Sunday, January 7, 2018

Harry Potter as CIA Psyops

While Harry Potter has earned some notoriety in some quarters, it has never been because it was the product of Anglo-American intelligence. But that is precisely the thesis advanced by one commentator analyzing the mega-epic which has generated some 500 million book sales.

Miles Mathis' genealogical research has tied its author, J K Rowling to many of Britain's highest ranking nobility and even to Queen Elizabeth II. And since the nobility are at the epicenter of state intelligence operations, it is a near certainty that Rowling is a front for this mass produced fiction one of whose important roles was to generate business for the paper industry in which one of Rowling's peers holds considerable interest. But that is really just a footnote as we shall see.

In Mathis' estimation, Harry Potter is second rate derivative literature churned by a committee of writing hacks in the bowels of Langley or UK's MI6. He doubts that its reputed author has even the skills to produce that level of gibberish.

One of the leading themes in Harry Potter is that parents are muggles - useless antiquated relics at whom one should sneer. It is the Platonic ideal, realized in Jewish Communism, which takes children from the parents to be raised by the state.

The other major theme of Harry Potter is that life is an illusion - a complete magic act. While Mathis does not precisely state the case thusly, we would contend that the oligarchy creates a miasma of fakery, fantasy, and falsehoods to bamboozle the "hoi polloi." Through its pervasive and total control of entertainment (Jewish), communications (Jewish), and government (Jewish), the elites are able to create whatever virtual reality (magic) it wishes. The people have swallowed the kool aid, in part through well paying jobs, to believe the hokum shoveled down their throats and shoved up their posteriors. Because it comes from respected authorities, and they have spent their lives in academia as obsequious, grade sucking sycophants, it is all the more believable because it comes from these intellectual elites as fake news.

Thus, as we have pointed out long before, the Single Bullet Theory, Moon Landing, the Holocaust, the Titanic sinking, among so many more, are so readily believed by the masses, but are contrivances and falsehoods. Sometimes the facts are correct, but the explanation is totally a lie, as in the case of the Titanic.

Jews are masters of illusion which is why they own Hollywood lock, stock, and barrel. They are also masters of control which is why they have created the invisible government of the CIA and MI6 to control society - not just some of it but all of it. And thus it is the Magic Academy of Harry Potter which is a symbol for the intelligence agencies and magic is the lies and illusions created by these agencies often to instill fear and confusion in order to better divide, conquer, and control. The elite are rubbing their control of you in your face and you don't even realize it.

It is tempting to hold in contempt people who believe these foolish lies, but I was such an one myself. History and life are lies created by the elites - especially the Jewish ones.

Miles Mathis, The Great Harry Potter Hoax, May 15, 2016,, accessed 1/7/2018

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