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Did The Secret Service Murder JFK?

One of the benefits of the Warren Commission is that its obfuscations created fertile ground for endless speculation about the murder of John Kennedy. While we believe that we have a solid understanding the major plot elements, we have yet to examine the role of the Secret Service (SS) in the murder of the president it was committed to protect.

As guilty as the Secret Service was in the murder of John Kennedy, we take care to note that it operated under the aegis of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). One of the clearest points of connection between the two agencies was the issuance of identification. Dallas deputy sherrif Roger Craig stopped two of the trigger men behind the fence of the grassy knoll as potential suspects. When they pulled SS badges, he let them go.

The Warren Commission discovered that the SS did not issue its own badges and identification. Instead the CIA’s Technical Services Division lead by Sidney Gottlieb – who was the father of the MKULTRA brainwashing program – issued the fake credentials to the triggermen standing behind the fence.

Two men leaving the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) escaped under the same prevarication – i.e. they flashed SS badges to the detaining officer.

We are doubtful that the triggermen were SS agents, thus our only point in this matter is to show that the CIA used SS paraphernalia to cloak the assassins. However, the SS was most assuredly and knowingly involved in the murder of the president so most likely coooperated in the matter of identification.

Mark Lane reports the hatred which most of the SS presidential detail shared for the president. He quotes from Abraham Bolden’s autobiography their stated position that they would not do anything to protect the president from danger. Bolden’s story is fascinating in its own right and deserving of special attention.

Key facts to consider in the SS’s commission of murder are the following. All of the expensively trained team of presidential agents were transferred out of the department in the 60 days prior to the assassination. While transfers may have been in order, such a wholesale depletion of trained men was not.

The net effect of this evisceration was a complement of team members who were not as qualified as the former team, making the president more vulnerable than necessary in a highly risky environment - particularly when one considers the assassination attempt in Chicago earlier in the month.

The secret service team remaining who were assigned for duty on the 22d were drinking the night before in direct violation of service regulations which explicitly state that there is no excuse for such behavior. In addition to showing contempt for the president, this activity significantly compromised their effectiveness.

The agents in the car behind the president did not even pretend to take action when gun fire opened on the president. They were trained to recognize gun fire but they told the Warren Commission that it was a firecracker or motorcycle backfire – laughable excuses which the Commisssion did not question.

Just to make sure that the president was as exposed as possible, flanking cars were not assigned to the presidential limousine as is customary. More significantly, the SS detail was very sparse – much more so than protocol and the occasion demanded. The coup de grace was the removal of the bubble on the limousine which was ordered by the SS.

The two agents in the front car were the most heinous of all. Agent William R. Greer was the driver while Roy H. Kellerman – agent in charge of the White House detail for Dallas - was the front passenger. He was one of the emergency substitutes for Gerald A. Behn who made last minute vacation plans leaving the far less qualified Kellerman in charge.

Under normal circumstances, one could argue that Greer was not assassin since he didn’t fire a weapon. However, under the circumstances, he is equal to a triggerman since he was required to momentarily stop the limousine in order for the triggermen to hit their target.

By all accounts, Greer stopped or nearly stopped - in complete and total defiance of his training, after the first shot to the back until the shot to the skull killed the president. Nor did Greer take any evasive action - again defying SS standards. After that shot, Greer sped up headed for Parkland Memorial Hospital where the president was pronounced dead.

Gerald Blaine, with Lisa McCubbin, wrote The Kennedy Detail which attempts to exonerate the role of the Secret Service prior to and during the murder. Blaine was in Arlington, Virginia at the time of the assassination. Unfortunately Blaine is truth challenged – a challenge which Mark Lane overcomes nicely in Last Word. The book pages make nice kitty litter box lining.

Just as the Roman Praetorian guard could make and break emperors, so too the Secret Service controlled who would be president - with CIA nudging of course.

Last Word, Mark Lane
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Monday, January 30, 2012

What Really Happened In Jonestown?

There are still many of us alive today who recall vividly the macabre imagery which the news media played continuously concerning the alleged mass suicide of members of the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978. Its specter was haunting, gruesome, and unprecedented. Nine others were murdered prior to the alleged suicides, including Congressman Leo Ryan. But did it happen the way the media reported? The answer is a resounding no.

The media version of events states that a coterie consisting of Ryan, his aide, reporters, and legal advocates went to Jonestown to investigate a child custody matter involving Timothy and Grace Stoen and their alleged son John.

The day following Ryan’s arrival, he and reporters were murdered at Port Kaituma airstrip, 7 miles from Jonestown, allegedly by Peoples Temple members acting upon Jones’ command.

The story was processed like so much Velveeta until it assumed its present form, but initial accounts were in a high state of flux. The main theme of the story is that Jim Jones was a highly charismatic leader who brainwashed a band of foolish followers into following him into a crackpot Eden where he ruled like a ruthless tyrant. Like sheep, they all followed over the edge of a cliff when he ordered them to take a drink of Kool Aid containing cyanide.

After considerable time, a more natural story emerged which better explains the events. The results may shock you.

The Peoples Temple was a very pacifist and communal association of people who rallied the compelling Jones. Their origins were Indianapolis, Indiana in the 1950s but they migrated to California in the 1960s. Their ethos was communal existence, forsaking of worldly material concerns, and commitment to social justice – indeed a very counter cultural philosophy.

Coming under the watchful eye of the State of California and the FBI, the group began to receive negative publicity and persecution from individuals and organizations later identified as CIA operatives.

We suspect that the reason for persecution was due in part to the Cold War paranoia of the police state and J Edgar Hoover’s abhorrence of radical ideas. More specifically we believe that the FBI and CIA identified the group as a conduit of Soviet infiltration and thus targeted the group for destruction.

Realizing that the FBI and CIA would not abandon their rabid pursuits of the sect, Jones lead his people to Guyana where they developed a kibbutz style community consistent with their proto-Christian ideals as documented of the early Christians in the book of Acts.

A new variable entered the CIA’s calculus of the Peoples Temple project. The group had made plans to relocate from Guyana to the USSR. As implacable Cold War zealots – the same people who murdered JFK for alleged treason and who attempted to compel him to launch a nuclear strike against the USSR during the Cuban missile crisis – the CIA must have seen more red than since the Tet Offensive.

We do not interpret this proposed move as anything but an expression of the group’s philosophical and theological beliefs. The group was not a front for Cold War espionage. However, the troglodytes of the police state did not interpret matters thus, so they sought to destroy the group.

Opportunity for doing so presented itself when Congressman Ryan became involved with the custody case of Timothy and Grace Stoen. Jones had fathered a child by Grace after her marriage to Timothy fell apart. The couple had originally posed as church members but in reality were poseurs who were seeking ways to discredit the sect. Grace and Timothy relinquished custody rights to the son, John, whereupon Jones assumed responsibility.

