Friday, November 28, 2014

More Global Warming Fraud

A recent article in Veterans Today adds more substance to our long standing thesis that global weather patterns are far more complex than the simpletons at the United Nations and Washington’s elite think tanks pontificate, and that global cooling is the near term prognosis.
Before proceeding we must remind our dear reader that there is much more to the Global Warming Hoax than meets the eye. It is first and foremost a Lysenkoist scientific fraud of the highest order which has been caught several times fabricating data to obtain a desired outcomes.
The second major point is that weather is highly complex, and is difficult to generalize for a planet. Numerous factors influence it over the short term and the long term. In past postings we have noted orbital variation, axial aberrations, solar effects, the Maunder effect, and now, nova influences. These factors ebb and tide, and intersect with each other in complex ways.
Recently A K Dewdney, wrote a response to the UN’s hyperventilation about “climate change”, by noting the ground breaking research of Henrik Svensmark, a highly awarded and respected Danish solar physicist who has offered his team's research findings on how novas materially affect earth temperatures. After holding steady since 1998, temperatures took a plunge last year, but can be explained by cosmic rays and solar magnetic changes.
Cosmic rays emanating from novae constantly travel toward the earth, but are usually filtered out by the Van Allen belt, with the successful penetrations deflected by the sun’s magnetic field. However, the sun undergoes a magnetic pole reversal every 11 years – almost like clockwork. While in the reversal process, the magnetic field weakens, and may not always return to normal strength after the transition. Such is the case in the most recent reversal.
When the larger amounts of cosmic rays enter the earth’s atmosphere, they produce above average cloud formation, which in turn produces more precipitation and cooler temperatures. This model correlates very highly with past ice ages, and is a very credible framework for explaining current temperature variations from normal, which are now trending colder.
When discussing the effects of carbon dioxide, Dewdney, like many other climatologists dismisses its green house effect as more of a hair on a gnat’s ass than a material influence on planetary temperatures.
That the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change continues to issue dire warnings about the weather – when it goes up and when it goes down – is the smoking gun proof that they don’t care what direction the weather goes just so long as it can be used to whip up hysteria for more communist totalitarian law.
The IPCC is completely devoid of science, and is instead populated by doctrinaire Lysenkoists who in honest times would be laughed into the Fukushima irradiated waters off the coast of Japan.
We thus have numerous factors influencing the weather, including the most recent model offered by Henrik Svensmark postulating that the interaction of the solar magnetic fields on cosmic rays induces more clouds and lower temperatures.
All of the theories, hypotheses, and models we have presented are not mutually exclusive. They all provide a mosaic of supportive influence which can either compound or ameliorate the effects of the others.
The UN, like other crime syndicates, is a total fraud.

A K Dewdney, Environmental Scientist blasts “scientific consensus”, Veterans Today, November 27, 2014, accessed 11/28/2014

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Developments in the Kennedy Case

