Monday, April 27, 2015

Yamashita's Gold and the Price of Gold

Although we are not the first to explore this subject, we still wish to ponder anew the implications of the Yamashita gold hoard on the price of gold today.
A few years ago we read an article picked up by Zero Hedge in which the analyst considered the very subject we are addressing. The author could not confirm the veracity of the Yamashita story, and we were too new to the subject to give it proper consideration. However after reading Gold Warriors, we are convinced that Yamashita gold is very real, but that its impact on gold markets is limited, or coming to an end, for a couple of reasons.
In the first place, not all of the gold hidden in Philippines is feasibly recoverable. So whatever its potential quantity, only a fraction has been recovered or will be recovered in the near future. Nonetheless, we estimate that 20-30,000 tons is a fair estimate of the amount recovered or recoverable.
Much of that number - we would venture the majority - ie 50-60% - has been recovered by both the butcher Ferdinand Marcos and their barbaric allies the Japanese. Even this amount has issues, and certainly any remaining recoverable gold, would have to overcome a number of issues, the chief of which is what the Seagraves called "sanctification". In other words, the gold is in all kinds of shapes, formats, and purity, requiring that all of this gold has to be resmelted, and then integrated into the global gold supply in order for it to be acceptable in the London market. These logistical problems are not trivial, and thus constrict the flow of gold into the market.
Additionally, the CIA has siphoned off much gold, further diminishing the potential supply of Yamashita gold into the marketplace.
A huge amount of the gold has been tied up in Santa Romana's accounts since his death in mid 1970s, his heirs having been denied the gold by the criminal banks led by John Reed's Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Wells Fargo, among others. Even so, we will assume that a good deal of it has been stolen by the banks and released into the market.
Finally, the Chinese have been a vacuum cleaner of gold for the past 2-3 years, importing at least 1,000 tons of gold per month according to Dr Jim Willie, an amount which now equals about 30,000 tons. Perhaps much of the gold has come from the Yamashita hoard, and sold to them at a discount. This fits with Willie's statements that the gold is coming from the Vatican, and it is a known fact that Santa Romana worked for the criminal organization known as the Roman Catholic Church headquartered in the Vatican.
Official US gold holdings would never be sufficient to satisfy the payoff to the Chinese for their enormous treasury holdings which they have most likely been redeeming for gold. Thus the US would need fresh voluminous sources to make good on the Chinese held debt.
Over the past 50 years the Philippine gold stores, provided by the Japanese during World War 2, have indeed suppressed the price of gold, and is probably the primary reason its price collapsed suddenly in 1980. It was at this time that Marcos' gold supplies were making their ways into the gold supply.
Thus if our estimates are approximately correct, then the available - not the theoretically potential - supply of Yamashita gold has been consumed, and we could expect to see a marked rise in the price of gold this year and in following years, especially given that its production has become only marginally economical, and in many cases downright uneconomical.
It may be the case that the Bush Crime Syndicate launch the nuclear attack against Fukushima not because of Japan's flirting with China as an ally or greater trading partner, but because they were being warned to disgorge themselves of the massive quantities of gold they possess on their home territory - gold which they stole from Asian countries between 1895-1945.
We suspect that there is another 30-40,000 tons of gold to come out of the Philippines and Japan, but we believe that neither the means nor the willingness to recover it exists among the Japanese, who are clinging to it for dear life. Gold is probably the real motive for the recent acrimony in Sino-Japanese relations.
With New York, London, and Vatican supplies approaching exhaustion, and with the criminal New York banks refusing to release any gold, we suspect that we are on the cusp of a major gold rally. Should more of the Yamashita gold come to market in a big way - and there are lots of obstacles to it doing so - gold's price will stabilize where it is.
The main point we make is that the frustration gold bugs have experienced over the past 4 years over the bear market in gold is due mainly to the release of the Yamashita gold into the market place. If we are correct that it is nearing exhaustion, the normal methods of analysis will begin to apply in predicting gold's future price. Until now, it has been prevented because most people have no clue about the Yamashita gold, and its truly epic quantities.
So while there is no doubt that central governments brazenly manipulate the price of gold down, the full disbursement of this hidden gold reservoir may finally limit their effectiveness in suppressing the price of gold in future months and years.
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Why Waco?

Many Americans recall the conflagration at Waco, TX which marred the early days of the Clinton administration in 1993, but few know that it was a setup to destroy enemies of Bill Clinton.
News media went whacko attempting to explain the massacre at Waco as a government operation gone bad or a necessity to restore law and order because government forces had been wantonly attacked. The media beat the drum that the Branch Davidians were a weird right wing violent extremist cult which needed to be forcibly murdered.
We found out the real story from a presentation former FBI head of the Dallas and Los Angeles offices, Ted Gunderson, gave in 2005, based upon extensive research he conducted on Waco.
The most surprising finding was that 4 BATF agents had been executed sniper style which means that they were not murdered by the Branch Davidians. Rather a government assassination squad was sent to murder the 4 agents in a clean-up operation to destroy people who knew too much information about Bill Clinton and his crimes. Each of these agents was a former body guard of Clinton who apparently knew too much about Clinton's criminal conduct. The Branch Davidians were merely the patsies for the government's murders.
More than likely the operation was planned by the CIA with much assistance to Clinton supporter George Bush, Sr and his crime syndicate. Clinton and Bush are joined at the hip in the drug trade, part of which operated out of Mena, AK.
Based upon previous research, we learned that the Branch Davidians were a peaceful group, but had been setup by Clinton forces in an outcome which was pre-ordained to find a patsy for the brutal slayings of innocent people.
The United States is a banana republic run by psychopaths - nothing has changed since it started murdering foreign heads of state in the 19th century.
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One Minute Chronicle: Why Bush Flew to Offut AFB on 9/11

One of the minor mysteries of the Jewish - Bush Crime Syndicate attack on New York City on September 11, 2001 was the reason George Bush, Jr flew to Offut Air Force Base after reading goat stories to the kindergartners.
The official story is that Bush sought safety in an undisclosed location in order to evade assassination. However Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent, provided the real reason in a 2005 presentation.
The real reason for Bush's disappearance was a massive celebration held at Offut AFB, a central location for Satan worship and pedophilia parties. Billionaire Warren Buffet was present as well.