Later, the Stoens reunite in a political pact to recover custody rights. To do so, their compatriots including Elmer and Deanna Mertle aka Jeannie and Al Mills, David Conn, Joseph Mazor – convicted felon, Jim Cobb, and some other minor players spent a few years painting the church as mind control cult with coercive and violent methods - and later - whose squalid compound in Guyana was no place to raise a child. All of these people were directly or indirectly managed by intelligence agents.

Ryan was perhaps the fiercest enemy of the CIA in Congress whom the CIA had targeted for murder. The passage of the Hughes-Ryan bill requiring the CIA to notify Congress of covert activities did not earn the Congressman any friends in Langley, especially after he exposed CIA involvement in the Angolan civil war.

Expecting to find the worst, the Congressman found affairs to be quite the contrary and told his aide that he would make a good report of the Peoples Temple. This finding was very consistent with high praise and accolades which the group received from civic and governmental leaders and agencies in California. Ryan's finding triggered an assassination squad of the US Army to murder him at the airstrip. Eight other people would also die there.

The evidence for a military assassination comes from the tape of murdered NBC photojournalist Bob Brown who was filming the departure of the contingent at the air strip. Uniformed armed men, from an emergent vehicle not part of the entourage appearing from nowhere, assume a diamond formation to entrap the Congressman whom they kill at point blank range with dum-dum bullets at about 4:30p on Saturday November 18.

After this disaster, Jones was under the mistaken belief that some of his people killed the Congressman which started a spiral of tragic events which according to the death tape resulted in the decision of mass suicide. This tape, however, was highly edited so we are not certain of its veracity. However, some key statements on the tape include Jones’ clear statement that he did not order the murder.

Fearing retribution from US military forces, eviction, and interminable legal battles, Jones called his flock together to decide how to respond. The final decision was to not fight – but any alternative was unacceptable so suicide was the preferred solution. The deaths started in the early evening of November 18 and were completed no later than 3:30a November 19th when CIA radio NOIWON reported the deaths.

At this point, I must interrupt the narrative to state that I believe that the tape is not entirely reliable and that the peaceful community did not have the means to produce a mass suicide. There is evidence on the tape of gun shots. The people were not well armed or predisposed toward this kind of an ending. It contradicted their core beliefs.

What kind of a peaceful non-violent group keeps around enough cyanide for a rainy day to kill 900 people? It is a preposterous thought given what we know of the Peoples Temple. And just to be clear, what we know from the state controlled press is not the truth.

Many failures – which we believe were deliberate attempts to obfuscate the facts – attended the handling of the Jonestown deaths. In the first place not a single autopsy was performed to ascertain the presence of cyanide in the bodies. All bodies were embalmed before stateside autopsies could be performed and very few were conducted in Guyana.

Coroner Leslie Mootoo working in Guyana told Freedom Magazine that 187 persons showed lethal cyanide injections in parts of the bodies which an individual could not reach – such as the shoulder blades. Others were victims of gunshot and arrows.

However, Mootoo’s team did not arrive until late Monday November 20th or November 21 – at least two days after the killings occurred. By then the bodies had begun to decompose badly in the tropical sun - a foreseen event intended to obscure the causes of death and to make forensic autopsies impossible. On the other hand, Green Berets were in the Jonestown camp about 5 hours after the deaths were complete. The CIA was aware of the deaths at 3:29A on November 19th. So we surmise that the Green Berets left Panama around 4:00A to arrive in Georgetown, Guyana 3:40 hours later – the flight time from Panama. From there, they were ferried to Jonestown about 1:10h away by helicopter.

Within hours of the report of the massacre, the Joint Chiefs of Staff shipped body bags to Georgetown – an operation which USAF Colonel L Fletcher Prouty stated required significant lead time and advance planning. Thus the carnage at Jonestown was a premeditated action.

With that bit of information along with the timeline constructed above, we have totally transformed the event from a mass suicide to a mass murder. US assassination squads under the direction of the CIA were sent into Jonestown to murder Congressman Ryan, and then to murder the 900+ inhabitants at Jonestown. They brought in the cyanide to perform some of the murders while bullets were reserved to finish the job when the chemicals were proving too slow.

All of Saturday and Sunday were spent arranging bodies to create the scene of a happy mass suicide. By Monday the perpetrators were ready to unleash the carefully staged drama of a suicide through the state controlled media.

While our explanation of events requires a bit more research to confirm, we believe that the facts justify the conclusion.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Kennedy Assassins

Mark Lane’s latest book, Last Word, on the John Kennedy assassination is a tour de force of evidence, logic, and scholarship. It is a gold mine of information including the names of the principal actors in the sordid execution of an American president. In this posting, we will focus on the chapter of the book concerning The Liberty Lobby and its newspaper The Spotlight whose defense against E Howard Hunt blew the case wide open.

In 1978, The Spotlight published an article by ex-CIA agent Victor Marchetti concerning E Howard Hunt’s presence in Dallas on November 22, 1963 as well as his connections with the murder of the president. Marchetti also predicted certain outcomes of the House Select Committee on Assassinations which never materialized.

Hunt took exception to this article through a lawsuit which awarded him 650,000 USD in no small part due to the defendant's lawyer's utter incompetence. Fortunately The Liberty Lobby was able to win an appeal on grounds of plain error for which the appellate judges remanded the case back for retrial.

At this point, each team acquired a new set of attorneys in which comes Mark Lane for the defense. Lane is well known to Kennedy researchers as perhaps the dean of Assassination historians for his legal and learned presentation of facts and analysis concerning the case, to say nothing of his early and loud objections to the quackery of the Warren Commission. Lane is perhaps the most cogent and reasonable advocate for the case in favor of a conspiracy.

Lane develops a case based upon the substance and merit of the article – namely that Hunt was involved in a conspiracy to kill the President and that he was indeed in Dallas at the time of the murder. During depositions and court testimony, we discover the names of those operationally involved in the murder including possibly some of the trigger men.

Many names are well worn among assassination researchers such as E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis aka Frank Fiorini, and perhaps to a less extent Gerry Patrick Hemming. The star witness at the trial was Marita Lorenz who was briefly Fidel Castro’s mistress whom the CIA had turned into one of their agents.

She testified that Hunt, Sturgis, and she were all CIA agents - paid by the agency - who had taken a convoy of two cars (corrected by Hemming as three) to Dallas arriving 11/21. They met in a motel room where Hunt paid Sturgis an envelope of cash. Knowing that something horrifically big was about to happen, Marita begged Sturgis to get her out of Dallas which he did that night. Before leaving she met Jack Ruby who visited them in the motel room.

When Hunt’s attorney asked her who the men in the convoy were, she named the aforementioned party plus brothers Novo and Pedro Diaz Lenz. This testimony is astonishing because it gives us the names of key assassins in the plot.

