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The One Minute Chronicle: The Entire Pentagon Knew Who Murdered JFK

The entire Pentagon knew in advance about the murder of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza, most of whom were dying for a splendid little war in the Pacific.
Len Osanic, host of Black Op Radio, related the story of Col Fletcher Prouty (1917-2001) telling him this in answer to his question, "How many people in the Pentagon knew who murdered the President?" Prouty was very reluctant to answer, but finally relented by telling him that practically everyone there of any consequence knew who murdered the President, and it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald.
Prouty, himself a veteran Air Force officer, bailed out of Murder, Inc. in 1964, as did several other more senior officers before him. They all knew that a "lone nut" did not murder the president, and that only the operational muscle of the military could pull of such a coup.
The implications are staggering and explains why so much propaganda and lies have been sprayed across the air wave like a bilge pump gushing with sewage and feces.
Prouty was no lightweight in military matters, having served in sensitive spots, including liaison between the CIA and Pentagon.
If you have wondered why the lies and murders continued, it is because so many millions, including most of the Military Industrial Complex, have a heart felt interest in perpetuating the lies because murder is part and parcel of their souls.
More disturbingly, the Kennedy operation is an ongoing CIA action which shields it from having to divulge files on the case. The continuing executive action plot involves massive propaganda and obfuscations regarding the nature of the crime.
With so many millions committed to the lie of the lone nut, there will never be an acknowledgement of who murdered the President and why they wanted it - namely war and lucre. However, you can know the truth and it will set you free.
Len Osanic, Black Op Radio, August 15, 2013
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fake Oswald in Backyard Photo Identified

One of the “convincing proofs” that Lee Oswald murdered the president was the set of photos found in his garage showing him holding a rifle. The identity of the person holding the rifle has been identified as Roscoe White, further substantiating the case that the CIA murdered the president.
The preposterous idea that a man holding a rifle convicts him of a crime is a Nazi idea as old as crooked justice itself, one which any first year law student could obliterate. The second year law student might wish to take on the quality of the evidence which is a document subject to fabrication as this one is. And the ambitious 3d year law student might take on the identity of the photo subject.
On all three counts, the so-called evidence fails, and does so miserably.
Roscoe White was a CIA operative who was planted on the Dallas Police force as a photographer. According to his son Ricky, he went to the police academy in January of 1964. His son also disclosed the existence of his father’s diary, in 1988, in which he kept notes in and around the time of the assassination of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
We do not doubt the authenticity of the diary as an artifact produced by Roscoe; however, we do not accept as reliable the accounts contained therein. White claimed to be an assassin of Kennedy but we have our strong doubts. Nonetheless Roscoe is an interesting character in the Kennedy assassination.
White was a Marine buddy of Oswald who shared an uncanny resemblance to Oswald, and must therefore be counted among the Oswald doubles which have been identified over the years. White’s value was his similarity to Oswald which allowed him to make a reasonable impersonation of him in the famous backyard photo of him holding the Mannlicher Caracano rifle which the Warren Commission theorized was the murder weapon. Actually they did more than theorize – they framed Oswald with it.
The FBI supposedly discovered the 2 photos on November 23d in Oswald’s garage, claiming that is all there was even though the evidence enumeration showed 4 photos. A third photo emerged a few years after the Warren Report was published, but the 4th and most interesting one came even later when White’s wife revealed it, thus creating a strong link between her husband and the forged evidence.
A photographic expert identified the person as White by comparing chin features with Oswald, but nailed the case by identifying a poorly healed wrist fracture which appears on all of the White photos but not on known photos of Oswald. Thus White was indeed the subject which the CIA used to frame Oswald in the photo.
There is some speculation that White murdered Tippit, a speculation we find most plausible, but still requiring additional analysis.
Geneva White worked for Jack Ruby at the Carousel Club and heard her husband in conversation with him a couple of times planning the murder. White was financially rewarded for his dubious services but was himself murdered in 1971 in an "accident."

Roscoe White: Shooter of JFK, J.D. Tippit and member of the ‘JFK Witness Elimination Team’

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Meet Gloria Steinem, CIA Whore