Ted Gunderson, Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings, 2005,

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Nixon Was Too a Crook - and a Traitor

When Richard Nixon proclaimed, "I am not a crook", howls of laughter could be heard from one  end of the nation to the other. But Nixon was more than a crook - he was an American traitor - worse than Benedict Arnold.
We have stressed that Nixon was not the perpetrator of the Watergate break-in, but as Len Colodny has demonstrated, he was the perpetrator of obstruction of justice in his battle to suborn false statements from the equally crooked John Dean concerning the Watergate affair and its immediate aftermath.
Nixon's association with organized labor and crime are legendary, constituents who formed a great part of his ruling coalition. Not only were the likes of Bebe Rebozo, Robert Vesco, and George Meany important Nixon supporters and financiers, but Prescott Bush and Jack Rubenstein, murderers of President Kennedy, also numbered among Nixon's supporters and cronies.
Nixon's start in crime came when he covered up the treason of Allen Dulles while the former was an officer in the Navy during World War 2. Nixon had uncovered reams of documentation demonstrating that Dulles was collaborating and trading with the enemy as a lawyer for the Harriman and Rockefeller interests. It is this cooperation with these 2 traitors which explains Nixon's meteoric rise to the White House in 1952 as the mass murderer Dwight Eisenhower's vice president, both of whom were creatures of the Rockefeller crime cabal.
Nixon's acts of treason were related to his cozy relationship to Japan's political elite and his cover-up of the massive war crimes and lootings of the Japanese in World War 2. In addition to covering for the barbarians, Nixon used them to enter the White House on his own accord.
During his vice presidential years, Nixon discovered an important secret regarding the massive Japanese plunder from the war. One of the funds established by the equally treasonous MacArthur was the M-Fund whose administrator was General William Frederick Marquat of MacArthur's Economic and Scientific Section, a fund which very quickly became a slush fund for covert political action including the rigging of Japanese elections in favor of what would become the Liberal Democratic Party.
By the late 1950s, when Nixon's interest grew in the subject, he arranged to transfer the fund - whose control was with the Japanese and CIA at that time - to Japan's prime minister Kishi Nobosuke in 1960 under the guise of negotiations of the Mutual Security Treaty. The value of the fund at that time has been estimated at 35 billion USD, an enormous amount of money in 1960. Not only did Nixon transfer the fund out of US control, he transferred it personally to Nobosuke - not to the Japanese government, in whose control the LDP ruled Japan as an absolute kleptocracy.
No one knows how much Nixon received in kickbacks, but at the moment, we believe that it was a huge sum even though he relied upon the likes of Rebozo and Abanalp for financial support. This could have been Nixon's way of poor mouthing to keep investigators off his treason money. On the other hand, we cannot discount the possibility that the monies returned to Nixon could have been much more modest.
In any event, the money was not quite enough to buy the 1960 election, so the crook had to wait 8 more years in order to return to the White House. However, the same M-Fund money, firmly controlled by Nobosuke, was used to assist Nixon in 1968 and 1972.
But Nixon's generosity with the Japanese Crime Syndicate did not end with the gift of the M-Fund. He returned the island of Okinawa to Japan in 1973 as a way showing even more fealty to the JCS and as a way to slap the faces of the American servicemen who suffered under the brutal assaults of the Japanese, to say nothing of the horrific sacrifices endured to conquer Okinawa.
Richard Allen, a national security advisor to Reagan, was puzzled by Nixon's unprompted offer to return Okinawa to the Japanese, but when he later learned of the Yamashita gold hoard and the various funds it spawned, he finally understood the quid pro quo.
Even after leaving the presidency, Sterling and Peggy Seagrave document that Nixon and Ford aides met to discuss monies from the Yamashita funds in 1975, indicating that Nixon indeed had a substantial interest in the M-Fund.
Clearly more research is required in this particular matter. One of the most puzzling aspects is why Nixon would turn over so much money for so little return. Not that the US presidency is a trifle, but 35 billion USD seems an excessive price to pay - even if it was someone else's money. Thus it seems most likely that Nixon received huge amounts of it in kickbacks, but if so, he seems to have had so little to show for it - again possibly a put-on.

In closing, one more act of criminality and treason deserves note, namely Nixon's involvement in the murder of John Kennedy. We have been unable to trace Nixon directly to the crime, but we do know that he sponsored Operation 40 while vice president, and that this group under George Bush was a key player in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 in providing sniper support for the ambush which fatally trapped the president. Nixon also knew what the Bay of Pigs Thing was all about but didn't lift a finger to bring justice for the murder, but instead used it as a bargaining chip to coerce the CIA to cover-up its Watergate project over Richard Helms' incendiary objection. Helms was a crook too.

And that folks, was your Law and Order president.
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Gold Warriors, Verso, Brooklyn, 2005, 365pp

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The Truth of Yamashita's Gold

While many naysayers and gainsayers damn the story of Yamashita's gold with faint praise or plausible doubts, the truth of the matter is that the gold hoard which Japan accumulated through 50 years of rape and murder in Asia is as true as the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.
The importance of the Yamashita story cannot be overstated because it provides the universal solvent which dissolves so many mysteries about World War 2 and the US government's post war policies of favoring the Hirohito crime family and its fabulously wealthy industrial conglomerates.
The people who broke the story in a big way were Sterling and Peggy Seagrave who pored over a mountain of evidence to establish the truth of the story and to explain how this legendary sized gold hoard intersected with US presidential decisions which in most cases were treason against the people and nation of the United States.
While we will incorporate these new findings in our analysis and narrative of American history in future postings, we want to establish the evidentiary basis for the story, the first order of business which is to explain the premise.
While some of this information is probably old hat to most readers of these Chronicles, it helps to recapitulate the important elements of the story for clarity. The most significant element of Yamashita's gold is that it represented the enormous and systematic theft of gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, and strategic metals by the Japanese of the Asian nations it invaded from 1895-1945. Not only were the Japanese ruthlessly systematic in stealing wealth and cultural treasures, but they were barbaric and cruel beyond words in doing so. It is hard to think of these Japanese people as humans.
The second important element of the story is that the amount of stolen property was so vast that it was nearly unmanageable, presenting an insuperable logistical nightmare for the Japanese royal family which personally oversaw the management of the plunder. The booty was so bounteous that at least 175 sites in the Philippines were required to store it, and even that was not enough. The storage vaults were often humungous, the size of football fields.
While good estimates of the amount of gold are nearly impossible to assess without interrogating the Japanese royal family who kept meticulous records of their thefts, it would be safe to assume that at least 40 - 60,000 metrics tons of gold alone were stored in the Philippines.
The third important aspect of the story is that lootings were wealth for the Japanese royal family and their cabalists. It was not for the nation or the ordinary Japanese citizen - but strictly for the royalty and the co-conspirators who needed to be bribed to help perpetrate the larcenies, murder people who knew too much, or help hide or launder the gold.
The fourth consideration of the story is that the gold still exists, much of which - if not most - is still hidden on the islands, and has created over the years a cottage industry of tourist attractions, traps, and frauds perpetrated against those seeking instant wealth. A significant amount of the gold has been taken to Japan since the end of the war, in many case with the help of the US government.
The fifth point of significance is that the gold has been appropriated by various organizations and governments, not the least of which is that of the US, Filipino, and underworld governments and agencies, and is still a profound factor in national and international conspiracies.
While we could add more detail to the story, these are enough to establish its importance and relevance to the present time. The gold did not evaporate, but was disbursed to various and sundry locations for payoffs, bribes, safe-keeping, and  conspiracies.
Turning to the evidence, the Seagraves produced 3 CDs worth documenting their story and the movements of just a fraction of the gold, the substance of which is rich and varied.
Among the evidences are eye witnesses who personally witnessed the gold as it was taken into storage, such as Ben Valmores who was Prince Takeda's valet. Others such as Robert Curtis went on numerous excavations which resulted in substantial gold recoveries. One such witness, Japanese Major Kojima who was General Yamashita's driver, was tortured by Ed Lansdale but primarily by Santa Romana to reveal the hiding locations of the gold. These disclosures yielded enormous rewards which made the butcher Ferdinand Marcos a billionaire many times over.
Another source of evidence are official documents by the US government itself corroborating the existence of treasures such as those  produced by Douglas MacArthur's command which reached President Truman, and which resulted in all kinds of treason and murder in the decades to follow.
Financial and transportation documents also substantiate the stories of Yamashita's gold with huge banks resorting to legal injustices and murder to hide their records and continue their posessions of the gold streaming from the Philippine islands and the Black Eagle Trust established by MacArthur.
Finally, there is an abundance of legal proceedings, not the least of which was the Golden Budha (sic) case tried in Hawaii in the 1990s which not only established the existence of this gold, but also granted damages to the plaintiffs who were victims of the murderer Ferdinand Marcos, as well as restitution of 22 billion USD for the gold Marcos stole.
Those who maintain that the Yamashita gold is at best an unsubstantiated rumor are liars. The evidence is overwhelming, and at time torrential, documenting the existence of this legendary gold hoard without whose consideration it is impossible to understand US foreign policy and the rise of para or shadow governments which rule the world.
The world owes the Seagraves a huge debt of gratitude for researching and writing this story which often resulted in threats against their lives by US government officials and their agents. In future postings we will fill in the details of the story adumbrated above.

Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Gold Warriors, Verso, Brooklyn, 2005, 365pp

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Real Cause of World War 2

We have expressed our thesis about the true villains of World War 2, at least in the European theater of war, but we have absorbed new information which allows us to formulate a more general understanding of the war as a purely plutocratic endeavor for the establishment of the new world order.

For those who think that we are on the cusp of the New World Order, we are sad to break the news to you that it was established long ago - perhaps as early as 1776. It took until World War 2 to achieve all of the aims of the criminal cabal which seeks to rule the world, but their persistence has paid off in spades, as they have easily outwitted the ignoranti with circuses and charades for the boob.

World War 2 was indeed theater - not to amuse of course - but to fool with a smoke screen of chaos to allow the men in black behind the scenes to maneuver and manipulate unprivileged players into doing the bidding of the knowing plutocrats. It was all a chess game to increase their already vast powers.

With their franchise over the money supply secure through their central banks which issue currency based upon debt whose interest accrues to the owners of the Federal Reserve owned by the Rockfellers, Rothschilds, Morgan heirs, Mellon heirs, DuPonts, and other scum who merchandise in misery and death, the plutocrats launched World War 2 to cover the completion of the schemes to take over the world.

Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were the puppets who started World War 2 for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. While history teaches that Hitler and Mussolini were the villains, the truth is exactly the opposite. In spite of all overtures for peace, Roosevelt and Churchill adamantly refused in order to bring about total war which they could easily afford through the magic of fiat currency.

In the east, Hirohito and Rockefeller interests conspired to bring about total war and subjugation of Asia through a systematic campaign of brutal rapings and pillagings which resulted in the complete theft of the conquered nations gold, silver, platinum, art, and cultural heritage.
As we noted elsewhere, the vile Japanese imperial family saw the plunder as their personal property, and it was the Morgan and Rothschild banksters who were behind the establishment of the Meiji throne, and the opening of Japan to make the world safe for Mammon.
It is the collusion between political and financial dynasties which explains why Japan owed no war reparations or suffered any meaningful indignities as a consequence of the utter horrors they wreaked upon Asia.
But, you may object, the Japanese were bombed with atomic weapons. So they were. But it was backwater locations which were bombed, and the Japanese imperial family gives not one hoot about the problems or sufferings of their people. As the Seagraves described quite clearly in Gold Warriors, the imperial family stole for themselves - not for their nation.
After the war, the stolen loot was retained by the Japanese imperials, with much of it - that stored in the Philippines given to the Americans. That was the only "reparations" required and it cost the Japanese royal family not one whit.
The gold then became the basis for a new economic order established at Bretton Woods, and a new governance established through the leading intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MI5/6, Japanese organized crime, and Sicilian organized crime (Mafia) to impose control on the world through more wars, terrorism, and drugs. We would be remiss to fail noting the principal partner, Mossad, the Rothschild's enforcement arm, and chief administrator of their colony Israel.
We have much more to say about how the post war world operated, but for now it serves our purposes to stress that it was not an epic conflict between good and evil. Rather it was a carefully orchestrated maneuver to gain control of the world through which the leading families of both the East and West colluded by sacrificing their nations in order to enrich the pockets of the likes of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, Japan's royal family, and many others too numerous to name here.
When you see another of the sickening documentaries from PBS and History Channel, realize that they are propaganda to continue the grand deceptions started in World War 2. The holocaust hoax is as big as the Good vs. Evil hoax which justifies the murders of the aggressors of World War 2. By projecting their evils on Hitler and Mussolini, the plutocrats secure cover to continue their plunders and enslavements of the world.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Exposing the Hirohito Hoax