Marita also testified that Guillermo and Ignacio Novo were also accomplices to the assassination – brothers who later murdered Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt in 1976. The former was foreign minister under Salvador Allende who was deposed and murdered in a CIA coup in 1973, while the latter was an American woman working to bring democracy to Chile.

What is even more interesting about the Novo brothers is that they were working under James Buckley, a former senator and judge with deep intelligence connections, and brother of spook William Buckley, to murder these people.

After the trial, Lane found Hemming with whom he shared the details of the testimony. He confirmed it with the correction already noted parenthetically above.

James Douglass reports in his fabulous book, The Assassination of John F Kennedy and Why It Matters, witnesses who saw someone – Jack Ruby - positioning firearms at the underpass. Indeed, he was positioning the weapons – which contained small arms to machine guns – he obtained from Sturgis the night before at at motel where Marita was briefly located on 11/21. Jacky Ruby was intimately involved with underworld mobsters.

The wonderful benefit of including the mob in the plot is that the CIA could create more confusion and deniability for its part by sending historians down another rabbit hole in pursuit of the mob. Indeed, one recent book’s thesis is that the mob masterminded the assassination – a contention so retarded as to leave one wondering if the author of that book has even a GED.

If you have been living under a rock, as I had been, and not known the details of the Liberty Lobby case, you would never know that a jury determined for court record that the CIA indeed murdered the president of the United States in broad daylight.

Last Word, Mark Lane
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?

If you were a progeny of the Bush’s or Buckley’s you would not dare to bring home a Jew or Black person especially in connection with dating or marriage. We have two vignettes by two different authors attesting to the Aryan ideals of each family.

Our first episode comes from A Family of Secrets by Russ Baker who reports Barbara Bush’s hostility to Jews. As the stodgily coiffed matron of the Bush White Anglo Saxon Protestant clan she stood guard over the family’s purity.

Baker reports on the engagement of George W. Bush to Cathryn Wolfman which, after its announcement in a local paper, entirely disappeared with nary a trace. Baker relates former Bush friend Cody Shearer as stating that Barbara could not “abide the fact Cathryn’s stepfather was Jewish.” “ There’ll be no Jews in our family,” she quoted the former first lady.

At this point we have to ask if it matters. After all, many Jews, relying on Biblical injunction, refuse to intermarry and forbid their children from doing likewise. The regard for racial purity is a two way street. In any event, ought not people be allowed to associate as they chose?

I don’t think that anyone would begrudge another to associate freely, but we know that behind this desire to maintain the WASP bloodline is a deep antipathy - if perhaps hatred - for Jews animating the choice. In the Bush case, it is very clear since it was only Cathryn’s stepfather who was Jewish. In any event the Bush’s attitude is entirely disgusting. They, in my opinion, are clearly anti-Semitic.

Can anyone imagine Barbara Bush’s reaction if George brought home a black woman for dinner?

Our next episode of elitist anti-Semitism comes from Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, the erudite lawyer who defended The Spotlight against a defamation suit brought about by Kennedy co-assassin E. Howard Hunt.

He reports the odious, arrogant, and obnoxious William Buckley, whom he defeated in another lawsuit, who cited in court as an example of his unbigoted nature the fact that he invited someone Jewish to a party he hosted. Lane noted that Buckley used six syllables to say Jewish in order to communicate his disgust for Jewish people.

That the bilious Buckley held these views is no surprise – he of Catholic persuasion. We can only imagine the limitation of the friendship of the Buckleys and Bushs due to the former’s Catholicity. But as a fellow Bonesman, all was forgiven without doubt.

I am sure that Buckley loved Catholicism due to its highly authoritarian and hierarchical nature.

So Buckley pulled a trick from his CIA days – which contrary to his protestations continued all the days of his life – the trick of plausible deniability – to evade accusations of anti-Semitism by inviting a “JJeewwiissh” person to a party.

Can there be any rational explanation about the anti-Semitism of these people and why Americans accord them such high office and respect?

Plausible Denial, Mark Lane
A Family of Secrets, Russ Baker

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who Was Sidney Warburg?

There are a number of famous Warburgs who are associated with the epynomous Euro American banking dynasty but the name Sidney isn’t exactly among them – at least not in a nonfictional sense. As best as we are able to determine, Sidney is a pen name for a Warburg or a close associate who possessed an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Wall Street financial elite who directly financed Hitler's rise to power and his war machine.

Sidney has become famous due to the research of Antony Sutton who produced a number of volumes on western relations with totalitarian governments of Europe. Dr Sutton discovered an obscure tome published in 1933 by Van Holkema & Warendorf, entitled De Geldbronnen van Het Nationaal-Socialisme (Drie Gesprekken Met Hitler). The New York Times oddly enough reported publication of this obscure book of which only three known copies were known to survive its banning.

The book describes the efforts of western financiers, led by John Rockefeller, Jr. to finance German dictator Adolph Hitler’s rise to power in order to overcome the French grip on Germany. The French vice was preventing the other Western powers from recovering their war reparations.

The book was originally published in Dutch from which an English translation was made. The British authorities under the auspices of the British Museum have sequestered this book by withdrawing it from circulation or access.

One copy made its way to Switzerland where it was translated into German from which Dr Sutton made an English translation.

It should be noted that other renditions of this book exist but they are not based upon the original 1933 edition. One version is Sonderegger's Spanischer Sommer published in 1947, and the other is Werner Zimmerman's Liebet Eure Feinde. These interpreted versions include numerous expansions attributing a substantial amount of anti-Semitism to the bankers - a characteristic entirely absent in the 1933 edition.

After just a few days on the market, the publisher recalled the book because Sidney Warburg did not exist. From here the laughs grow louder. I am not sure how the complainant was able to prove that a person did not exist. And surely the publisher met with someone who authored or represented the author of the book. Books do not write themselves – even in the evolutionists’ most zany fantasy. In any event, a pen name is a very common authorial device of which I am absolutely certain the publishers were cognizant. Thus the claim of the author’s non-existence is totally absurd.

James Paul Warburg signed an affidavit in Nazi Franz von Papen’s Memoirs published in 1953 denying the authenticity or existence of the book and Sidney Warburg. Oddly enough Warburg claims to have never seen or read the book yet he disavows its authenticity! On the other hand, his affidavit was directed to the Sonderegger book which as we noted is not a version of the original 1933 book.

Finally, as Sutton asks, why would an alleged anti-Nazi such as James Warburg, whose family was persecuted by the Nazis, use a Nazi’s publication to denounce anti-Semitism? His denial is a non-denial of the substance of the 1933 book.

I. G. Shoup, the translator of the original Dutch book, said that he took notes from a Warburg living in England to translate into the published version.