Gloria Steinem managed to carve out for herself, or more accurately was assigned by her sponsors, the role of pre-eminent feminist spokeswoman for the women’s liberation movement. Her sponsors were the Central Intelligence Agency, but her movement wasn’t liberating.
A few of our political junkies may recall the brouhaha which the obscure group The Red Stockings raised in 1975 about Ms Steinem’s intelligence affiliations, associations which Steinem vaguely and non-persuasively denied. The evidence shows that she has long and deep ties with one of the most sinister organizations on the planet. The Red Stockings were not persuaded by her characterization of the CIA as “liberal.”
Who could blame them? The organization which murdered John Kennedy, instigated the Vietnam War, and gave us 9/11 cannot be described as liberal, even by Adolf Hitler.
Steinem first got into bed with the CIA no later than 1959 about which time she co-founded the Independent Research Service with CIA funds. She had spent 1956-58 in India as a fellow of the Chester Bowles Asian Fellowship to the Universities of New Delhi and Calcutta. We do not know if her trip to India was actually under CIA tutelage but it would not be out of the question.
The funding was byzantine as is typical of the Agency's front organizations, with 5 layers passing through Borden Trust, the Price Fund, the Beacon Fund, the Edsel Fund, and the Kentfield Fund before landing at the steps of the Independent Research Service. The CIA front was created to disrupt the Communist World Youth festivals which were held periodically, usually in Europe during the 1950s and 60s.
Steinem’s associations were well known in the 1960s as a New York Times article in 1967 makes clear. An excellent article in Ramparts of the same year exposed the intricate financing circuits which we noted above. Her affiliation as director of the Independent Research Service (notice how it would be dangerous to abbreviate it IRS?) was noted as late as 1968 in Who’s Who.
While co-director, she wrote in 1959 an interesting pamphlet, A Review of Negro Segregation in the United States, in which she states that while some discrimination still exists, it is largely in the minds of the oppressed. I guess she thought that the Civil Rights Act of 1965 was an overreaction to misperceptions. She may have changed her mind on the subject since she was, years later, famously arrested for protesting apartheid. But that too could have been acted with deeper motives.
Around 1968 she came under the wing of Clay Felker who was variously editor at Esquire, publisher of New York Magazine, and owner of the Village Voice. He provided some of the start-up money for Ms. magazine's preview edition of January 1972, but his interest in Steinem was not all of a sudden. The two had met at the Helsinki Youth Festival where Felker published the CIA propaganda and she oversaw disruption of the communist activities while seducing the kids into the American orbit and writing dossiers on them for the CIA.
In addition to Felker’s relatively modest contributions, Ms. received heavy support from Katherine Graham’s Washington Post as well as from Warner Communications, Inc. Newsweek was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the Independent Research Service and of Steinem. But Katherine Graham’s and editor Ben Bradlee’s CIA roots ran deep and broad.
Ms was noted for its pro corporate stance, taking in advertising from such CIA stalwarts as ITT, the firm famously associated with the bloody coup in Chile in 1973. It is also worth noting that she dated Henry Kissinger who was perhaps the power behind the coup which brutally removed the democratically elected Salvador Allende.
But that is not all of Steinem’s CIA associations. She dated for many years Washington attorney Stanley Pottinger who was Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights from 1973-77 under Nixon and Ford. Pottinger worked overtime to prevent any investigation into the Martin Luther King assassination when it became clear that evidence implicated the FBI in the crime, a fact which we explore in detail in other blog postings.
While busily burying investigations into the King murder, Pottinger was working feverishly to cover-up the CIA’s murder of Chile’s envoy to the United States, Orlando Letelier who was a strong critic of the brutal right winged Chilean government established by the CIA. This is affair, about which we previously reported, was sponsored by James and William Buckley.
Later Pottinger would come under investigation for smuggling arms into Iran, an activity which placed him squarely in the CIA orbit.
If these CIA associations were not enough, then we should move on to Elisabeth Forsling Harris who was Ms’s first publisher. Sherman Skolnick reports that she, along with Jack Pewterbaugh at the Saul Bloom Advertising Agency, was heavily involved in planning the motorcade of President John Kennedy when he visited Dallas on November 22, 1963, and places her firmly among the murderers who conspired to overthrow the US government.
Now it is understandable why Steinem and Felker were ruthless in suppressing any publications which mentioned her association with the Agency as they did around 1975 when Random House was about to publish a book by The Red Stockings titled the Femnist Revolution which contained chapters about Steinem’s CIA associations.
Steinem, Felker, and Ford Foundation president Franklin Thomas, all threatened to sue Random House for libel if they published the chapters on Steinem’s CIA activities. They applied the same pressure to the Village Voice which also produced a series on her domestic espionage activities.
This is the same Steinem who declared that the CIA was “liberal and forward thinking” in a 1967 interview with the New York Times. Only in a Nazi state is the truth libel.
Although we wish to avoid the genetic fallacy of guilt by association, we believe that one’s associations reflect something about the nature of the individual, which in this case is Steinem’s long string of CIA associations. In denying or downplaying them, “Methinks the lady doth protest too much.”

Sherman Skolnick, Gloria in Excelsis (transcripts), Conspiracy Nation, Vol 9 Num 28ff
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Saturday, August 17, 2013

When Is Evidence Irrelevant?