Many of us grew up on the lies that Japanese Emperor Hirohito (1901-89), the man whose kingdom invaded most of Eastern Asia in the early 20th century, was a mild mannered, poem writing, marine biologist who was generally aloof from the goings on of his generals, admirals, and leading bureaucrats as they prosecuted their wars in Asia. This is yet another CIA lie peddled by establishment historian prostitutes.
The truth of the matter is that Hirohito was perhaps the most barbaric, ruthless, vile ruler since the time of ancient Assyria, an empire well known for its terrifying cruelty. The pictures painted by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, authors of Gold Warriors, a chronicle about the vast plunder Japan took from its vanquished foes, is anything but sympathetic to the myopic propaganda peddled by the establishment.
The first point which the Seagraves make in the opening chapters of their book is the earliness of the Japanese attacks on Asia. World War 2 did not represent the opening act of Japanese aggression. Rather it started at least at the time of the Sino-Russian War of 1905, if not earlier.
In fact the Japanese had made it a high state priority to completely efface Korean nationality and identity from the earth, towards which end they butchered and enslaved millions of Koreans, to say nothing of robbing them of their financial and cultural treasures.
The authors also cover in considerable detail the rapes of China, Indonesia, Singapore, and other places where the Japanese armies spread their terrors. The brutal physical raping and disembowelments of civilians was as common among the Japanese soldiers as ordering a pastrami sandwich in a New York deli would be.
But for the Seagraves the main point of their narrative was how systematic and thorough the Japanese were in stealing thousands of years of cultural material history from their victims, especially if it were made of gold, silver, or platinum - and it wasn't just precious metals they stole. They pillaged prodigious, mind boggling quantities of precious stones.
At each of the episodes, statements are made which document the involvement of the Japanese royal family in the minute details of these conquests which covered at least a 50 year period. As the supreme being of the Japanese state and people, it is a laugh to suppose that Hirohito did not have a complete grasp and sanction of the methods used to subjugate foreign nations.
But the Seagraves give the specific example of Prince Takeda, a grandson of the Meiji emperor, who related that certain vile acts he performed were at the command of Hirohito.
The background of this episode is the feverish pace and secretive atmosphere under which the royals built vast, voluminous store houses in the Philippines for their plunders, one of many places where the Japanese hid their extraordinary booties. The royal family, not the least of whom was Prince Chichibu, personally supervised the construction of secret repositories for holding the treasures. So paranoid and scrupulous were they that they always ordered the slave laborers and Japanese military personnel involved in the construction of these storage sites into them at the conclusion of construction in order to bury them alive so that the secrets about the gold would not emerge. There were at least 175 of these secret locations in the archipelago alone.
At one point Prince Takeda told his valet Ben that he had no choice but to obey the commands of the emperor. This plunder the Japanese royal family saw as its own possession, something to which no commoner was entitled. The raping of Asia was for the personal endowment of the Japanese royal family. Not only did they steal vast quantities of priceless art and antiquities, but they destroyed them as well.
This vile family exists today and continues to hold nearly all of the gold, silver, platinum, precious stones, and art which it stole from Asia in the first half of the 20th century.
But the main point of our short essay is to document, thanks to the Seagraves, that the Japanese emperor was personally involved in the rape, subjugations, methods, and plunder of eastern Asia. He may have been adept at playing the idiot savant, but he made Genghis Khan look like a spinster Baptist Sunday School teacher.
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, Gold Warriors, New York, Verso, 2005

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Zapruder Was NOT an Innocent Bystander

We have advanced the thesis that Abraham Zapruder was not an innocent bystander in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 when CIA and Mossad murdered President Kennedy. New information corroborates our position and confirms that the film maker was part of the plot to murder the president.
The Jew controlled media reinforces year after year the lie that Abraham Zapruder just happened to be in Dealey Plaza to watch the presidential motorcade with his relatively new video camera, and just happened by fate to be at the right place and the right time to record the most horrific event in American history.
This story is falling apart like a tissue dress in a monsoon. The truth of the matter is that Zapruder, like nearly every other material player in the murder of the president, was a CIA operative.
Zapruder belonged to 2 CIA proprietary fronts, The Dallas Council On World Affairs and The Crusade For A Free Europe. These organizations had very interesting members which included other collaborators in the murder among whose rolls were Clint Murchison, D H Byrd, Sarah Hughes, George DeMohrenschildt , one of Lee Oswald's CIA handlers, George Bush, leader of Operation 40 which played a major role in Dealey Plaza, Neil Mallon, a CIA operative and Bush co-conspirator, and H L Hunt, the oil billionaire.

During the 1950s Zapruder worked at Nardis, a fashion design firm in Dallas, with Olga Fehmer whose daughter was a high ranking CIA officer and Lyndon Johnson's personal secretary who flew back with him on Air Force One the afternoon of November 22, 1963.

Both Zapruder and DeMohrenschildt were part of the White Russian community in Dallas who held strong antipathies toward Kennedy for his perceived softness on communism. Unfortunately their ire should have been directed toward Jacob Schiff and other Ziocon monsters who turned Russia into the Soviet Union and a massive death camp under Jewish rule.

Thus the CIA used Ruth Hyde Paine of the CIA, George Bush of the CIA, Lee Oswald of the CIA, and Abraham Zapruder of the CIA - though most likely an operative, to murder the president and frame its scapegoat. However, we wish to make it very clear that Oswald was NOT part of the murder plot - he was just the patsy.

Now why would Zapruder be in Dealey Plaza with a camera? He was there to photograph the brutal slaying because the creeps who perpetrated it wanted to get their jollies for years to come by watching it on a regularly basis. But more importantly, they needed an accurate account of what happened and who was there so that they could control or murder potential witnesses, and know what needed to be lied about with plausibility. It was equally crucial to create a faked, altered film to confuse historians and researchers for decades to come. And Zapruder was their man to do it.

Abraham Zapruder was a professional feces just as Ruth Hyde Paine was. He was one of the murderers - not an innocent bystander.

Linda Minor, Close-Up of Abe Zapruder's Employer--Nardis of Dallas, Quixotic Joust, June 14, 2011, accessed 4/12/2015

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Friday, April 10, 2015

The Ruth Hyde Paine Redux

Some new information about Ruth Paine and her connections to Boston families has caused us to re-evaluate her role in the murder of John Kennedy and the framing of Lee Oswald. We now believe that Paine told her malicious lies to save her hide - pun intended.
In our previous assessment of Paine's contribution to the falsehoods she told the Warren Commission and anyone else who would listen to her mendacities, we viewed her as a malicious cabalist fully in league with the CIA and other murderers of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963.
However, some recent exchanges with our correspondent Deep Truth has caused us to modify that view somewhat in which the Paines' roles were more that of pawns in Allen Dulles' vast conspiracy to murder the president.
Before getting to the particulars, we need to rehearse an important sequence in the Oswald case which justifies our new position. After the murder of the president, an operator overheard a conversation between Ruth and her husband Michael, during which Michael told Ruth that "we both know who was responsible" - meaning that it wasn't Oswald - when the newsfakers started propagating the CIA story about a lone nut. This conversation occurred within a couple of hours of the assassination.
For reasons we will not cover here, we believe that the operator who heard the conversation was a CIA operative. It turns out that the Paines were surrounded by CIA people who made sure that the couple did exactly as they were told. For example, Ruth Paine's neighbor was a CIA operative who knew Allen Dulles. His role was to spy on Paine to make sure she was handling Lee and Marina correctly.
On Michael's side was his so-called closest work associate Frank Krystinik who was CIA. After hearing the news of the assassination, Krystinik had a heated argument with Michael to report to authorities that he knew about Oswald and that he was guilty. Paine refused to  do so on what we consider a couple of grounds.
One is that he knew Oswald was not guilty, his conversation with his wife confirming that fact. The problem with reporting Oswald is that doing so had serious implications for him and Ruth. If Ruth were connected too closely with Oswald, it could spell serious legal problems for both of them. Thus Michael refused the bait.
However, the Paines were given another opportunity to redeem themselves, at which point Ruth went into full battle mode to produce faked incriminating evidence and testimony implicating Oswald in a crime he never committed. Had Ruth not perjured and lied so heavily, chances are that she would be framed in the crime, murdered, or both. After all, she had 2 children to care for, so what's a few lies for "national security."
The story about Michael and Ruth separating was pure bunk, as they had performed the fake separation in 1962 when the decision to murder the president was made. After the assassination, they got back together again to resume their CIA lives.
At this point Ruth becomes an interesting character. Her testimony before the murderers' commission to "investigate" the crime does not even require her to identify herself or her background. It is clear that Dulles wants to protect her in exchange for her testimony incriminating Oswald. She is pure scum, but it is also clear that her life is in danger.
So who is Ruth Hyde Paine, and why did the Warren Commission refuse to delve into her background? Besides Dulles and McCloy already knowing the answers, the simple explanation is that they were covering her parents, or more specifically her father who was an OSS and CIA asset and operative. In doing so, they were protecting Paine's CIA credentials and the CIA's role in the crime.
Exposing William Avery Hyde as CIA would lead to the revelation that the entire Paine involvement in the assassination was a nasty, ugly, brutal intelligence operation managed by the CIA. For example, Hyde knew George DeMohrenschildt who was another Oswald handler and CIA asset. Ruth Paine's sister and her husband - John and Sylvia Hoke - were also CIA and naval intelligence. Paine worked with CIA agent William Lacy who was an associate of Kennedy murderer Edward Lansdale.