Sutton notes that the author of the book possessed detailed knowledge which the average man on the street would not know. For example, "von Heydt" was the original name for the Dutch Bank voor Handel en Seheepvaart N.V. – a fact which most random forgers would not have. He also notes that Guaranty Trust is not a household name even in its native New York. Thus there is strong plausible reason to connect authorship with a well connected banker – which role a Warburg would nicely fill.

Our take is that the book is authentic and written by some Warburg or very close associate who was trying to draw attention to the growing power and aims of Hitler. The solid documentation we have connecting the Warburgs of I. G. Farben who gave money directly to Hitler give very sound credibility to the authenticity of the Sidney Warburg work.

Finally, the determined efforts by authorities today to suppress the book speaks volumes about the sensitive nature of it. The banksters stand guilty of the murder and deaths of at least 60 million people.

Unfortunately, when the banksters discovered the leak, they went full bore at destroying it because they dared not reveal the power the behind the Nazi throne.


Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony Sutton

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The Days of Wine and Putsches

A little regarded footnote to American history concerning a fascist plot in the mid 1930s to takeover the American government has caused certain conspiracy historians to regard the affair as another example of the peril which the country faced and faces with respect to the plutocrats who rule this nation. Alas, after careful examination of this case, a more sophisticated explanation is required to understand the episode of Smedley Butler and his recruitment to this plot.

In July 1935, Gerald MacGuire approached Smedley Butler (1882 – 1940), the illustrious and retired Major General of the United States Marine Corp, to present a speech endorsing a return to the gold standard at an upcoming American Legion meeting. Butler, who was no friend of financial types, questioned the relevance of such a pitch to his overriding concern about the Bonus Marchers. MacGuire told him that such a reinstitution was required as a precondition for the bonus payments to World War I veterans arguing that paying them in fiat dollars was unfair.

Butler was quite indignant with the offer but smelling a fishy story, he humored MacGuire and his associate, Bill Doyle of the Massachusetts American Legion, in order to find out more about their intentions and backers. Through a series of subsequent meetings with MacGuire and Robert S. Carter, an heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune, Butler found out that the real reason for their interest in his services was to lead a soldier’s movement which would replace Roosevelt.

These men, with millions of dollars at their disposal, would create a grass roots solider movement, modeled on the French Croix de Feu, organizing 500,000 veterans to march on Washington to relieve President Roosevelt of his executive duties due to declining health. In his place Butler would assume the newly created position of Secretary of General Affairs while Roosevelt functioned as ceremonial president.

MacGuire pursued Butler doggedly over the next 5 months with various blandishments appealing to his ego, pocket book, patriotism, or another vulnerability he could exploit. After accumulating as much information as he could – including fulfilled predictions made by MacGuire which validated his bonafides in part, Butler took his story to an old newspaper friend Tom O’Neil at the Philadelphia Record who assigned reporter Paul Comly French to investigate the story independently for corroboration before approaching authorities.

When French completed his task, Butler approached Congress where he met with Representative Thomas McCormack, future Speaker of the House, and Representative Samuel Dickstein who opened an executive session committee to investigate the allegations from Butler.

They first took Butler’s testimony followed by MacGuire’s who in turn categorically denied or forgot every material point which Butler made. The committee then subpoenaed bank records from MacGuire which substantiated those parts of Butler’s testimony involving money. The committee was also able to document MacGuire’s trip to Europe from where he sent reports about European fascist groups to his backers. In short, Butler’s testimony was confirmed in key respects while MacGuire was caught in numerous perjuries.

Since the Congress was winding down its term, the committee hastily concluded its business after calling Mr Carter to testify in early January 1935. It soon issued a report and told the public that it would seek funding to continue further investigation in the new Congress – funding which was not forthcoming.

A circus ensued in the press with Time magazine mercilessly ridiculing Butler – a fate which he had anticipated before going forward with his information. When the New York Times reported the findings of the committee a chorus of denials was issued by all of the accused players which included some powerful men of Wall Street such as the du Pont and Morgan people. The howling of scorn and laughter was deafening.

One contemporary investigator discovered that transcripts of the proceedings had been excised, from which many of the conspiracy and cover-up allegations stem. The story had enough tantalizing murkiness to lead the History Channel to investigate the entire affair in a documentary segment but they pooh-poohed it as a hoax or misunderstanding on Butler’s and (amateur) historians’ parts.

The McCormack-Dickstein committee produced a vague report confirming the broad veracity of Butler’s allegations but essentially swept them under the rug. Why would such explosive allegations with credible support be given such short shrift?

In the first place, no credible threat could be substantiated from the testimony. Yes, Butler had been recruited to lead a plot; but no, there was no palpable manifestation of a plot. Therefore there was little for the committee to act upon. Its findings were sent to the Attorney General who promptly filed them away for historical reference.

So was there a plot to overthrow the government? And did powerful forces squash the investigation over the earnest attempts of Congress to combat the plutocrats? In both cases the answer is no. But that is not the end of the story.

Even during his last days in the Marine Corp, Butler had begun to make outspoken criticisms of war and the powerful industrialists who fomented it for their financial gain. He had seen firsthand the power these men wielded and the costs in life and limbs which the poor soldiers had to make – not for protecting their country but for protecting the financial interests of the plutocrats.

After retiring from the Marines, Butler’s attacks became more vociferous and relentless. He was in great demand as a speaker and used his time before his audiences to expose the true state of affairs.

A powerful bankster is willing to endure only so much criticism before he takes actions to squelch his opponents. The recruitment of Butler to take part in a plot to overthrow Roosevelt was a grand intelligence operation to silence Butler through ridicule. If the plutocrats could bribe Butler to take charge of a putsch, they could dispose of him as a traitor. If he took his story to the authorities, they could deny it and ridicule him for it, thus discrediting him. Either way they would be rid of a nuisance who was exposing their criminal and psychopathic greed.

As it turns out, the Congressional committee handled it in such a way that MacGuire and his backers lost credibility but suffered no meaningful consequences. Butler was given a face saving way out of the quandary. Whether McCormack-Dickstein understood the implications of the banksters’ operation is unclear but the net effect was a preservation of Butler’s integrity even if he was royally roasted in the press to which his constituents paid no heed and he remained in demand as a speaker.

The referenced book - though not a scholarly treatment of the Butler affair, it is very informative, especially the parts disclosing how the Marines were used to accomplish the goals of the banksters in very corrupt interventions in Latin America affairs. It is a very quick and worthwhile read.


The Plot To Seize the White House, Jules Archer

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Ford Family's Rabid Anti-Semitism

[Author's note 2/17/2014: We have evolved our position on Henry Ford due to discoveries we have made about Zionism and its insidious designs. We leave this essay as is for reference only.]

Henry Ford is often presented as a great American hero who brought the miracle of mass production to bear on the production of cars so that they were affordable to most Americans. He is also portrayed as a pacifist who opposed entry into World War 2. What is left untold is the reason he opposed US entry into the war and it had nothing to do with a love for peace.