Former Pegasus member Chip Tatum and his wife Nancy were framed by the CIA for conspiracy to embezzle funds from a golf course the federal government operated in Florida. When he presented evidence of high crimes by accusers, federal judge Henry Lee Adams ruled the evidence immaterial and inadmissible. We offer this case as additional evidence that the United States is Narcocracy.
Pegasus is a covert and highly secretive organization of the CIA which is used to murder foreign and domestic citizens whose views and actions cross  those of plutocrats. One such egregious example was the order by George Bush to murder Ross Perot during the 1992 election because his efforts to create a third party were un-American. Tatum’s cell was the one assigned to “neutralize” him.
Tatum apparently developed some misgivings about his assignments, especially those targeted against American citizens, causing him to distance himself from the Pegasus operations. Nonetheless, he found himself as manager for a golf course in which the federal government was in possession.
The government failed to pay its small vendors for work performed, so Tatum used cash flow from sales to pay them. The US government did not take kindly to that initiative which gave the CIA the pretext to conjure up charges of embezzlement, or more accurately, conspiracy to embezzle.
The real conspiracy actually consisted of the CIA, US Justice Department, and White – ie Bill Clinton – to put Tatum away for his lack of team spirit, and to warn him to keep his silence about his knowledge of Clinton with drug running in Arkansas under auspices of the CIA.
Tatum produced evidence consisting of tape recordings between Manuel Noriega and a retired Mossad agent in Clinton’s employ while governor in which the two discussed the CIA’s massive cocaine production in Honduras. The evidence also included film footage of a US military shipment at Little Rock Airport of two coolers of cocaine which Governor Clinton himself took delivery. In addition to the 3 kilograms of cocaine was a substantial stash of cash.
Tatum presented the evidence to Governor Lawton Chiles who dismissed it as out of his jurisdiction as did the following government officials:
  • Janet Reno
  • Harry Browne
  • Ross Perot
  • Jack Kemp
  • Rep.  Wm. F. Clinger, Jr.
  • Senator Sam Nunn
  • Senator Connie Mack
  • Senator Charles S. Robb
  • Senator John Glenn
  • Senator Thomas Daschle
  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Kenneth Starr

The astonishing hypocrisy is not surprising - though certainly chilling - to anyone who has followed our reporting of Narco-Nation.  The United States and its corrupt leaders, namely the Bush Crime Syndicate, are the world’s leading drug growers and distributors, and have practically muscled out any competitors. Competitors of the BCS are the only ones who are targeted in the fake War on Drugs.
The President, Cocaine, and the CIA - A Matter of Irrelevance, Conspiracy Nation Vol 9 Num 26, nd (c. 1996)
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Prohibition and the Rise of Narco-Nation

Drugs are an endemic and organic feature of American life, a scourge whose sponsors are America’s elite who copied the British example of the opium trade. The rise of the drug cartels began with Prohibition whose supporters were the blueblood elite of Wall Street.
Contrary to what most Americans believe, the United States government is not opposed to drugs and their distributions. Rather, it only opposes competitors. So if you are involved in drug dealing, but are not under the control of the US government and its rulers, you will soon find yourself wiped out as became the fate of the Medellin Cartel when it crossed with the Bush Crime Syndicate (BCS).
The drug culture started with Prohibition when leading foundations such as the Russell Sage Foundation, the Rockefellers, and Women’s Christian Temperance Union agitated to bring about the 18th Amendment. The Astors, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and other plutocratic elite hired these organizations - often without their witting understanding - to agitate for criminalization of alcohol.
But these sponsors had no concern whatsoever for the welfare of those who succumbed to the ravages of drink. Their concern was for control of the liquor business, but more importantly, the establishment of organized crime as another arm of its invisible government.
The plutocrats have two effective branches of government – the CIA, NSA, and other elements of what is euphemistically termed the “intelligence community”, and organized crime. Indeed, notorious crime boss Myer Lansky stated that the CIA and organized crime are two sides of the same coin.
Perhaps the most famous collaboration of the two branches of plutocratic government was the murder of President John Kennedy executed by the CIA and the Mob. It also explains why J Edgar Hoover spent precious little effort – if any at all – pursuing organized crime. It is true that there were a couple of high profile cases in the 1930s associated with the FBI, but this merely represented the resolution of turf wars rather than any fundamental opposition to organized crime.
There is substantial evidence that Hoover had significant social relationships with crime bosses, further explaining his see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil policy towards the mob.
Prohibition was a huge success for the plutocrats as it raised profit margins on their product, and proliferated organized crime throughout the country, which in turn allowed them to branch out into gambling and even many legitimate businesses.
As Sherman Skolnick puts it, it raised tolerance for criminals as it put the mob into every day contact with millions of Americans. But the enmeshing wasn’t just with the lower tiers of society. The Rockefeller controlled University of Chicago supplied much intellectual talent to the mob under the guise of social studies programs, one such neophyte being Saul Alinsky (1909-1972) who was for several years an accountant for the mob according to Skolnick. Alinsky was influential in both the Clinton and Soetoro political fortunes.
While the mob sponsored drug trade began in earnest in the 1950s, it was not until the 1960s that the Bush Crime Syndicate (BCS) working through the CIA professionalized it, and began to consolidate it under US government auspices. One of the side benefits of the Vietnam War for the CIA and its handlers was the massive drug profits. So ravenous were the plutocrats for its lucre that it sent tons of drugs back to the United States in the corpses of GIs.
The Mena, Arkansas drug trade was but the tip of the iceberg in a series of drug centers which stretched across the southern USA confirmed by veteran Washington reporter Sarah McClendon. In the 1990s she related that the Bush Crime Syndicate operated a string bases from Florida to Arizona through which arms were exported in exchange for drugs. One of the most famous persons in this government sponsored activity was Barry Seal whose story made it to the Wall Street Journal in a rare defiance of the Establishment.
The War on Drugs was a façade to destroy competition to Bush Crime Syndicate operations. It not only jacked up drug prices and margins, but it put out of business competitors to the BCS, at whose center was the CIA. The law was only applied to competitors.
More recently, Dr Jim Willie has reported on the extensive escort services of the United States Coast Guard and various military contractors such as Grumman to smuggle drugs into the country. His most explosive revelation was the story, confirmed by multiple sources, that George Bush, Sr bailed out Bank of America in 2010 with his massive stash of drug money which he has been accumulating since the 1960s.
Willie states matter of factly that all major US banks stay afloat due to either money laundering for the BCS/CIA drug trade or to financing its operations, although with the enormous profitability, it is hard to imagine the need for much financing.
One of the unstated goals of the Iraq war was to take over the drug trade. Heroin is produced in Afghanistan, shipped to US bases in Europe, where the Vatican launders the money, then shipped to various destination in Europe and the USA.
The common thread throughout this historical development is the guiding and protecting hand of the plutocrats who use the drug laws to create the largest incarcerated population in the world, and to finance their quests to rule the world.
PROHIBITION LEADS TO "DOPE NATION", Conspiracy Nation, Vol 8 Number 35
Jim Willie, various radio interviews
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet Charles Lindbergh, Murderer