Perhaps even more critical than the above is the fact that Lee Oswald was a CIA agent.
Thus most of the Hyde family was involved with the CIA prior to the agency's murdering of the president. To expose the Hyde family on the witness stand would have provided researchers enough information to reveal the conspiracy as a CIA operation. Thus Ruth Paine was not invited to appear before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and her full identity was concealed in the Warren Commission report to hide the Hydes' involvement with the CIA.
Clearly Ruth Paine, as well as her husband, were CIA assets and agents through deep family connections which included Allen Dulles. Ruth Paine was a part of the conspiracy with which she went along, but we believe that she may have been used as much as she used Marina and Lee. The professional feces, Quaker Ruth Paine, obviously doesn't believe that one should not bear false witness against his neighbor, especially when protecting one's Hyde.
Unpublished correspondence with Deep Truth

Linda Minor, Hyde Family in the CIA and USAID, Quixotic Joust, January 5, 2015, accessed 4/10/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Monday, April 6, 2015

How the US Government Murdered Jack Wheeler

Perhaps 3-4 dozen people in the United States know that John P Wheeler III was murdered in 2010, and fewer of them know that he was murdered because he knew too much about crimes related to the US government's criminal use of nuclear and biological weapons. That is about to change.
Wheeler descended from high Civil War pedigree, and lived an accomplished life which few can rival. He graduated from West Point in the top 5% of his class, later becoming a decorated Viet Nam veteran; earned an MBA from Harvard; earned a law degree from Yale, and attended Virginia Theological Seminary for a year.
His professional resume was legendary including a successful law career, and a highly awarded career in the Pentagon. He also threw himself tirelessly into numerous charity works, including time as Chairman of the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Fund.
It is thus all the more arresting that this man's corpse was found falling off the back of a garbage truck at a dump in Maryland on or about December 30, 2010. This is not the usual ending for a West Point graduate with an MBA from Harvard and a law degree from Yale.
Although it should have aroused great national curiosity - at least among the Wilmington Police Department and the FBI, those 2 organizations covered up the crime, issuing hostile and intimidating responses to his widow who pleaded for help in finding her husband's murderer. Little did she know that they were part of the crime.
A fascinating article in Veterans Today by Joachim Hagopian covering this and more history about Wheeler speculates - and successfully we might add - that his murderer was Andrew Robert Levene who was kicked out of the army after 4 months, and most likely picked up by the CIA to be used as an assassin.
Hagopian documents the interaction Levene had with Wheeler in the days preceding his murder, his financial troubles, his sudden move to Spain after the murder, his new found affluence at the same time, his arrest for murdering a jeweler in New York City, and his "suicide" in Barcelona. Our suspicion is that the suicide was fake and that Levene is still alive somewhere in Israel. Or maybe Mossad just wiped him out.
But why did the US government want to murder Wheeler? Hagopian furnishes an answer eminently sensible to us. As a first rank expert in nuclear and biological weapons, he was called by his employer MITRE to help handle a leakage of Phosgene gas which the government was preparing to send to Iraq, Israel, and other Middle Eastern locations to use against Iran, Kurds, and other enemies of Israel - which in fact is the entire world.
The possession of Phosgene gas is completely illegal and criminal. As a signatory to numerous NBC treaties, the US had no business making it and storing it in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, home of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. The gas leak was responsible for the death of 4000 birds, 100,000 fish, and 500 earthquakes in the state.
Hagopian reasons that Wheeler threatened to expose the crime, making the classic mistake of so many whistle blowers of showing his hand prematurely. It cost him his life.
One other crucially important event in which Wheeler was involved in 2007 was the nuclear cruise missile theft by Richard Cheney. Violating numerous laws, and most likely bypassing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Cheney managed to move 6 nuclear cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota aboard a B-52 bomber probably en route to the Middle East.
It was likely headed to Iran to start a nuclear war when it was forced down in Barksdale AFB in Louisiana. Cheney was enraged. Although it is not entirely clear whether the missiles would be used against US cities or Iran, the most plausible sequence was that Israel was supposed to attack Iran with the expectation that Iran would counter attack. The story would be fabricated that Iran used nuclear weapons - of which they had none - thereby justifying the use of a nuclear strike on Iran.
Unfortunately Cheney managed to get one of the cruise missiles to Israel, and its whereabouts are still officially unknown.
In the wake of the scandal, many Air Force servicemen were murdered by the Bush Crime Syndicate, and the survivors scattered to the wind with the threat that any talk of the treason would be handled through more murders.
It is from this scandal that Wheeler was forced to resign as he, Air Force General Mosley, and Air Force Secretary Wynne were made scapegoats for Cheney's crimes and treason.
The Wheeler story is far more important than most Americans know, for in his world great travesty upon the world was narrowly escaped by the hand of God.

