair with a man named Ron Pataky who was a journalist from Ohio with mob connections who just so happened to become romantically involved with Kilgallen at about the time her reporting of the Ruby case started to gather steam.

She shared some of her research with him thinking that he was a like-minded reporter seeking the truth, but it is our firm opinion that he was sent by CIA to compromise Kilgallen's investigation, especially after she got some information from Ruby.

Shaw noted that Kilgallen's first stop after meeting Ruby was New Orleans where she was accompanied by her hair dresser Marc Sinclaire. What the TV personality discovered in New Orleans is anyone's guess, but this is where The New JFK Show fell into a ditch.

Jim Fetzer wanted to take Shaw to task for not recognizing that much more than organized crime was involved in the murder of the president, a point of view Shaw refuses or is reluctant to acknowledge. We had a very brief email exchange with him a few years ago when he published his book on Melvin Belli, and Shaw was riding "the mob did it" hobby horse.

On the other hand, after hearing Shaw speak, we believe that he is a sincere researcher who has performed a huge service in re-opening this case which in fact the New York district attorney has agreed to do after initially refusing to do so. Fetzer, for his part, should have tied his tongue regarding the larger subject.

The reason for the change of mind on the part of the NYC DA has nothing to do with the Kennedy case, but with the fact that the person of interest, Ron Pataky, is still alive, and thus could stand trial for the murder which we believe that he committed or to which he was an accessory.

Part of the reason for our beliefs is that Shaw reported an eye witness who saw Kilgallen and an unidentified man arguing in a corner of the Regency Hotel bar in New York City just a few hours before her murder. This most likely suspect would be her romantic interest, Ron Pataky who was 23 years younger than she. What is a 29 year old man doing with a 52 year old woman?

Pataky had one of the hotel staff make an announcement over pubic address that there was a key for her at the front desk, where she in fact kept a room. Sinclaire also felt that since Pataky was the source of the leaks about Kilgallen, that he should confront him on it. These 2 items were more than likely the reason for the agitated conversation in which Kilgallen was engaged at the Regency bar.

What cinches the case for us regarding Pataky's guilt, and this is certainly more evidence than the Warren Commission had in condemning the innocent Lee HARVEY Oswald, is a poem Pataky wrote about vodka, Vodka Routlette Seen as a Relief Possibility. Joe Tonahill, an attorney for Ruby, stated that a few days before her murder, he had dinner with her at Club 21 in New York City where he found her very sober minded, and that she had one vodka tonic. Pataky is attempting to confess with his poem.

Returning to the subject of New Orleans, one has to realize that it was a hotbed of criminal activity sponsored by the CIA. Ruby was a gun runner who operated out of New Orleans; he was there involved with David Ferrie who was a CIA operative; New Orleans was Carlos Marcello's home turf; New Orleans was the site of the cancer weapon research of the CIA's Alton Oschner; it was not far from the Lake Pontchartrain training grounds for Alpha 66 and Operation 40, both of which groups were involved in the murder of the president; and finally, it was the home of Clay Shaw and the International Trade Mart, a subsidiary of Permindex which was the Jewish organization which was the executive sponsor of the murder.

Clearly New Orleans was a seething hotbed of crime and murder, and any or all of the foregoing activities could have been the basis of Kilgallen's trip. Yet these activities are clearly ones to which Shaw was entirely oblivious except for the case of Marcello. So many angles, so few protractors.

To make matters even murkier, Gary King brought up the idea that Ruby told Kilgallen that he was not the man who shot Lee HARVEY Oswald, a point with which we concur entirely.

There is some oblique evidence that Ruby in fact told Kilgallen this information as reported in Wikipedia:
Ruby's explanation for killing Oswald would be "exposed … as a fabricated legal ploy", according to the House Select Committee on Assassinations. In a private note to one of his attorneys, Joseph Tonahill, Ruby wrote: "Joe, you should know this. My first lawyer Tom Howard told me to say that I shot Oswald so that Caroline and Mrs. Kennedy wouldn't have to come to Dallas to testify. OK?"
Ruby was saying, to borrow from Lee HARVEY Oswald, that he was just the patsy.

We were also annoyed by Shaw's singling out of Kilgallen as a fallen heroine in the quest for truth about the Kennedy murder. He thought it such a travesty of justice that a proforma ruling of suicide was made by the mob-controlled Brooklyn medical examiner which precluded any homicide investigation, yet there are hundreds of other witnesses who were murdered yet ruled to have died by suicide. Why is there no cry for justice for them?