Charles Lindbergh (1902 –1974) is the archetype American hero – a hero’s hero if you will – who has been idolized for his historic trip across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. Few people realize that he was a cold blooded killer who got away with murder.
If Lindbergh’s fame needed any boosting, it got it on March 1, 1931 when the world heard the news that his infant son, Charles Jr, was missing from his Hopewell, NJ home, in the hands of a kidnapper. The news was electrifying and eventually led to the “Trial of the Century” a couple of years later.
In the meantime, Lindbergh ordered that the note found on the window sill from where the child was allegedly absconded be left unopened until finger print experts could examine the envelope and letter.
The letter turned out to be a ransom note demanding 50,000 USD. Refusing the aid of law enforcement officials, including the FBI, Lindbergh mounted a highly unorthodox investigation by turning to organized crime to help find his missing son. Morris Rosner was an underworld figure whose services Lindbergh employed in the search of young Charles.
Soon thereafter, a Dr John Condon, who would later use the pseudonym Jafsie in his contact with the alleged kidnappers, acted as the liaison between Lindbergh and the kidnappers. He brought the money to a man whom he described, in Carol Wallace’s words, as ‘medium  build, with a pointy face, high cheekbones, slanted, dark, almost "oriental eyes", and  a  cough.’ This individual was known as “Cemetary John” after the place where the money handover took place.
Wallace is in fact our tour guide to this tale as she published nearly 20 years ago in Conspiracy of the Day an article based upon her master’s thesis about the Lindbergh kidnapping. She later earned a doctorate on the Fatty Arbuckle affair, and was an authority on the 1930s era.
The money was delivered, but instead of receiving the child, Jafsie received a bogus note describing where the baby could be found. On May 12, 1932 the remains of Charles Jr were found indicating death by a skull fracture.
The search for the killer continued until a German born carpenter, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was found passing some of the ransom money. He was arrested and charged with the crimes of kidnapping and murder, based largely on the evidence of the money and his faint resemblance to Jafsie’s Cemetary John.
On top of the circumstantial evidence, the fates were against Hauptmann. Two witnesses came forward to identify him as being in the vicinity at the time of the crime. One witness was legally blind but claimed to see him many feet away driving by in a car, but later, according to Wallace, identified a vase as a woman’s hat, as you do when you are legally blind. The other witness Wallace identified as a known pathological liar whose testimony about Hauptmann changed when he was offered reward money.
A reporter for the New York Daily News planted evidence in Hauptmann’s home linking him to the crime by writing Jafsie’s number on a hard to get to board in his closet. That Hauptmann didn’t have a phone was of no consequence to the court or law enforcement.
Lindbergh’s testimony was perhaps the most lethal because he claimed to be able to identify, after hearing only a few syllables 2 years prior, Hauptmann as Cemetary John. Hauptmann’s cause was not helped by William Randolph Hearst who hired a boozing syphilitic attorney to defend him; a defender who spent only 40 minutes in consultation with his client. But justice was not the purpose – only its appearances.
Perhaps the most critical piece of evidence in the case was the very crude ladder which would not have been so poorly constructed by a skilled carpenter such as Hauptmann. On the other hand, a man whose métier was not carpentry, perhaps a man more prone to flying than constructing, would have produced such a crude device.
Wallace explores some theories about the real killer which she dismisses because they in general require too much suspension of disbelief, if not failing outright the laugh test, such as the guilt of Hauptmann who was railroaded through a corrupt and criminal court system.
She points out how Lindbergh, a generally cold person anyway, played frequent cruel jokes on people, such as putting a venomous snake in the bed of a man deathly afraid of them, and putting kerosene in the canteen of a friend who had to be hospitalized after gulping it down in Lindbergh’s presence.
A few days before the disappearance of the son, Lindbergh hid the baby from his hysterical wife for 20 minutes before bringing her the baby. Wallace conjectures with solid reasoning, that Lindbergh was in the process of playing another joke on his wife by removing the baby from his room down the rickety ladder when the baby accidentally fell to his death. Thus Lindbergh was covering up at a minimum manslaughter.
But rumors persisted that the crime was uglier – that the Nazi Lindbergh, who advocated for a Master Race, murdered his son because he was retarded, genetically defective. We believe the rumors. Why else would he refuse police and FBI help in finding his son? Was it because he feared being found out? Besides, why waste valuable time on someone who is dead? And why turn to organized crime for help? Lindbergh’s collaboration with the notorious Wild Bill Donovan of the future OSS and CIA in the matter is additional cause for suspicion.
America may continue to remember Lindbergh as an aviation hero and philanthropist, but we remember him as a murderer and Nazi.

The Kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby by Carol Wallace Copyright (c) 1994 by Carol Wallace

Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Strange Death of Vincent Foster

Vincent Foster (January 15, 1945 – July 20, 1993) made blaring headlines on July 20, 1993 when his body was found in Fort Marcy Park in Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. The state controlled media dutifully reported that he died of suicide, but as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich put it, “It is gullibility to the point of stupidity to believe that Foster died from suicide.”

The news was sensational, feeding a frenzy lasting for days, and investigations lasting for years. The official story is that Foster was clinically depressed, unable to survive in the vulture eat vulture world of Washington, DC, and was preparing to resign his position as Deputy White House Counsel to President Bill Clinton. The torn up, faked suicide letter “proved” it. He was diagnosed as clinically depressed after his death. And now, folks, move along, because there is nothing to see here.

If Foster were depressed, he had good reasons to be as we shall see, none of which had to do with his personal life. His professional life – the secret side of it, on the other hand, showed signs of unraveling, a very tangled web of intrigue and espionage.

According to Sherman Skolnick, Foster was a very senior intelligence agent working for the NSA, holding the rank equivalent to a general. Subsequent characterization by James Norman, one time senior editor at Forbes, described Foster as a key liaison between the White House, NSA, and Systematics – subsequently purchased by Alltel - a company heavily involved in intelligence espionage.

Somewhere between the two profiles lays the truth. He was clearly involved in secretive intelligence work of the kind which certain powers wanted knowledge suppressed, in no small part because he was the homing beacon to their crimes and treachery.

Although Foster and Hillary Clinton made hay with criminal money laundering deals reaching to the infamous BCCI scandal, it is Foster’s alleged involvement with Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard which may give the most clues explaining his demise.

Even before entering the White House, Foster, working in conjunction with British publishing entrepreneur and former MP, Robert Maxwell (1923-1991), had been identified as an espionage agent providing Israel highly classified information.  Maxwell was found floating in the Atlantic Ocean as a result of – you guessed it – “suicide,” but was accorded a quasi state burial in Israel.

Much of Foster’s espionage concerned nuclear weapons and technology, with the goal of rendering Israel a nuclear power in a gambit to deter its Arab neighbors from aggression. Skolnick lays out the very persuasive case that Foster, who had begun work for the NSA around 1983, had been recruited by George Bush to act as his intermediary between Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard who was ultimately convicted  in 1987 of spying.

There were two reasons for Bush’s interest in Pollard, the first of which relates to political payback for securing the 1980 election. Bush was the mastermind behind the October Surprise which represented a deal between the Republican team and the Ayatollah to keep the hostages until after the former were securely in the White House. In exchange, the Reagan administration would supply the Iranians with much needed armaments to fight the Iraqis in their nearly 8 year war which had started around 1980. It would be difficult seeing Israel object to that arrangement.

The Israelis acted as intermediaries, and thus earned their first chit. But Caspar Weinberger, Secretary of Defense, also had ideas. He thought that if Israel were a nuclear power, it would not only maintain a balance of power in the region but also deter Soviet adventurism into the region.

We understand that Israel has long been acknowledged a nuclear power, but to suppose that a nation of its small size and tenuous status could devote the resources for such a large project is preposterous by any measure. It was not until the mid 1980s that anyone made any serious revelations about the extent of the Israeli nuclear program.