Joachim Hagopian , The Life & Death of Jack Wheeler, Veterans Today, April 6, 2015, Accessed 4/6/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Conspiracy to Murder William McKinley

Mainstream academic historians have long maintained that President William McKinley was murdered by a lone nut in Buffalo, New York on September 6, 1901. As is usually the case with the court historians, they are wrong or liars. McKinley was murdered in a well planned conspiracy.
Our non-court historian who provides the background for our interpretation of the McKinley murder is John Koerner who wrote a very slim volume on the assassination in which he concludes that the president was murdered by a conspiracy, a conclusion which we endorse.
Assassin Leon Czolgosz was indeed a drifter, having trouble holding employment, without wife or children when he murdered the president at age 28. But 2 court appointed psychiatrists found Czolgosz eminently rational and coherent. Those who had contact with him found him to possess exceptional intelligence. Thus it is incorrect to perceive Czolgosz as a deranged nut or mentally deficient, even if his ties to this world were nominal.
This detachment made Czolgosz an ideal murderer because he could be counted on to give himself wholly to the cause of murdering the president without any familial duties to hold him back, or check his rage.
The 1890s were economically tough for many Americans, although the plutocrats were living high on the fatted calves they slaughtered daily and off the misery and toil they inflicted upon enslaved workforces. Thus it is not unreasonable to see how Czolgosz would be attracted to an ideology which advocated violence towards those in authority.
However the brand of violence to which Czolgosz was attracted was anarchism - violence for violence's sake to take down the established order. This has been the stated goal of Jewry since the French Revolution which toppled the Ancien Regime and its affinities for Christianity.
Czolgosz was thus no patsy, but he hid very well the identities of the conspirators who murdered the president. Although he went to his grave with many secrets, those secrets did out when co-conspirator David Caplan spilled the beans to the FBI in 1914 when the very ties which held no sway with Czolgosz, prompted Caplan to unload his burden with hopes of seeing his family while incarcerated in federal prison for the bombing of the Los Angeles Times building.
Though McKinley was a plutocrat's sock puppet, he earned the great animosity of Randolph Hearst whose columnist wrote in 1900 that if killing be the only way to eliminate bad leaders such as McKinley, then so be it. Other influential figures lambasted the president.
McKinley's jurist approach to the sinking of the Maine undoubtedly infuriated Hearst since the California plutocrat was hell-bent on a war with Spain to launch an American empire. Hearst most likely never forgave McKinley for wanting to determine the cause of the sinking of the USS Maine before declaring war on Spain since America's industrialists caused the explosion in the first place as we described in a previous blog posting.
At the other end of the economic spectrum, McKinley faced severe criticism for being in the pocket of the plutocrats. So intense was antipathy toward McKinley that he was the subject of at least 200 death threats during 1898.
Returning to Czolgosz, one of the more interesting questions Koerner raises is the sudden appearance of affluence in the unemployed man's life in August of 1901. Since money doesn't grow on trees - except to mainstream historians - one needs to find where the murderer got the money to live so sumptuously during his last weeks before taking the president's life. The money trail will lead to the real killers.
More specifically Koerner notes that by August, Czolgosz could not pay the $1.75 per week room and board at the farm he was staying in West Seneca, NY. However, he managed to make his way to Cleveland, whereupon his return to Buffalo, he stayed at a Broadway Avenue rooming house for $2.00 per week where he flashed $50 bills. To put that in perspective, average income for all workers in the United States was $438 per year. A man of Czolgosz' occupation would have earned substantially less.
So when one sees Czolgosz suddenly living a relatively flashy lifestyle, one naturally asks where the money came from especially given his chronic unemployment. Koerner supplies the answer with Emil Schilling, treasurer of the Liberty Club, an anarchist group with which co-conspirators Abraham Isaak and Emma Goldman were tied.
Given the club's location in Cleveland and Czolgosz' trips there in 1901, Koerner makes the eminently reasonable conclusion that Schilling was the source of the funds.
Emma Goldman also made at least 2 trips to Buffalo in July and August of 1901 to ostensibly visit the Exposition as well as family. However Koerner lays out the case that she was actually visiting Czolgosz to plan the murder of the president, for Czogosz was her disciple, and the two had known meetings in the past.
Both Schilling before the assassination, and Goldman many years later, go to extra and unnatural lengths to distance themselves from Czolgosz and the assassination, but in a manner which recalls the Shakespearean line, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks." Czolgosz returned the favor by going way out of his way to exonerate Goldman, claiming that he and he alone was the lone assassin of the president. It is all amateur theater for the stupid.
Koerner also points out other anomalies in the assassination which point directly at a conspiracy, one of whom is the man in front of Czolgosz in the presidential reception queue whose very strange behavior in line points to his role as an accessory to the murder. He is positioned so close to Czolgosz, even to the point of leaning back as he walks forward, so that he can help conceal Czolgosz' weapon. He also acts to distract the Secret Service Agent by holding on to the president's hand too long, forcing agent George Foster to turn away from Czolgosz to disengage the unknown Italian accomplice from the president, thus giving Czolgosz excellent opportunity to shoot the president at close range.
This elaborate ruse, along with another one Koerner describes about the receiving line, points to the fact that the plot was well planned, with nothing left to chance.
A very alarming anomaly Koerner notes is that the official photographer for the Buffalo Exposition was not in the Temple of Music where McKinley made one of his most important appearances. It was unlike the highly professional deportment Charles Arnold displayed at the Columbia Exposition in 1893, and unlike his assiduous work at the Pan-American Exposition. However, he is unexplainably absent from the Temple of Music, indicating that he was prevented from entering the hall, with the most likely suspects being the Secret Service, all 3 of whose agents were supposedly outwitted by Czolgosz and his 2 accomplices in line.
Without the photographic evidence, it became impossible to track down Czolgosz' accomplices, especially when the commissioner of the exhibition ordered the clearing of the Temple which made it utterly simple for the criminals to escape. Did the Secret Service conspire in the murder? We save that question for another day.
Another extremely strange event after the assassination occurred at the hospital where McKinley was operated on. An alleged doctor from St Louis, Edgar Wallace Lee, barged into the operating room demanding that he perform the operation on McKinley. Without verifying his credentials, he was accepted on to the surgical team, and most likely misoperated in order to ensure McKinley's death.

The very next day, after evincing so much concern about the president's health and well being, Lee disappeared almost without a trace.
The exposition doctor, Roswell Park, was inexplicably away from Buffalo performing another operation, an arrangement undoubtedly engineered to guarantee his unavailability for the president's emergency. Park proved only weeks later his ability to expertly handle abdominal surgery when a patient with nearly identical wounds as McKinley's was very successfully operated on by the doctor.
It now becomes very evident that a vast cabal of murderers capable of reassigning the photographer and doctor, and of manipulating the receiving line and Secret Service agents, conspired to murder the president. These unfortunate events which aided the murderers were the results of a conspiracy - not random acts of coincidence.