Even 51 years after the Mossad’s CIA murdered President John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, new information continues to emerge showing precisely what transpired on the day of the assassination and exposing the Warren Commission as the perpetrators’ juvenile cover-up.
There are times when we believe that Allan Dulles’ Warren Commission wanted the people to know that they and their sponsors murdered the president. It is generally so incompetent and full of inconsistencies that anyone with a GED could see through its preposterous lies. Thus the Warren Commission was not attempting to discover facts - which could only be ascertained within a court of law - but rather to cover up their murders of the president and JD Tippit.
One of the commission’s great shortcomings as an authentic investigative body is that it failed to call scores if not hundreds of material witnesses including the Dallas police officers who rode the Harley-Davidson motorcycles supposedly protecting the president.
Within the past year their testimonies, taken by Fred Newcomb in 1971, were released for the first time by Larry Rivera. The 4 police officers were Douglas Jackson, James Chaney, William Martin, and Robert Hargis.
With Gary King, Larry Rivera reveals a great deal of new information about the sequence of events in Dealey Plaza at the time of the ambush. One example is the amount of time the Operation 40 team and other CIA assassins took to murder the president. The famous book Six Seconds in Dealey Plaza gives the impression that within 6 seconds the shooting was over. This is clearly not the case, if not an outright lie, as anywhere from 15-30 seconds were required to murder Kennedy.
Hargis was hit so hard with Kennedy’s brain matter that he felt he had been hit by bullets, after which he ran up to the pedestal where the CIA’s Abraham Zapruder was filming the assassination for the Agency. The significance of this action, and others taken subsequently by Hargis, proves that the motorcade came to a complete halt on Elm Street, allowing the assassins a perfect view for murdering John.
Hargis told Newcomb that the limousine stopped up to 5-6 seconds. Hargis is not an entirely truthful witness on this point, but his concession that the limousine stopped is ground breaking evidence proving that the president’s limousine at the very least slowed down remarkably, or as Hargis put it, came to a rolling stop.
Other evidence proves that the limousine came to a complete, rather than rolling, stop.
The fact that the limousine came to a stop demonstrates conclusively that the Zapruder film was materially altered to fit the preplanned outcome of the criminal Warren Commission.
Chaney also testifies that Hargis dismounted his motorcycle to run between the 2 limousines – the president’s and the following vehicle – meaning that the motorcade, including the president’s limousine had come to a halt, because there is a photo showing that the lead car, in front of the presidential limousine, with its break lights on and Sheriff Bill Decker standing on his knees in the back seat of the Ford Falcon looking out the rear window to make sure that the president was dead. Anyone who thinks that the vehicle, with the Dallas chief of police Jesse Curry, was racing for Parkland is a blithering idiot or grossly misinformed.
Another critical point which Rivera brings out about the atmosphere in Dealey Plaza is the noise of the motorcycles which is extremely loud. Thus it is impossible that anyone near them could possibly hear rifle or gunshots. Therefore the many discrepancies among witnesses regarding the number of shots based upon aural witness can be explained by the muffling sounds of the motorcycles.
The main point is that the police officers could not accurately count any rifle shots coming from the CIA assassins.
In any event, once Jackson noticed that the president was dead, he raced up the Grassy Knoll on his motorcycle since that is from where one or more of the shots was fired. Another of the 4 officers dismounted his motorcycle to run up the embankment in the words of S M Holland, a railroad employee who witnessed the events from behind the knoll.
The importance of the knoll rider and the officer on foot going up the Grassy Knoll is that they followed the smoke and gunfire. It is with absolute certainty that we can say that there was a CIA assassination team behind the picket fence.
Jackson also wrote an account on November 22, 1963 describing what he witnessed. One of his startling comments is that of 5-6 Secret Service agents running past the presidential limousine after the CIA murdered the president. This astonishing account is more proof that the limousine slowed and halted, for how can anyone but Superman run past a moving car?
One of Sgt Stavis Ellis’ men witnessed a Secret Service agent throwing a piece of the president’s skull back into the limousine after grabbing it from a kid who had picked it up from the grass. The significance of this interaction between the Secret Service agent and the kid is equally astonishing because it adds more seconds to the time that the limousine was stopped – not just a rolling stop, but a complete full stop.
But this was not the only stop the limousine made en route to Parkland Memorial Hospital. Police chief Jesse Curry confirmed shortly before his death a second stop on the ramp to Stemmons Freeway. Earle Brown witnessed the limousine stopping for 30 seconds.
Although it is not entirely clear why the limousine stopped, it may be related to an accident between 2 motor cycle cops - Chaney and Hargis - trying to avoid running over a pedestrian who was crossing the freeway. They knew that the president was already dead, so there was no reason to rush to the hospital.
One of the president’s autopsies revealed glass in his face, proving that the bullet hole in the windshield of the limousine came from the front. Both Jackson and Stavis Ellis confirmed as eye witnesses that there was a bullet hole in the windshield. CIA photographers working for Life and other CIA news outlets covered up the hole in the photographic evidence much as Johnson ordered the completed destruction of the limousine – although a fake version was rebuilt from the chassis up.
In addition to 2 major stops by the limousine before reaching Parkland, there were 2 secret service agents in the back seat with the dead president. It is well known that Clint Hill was allegedly one of them, although at one point Rivera suggests that it was not. The Miller photograph identifies yet another Secret Service agent standing up in the back seat of the limousine at Parkland – someone who remains unidentified today.
The significance of the second Secret Service agent is that it explains the dangling foot in the back of the Continental. It actually belongs to Clint Hill – not President Kennedy.
Finally, another artifact of the Miller photograph is the capture of another assassin on the Corham Motors building near Parkland Hospital. This assassin was probably a backup in the event that the CIA assassins failed to fatally shoot the president on Elm Street.
These new evidences confirm facts researchers have long known:
1.       There was an assassination team behind the fence of the Grassy Knoll
2.       The presidential limousine completely stopped for 6-30 seconds on Elm Street
3.       The limousine stopped a second time for about 30 seconds before entering Stemmons Freeway
4.       There were 2 Secret Service agents in the back with Mrs Kennedy
5.       There was another assassin on Corham Motors building ready to kill the president if he somehow survived the ambush on Elm Street.
6.       Jackson and Martin were left behind on Elm Street while Hargis and Chaney went to Parkland
7.      There were at least 2 assassins in the front of the motorcade - 1 behind the picket fence, and one located elsewhere
8.      The Zapruder film was most emphatically altered
Contrary to previous statements by those complicit in the murder of the president, the case is not closed.
Larry Rivera, The JFK Horsemen, 2014, [accessed on YouTube]