Henry Ford is perhaps the vilest anti-Semitic person after Hitler. Ford’s International Jew was circulated among Nazis until such time as Hitler could write Mein Kampf which quoted Ford verbatim in many passages. So much was Ford a hero to Hitler that the latter hung a picture of him behind his desk in his Nazi headquarters office.

Ford was shrewd enough to make the proper noises about pacifism and Jewish sensibilities in public pronouncements, but his words and actions spoke otherwise. Ford tried to distance himself from Hitler when the latter awarded him the Grand Cross of the German Eagle in August 1938 but at that point Ford and his son were working diligently to arm Germany for its upcoming invasions of Europe.

Thus the primary reason Ford opposed US entry into World War 2 was to protect his assets in Europe and to prevent any meaningful opposition to Hitler as he strove to murder 6 million Jews along with an equal number of Christians and other undesirables.

Antony Sutton documents the extensive financial arrangements Ford made to finance Hitler and to conceal the true ownership of Ford-Werke which supplied military vehicles to the Wehrmacht. Ford also registered a new company in Nazi France to produce cars in North Africa.

Large amounts of technology were transferred from Ford in the United States to Nazi Germany including such items as “Gleason gear cutters, Bullard automatics and Ingersoll borers.” Ford also stood ready to supply basic raw materials such as rubber, non-ferrous metals, and other critical industrial materials.

The profits from the Ford operations in Nazi France in 1941 were 58,000,000 francs – a very tidy sum indeed.

Ford factories were also spared during United States Air Force (USAF) raids on the Nazis. Sometimes the British did not get the memo and bombed them nonetheless. But no matter – the Nazi French government compensated Ford for the destruction.

Sutton reports that Breckenridge Long, Assistant Secretary of State, passed private messages from Nazi Ford to Edsel Ford who feared exposure of the news of spared plants. Long also suppressed information coming to the State department about the extermination of Jews in Nazi Europe - a suppression which I interpret as a gross anti-Semitic act which Edsel Ford undoubtedly cheered.

The machinations of the Fords and other American plutocrats were something of an open secret in Washington, but because the government was so dependent upon these industrialists, it had to walk a fine line in dealing with these odious personalities.

While we have focused on the Fords, they were by no means an anomaly among the plutocrats. We will explore the deeds of other financiers in subsequent posts with special interest in the Bush Crime Syndicate.


Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony Sutton

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rosetta Stone To American History, Part 2

In our previous posting on the explanation of American history, we noted the historical relationship between bankers and intelligence long established by the Bank of England since its charter in 1694. This specialty has grown profoundly yet surreptitiously over the centuries and spread to the great powers’ security apparatuses under the pretense of national security. In this installment of the series, we will present several instances of planned deliberate acts which were promulgated and/or executed by intelligence operatives working under the great plutocrats.

We wish to make it clear that the events outlined below are the direct actions of elite plutocrats operating on American soil as American citizens. These events are not accidents of history or the loss of control by the various parties to the episodes. Specific Americans – often in conjunction with foreigners – typically British - working to advance the cause of the plutocrats orchestrated these events as part of greater designs to amass more control over the nations in which they reside.
  • The Spanish American War (1898)
    Caused by a purportedly mysterious explosion, the sinking of the USS Maine was actually caused by a mine planted by American and Cuban agents, the result of which was the casus belli of the Spanish American War whose design was to enter America in the great colonial conquests and assert its equality with Europe. We have published previously on this subject.
  • The Income Tax (1913)The income tax was established to raise the great funds needed to fight global wars, limit competition to the robber barons, and massively expand the size and power of government. This stealthily implemented law was vigorously pursued by the same Rockefeller allied senators who brought us the Federal Reserve private banking cartel.
  • The Stock Market Crash and Great Depression (1929)The stock market crash of 1929 was engineered by the Federal Reserve after Benjamin Strong, the bankers’ banker died unexpectedly in 1928. Credit was cut off forcing a cascade of margin calls which resulted in the implosion of the stock market. The purpose was to depress prices so that the plutocrats could buy up property for pennies on the dollar. When they had completed their goal of vastly expanding the government and buying up competitors, the banksters turned on the money spigots again to inflate the value of their holdings.
  • Downing of the U2 (1960)We will publish special article on this fascinating subject.
  • The Assassination of John Kennedy (1963)John Kennedy was murdered by the military-industrial-complex (MIC) for numerous reasons including treason to his class, animosity to the CIA, softness on communism, opposition to escalation in Viet Nam, and opposition to the oil depletion allowance.

    The Rockefeller led plutocracy ordered the Bush managed CIA to remove Kennedy which the MIC troglodytes only too happily executed. The more compliant and war friendly Johnson was their replacement. 
  • The Assassination of Malcolm X (1965)Deemed a radical rabble rouser with uncouth religious ideas, the plutocrats trotted out another lone nut to eliminate Malcolm X.
  • The Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr (1968)Fearful of a half million man march on Washington in May of 1968, Hoover, the US Army Delta Force, CIA, and Memphis police department moved to end King’s life. King had been long spied on by the bigoted Hoover and finally had enough of him. These findings were discovered in a 1999 civil suit brought by the King family against Lloyd Jowers, the bagman for the operation. Again, a lone nut was trotted out as the culprit.
  • The Assassination of Robert Kennedy (1968)

    Fearing a political dynasty, the Bush controlled CIA launched operation cleanup to remove Bobby Kennedy as a contender for president fearing that he would open up the whole “Bay of Pigs thing,” as Nixon so artfully put it. Besides, there was a general grudge against the Kennedy family which never die out – even with the murder of John Jr.

    Sirhan Sirhan, yet another lone nut, was an MK Ultra subject who was used as the ostensible assassin of RFK, yet the overwhelming forensic evidence points to Kennedy’s assigned body guard for the night as the murderer. The case is a fascinating study in mind control and psyops with the polka dot dressed lady one of the fascinating figures. 
  • The Political Assassination of Richard Nixon (1972-74)
    Richard Nixon suffered many of the same liabilities as Kennedy but with none of the assets. He considered abolition or reduction of the oil depletion allowance, d├ętente with the USSR and China, termination of the war in Viet Nam, and a pronounced interest in the “Bay of Pigs thing.” As James McCord put it, “He’s not one of us.”

    As we explain elsewhere, as has Russ Baker, Watergate was a covert operation of the CIA to topple a sitting president. The much more compliant Gerald Ford of Warren Commission fame was selected as successor with Nelson Rockefeller as his vice president.
  • The Attempted Assassination of Gerald R Ford (1975)
    Gerald Ford endured two assassination attempts in 1975. It is odd that the attempts failed and that the CIA would take out a team player. After all Ford had dutifully lied to the American people about the location of the rear bullet shot in John Kennedy’s back.