Emma Goldman's face lit up when the Chicago police officer interrogating her after her arrest announced that McKinley was dead, even though he told a lie. While her response is not a smoking gun by any means, it is yet more evidence of her involvement in the murder as the Caplan confession reveals.
Anarchism was a Jewish movement which played on legitimate grievances workers had with their plutocratic overlords. But anarchy's true goal was to pummel and attack Western governments. The murder of McKinley was only one in a series of regicides the anarchist Jews had perpetrated over the previous 7 years. Just the year before, anarchists murdered King Humbert I of Italy.
While hatred of the West was the immediate motive for murdering its leaders - the religion of Evil - it is worth exploring any policy motives for removing McKinley. In other words, what policy shifts occurred after Theodore Roosevelt took command? Answers to these questions widen the conspiracy web to Hearst and Jacob Schiff.
Thus we concur with Koerner that the weight of evidence accumulates to the point where the best explanation of the murder is a conspiracy involving Czolgosz, Goldman, Schilling, Isaak, and many more who have escaped justice.
John Koerner, The Secret Plot to Kill McKinley: Conspiracy, Curses, and Ghosts in Western New York, Western New York Wares, Inc., Buffalo, 2011, 120pp.
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Friday, April 3, 2015

How the Altgens Photographs Were Altered

It is beyond dispute that the Zapruder film was altered by the CIA and its co-conspirators at a top secret Kodak facility in New York, but details about the alteration of the Altgens photographs have only recently come to light.
The Altgens photos were taken by James "Ike" Altgens of the Associated Press on November 22, 1963 before, during, and after the murder of President Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas.
Unfortunately for the conspirators, they contained damning evidence to the story they had concocted about Lee Oswald being the lone nut assassin of the president.
Larry Rivera and Roy Schaeffer have cracked the code so to speak about the Altgens photo timeline, explaining how it was altered and sent over the wires so that Walter Cronkite could disseminate disinformation about the assassination, and begin telling the conspirators' lies which would frame their patsy, Lee Oswald.
Rivera follows Altgens' steps from Dealey Plaza to his office about 5 blocks away at the Dallas Morning News office building, showing that it would take about 1 hour in order to complete the activities he reported to the FBI and the Warren Commission.
In fact the criminal Warren Commission, led by the murderer Allen Dulles, studiously avoided calling Altgens to testify even though he was only 15 feet from the presidential limousine at the time of the murder. Only after undue pressure did they call him to testify.
The FBI, under the direction of the murderer J Edgar Hoover, had published the story that the Altgens photos had been published at 12:57 PM on Friday.
What was so important about the Altgens photos that the FBI, Warren Commission, and Richard Trask had to lie about them?
Two very critical reasons stand out for the mendacities. The first is that the Altgens 6 photograph showed Lee Oswald standing in the door way of the Texas School Book Depository which meant that he could not possibly be on the 6th floor shooting the president. That job was left to the crew of Ed Lansdale's and George Bush's teams which encircled the plaza with snipers from Mossad, CIA, Dallas Police Department, and the Dallas Sheriff's Department.
The second important reason for the falsified publication time was to give the photographs an alibi should anyone question their authenticity. In other words, the film was allegedly developed so quickly that there was no time to alter it, and thus it must be a credible witness to the murder plot as told by the murderers.
Before returning to the office, Altgens called his boss Bob Johnson to report what happened and that he was returning with important photographs. Although Rivera does not make the connection, we are convinced that Johnson was responsible for intercepting Altgens and his rolls of film upon his arrival at the office.
This is important because it implicates Johnson in the crime, or at the very least, some other person at AP. Johnson sent Altgens to Parkland Hospital for the ostensible purpose of covering the action there. The real reason was to get Altgens out of the way so that they could inspect his photos to remove incriminating evidence prior to publication. After all, to be competitive, the AP had to publish something about this historic event.
Normally Altgens handled all tasks related to publishing his photography - everything from taking the pictures, to developing them, printing them, and broadcasting them over the fax lines.
This time Johnson intervened to send Altgens on a wild goose chase to Parkland even though Henry Buroughs was already covering the scene.
The alterations in the Altgens 6 photograph were numerous with 12 identified by Rivera and Schaeffer. Although some of the alterations could have been made by the Dallas Morning News, the most likely candidate for the alterations was a CIA front, Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall, a firm also involved in the advertising business.
JCS had some of the most advanced photography equipment in the nation, which they used to alter Altgens' film. After they made the changes - especially those obscuring the identity of Oswald in the door way of the TSBD - they regenerated the negative from the altered image.
With Oswald out of the picture, it was easier for CIA and the Bush Crime Syndicate to promote the preposterous story of Oswald killing the president.
JCS is also interesting for 2 other reasons. It was a JCS employee who spread the false story about a downed Secret Service agent shortly after the assassination.
The company was also the place where CIA agent Lee Oswald worked after he returned from his false defection to the USSR in 1962. As Rivera notes from other researchers, JCS was a major operations center for the CIA on the day that it murdered the president.
The Kennedy murder has been solved and its cover-up has completely unraveled. We are in the phase of simply tying up loose ends, of which the Altgens alteration is a prime example.

Larry Rivera, Roy Schaeffer, JFK: The James “Ike” Altgen’s photo timeline, Veterans Today, April 3, 2015, accessed 4/3/2015

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One Minute Chronicle: Iran Executed a Rothschild Criminal

With great salutations and jubilation we report the news that the Iranian government executed a member of the Rothschild family for financial fraud of around 2.5 billion USD.
According to Dr Jim Willie in a recent interview with Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets, a Rothschild bankster was executed - possibly beheaded - after being found guilty of financial crimes.
This development is just as dramatic as previous news from Willie when he  reported that Vladimir Putin deported numerous Rothschild banksters from Moscow after they were all found perpetrating financial fraud against Russia. We also understand that Putin put some of them out of their miserable lives, a development which we would praise with great ecstasy.
Our understanding is that Putin's actions against the Rothschilds were part of the motivation for billionaire Ziocon George Soros and US State Department Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland using the CIA, Mossad, Blackwater, and other criminal organizations to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2013. The ultimate goal today, as it was in 1917 when the Rothschild banksters destroyed Russia, is the genocide of the Russian people and nation.
All wars of the 20th century and today have been engineered by Zionist Satanists and their groupies such as the Bush Crime Syndicate with the epicenter of this international crime cabal located in the City of London where the Rothschild criminal banking enterprises flourish under British special protection.
We salute the governments of Russia and Iran for bringing about justice which is impossible in the West. The Rothschild Crime Cabal has been the most lethal in human history and must be stopped. Dismantling the City of London and Tel Aviv would be extremely effective measures in restoring peace to the nations of Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Israel Rules the United States

