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Hitler’s Escape

German news reporters announced the death of Adolf Hitler May 1, 1945 after Soviet troops captured the bunker in which he was believed to have hidden. New evidence produced by multiple investigators over the past 10 years show these announcements to have been false.
The official story, especially the fairy tale produced by Hugh Trevor-Roper, claims that Hitler and his closest aides descended into his underground bunker for their last acts as rulers of Germany which was overrun by Allied military forces. Part of Hitler’s and his mistress Eva Braun’s final moments was their suicide in order to avoid capture by the Soviets. Upon closer inspection, there is very little substance to this tale.
Although a number of researchers have drawn similar conclusions about Hitler’s survival, there are differences in the story, so the reader is advised to continue researching this matter. But we attempt to amalgamate what we believe to be the most plausible narrative of his escape from Berlin.
The state sponsored story about Hitler suffers many defects, and we might add that the revisionist theories are not without their holes. The first problem is that there is no physical evidence of Hitler’s death. The skull fragments which the Soviet’s claimed for decades were those of Hitler were examined in 2009 by American researchers using DNA and anthropological tools. They concluded that the skull was that of a woman under 40 years of age – a finding which eliminated the last of the physical evidence purporting to be Hitler’s remains.
As one commentator noted, you couldn’t obtain a life insurance settlement with that kind of evidence. But another curious aspect to the Soviet case is the alleged recovery and burning of the body. Why would Hitler’s staunchest enemy furtively take the body and burn it? The more natural expectation is that the Soviets would put it on display to show the world that they had indeed conquered their arch nemesis.
And to complicate matters more, Joseph Stalin asserted on several occasions that Hitler escaped to either Spain or Argentina. At this point, the butcher of Moscow starts to point toward the truth, not something he was often inclined to do.
Eye witness evidence from the pilot who flew Hitler to Denmark from Berlin on or about April 30, 1945 begins to tell the remarkable story of the dictator’s escape with his mistress Eva Braun. From there the couple and a very small cadre of followers boarded a submarine which took them to Argentina where they lived sin eclusion until Hitler’s death some years later.
Exactly how many years “some years later” is has not been determined with finality.  Some of the more conservative researchers speculate that he died as early as 1954 while others put the time of death between 1962-65. The more sensational story tellers allege that he died in the 1980s.
The various years of death derive from circumstantial evidence and speculation. The researcher who argued for death in the mid 1950s based it upon life expectancy for someone with Parkinson’s disease, while those arguing for the 1960s base it upon the end of data trickling out from Argentina and the FBI about his life and whereabouts.
There are also differing accounts about how he lived. Some say that he lived in comfort though not grand, while other say that he survived in a humble if not desolate cabin behind very tight security. We tend to believe that the former explanation is more accurate but it is not major point of the story.
Part of our belief rests upon our understanding of Hitler’s connections with Martin Bormann and the Eichhorns who were very close friends and supporters of Hitler. Bormann was the financial and organizational brains who made Hitler’s economy hum. He had established hundreds of corporations throughout the world beginning in the 1930s, but especially in the 1940s, as a way of spreading influence, guaranteeing industrial supplies, and providing a means of escape and support should the Nazis lose the war.
The Eichhorns were also wealthy and had considerable holdings in Argentina. It is believed that Hitler stayed in their Eden Hotel in La Fulda for some or the entire time he was alive. The Eichhorns were among many German expatriates who had either taken up residence or acquired properties in Argentina, a practice which had started in the 1880s. In some places of Argentina, especially in the south and Patagonia, they had developed a state within a state, very much off limits to Argentine officials.
Finally, Juan Peron came to power during the war as a sympathizer and supporter of the Nazi cause. Thus all of the logistical and legal support required to sequester Hitler out of the public eye was in place by the time he arrived.
It is said by eye witnesses that Eva Braun was pregnant when she left Germany, thus many have speculated that the Hitlers had at least one child, while others speculate that they had another – making a son and daughter. Again, there is no hard evidence of this, but reasonable circumstantial evidence suggests it.
So how do we really know that Hitler survived? Much of the evidence comes from eye witnesses who have spoken in recent years. For example, one of the maids who waited on Hitler at the Eden Hotel has described vividly Hitler’s stay.
Many local newspaper accounts report directly or indirectly of Hitler’s attendances at various social functions. The FBI maintained a small team to track his location since the end of the war, and their reports and activities do not stop until about 1968.
It is believed that Eva survived considerably longer, with some saying as late as the 1980s. The children also believed to still be alive.
We would like to address one theory explaining Hitler’s escape. L C Vincent argues in his essay on the subject that Hitler was spared in a quid pro quo with the Allies over the atomic bomb. In other words, the Germans had already produced the bomb, but contrary to all of the hoopla surrounding the Manhattan Project, the US failed to produce an atomic bomb because it could not design the trigger necessary to detonate the bomb.
Although this theory is not as tight as we would like, we think it has merit, and may well explain why the Allies did not make a full court press to hunt down Hitler. Since we believe that it was within their means to do so, it is upon these grounds that Vincent’s theory has plausibility.
While all of this may seem disturbing, it is only because Americans are fed a steady diet of lies, fraud, and deceit, so that anything contrary to their civic religion is unsettling. However, we believe that the story of Hitler’s survival fits far better the evidence than does his death.
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