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pedophilia Rampant in Congress

Startling information corroborating our coverage of the massive pedophilia sex rings run primarily by powerful Republicans has been reported in Veterans Today.
These sex slave rings have been operating for decades in Washington, DC with a paroxysm of activity in the 1970s and 80s when thousands of children were absconded by a sex slave ring operating in Des Moines, IA, Omaha, NE, Washington, DC, and California. One of its current leaders is the newly elected Ben Sasse whom the pedophilia lovers of Nebraska elected as senator.
The reason the children have been abducted - and even donated - to the sex slave is to feed the appetites of Congressmen. Dr Preston James reported the results of 2 studies, one by an FBI asset, and the other by a New York City Police Department officer, both of whom independently investigated pedophilia among Congressmen. They found that 40% of Congressmen are involved in child sex and homosexuality.
While these 2 studies date from about 20 years ago, Preston says that little has changed except for more homosexual activity. The findings are perfectly consonant with our reports about sex slaves brought into the Bush Sr White House, almost engulfing his administration in a major scandal when Craig Spence was found murdered in a Capitol Hill bathroom. The official story is that he committed "suicide."
James also noted that one southern senator is blackmailed by AIPAC to tow the Israeli line for perpetual war in the Middle East. The implication is that AIPAC or Mossad is part of these operations, with one current US Major General Aquino heavily involved in the capture of Johnny Gosch and Satanic rituals in the US Army.

Gosch was abducted when he was 12 years old and later showed up in the Bush, Jr White House as "ace" news reporter Jeff Gannon.
The incidence of pedophilia and homosexuality in Congress rises with rank. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to hold a prominent position in Congress without being a pedophile or involved in homosexual ritual sex as practiced by the Ordi Templi Orientis and MG Aquino.
We also have second hand knowledge of the pervasiveness of these practices going back to the Carter administration. It is very much a part of the culture of Washington, and now America - a place where children are sexually assaulted both psychologically and physically from the earliest ages. It is precisely the reason that public schools distribute condoms - to promote child pornography.
Those children who are most attractive to political and corporate elite are taken to Bohemian Grove where they are sacrificed in Satanic sex rituals. Alex Jones has reported extensively on the occultic activities of Bohemian Grove.
In closing we wish to stress that although the Republicans operate the sex trade, it is a truly bipartisan affair, with democrat Barney Frank being one of the more prominent customers of this disgusting depravity.