    However, Rockefeller disdained running for public office and asked, we surmise, his good friend George Bush to do another executive action on the president. I am sure that he found the task odious but put forth two half assed attempts with two MK Ultra subjects to comply with his friend’s wishes.
  • The Assassination of John Lennon (1980)
    The lone gunman trick was pulled out yet again – with the three named person to boot - to eliminate John Lennon who spoke way too much of peace and whose followers were too influential on politics. Strawberryfields.net published a fascinating article describing the murder of Lennon. Mark David Chapman was the MK Ultra subject who murdered Lennon with Bush in the thick of things again.
  • The Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan (1981)Having so much success with lone nuts, the Bush controlled CIA brought out another MK Ultra subject, John Hinckley Jr to assassinate Reagan for the same reason Rockefeller wanted Ford assassinated – namely to assume the presidency. Like his friend Rockefeller, Bush disdained campaigning and felt that he should assume the office in regal fashion.
  • The Attacks of September 11, 2001 (2001)
    The attacks on the World Trade Centers and pentagon were perhaps the grand daddy of all intelligence operations the plutocrats ever undertook. Using a combination of foreign, Mossad, and CIA agents, the plutocrats ordered the destruction of the World Trade Center to eliminate unwelcome investigations of Enron which linked directly to George 41 and 43 by murdering the FBI agent John O’Neill who was uncovering the links, to destroy Enron evidence, and to vastly expand the totalitarian state through the Patriot Act.

    Nanothermite was used to destroy the towers in controlled demolitions while a missile was used to hit the pentagon.
We know that the above explanations will strike many as bizarre and kooky, but after studying the evidence, these explanations are the only reasonable ones for all of the violence inflicted upon America by a bunch spoiled punks.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Watergate 40 Years Later

Americans of a certain age will readily recall the perfervid and rabid newscasts of 1972-74 which led to the toppling of another American president on August 9, 1974. While we may have jumped the retrospective gun, we do so because our thoughts were so directed by a fabulous book which supports our earlier thesis about the origins of the plot to depose President Nixon. In short, Nixon’s fabled paranoia was well justified. Nasty people in the military-industrial-complex were out to get him.

Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin began the long overdue Watergate revisionism in 1991 with their blockbuster book, Silent Coup: The Removal of a President. The book paints a picture of Richard Nixon as an unwitting accomplice in a byzantine plot to remove him from office.

Subsequent research published on their website ups the ante by adding several additional fascinating facts which support a modified version of the thesis. The new thesis retains the plot to remove Nixon but adds that Nixon willfully engaged in obstruction of justice to protect his presidency when John Dean failed to write the exonerating document Nixon had requested.

The authors also expose John Dean as an unscrupulous dishonest political whore who was treacherous to his boss and who engages in incessant legal battles to silence his enemies. But this is old news to those who watched the smarmy Dean performance in front of the Ervin Commission. G Gordon Liddy calls Dean a “serial perjurer” in his book Will.

Of equal interest is the exposure of Bob Woodward as a liar who goes to great lengths to deny his role as an intelligence officer for the US Navy in which capacity as briefer he regularly met with Colonel Alexander Haig. Woodward states, as reported on The Nixon Era Times, “When confronted with the question of if he had ever briefed anyone, he responded in the negative and added ‘I defy you to produce somebody who says I did the briefing, it's just — it's not true.’"

Unfortunately for the dishonest Woodward, the website (www.watergate.com), produces testimony from Admiral Thomas Moorer, Pentagon spokesman Jerry Friedheim, and Secretary of Defense Melvyn Laird who all directly contradict Woodward’s brazen lie.

As Colodny and Gettlin have uncovered, Gordon Strachan and John Dean had prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in with the former being the immediate instigator of the deed. However, there is much more to the story than that for which we turn to Russ Baker.

Baker produced a monumental book, A Family of Secrets, which traces the evil deeds of the Bush Crime Syndicate. Of particular interest is the Watergate period which demonstrates that Nixon began to lose his hold on power almost from the moment he entered office.

Like John Kennedy before him, Nixon earned the ire of the big eastern and Texan oil interests with his threat to reduce or eliminate the oil depletion allowance. Like Kennedy before him, Nixon earned the distrust of the military-industrial-complex for bypassing the military and State department in his overtures toward the USSR and China.

One consequence of this, reported by Colodny and Gettlin, was the spy ring in the White House ordered by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer wherein numerous documents were stolen from the White House. Nixon’s failure to punish this act of treason doomed his presidency.

Finally, like Kennedy, Nixon faced an unruly CIA which defied presidential directives to release documents related to the Kennedy assassination. The CIA refused and decided that Nixon’s meddling would not go unpunished.

The same gang of CIA agents and operatives who waged the Bay of Pigs invasion, and who murdered  President Kennedy, also started the Watergate tragicomedy which unhinged Nixon’s presidency. The plot was rather simple – create a bumbled burglary aimed at a politically sensitive target – the Democrat National Committee headquarters at the Watergate – by CIA agents who did their best to get caught. But before doing so, insinuate a crack team of assassins and government topplers in the White House aka the Plumbers. Mix in Nixon’s paranoia with his adversarial stance toward the press nurtured by the fake Ellsberg psychiatrist office break-in and the fake leaked Pentagon papers and you have instant scandal of high decibel.

In short, the CIA removed Nixon from office. And just as with the murder of John Kennedy, George Bush was there to help it along.

And what about Deep Throat? Please don’t buy the cock and bull story about Mark Felt as Deep Throat. That story is more CIA disinformation to keep the public stupid and subdued. We previously published our estimate of this figure as being Alexander Haig, but it may well be, as Colodny and Gettlin surmise, a composite of several sources. In any event I suspect that Deep Throat got its name after Woodward or his CIA handler watched the 1972 porn movie of the same name starring Linda Lovelace. After all, CIA agents just want to have fun.

Baker reports that Director of CIA Richard Helms personally placed E Howard Hunt in a CIA public relations front company after Watergate at his GS-15 pay grade. This, to me, is the smoking gun which proves that the CIA – acting on orders from the plutocrats – were directly responsible for the removal of Richard Nixon as president because, as James McCord put it, “He’s not one of us.”


http://www.watergate.com/, Len Colodny, Robert Gettlin
A Family of Secrets, Russ Baker

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who Is God?

The question of God’s identity and personality have engaged and vexed theologians, philosophers, and ordinary people for as long as humans have walked this earth. Many explanations and theories of his existence and nature have been proffered, some better than others. We offer an explanation which is not common in main stream theology circles – at least circles of the Christian variety. God is at heart a story teller.

To those with an academic approach to theology, the supposition that God is a storyteller in his nature may appear to be at odds with right theology. Many theologians will dissect God into a series of attributes such as righteousness, justice, love, omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, veracity, eternity, immutability, and sovereignty. Although these attributes may be true of God’s character, we do God a disservice if we make them our primary line of analysis.

