Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Applause For Venezuela

Veterans Today published a fine concise history of Venezuela covering the past century, showing its past as a pawn of big oil interests, raped of its natural resources. However, the Venezuelans are fighting back, and we applaud them for doing so.
President Nicolas Madura has minced no words in his contempt of US meddling in his country's affairs, most notably by stirring up riots and violence. This past month, he even had the temerity (and wisdom) to call Secretary of State Kerry a murderer, a charge with much substance.
The nation has been a target of Exxon Mobil and other big oil interests because its 700 billion barrel oil deposit on Lake Maracaibo has incited enough drooling by the robber barons to fill the lake twice over.
Hostilities heightened when Hugo Chavez became president of the country in 1998, after which he initiated policies which enraged the State Department and Exxon Mobil led by Gustavos Cisneros. Chavez' crime was that he wanted to better the lives of his people and break the stranglehold the Exxon Mobil banksters had on the nation.
Beginning in 2002 the plutocrats, with backing from the CIA, US military, Exxon Mobil, Cisneros, and other international oil interests, conspired to remove Chavez forcibly from office. They tried again in 2011 after failing in their first attempt. They finally succeeded when they murdered Chavez with a virulent cancer weapon which the CIA developed originally in the early 1960s in New Orleans by the murderer Dr Alton Oschner who himself had deep ties with South America.
Although he faced stern opposition from the foreign supported local plutocrats, Chavez imposed more equitable terms on the big oil companies, using the new monies to help build up other Latin American countries and improving the people's conditions in Venezuela.
It is most interesting to note that the people returned their gratitude by protesting loudly in his favor on several occasions, a factor in returning him from at least 2 exiles forced by the plutocrats.
Perhaps Chavez' boldest move came when he reorganized banking laws which now require banks to serve as utilities rather than avaricious money bilking schemes. This view of banks is a novel and thoroughly sophisticated re-imagination of an institution which has wreaked havoc on millions of people world wide.
After Chavez' death, his hand chosen successor Madura assumed power, and seems to be continuing in the great Chavez' path. Chavez was not perfect - he had corruptions no different than those found in Washington, DC - but he had something which no politician in Washington has - and that is concern for the poor, weak, and down-trodden.
We applaud Madura and wish him the very best in ridding his nation of rapacious banksters and oil companies. The oil in Venezuela is God's treasure to its people and should be developed equitably, meaning that its profits should be used to build up the nation into a prosperous one enjoying the benefits other developed nations.
Dean Henderson, Venezuela Deal Blow to Bankster Fascists, Veterans Today, March 18, 2014, accessed 3/18/2014

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