On the other hand, we do not argue that the nuclear secrets conveyed were to enable initial development of a nuclear bomb. Rather, more subtle technologies such as triggering devices were desperately needed in order to create a force projection arsenal. And that is where Bush and Weinberger entered the picture.

So, on the one hand they paid back a debt of “gratitude”, and on the other positioned their rook in a stronger position on the geopolitical chess board. They selected Foster as the high level liaison between themselves and their mule Pollard.

Weinberger received large payoffs in arms deals kickbacks, Bush was business partner with Saddam Hussein, and there was plenty of blackmail to go around for everyone.

But Foster was a jack of many trades whose many talents would not be idled with just one project. He was also involved in other NSA endeavors, including one which involved financial spying and espionage.

Ironically, it was Foster’s NSA project of tracking bank transactions using Inslaw’s PROMIS software which may have led to his down fall. One source alleges that rogue CIA agent used the software to hack into a MOSSAD database where Foster’s name was inexplicably found along with links to several Swiss bank accounts holding at various times up to 10 million dollars, which is not chump change for an Arkansas lawyer – even for one making 300,000 USD per year. Hillary Clinton had an interest in the money due to her many and varied collaborations with Foster in these delicate matters. One of these banks was Banca Della Svizzera Italiana.

While this story of accidental discovery is plausible, we consider it disinformation. We certainly believe that Foster had the accounts – why else would make periodic day trips to Switzerland. But it is even more likely that this story was setup to paint Foster as a sinister traitor and to deflect attention away from his handlers who were the powers behind the treachery.

In any event, Skolnick tells us that Hillary broke the news to Foster that his bank accounts had been drained through the surreptitious software and that he was under investigation for treason and espionage, an ignominy they shared in common.

On July 1, 1993, Foster bought a round trip ticket through the White House travel office to Geneva in order to check-up on his accounts. It was at this time that he discovered that his account of 2.73 million USD had been emptied, resulting in the hiring of legal counsel. We also believe his retention of legal counsel was a step in unwinding his involvement with the program, possibly explaining events we describe following.

On July 18th he went to Maryland where he met with Webster Hubbell, Michael Cardozo, and according to Grabbe, George Stephanopoulos, among others including possibly telephonic communications with the Clintons, to strategize on damage control about the money and responses to an explosive scandal should he confront the illegality of his actions.

Apparently Hubbell showed Foster a printout of the money trail from MOSSAD to his Swiss bank accounts, a revelation which must surely have conjured up substantial anxiety. As we noted, it may very well have been contrived evidence though based upon real accounts.

In the days preceding Foster’s murder, two interesting events occurred which were most likely related. The first, according to Skolnick, is that the Democratic National Convention sent on July 16 a wire transfer in the amount of 286,000 USD via Sheila Anthony, to her sister-in-law Lisa Foster, wife of Vincent. Was this payola for Vincent to keep his silence and to perhaps console the loss of 2.73 million USD from his Swiss bank account? Or was it hush money to Lisa to keep her silence once Foster was dead?

We do know that Foster planned to do something which Jerry Parks, a security man with whom he conducted regular business, urged him not to do. Parks was gunned down gangland style a month later for knowing too much. Parks’ widow did not know the details, but her home was ransacked repeatedly by FBI thugs, clearly indicating that information of the very highest order was at stake. In any event, Foster overstepped his bounds, and was permanently sequestered.

Foster had gotten in over his head by taking possession of the nuclear launch codes which compromised the identification codes the president needed in order to initiate the launch of nuclear weapons. Orlin Grabbe (1947-2008) contended, based upon sworn testimony by Foster’s secretary, Deborah Gorham, that Foster had two 1 inch binders, one blue, one white, in the safe of Bernard Nussbaum. These were readily identified as NSA launch code and launch option books.

The disturbing aspect of this story is that Foster did not have clearance, even as a high ranking NSA emissary, to see the codes which are directly delivered to the president in his quarters. Thus the only way Foster could have obtained them is through Clinton. But Bill Clinton was not the subject of espionage investigations; his wife was. We thus see why she took charge of Foster’s office immediately following his death.

One other explanation about the nuclear football we should introduce is that Israel may not have been the ultimate drop point for the information. It could well be the case that China was the beneficiary through Israel’s agency. However this is a hint for another article.

If Foster was trying to stop the merry-go-round, he picked the wrong means of doing so. His threats to open up the treasonous transactions to public scrutiny scared many involved, not the least of whom was Hillary. With panic setting in among the many parties associated with the treason and crimes – and it wasn’t just about the technology transfers – quick action was required to put out the spark threatening to becoming a firestorm.