Dissecting God into a series of attributes is a bit mechanical and certainly desiccating. Doing so is like decomposing a pizza into its molecular blocks in answer to the question, what is a pizza? At some point these questions of character require analysis and development but starting and stopping there leaves us with the trees for the forest.

I am certainly not a theologian, but I find the subject as fascinating as the conspiracies which shape America – an exploratory excursus to this website’s theme which I hope some of you will indulge. Yet in thinking about how the world works, how history unfolds, and how God has revealed himself, I am forced to abandon the mechanistic analysis for something more holistic.

My first observation in support of seeing God as primarily a story teller is the way he reveals himself to us. As I am sure you have divined by now, my hermeneutical approach is based upon the Bible – an approach which I cannot persuade anyone else to follow however right it seems to me. Some of you may wish to catch the next surf at this point.

If you read the Old Testament you cannot avoid the many stories which it tells. I was thrilled as a child to hear the stories of creation, Moses, Joseph, Joshua, David, Solomon, Elijah, Daniel, Esther, and so many more. Their stories are exciting and full of so many lessons – while only rarely – and sometimes never – touching a line of formal theology. God interacts with us in history as people.

God also speaks to us in many modes – a burning bush, an oracle from Sinai, prose, poetry, prophecy, formally and informally. If you have ever wondered why we create art, it is because we are like our Father who is the first story teller – the first artist.

The stories do not stop with Malachi – they continue into the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation where many stories – some heroic – are told without ever resorting to formal theology. At one point, Paul tells us that we are God’s workmanship but the underlying Greek word is really poem. We are each a poem of God – a story.

Each of our lives is a story with a moral or lesson God wants us all to learn. Many of the stories are tragic but most of them contain moments of joy and heartache just as the Lamentations tell us – a time for this and a time for that.

The Hebrew language is fabulously suited to storytelling and it is no wonder why God used it to tell us about himself. The consecutive waw – a connector – is rife throughout the books of the Hebrew Bible – a wonderful little copulative which takes the reader through an oftentimes meandering story. It is not the language of logic or formal discourse.

We may wonder why God choses the stories that he tells, but he has his reasons. Even suffering Job did not have a clue for the reason for his trials until after they ended and Moses told his story. And let me add a secret: even the stories we tell are God's stories. We are more connected to God than we will ever know this side of heaven.

The Bible certainly tells the greatest story ever told, but that is because God is a story teller nonpareil.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Is Barry Soetoro's Birth Certificate Fake?

Since our previous posting on the foreign citizenship of Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, the White House has published yet another birth certificate which it presents as the actual long form birth certificate which would be recognized as legal evidence of Soetoro’s birth place. Unfortunately, as with the other short form posted by the president’s stool pigeons, this one, too, is a fake.

The issue of Obama’s birth certificate reached a crescendo in April 2011 when billionaire gadfly and general Republican flake Donald Trump pressed the matter publicly. Of course, no one should assume that Trump was acting because of concerns of constitutionality or truth. Rather, Trump was a token Republican who would feign concern and then withdraw his complaints as soon as Obama presented a birth certificate. Trump would have backed down even if the certificate were drawn in crayons. The drama was staged theater to keep the Rockefeller-MIC-Yale-CIA nominated president in office.

However, the fakers in Langley – or wherever it was forged – failed in several key respects as Bishop Ron McRae points out in a posting on Obama Crimes website which we quote:

  • Note the Hour block NO. 5b on Line 2 at the far right and you will see that the typed P.M. is the identical one from the Nordyke document, with the M below the line in the exact same place as the Nordyke document.
  • The date of 8-7-61 in block No. 18b is the exact, identical written date copied from the Nordyke document, even though on the Nordyke document the signature of the parent is slanted backwards.
  • Also note that on the Nordyke document, the parent signed the document on the supposedly same day that Ann Durham signed Obama’s, but the dates of the Attendant’s signature and the Local Registrar’s signature are the very next day; whereas on the Nordyke document, the signatures were affixed and dated four days later.
  • In block 7g on both documents appears the identical hand written No. 2 in the very same place. 
  • In Block No. 3 appears identical hand written “x’s” in the same place on both documents.
  • Also, the released photo of the Nordyke document shows the coiled slightly in the upper left hand corner, though laid onto what appears to be carpet or cloth. The Obama document has the identical coiled upper left hand corner, but the herringbone legal cross stitched pattern to the paper carries over into the background of the photo, though the upper left hand corner is blackened out. If you hold both up together, the curvatures in the lines are exactly the same. If you look closely at the herringbone legal print of the background on both the left and right side margins, the printed document is superimposed onto the legal background and not original.
  • On the left side margin, there is a vertical margin line running up the entire side, with additional horizontal lines exposed to the left of the margin in the coiled down fold of the document. In those unidentified blocks are identical hand written marks that match identically to the Nordyke document.
The more troubling aspect of the document is the use of kerning, a letter spacing technology which was not available in 1961. One ex law enforcement official, Carl Gallups, produced a YouTube video showing that kerning was used in the production of the latest Soetoro document, meaning that it could not have been contemporaneous with his birth.
In any event, Philip Berg, the attorney handling several lawsuits against the president over his fraudulent claims to US citizenship, has noted that the form which the White House presented to the public is not the long form birth certificate, the only version with legal standing. Even the long form would not resolve Obama’s constitutional qualifications to be president since we know that he relinquished any possibility of repatriation through his relinquishment of USA citizenship under Indonesian law.
Finally, Obama is simply not a natural born USA citizen due to the citizenship of his father. Legal cases in the 19th C. established this principle as the definition of natural birth.
To date, the only document which the White House and the fake president have released is an image of a Certificate of Live Birth – a document not even adequate to provide eligibility for Little League.
We have seen vindicated the dictum of George W. Bush, “The Constitution is nothing but a goddamned piece of paper.”
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Is America So Damned Fat?

Anyone who has recently visited a buffet restaurant may have a ready answer to our question, but there is a more complex explanation involving carbohydrates offered by medical doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades, authors of Protein Power. And if you are queasy about politically correct explanations, you may wish to help yourself to another granola bar and move on to something more palatable.

Explanations abound for the deplorable state of health of many Americans. Many of us can cite the percent overweight and obese numbers in our sleep or laughingly recall scenes from Super Size Me to help understand the obesity epidemic. But these explanations dance around the science and root of the weight problem documented by the statistics.

And what about the more quotidian desires to lose 20 pounds of weight – why is it so hard?

The Drs Eades offer a compelling explanation in their book which also is not a news flash – namely the high doses of carbohydrates in the typical American diet. Using anthropological evidence from mummies and other human remains, the doctors paint a picture of agrarian excess as the root cause of the American fat epidemic.