Many senior Israeli politicians such as the late Ariel Sharon, and Benjamin Netanyahu have openly boasted about ruling or controlling the United States. Their boasts are not idle talk. They are a fact of life.
While Americans think that their forefathers earned independence from the brutal British and their fetid monarchy, the reality is that British royals working through the Rothschilds and Israel still rule this country. Israel is a colony of the Satan worshipping Rothschilds, with Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the leading architects of the nuclear attacks on New York City, as their viceroy.
In a recent article in Veterans Today, intelligence consultant Gordon Duff presented new evidence which confirms these conclusions about American vassalage to Israel and ultimately to the Rothschilds and British monarchy.
Four American senators are on the Israeli payroll with mobster Sheldon Adelson being one of the most important paymasters for these and many more politicians. No American candidate for the presidency can win without paying homage in Israel or to Adelson. Any candidate, such as Hillary Clinton or the foreign born Ted Cruz, who wants to be president must bow before Jewish overlords.
One such acceptable obeisance is a trip to the Wailing Wall where supplicants pray some mumbo jumbo to become president. The Wailing Wall is the site of Fort Antonia, the Roman fortress built during the first century AD to maintain order in the defeated Jewish state. It is most emphatically and positively not the site of the Jewish Temple.
The 4 fifth column traitors mentioned above are Bob Corker, a man believed to be involved in the murder plot against Leo Wanta; Bob Menendez, a man recently indicted on campaign finance charges which are the least of  his crimes; Lindsay Graham the stalwart warmonger from South Carolina; and John McCain, the Vietnam War traitor who provided the North Vietnamese with order of battle information so that they could shoot down American planes.
As senior senators they are given complete briefings on US intelligence information, but have repeatedly violated their oaths to keep the information confidential. They promptly report to their Jewish handlers who then use the information to undermine US policy as they did recently in the case of the negotiations with Iran involving its peaceful nuclear energy program.
One of their most important handlers is Benjamin Netanyahu who has been on American intelligence watch lists since the 1980s when it was discovered that he was a covert KGB agent working to sabotage the United States' security. He fully realized that goal in 2001 when he, Victor Bout, and Michael Harari planned and executed - with help from the Bush Crime Syndicate - the nuclear attacks on the United States.
In 2002, the FBI caught National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, a person we believe is an MK Ultra subject, and quite possibly a man, committing treasonous acts with Netanyahu which involved compromising US security. In order to avoid prosecution, she agreed to permit the FBI to tape members of the National Security Council. This ultimately led to the arrest - and probably prompt release - of many AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) members on the NSC as espionage agents.
Netanyahu regularly visits the United States in official and unofficial capacities to deliver orders and intelligence to his spy network among whom figure prominently are Corker, Menendez, Graham, and McCain.
The ultimate goal of Netanyahu's masters is to destroy the United States, leaving Israel in full control of the Middle East. Duff speculates that some of  the motives are related to a warped interpretation of the Apocalypse, but that is just a cover. He is more on the money when he cites the religion of Evil as their motive.
We have called out Talmudic Judaism as a Satanic cult, with its 6 pointed star of David as the 666 of Revelation - the Mark of the Beast.

Gordon Duff, "NEO – Truth behind Israeli Spying on Iran Nuke Talks", Veterans Today, April 1, 2015, accessed 4/1/2015

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One Minute Chronicle: The Dude Looks Like a Lady

Female impersonators such as RuPaul abound in the entertainment world, but life imitates art in the case of 3 prominent political personalities who are men masquerading as women.
We have reported extensively that the personality known as "Michelle Obama" is in reality a man whose first name may in fact be Michael, but whom many call "Manchelle". But there are 2 more people who will be outed as men, the first of whom is Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, the Rockefeller tool for raping and pillaging third world nations.
Dr Jim Willie noted in passing during a recent interview with Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets that Lagarde is a man in drag. We give credibility to Willie on this point given his extensive network of European contacts who are close to movers and shakers in various European countries, especially those connected with the finance industry.
The final individual we out is Ann Coulter, a fixture on the Fox News Network, and professional shill for all things Republican and War. We had planned to do a full article on "her" many months ago, but were called away to higher orders of business.
As a bonus outing, we note in closing that Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, is also a man.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

America's Fifth Column and the Murder of JFK

Those who have thoroughly studied the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963 recognize the involvement of Allen Dulles as one of leading principals in the crime. What is less well known is his family's treasonous involvement in destroying the United States of America for well over half a century before murdering Kennedy.
Dulles' grandfather, John Watson Foster, was Secretary of State for Benjamin Harrison ( 1889 - 1893 ) when the United States staged a coup on January 17, 1893 against the Hawaiian government in support of the financial and military powers who wanted control of the islands. A month following the coup, Foster left his position to take up lobbying - perhaps one of the first professional lobbyists in the country.
Instead of returning to his native Indiana to practice law, he opened up offices in Washington to curry favor with plutocrats who wanted to influence US government policies in favor of imperial aggrandizements abroad in order to line their silk pockets with even more ill gotten gain.
After his tenure in public office, Foster trained his son-in-law Robert Lansing, a future Secretary of State, as well as his grandsons, John Foster Dulles, also a future Secretary of State, and Allen Dulles, a future murderer, to take the reigns of power in serving plutocrats and British interests.
When William Jennings Bryan, a strong opponent of entering World War 1, protested vigorously the false flag sinking of the Lusitania to Wilson, the president yawned, which left Bryan with no credible alternative other than resignation from office. Bryan had discovered the treason of Wilson and the Ziocons in sinking the ocean liner.
Wilson had collaborated with the British to load munitions on the Lusitania knowing full well that the Germans would sink it as a belligerent ship as they had publicly announced. Wilson also purposely boarded civilians on the ship hoping to incite outrage among Americans against the Germans when the great ship sank.
What is more interesting about Wilson than his murder and treason - at least for the present discussion - is that he was the instructor of John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles at Princeton. Thus a strong relationship existed between the Fosters, Dulles, and Wilson, with the latter playing the role of sock puppet. All of these men were heavily involved in coups against sovereign governments and in fomenting wars to benefit their wealthy benefactors, including the Zionist Jews.
Of additional interest concerning the Dulles family was the fact that John was a homosexual as was his sister Eleanor, the latter of whom, along with her brother Allen, had sexual relationships with Mary Bancroft, a CIA operative who worked at the Social Security Administration undercover for the CIA.
After graduating from Princeton Law School, John could not get a job with the plutocratic powerhouse law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell until John Foster intervened on his grandson's behalf with William Nelson Cromwell, in 1911 when Dulles was made law clerk of the firm.
In addition to staging the first US sponsored coup against a foreign government, Foster also started the first military intelligence unit at the State Department. Thus when Robert Lansing, his son-in-law, became Secretary of State in 1915 upon Bryan's departure, he inherited much of the machinery to operate covert and criminal operations against foreign governments, to say nothing of cooperating with British royals and the Ziocons in fomenting World War 1. Lansing brought Allen Dulles - at the ripe old age of 23 - with him to State where he learned the ropes of espionage, much as Victoria Nuland would practice it against Ukraine in the "Obama" administration.
Thus the Fosters, Lansings, and Dulles seized the machinery of the government to form a government within a government accountable to no one except Wall Street, British Royalty, and Zionist Jews.
When Allen was CIA director, he was well acquainted with the ways of Washington and the shadow government, knowing full well that his plot to murder Kennedy, at the request of the Rothschilds, would encounter no material opposition, especially since he was running the cover-up of the murder as the primary member of the Warren Commission.
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