At this point it is hard know who gave the orders to murder Foster, but our best guess is that Bush and Hillary closed ranks to silence him. Two points lead us in this direction, the first of which comes from Debra Von Trapp who reported to Special Investigator Kenneth Starr that she received a phone call from a drunk Robert Goetzman the night of the murder during which he informed her “…but we dumped him in a 'queer' park to send Clinton and his 'queer' wife a message!" There is strong evidence that Hillary and Foster were lovers, but there are also intriguing morsels about a White House lesbian clique with which Hillary may have been involved.

Trapp knew Goetzman from her days as a technology consultant working in the Bush White House where he reported directly to George Bush on undefined and special projects. He was a very senior FBI and CIA officer who did much of Bush’s dirty work.

The other point of interest is that blond hairs were found in Foster’s shorts which Grabbe attributes to Dee Dee Meyers, but Skolnick’s sources hint belonged to Hillary. Grabbe also notes that Foster died at the moment of ejaculation, giving us a most chilling insight into the modus operandi of the murderers.

Goetzman told Trapp in the same conversation that Foster was killed in one place but then taken to the park. If so, then where was he murdered? A couple of suspects are the White House and a residence next to the park.

Foster was last seen alive by talking witnesses around 1p on July 20, with his suit in hand and a friendly pointer to administrative assistant Linda Tripp where she could find some M&Ms. It seems that Ms Tripp has a knack for showing up at scandal time. Perhaps this is one of the skills she learned in Delta Force school. If so, her testimony is a complete fabrication explaining our next item.

One point not often mentioned is that the two tapes showing Foster’s ingress and egress from the White House on that day are missing. Clearly someone wanted to hide something. This lends support to the theory that he was murdered in the White House (or the White House parking). The missing videos would then identify his state and company as he came or went.

The other explanation for his demise is less plausible. Then Saudi ambassador, Prince Bindar, was well known for his hospitality house where many and manifold sexual pleasures could be obtained. Given the Bush’s close connections with the Saudis, and perhaps moved by a twinge of compassion, they brought the unsuspecting victim to the Prince’s house for one last fling. With his house across the street from Fort Marcy Park, it would ease the logistical troubles of dumping the body.

There is video tape showing a team of 4 MOSSAD agents entering Foster’s apartment presumably after his death – 3 men and 1 female. These agents most likely were looking for incriminating evidence against Israel and did not take on the responsibility for murdering Foster. Immediately following the announcement of his death, Rose Law Firm sent representatives to sweep his house, in addition to shredding papers with his name associated – probably the ones related to Inslaw, Promis, and Systematics.

The body was reported to 911 at 5:59:59 PM on July 20, 1993. Much has been made elsewhere about the details of the crime scene and the many inconsistencies with suicide with which the Ft Marcy Park police had already concluded even before they arrived at the crime scene. That explosive revelation is sufficient proof of murder. Nothing more need be said to defend the thesis. Yet there are more macabre points to review.

The first point which receives minimal coverage is that the Hillary ordered the removal of brand new carpet from the White House the day following Foster’s death. Foster’s body was also covered with carpet fibers, leaving us with the inescapable conclusion that Foster was murdered in the White House some time after 1p which is the last time he was allegedly seen alive. We believe that should those tapes be found, they would show Foster's body being dumped into the trunk of his car covered in brand new carpet fibers. This action reinforces the theory that Hillary had intimate foreknowledge of the murder.

Indeed, in the fury of activity surrounding his death, Hillary ordered guards at Foster’s and Nussbaum’s offices in a frantic attempt to remove the incriminating binders. In addition to taking charge of the offices, Hillary also made a call to the CIA at around 10:40 PM ET, a strange call to make for a case involving an ordinary Deputy White House Counsel. This number, reported Grabbe, was an emergency number not be used for routine calls.

We surmise that Bush selected Ken Starr to take over the investigation of Whitewater and Foster’s death to bury the subjects once and for all. Starr’s team psychologically and physically abused and threatened people to provide testimony of a certain nature, driven by the goal of reporting a suicide. Miguel Rodriguez, one of the attorneys on the Starr team, was regularly threatened by FBI officials covering up the murder, because he insisted on doing an honest investigation. Starr, a Bush protégé, would have none of that.

There is so much more to the Foster affair, much of which probably evades our powers of analysis as the tentacles of the squid run long and deep into treason and crime. The complexities in Foster’s professional life, including that of secret agent man, plus the total surprise with which direct acquaintances were caught by his sudden demise, leave no credible conclusion but that he was murdered to keep his silence.