James Preston, Evil With a Nice Face - the Janus Principle, Veterans Today, November 23, 2014, accessed 11/23/2014

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Timothy McVeigh, Chandra Levy, and the OKC Bombings

In an article describing the duplicities of the corporate and CIA controlled news media, columnist Dr James Preston revealed the truth behind the stories of Timothy McVeigh, Chandra Levy, and the Oklahoma City Bombings.
Although long time readers of these chronicles know that Timothy McVeigh's death was faked, they may not know the details surrounding Chandra Levy whom we have previously identified as a Mossad agent who was punished for indiscretions.
Thanks to Veterans Today, we now have a reasonable explanation for Levy's death, and it relates to the principle that loose lips sink ships, one of George Bush Sr's favorite maxims. As usual the Bush Crime Syndicate was heavily involved in the Murrah Building destruction, so we need to back up to set the stage.
Preston relates that former CBS news anchor Dan Rather was provided with tapes capturing a conversation between George Bush and Timothy McVeigh shortly before the US government destroyed the Murrah Building with nuclear devices in 1995.
When the corporate whore called Bush to ask about the conversation, Rather's long time secretary received an email with Anthrax within 2 days afterward, just as several senators did a few years later when the BCS, along with Mossad, were clamoring for war for their attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001.
Rather thought that he would get revenge when he reported George Bush, Jr's fake National Guard service record, including his recovery in a cocaine rehabilitation center, an addiction facilitated by his father's and Bill Clinton's Mena drug empire. Rather was no match for the BCS, and was quickly removed from his position at CIA CBS.
Chandra Levy entered the OKC story when she was working at the federal penitentiary handling the execution of Timothy McVeigh. McVeigh was carried out on a stretcher and taken to Montana for plastic surgery. No autopsy was ever performed on him and his body was never cremated as claimed.
Levy knew that the execution was staged, but let slip to a friend the true story, which resulted in a rapid murder by the BCS's CIA, and the patsification of Gary Condit, the California congressman with whom she practiced Sado-Masochism.
There are a number of stories floating around claiming that the Japanese were implicated in the OKC bombings as Bush's revenge against his embarrassing vomiting episode in Tokyo, but we believe that this story about Bush's direct contact with McVeigh seals the case that the BCS was the major instigator with a very compliant and willing Bill Clinton.
Of course the major weakness in the McVeigh thesis is that we would consider him expendable. Why would the BCS keep him alive? We will have to await an answer on that question. However, his is simply one of many fake deaths, Barbara Olson's being another such famous example. She was finally murdered in Israel c. 2009 when she violated the terms of her house arrest in Sweden.

James Preston, Evil With a Nice Face - the Janus Principle, Veterans Today, November 23, 2014, accessed 11/23/2014

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Blockbuster JFK Conference in Dallas

Despite the passing of the official November in Dallas (NID) conference sponsored by JFK Lancer, Dallas remains at the communications epicenter of cutting edge research in the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza.
This year Judyth Vary Baker is producing at considerable personal expense an extravaganza featuring some of the crème de la crème of assassination researchers, bringing to over 30 who will address the crowd either in person or via Skype.
It is not entirely correct to say that NID is defunct. While the 2013 conference was supposed to be the last hurrah of the event which Debrah Conway sponsored since 1995, it has come back from the death's door - at the very last minute - in an attempt to compete with the blockbuster event produced by Baker.
Unlike most other conferences, the JFK Assassination Conference is free to the public, although premium seating is available at a modest rate. For their efforts, attendees will be able to hear people like Jesse Ventura, Jim Fetzer, Cyril Wecht, Ed Haslam, Jim Marrs, Jerome Corsi, and 2 dozen others who are either top notch researchers or eye witnesses to the events in Dallas in 1963.
The general consensus of these researchers is that the president was murdered in a conspiracy by the Central Intelligence Agency, augmented by a cast of thousands including organized crime, US military, and powerful plutocrats in New York City, Dallas, and Houston. Even if the speaker does not agree with that consensus, they are agreed that Lee Oswald is innocent of the crime of which he has been viciously slandered.
The conference is planned at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, TX which is less than 20 miles outside of Dallas, November 22-24.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

