Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bonaparte and Hitler: Two Peas In a Pod

Observers have long noted similarities between France's Napoleon Bonaparte and Germany's Adolf Hitler, but they often miss the important commonalities and thus distort European history into a caricature of truth. The most salient feature of the two autocrats is that they were Jewish.

Napoleon and Hitler both conquered or dominated large swaths of Europe, and both men met their matches attacking the Russian bear. They ruled their respective countries for 12-15 years, after which they both managed to escape to safer locations when their ruling careers came to a halt.

As noted already, both men were Jews. Miles Mathis has noted in 2 separate studies the genealogy of both dictators, each of which has Jewish blood in both the matrilineal and patrilineal lines. This ethnicity explains how each of these Jews had such meteoric and improbable rises to power.

In other words, the financial Jewish elite who already controlled so much of Europe were easily able to manipulate manufactured events to give the reigns of power to their chosen puppet. In no way would these Jewish elites allow non-Jews the kind of power taken by Bonaparte and Hitler.

As we reported elsewhere, Louis XVI was fake-guillotined and returned to the throne as Louis XVIII. The power vacuum of the Jewish engineered French Revolution created the ideal scenario for a pompous actor such as Bonaparte to seize power. So the Jews created fake crises which their crisis actor par excellence resolved with his march on Paris.

In Germany over one hundred years later, the same shtick was played, this time with Adolf Hitler who brought prosperity to a prostrate nation as the man of the hour.

Both men were financed by the usual suspects - the Rothschilds, though in the case of Hitler, new financial blood was brought to the party with the Schiffs, Warburgs, Baruchs, Bushes and others. Each man was assigned the task of militarily conquering Europe for the Jews, and on the surface each failed. But the real story is that Hitler succeeded because his job was to destroy Gentiles.

Mathis notes that too many inconsistencies in the stories of Bonaparte's military campaigns suggest that his battles were more paper affairs than real military battles. Usually the manpower claimed for each side, such as Austria and France, increased when it was expected to decrease, and victory was achieved in the face of overwhelming odds in the case of Napoleon. Hacks are quick to note Bonaparte's genius for war, but more than likely it was the genius of historians lying about the battles rather than the midget commander's strategic and tactical puissance.

If Mathis is correct about the deceit of the numerous Napoleonic battles, then European history is ripe for a major rewrite. But even if Napoleon was a gifted a commander as reported, the fact that his paymasters were Jews provides an even greater rewrite of the European history down to the present time.

Miles Mathis, Was Napoleon Jewish?, April 16, 2016,, accessed 11/19/2017

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