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Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Secret Service’s Failed Assassination of Ronald Reagan

Old information discredits the state controlled news media’s story about the assassination of Ronald Reagan at the Washington Hilton Hotel on March 30, 1981. John Hinckley, Jr did not shoot the president – that task was left to someone competent with lethal weapons – namely the US Secret Service agent Jerry Parr.
We have detailed the murder elsewhere, pointing out the inconsistencies in the official story and the ludicrous tale about how the Secret Service driver got lost taking the president to the hospital. Unfortunately we did not name the assassin, so would like to take the opportunity now to correct that omission.
We would also reiterate that John Hinckley Sr was a close neighbor, business partner, and friend of George Bush Sr, proving his loyalty with maximum and numerous campaign donations to Bush starting with his failed 1964 congressional campaign in Texas.
Hinckley was the owner of Vanderbilt Oil, working hand in hand with Georg Bush, owner of Zapata Oil, on numerous deals, most of which involved espionage and treason, rather than oil. Hinckley and Bush were Houston neighbors for years.
John Hinckley, Jr, as we noted previously, was the Sirhan Sirhan of the Reagan assassination, having been an MK Ultra mind control subject. We aren’t sure who was the sicko in the CIA who came up with the Jodie Foster story, but it must have made many laugh hysterically on the floor, peeing their pants. Hinckley’s role was to create a distraction and an excuse for the Secret Service agent to “protect” the President.
When Secret Service agent Jerry Parr pushed Reagan into the presidential limousine, he stabbed Reagan with a nearly invisible planchet about the size of a dime containing a lethal and undetectable poison. Had it not been for an observant nurse who discovered the entry wound, Reagan would not have survived. Three x-rays failed to find any exogenous debris in the president’s body, a task made more difficult by the lack of oozing blood pointing to a bullet wound.
Sherman Skolnick reports what LTC Gritz told an audience in Mesa, AZ on April 4, 1992, when he quoted Reagan himself:
I knew I had been hurt, but I thought that I'd been hurt by  the  Secret  Service  man  landing on me in the car.  As it   was, I must say it was the most paralyzing pain.  I’ve described it as if someone hit you with a hammer.  But the  sensation, it seemed to me, came after I was in the car and so I thought that maybe his gun or something had broken a   rib.  I set up on the seat, and the pain wouldn't go away   -- and suddenly, I found I was coughing up blood.
The testimony from Reagan was extraordinary, and practically proves that Parr was the murderer. We call upon the police of Washington, DC to issue an arrest warrant  for Jerry Parr and to credibly investigate the attempted murder of the president.

The Secret Service was not acting alone, and especially not Parr or the president’s limousine driver. The buck stops much higher than the United States’ Praetorian Guard.

Sherman Skolnick, Conspiracy Nation, Vol 12, No 27

Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

News Flash: Japanese Tsunami Result of Subterranean Explosions

Financial analyst Dr Jim Willie revealed in an unguarded moment that the tsunami which rocked Japan on March 11, 2011 was not the result of natural forces, but rather was the handiwork of Nazi fiends who control Wall Street.
In an interview with investment legend Turd Ferguson on August 8, 2013, Willie remarked that the Nazis detonated a massive explosion to warn the Japanese that any further enmeshment with China was against its best interests. Although we believe the story, we do not know how to reconcile it with the hostilities over the Senkaku islands which, in this scenario, would have to be another staged or contrived event. Perhaps the Japanese made the gesture as a sign that it heeded the Nazi warning.
Willie continued his theme that Western banks are heavily dependent upon drug money for survival. Passing along information from his well placed contacts, he noted that the US Coast Guard has been acting as an escort for drug runners with strong ties to Grumman and the CIA.
The CIA, in conjunction with the Bush Crime Syndicate, has been heavily involved in global drug operations since the Vietnam War when it used GI corpses to bring drugs into this country, but has become more integrated with other military branches running drugs. NATO bases’ primary function is to run drugs from Afghanistan with the Vatican acting as primary money laundering agent. The war against the Medellin drug cartel was most likely a grudge war between them and the Bush drug interests.
Willie recounted that Reagan’s presidential yacht regularly passed through the Panama Canal carrying drugs, an action which we ascribe to his Vice President who was heavily involved with the Mena cocaine operation supported by then Governor Bill Clinton, who was repaid for his services with the White House. Indeed Iran Contra was an operation run out of the White House under the direction of the former CIA Director.
Willie predicted that some of the damaging disclosures to come from American hero Edward Snowden in the coming months will relate to the massive USA drug trade, which we believe is primarily handled out of Langley.
One other bombshell Willie related involves the Federal Reserves’ transfer of its liabilities to the US Treasury in another act of the private banking cartel shafting US taxpayers for their financial criminality. We have maintained for some time that the US Fed is insolvent, with its bloated balance sheet full of toxic, flatulent, and utterly worthless “assets.”
Bernanke’s recent and public buffoonery of “he tapers me; he tapers me not” is evidence that his vaunted bag of tools and tricks to end quantitative easing – or currency debasement by any other name – are much more modest than he lets on. Under no circumstance will Bernanke taper as he has dragged the US into a mire in which the Japanese have been stuck for the past 23 years.
The United States faces not just a depression, but complete collapse at the hands of the Wall Street Nazis who brought about the entire sordid financial destruction. While the can be kicked forever, the feet required to kick them will give out. As we stated previously, the United States is finished as a great power.
Access to Access, Interview of Jim Willie by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report, August 8,9, 2013

Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.