US Grabs Afghani Rare Earths in Pillage and Rape Campaign

While we had believed that the US invasion of Afghanistan was to gain control of the drug trade, a recent letter by Abdul Kadir Mohmand reveals that even larger spoils are the motive - rare earth elements.
Make no mistake that one of the reasons the Bush Crime Syndicate invaded Afghanistan was to consolidate the drug trade under its control. NATO troops' number 1 job is the importation and distribution of heroin sourced in Afghanistan and financed by JPMorgan Chase and the Vatican.
The official story is that the United States invaded Afghanistan in its War on Terror, a never ending genocidal march for total world conquest directed by the British royal family and the Rothschild Satanists using its colony of Israel.
The United States doesn't give a hill of beans about the misery and death it wreaks on the country in its insatiable bloodlust. In fact according to Mohmand, the United States and its corporate emirates are bulldozing towns, villages, and people as it prepares to rape the country of its natural resources.
Treasonous Mammon worshipping Afghanis have sold their nation to the American corporate conglomerates who have begun to denude the nation of its fabulous mineral wealth. The US selected puppet leader Ashrarf  Ghani, answering only to the corporate and Jewish controlled State Department, dispenses illegitimate blessings on the massive swindles and treason.
Afghanistan is the home of an enormous cache of mineral wealth, the most important of which is rare earth minerals which are vitally essential to modern military technology. China controls about 90% of such minerals, but Pentagon planners fear that China may not always supply them to the United States military industrial complex.
On the other hand, China and the United Sates are cooperating in the pillaging of the nation, which has been a battle ground since the 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. While we cannot develop the theory here, we believe that 1979 invasion was a US ordered event.
In order to secure its supply of rare earths, the US has established at least 9 permanent military bases in Afghanistan, extending its empire of Europe, Japan, and the Middle East to one more victim, Afghanistan.
While this mountainous nation has been the grave yard of empires going back to Alexander, it is not certain how the US's foray into the country will fare. This is another imperial adventure on which to keep an eye.

Abdul Kadir Mohmand, Is the Maoist Communist China becoming a partner of U.S. imperialism in Afghanistan, Veterans Today, November 8, 2014, accessed 11/8/2014

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BIS Behind Precious Metals Collapse

We have long maintained that the US government and its criminal syndicates such as the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements have colluded through their money center banks to manipulate down the price of gold and silver  to protect their criminal franchises as represented by the US dollar. New evidence from Paul Craig Robert and Andrew McGuire confirm our thesis.
McGuire is a London gold trader with numerous inside contacts and a long history of successful gold trading which give him insights into the backroom players who manipulate the price of gold. In a recent interview with King World News, McGuire stated that the Bank of International Settlements has been desperately smashing the price of gold in order to preserve the value and status of the dollar.
The BIS is a central bank's central bank in some ways, founded in the 1930 as a supranational organization which is subject to no government. Its entre into gold price manipulation is a new but not surprising revelation. McGuire's accurate accusation against BIS represents a new turning point in the war on gold.
Previously the major players have been banks such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, HSBC and other criminal banks working under the tutelage of the US Fed, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, BIS, and others.
The most recent smash down in gold involved a drop of well over 30 dollars per troy ounce precipitated by a speculator under no legal obligation to back the short sale of gold. The BIS whipped up 80 tons of synthetic gold out of thin air which it sold into the London Bullion and Metals Association market within seconds. Although individuals may not engage in naked shorting as the BIS did, criminal organizations are exempt from these rules.
Technical analysts who rely on charts for divining the future price of gold and silver simply cannot do so reliably because technical analysis assumes a relatively free market - something which is preposterously impossible within a crime syndicate.
Economist Paul Craig Roberts further cemented the case with his recent observations in King World News with analysis similar to McGuire's. Roberts noted that the recent suspension of the sale of Silver Eagles by the US Mint is due to massive demand, yet the price of silver has been falling. Whoever heard of a falling price of a good in limited supply when demand is at record highs? The problem is that artificially low prices of silver have reduced the supply of economically available silver.
As we have reported previously, gold continues to leave the West in a torrent pace to the Asian nations, particularly China, India, and South Korea. Russia has also been a large buyer of gold at fire sale prices. In addition, the same banksters who have suppressed the price of gold have also been stealing it a prodigious rate.
The collapse of the dollar is closer than most people think, with the BIS now entering the fray in a very large way to stanch the losses and inevitable collapse of the USD.

Eric King, Paul Craig Roberts Shocking Interview on Criminality of US Fed, King World News, November 8, 2014, accessed 11/8/2014

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