But how can a food so low in fat cause such dramatic weight gain? Here the doctors dispel the nonsensical idea that you become fat by eating fat just as you don’t have high cholesterol because you eat cholesterol rich foods. The answer to the question lies in body chemistry.

Before proceeding with the explanation, we realize that everyone has a theory on weight control and that fad and not so fad diets are as plentiful as the grains of sand on the sea shore. But we believe that these medical doctors have made a strong case for their thesis that high carbohydrate diets are the root cause to obesity and its allied concerns.

After examining Egyptian mummies, the doctors discovered that ancient Egyptian diets look remarkably like our American diets – high in grains and thus carbohydrates. They note that earlier civilizations – and we emphatically deplore their evolutionary clap trap – were meat centric and did not suffer the many maladies documented with the Egyptians who were famous for their agrarian diets.

To add insult to injury, modern Americans especially, have added loads of fruits and sugars to their diets which were not common in earlier diets. The doctors make the case that the as beneficial as fruits are, they are not required for good health and certainly not in the abundance with which we consume them. The critique against sugar should go without saying.

So what’s their beef with wholesome goodness found in grains? They argue that the hybrid grains are not healthy, but more importantly, the grain heavy diets introduce large levels of carbohydrates which the body cannot handle. More specifically, the body reacts to sugars – a byproduct of carbohydrates – by producing insulin. With the large consumption of carbohydrates the body eventually becomes insensitive to it and thus produces more and more to achieve the same effect.

In addition, modern diets – due in part to the virtually nutritionless grains and sugars – lack good micronutrients levels which are also essential to managing body chemistry – particularly the sugar-insulin axis.

So what is the big deal with insulin? Everything. Insulin has many functions only one of which is to regulate sugar levels. Insulin stores fat. It’s that simple. When insulin levels are chronically elevated, it increases the amount of calories stored as fat. Carbohydrate-rich diets tend to chronically elevate insulin levels and to make the body insensitive to it, thus requiring ever higher levels with its fat storing activities to do its job in relation to managing sugar levels.

So how did we get to this sad state of affairs where we consume massive doses of carbohydrates and sugars? The authors attribute much of the blame to agricultural policy approved by Congress in the early 1970s which subsidized and sponsored grain based diets as a solution to hunger. In reality it was pocket lining for the huge agricultural firms and a boon for the Midwestern congressmen.

They also note the huge environmental toll from digging up so much land to plant and harvest so much grain. Those of you who have seen the History Channel’s documentary on the dust bowl know exactly what some of that price was – although it is by no means confined to that particular issue.

Concurrent with the carbohydrate invasion starting in the early 1970s was a rise in obesity rates which continues with little restraint.

The solution then is to reduce carbohydrate consumption – the doctors recommend 30-55 grams per day depending upon the extent of one’s weight problem. But that is only half the story. After all 50 grams of carbohydrates is only 200 calories per day – a ration which would kill practically all of us.

The remainder of the calories should come from protein and fat. They note that pre-agrarian diets were largely protein and that the health problems associated with modern diets were very scarce among hunters. The doctors prescribe about .9 grams of protein for each pound of lean body weight.

Their dietary regimen is more complex than this as they are huge proponents of colorful vegetables, which provide important micronutrients, and various supplements including fish oil and vitamins. For those who are diehard vegans, their website contains a review of a book written by a former militant vegan who had to abandon the diet due to the toll which such a diet incurred on her health.

The book does a nice job of exposing the foul influence of the agriculture lobby on American health. Sugar and carbohydrates should be eradicated (in large measure) from anyone’s diet in order to achieve good health. Without that discipline, one faces a lifetime of compromised, if not downright awful, health and ever expanding waistline.


Protein Power ( Michael and Mary Dan Eades)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Rosetta Stone to American History, Part 1

History may appear to be a collection of accidents, but this is often the deus ex machina of ignorance providing a meaningless explanation of the inexplicable. American history has many foggy patches which seem to require the assertion of this device – often in the form of a lone nut. We aver that it is more often the case that evil forces, rather than strange accidents, shape American history.

Although we are not Marxists, we owe a debt to Karl Marx for identifying class warfare as a central element of economic and political history. Indeed, the Lord Jesus Christ told us that the Gentiles love to lord it over everyone else. We live in the times of the Gentiles characterized as of late by the domination of the white races over all the others.

But domination is not confined to nation against nation. It is class over class, and people over people.

As early as the American Civil War, a Rothschild published in the London Times an astonishing editorial c.1861 arguing for the break-up of America and defeat of Lincoln lest the people get used to the ideas of freedom and prosperity.

This germ of hostility to America came from the international class of the mid 19th C. who were the forerunners of the New World Order. They used the Confederacy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln whose overriding goal was to maintain the union of North and South despite their many differences. To the banksters, Lincoln was anathema because he opposed their banking cartels and supported national sovereignty.

These banksters provided the seed corn for America’s nascent royalty – the robber barons of the gilded age – to form a trans-Atlantic family of citizens of the world whose allegiance was not to the state but to the class of the wealthy.

The banksters of London had long ago subdued the British crown through the Bank of England, the central banking authority providing the Crown with the finances to wage its wars and colonial expansion. One of their prime tools for enforcing their rights was the use of intelligence, something at which the British are known to excel and whose fabled MI5 played a critical role in World War II.

Thus we see an early combination of banking with intelligence – a somewhat understandable development given that not all bank customers are honest. This alliance has become a standard artifact of modern life even down to the present moment in our very own Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is not the servant of the military or the state but of the business interests which own it.

Although not all industrialists were evil at heart, enough of them were rapacious and powerful enough to begin programs of dominating and subjugating peoples at home and abroad – a desire which saw its first effulgence in the Spanish American War. Just a few years prior in 1890, the famous Sherman Antitrust Act was passed which clipped the wings of the plutocrats.

By 1900 the barons thought that they ruled roost as they had managed to parry labor strikes and legislation aimed at curtailing their many excesses. But the application of the Sherman Antitrust Act against the Standard Oil Company was the catalytic event which configured the class warfare which would ensue over the next century. The plutocrats struck back powerfully as they slowly overtook every aspect of national government.

Though they wisely acted through emissaries and intermediaries, we are now able to fully expose them for who and what they are – traitors to America.

To understand their mindsets, we have to take the other side of the argument to measure their grievances. They had built up fabulous commercial empires, invented the second industrial revolution, and propelled America to near equality with the greatest European powers. Therefore, who the hell was anybody to deprive them of their patrimony and legacy?

Many of their rank believed and practiced Noblesse Oblige, but a few tenacious ones insisted upon expressing their economic power as political clout. Thus they embarked upon a program of capturing the levers of power in what military officers today might call blowback. In other words, there was a cost to challenging the plutocrats.

We shall continue from here the next time.

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