Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Glenn Miller Story Keeps on Giving

The Glenn Miller story keeps on giving new clues and theories about the disappearance of the legendary band leader, but we don't think that anyone has got the story right, even the 2014 episode of History Detectives.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton Will Win the White House

A soothsayer is not required to correctly predict that Hillary Clinton will win the White House in 2016. The recent exculpation of her treason against the United States of America is proof positive that the Diebold voting machines have already been cast to give her whatever fraudulent votes she needs to take the presidency.

There are many reasons why America’s Jewish and WASP elite want Hillary as president. After placing in the White House a homosexual CIA sock puppet married to Michael Robinson, the ex University of Oregon football player who left the team in 1982 to express his inner woman, the only natural follow-up is to staff the Executive Mansion with a lesbian traitor also beholden to the same Jewish groups sponsoring “Obama.”

Many foolish participants in the electoral circus may think that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are adversaries, but the truth is that they both play for the same Jewish power brokers as has been the case with all presidential elections since 1912 when Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, and their cronies instructed Teddy Roosevelt to run for the presidency on the Bull Moose ticket in order to deny the incumbent Howard Taft the electoral advantage he needed to win re-election. Taft was insufficiently compliant with Jewish demands to break off trade or diplomatic relations with Russia.

Trump invited the Clintons to his last wedding, an honor which is not accorded to strangers or mere acquaintances. Trump’s role in the 2016 election is precisely the same as Roosevelt’s a century earlier – namely to provide a caricature presidential nominee who will self destruct to guarantee Clinton the White House. Should that gambit fail, the Diebold voting machines stand ready to provide fake votes just as they have done since 2004. In both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, both Republican candidates – truly pure criminals and traitors themselves – actually won the presidential popularity vote and electoral vote. One of the evidences of the fraud is the extreme variances in exit poll surveys with "actual" votes, an anomaly which the dull of wit explain as a freak of nature.

The real story behind Clinton’s guaranteed election is the recent exoneration of her treason by the FBI, which story Wayne Madsen has covered quite well, details of which you will never see on your standard main stream news outlets such as Fox News, CNN, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, and others of Washington Post ilk.

Clinton’s email servers housed at her home in Chappaqua, New York, which did much more than serve emails, were taken to her private residence in order to make their contents available to the terrorist state of Israel, Clinton’s chief sponsor for the White House. Apparently government monitoring of emails would have identified Clinton’s collusion with the terrorist state of Israel, thus necessitating their move to safer grounds in Chappaqua. It should be noted that many servers were found at Clinton’s residence, indicating a very sophisticated operation to subvert NSA monitoring of treason.

Did the Jewish war monger Victoria Nuland aid in the absconding of classified materials?

While the story of Clinton’s criminal theft of government secrets may never have been intended to go public, both Republicans and Democrats circled the wagons to protect their friend and ally in treason.

The information Clinton provided to the terrorist state was of the highest sensitivity, described by FBI Director James Comey as Top Secret Sensitive Classified Information. Madsen maintains that “Obama” wished to avoid another power struggle with Jews who “pressured” him to release the spy Jonathon Pollard. However, “Obama” is himself a CIA-Mossad plant, and was thus acting under orders when he released the convicted enemy of the US.

Another interesting incident in the treason case involved Clinton’s faux husband Bill, the former president who was stung in a Delta Force – Mossad operation involving the notorious Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp.

On June 29, 2016, Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, the woman whom he appointed as District Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport. Even “Obama” termed the meeting as unfortunate, reinforcing our speculation that Lynch and Clinton were working out the details of the ex-president’s wife’s exoneration.

These approbations of Clintons’ actions are even more startling when one realizes that the FBI Director stated on July 5th that it was possible that the information on Clinton’s servers reached “hostile” hands, neglecting to note that the hostile actors included Israel. Revelations by Marcel Lazar Lehel prove that foreign governments, including Israel, accessed the Clinton servers to obtain intelligence of the highest classification.

However, US Attorney General in Virginia Dana Boente has cooperated in the muzzling of Lehel in order to protect the Clintons. Boente, Comey, Lynch, and the Clintons are laughing hysterically at how effective the "Oops my bad" defense has taken them, proving that there is absolutely no consequence for even negligence in handling sensitive intelligence, to say nothing of criminality.

While Comey’s reactions in exculpating Clinton of criminal deeds including treason have a putrid odor, the explanation is easy to find once one realizes that Comey is a sock puppet of various right winged Zionist players supported by Benyamin Netanyahu. Madsen reports of Comey’s deep ties to such Jewish operations as those of Roger Hertog and Zalman (Sanford) Bernstein.

Comey also took an unexplained trip to Israel on November 25, 2013 with then-National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander, declaimed as the FBI Director observing Air Force training exercises. Our strong suspicion is that Comey and Alexander visited Israel to verify that Netanyahu’s government had completed harvesting the emails before shutting down the servers as the secrecy of the operation had been compromised.

It is not clear to us what information was given to the Israeli government, but prime candidates include intelligence on Ukraine, Benghazi, the Spring Revolution, the murder of Muammar Gadhaffi, the failed Syrian invasion by Israel and Turkey, and the most incendiary of all - 9/11.

The fact that Clinton controls the FBI and has powerful sponsors in Jewish circles who protect her from treason and espionage prosecution is proof positive that she will win the election even if a little help from Diebold is needed. Please gird up for another scandal ridden presidency, but this time of "Biblical proportions."

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