I will tell you why. These other people were not big name stars, so their lives don't matter. Now we are not opposed to re-opening the case and getting the woman justice, but we would like to see equal concern for others who were murdered by the US government because they knew too much.

While Shaw makes only passing references to his witnesses, one in particular is of material note - Marc Sinclaire who was Kilgallen's hair dresser, and in whom she confided greatly. He stated that he found the star in a bedroom in which she never slept, very well made up - but incorrectly so - around 8:45 AM on November 8 since she had asked him to come that morning.

That episode alone is enough to disprove suicide, and Sinclaire covers other objections in an interview from c. 2000. More interestingly, Sinclaire speculates, and we believe correctly so, that Kilgallen was killed elsewhere, more than likely at the Regency Hotel. This conforms well with research we had conducted a few years ago, and noted above. The air conditioning was on during a New York November day - clearly someone's attempt to keep the body cool for as long as possible.

Why hadn't James the butler noticed the problem and turned off the air conditioning - especially since his employer often complained of being cold? When Sinclaire left the house after 9 AM, he noticed a police car with 2 officers sitting directly in front of the reporter's townhouse. Clearly the police knew about the murder, and were waiting for a cue to enter a scene of the crime. This means that the police were complicit in the murder.

Sinclaire believes that Pataky did not have the guts to kill his lover, but he believes that Pataky was in the employ of people who committed the murder. Information about Kilgallen's life and investigation was leaked to the public in an attempt to intimidate her, something which he - and we likewise - attribute to Pataky.

Shaw claims that Kilgallen had a great marriage with her husband Richard Kollmer, a statement explicitly contradicted by her hairdresser who said that the marriage was one in name only - that it had ended long ago - prior to her death.

Regardless of our quibbles with Fetzer and Shaw, both men have contributed mightily to exposing the truth about the JFK murder - even if only one puzzle piece at a time. The exposure of Pataky as a material witness in the murder is exceptional. Will the NYC DA cover-up the crime again?

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Who Was Ed Voebel?

Even seasoned JFK Murder researchers may not know any details about Ed Voebel, but he turns out to be very important to the Oswald Project in a negative way, and whose importance was such that the CIA murdered him.

Before proceeding, we must confess to an about face regarding Oswald doubles. Previously we had spurned the idea that there were 2 concurrent Oswalds managed by the same dark forces who murdered the president. We knew that there were Oswald impersonators, and that was enough for us. However, after prodding from an article by Ralph Cinque, we decided to explore the matter further, after which we are forced to conclude that John Armstrong's thesis of Harvey and Lee is much more compelling than we originally thought.

To keep the names clear, we will follow Armstrong's practice of referring to the American born Oswald as LEE, and the Hungarian born Oswald as HARVEY. Thus it was Voebel's fate to meet both of them. HARVEY is the man accused of murdering the president and J D Tippit.

Voebel met HARVEY first in 1954 when a piano fell on HARVEY's legs at school. He survived the ordeal and the two became playmates for the spring. A few months later, Voebel befriended LEE after his rockem sockem fight with Johnny and Mike Neumeyer in the fall while in 9th grade at Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans.

LEE lost a tooth in that fight, after which Voebel and 2 friends helped LEE clean up. Following the fight, Voebel took a picture of LEE in the class room which eventually became plastered around the nation when Life magazine published it in 1964. The picture clearly shows LEE missing a front upper tooth thanks to the fight.

In 1971, Ed Voebel became mildly ill, but went to the Oschner clinic for treatment, a mistake which would cost him his life. Someone, perhaps Oschner himself, murdered Voebel at age 31 just as he murdered Dr Mary Sherman in a most gruesome fashion in 1964.

Oschner was a long time CIA operative who was heavily involved in the conspiracy to murder President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. One of Oschner's projects for the CIA was the invention of a cancer weapon which was highly lethal, and was ostensibly targeted against Fidel Castro.

The reason for murdering Voebel was that he knew too much about LEE and HARVEY Oswald, knowledge which the CIA could not afford to let propagate since it would expose Allen Dulles' lies about HARVEY and implicate the agency directly in the murder of the president.

The evidence of the missing tooth is highly important in securing the thesis of 2 Oswalds. HARVEY Oswald was exhumed and extensively photographed in 1981, and positively identified based upon his dental records. HARVEY had all of his teeth, proving that he was not LEE, and that LEE was indeed a separate and distinct person from HARVEY.

We do not know what became of LEE Oswald - he may in fact still be alive. His brother Robert, still alive as of this writing, may be the last person to know the fate of his brother. But if he values the few remaining years of his life, he will go to his grave with his secrets.

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