Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Booth Did NOT Murder Lincoln

Every school child "knows" that John Wilkes Booth murdered President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Unfortunately American school children have been taught myths, fables, and lies. Though no innocent in the Lincoln murder, Booth was not the trigger puller.
To find who actually pulled the trigger which killed the president, follow the link below to our new website.

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Ventriloquists of Prince Albert Victor

While Prince Albert Victor was the heir presumptive to the British throne following the death of his father Edward VII, he never made it due to an untimely death in 1892 during the midst of an influenza epidemic.
Unfortunately his early death has allowed quacks and incompetent historians to claim that he was Jack the Ripper, a pedophile homosexual, a dullard, and a faker of his own death. The truth is quite different - as we explain in the article below on our new website.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Magi Day

Before returning to our regularly scheduled program of truth sifting on the eve of Christmas Day, we thought that we would drop a reminder that December 25 is not the day of the birth of Jesus, but the day when the Magi visited him as a toddler the year following his birth.
Our alert readers may recall our article on the birth of Jesus which pointed out that his birthday was in September, 3 BC. We published his birth date as September 11, but have since discovered that it is actually September 7, 3 BC.
The annals of history became corrupt at the hands of the Church fathers who, laboring under the decline of the Roman Empire and the ever darkening Dark Ages, determined that Jesus was born on December 25th, perhaps to compete with the pagan festival of Saturnalia.
Through diligent research produced by the late Dr Ernest Martin, and modified by us ever so slightly from the outstanding scholarship of Don Roth, we are certain that Jesus was born on the Feast of Trumpets on September 7.
While the tradition of gift giving comes from the Magi, it is uncertain why Westerners indulge in the froth and excess of it. If people want to celebrate the birth of Jesus, then we would suggest giving unto the least of these as Jesus taught. No where did the Savior teach giving gifts - including gawdawful fruit cakes - in celebration of his birth. It gives Christmas a bad name.
Let your hearts be merry, if but once a year, but know that December 25 is Magi Day.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

John Williams: Why Is Oswald Still Considered the Assassin?

Dr John Williams presented an excellent material exonerating Lee Oswald of the murder of President John Kennedy in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. We go one step further in declaring without equivocation that Oswald did not murder J D Tippit. He was indeed the patsy selected by the murderers to take the blame for their crimes.
To read the full article, navigate to our new website using the link below:

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Murder of Jane Stanford

Extraordinary evidence uncovered by Stanford alumnus Steven Requa documents without equivocation that Stanford University's first president murdered its co-founder Jane Stanford. The story may be the mother of all conspiracies, the surface of which we have only skimmed. To read more, follow the link to our new website.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Did The Rothschilds Finance John D. Rockefeller?

[Editor's note 10/17/2015: We have revised some of the views we made in this article during a dark period of our understanding of the Rothschild menace. The article remains untouched except for a misleading adverb, but does not generally reflect our current assessment of the Rothschilds.]

Many conspiracists believe that the Rothschilds financed the Rockefeller oil empire. While it is an attractive idea to lump all of the plutocrats into a monolithic league of evil, the facts do not support an affirmative answer to our question.

Regular readers of this blog will recognize Will Banyan as a writer whose works we have consulted before, and again, he provides the excellent research relevant to our thesis. He points out that the theory of a Rothschild-Rockefeller connection is old but has two of its strongest supporters in the persons of David Icke and Eustace Mullins, both well known for their varying brands of conspiracy theory.

The line of argument is that National City Bank of Cleveland was a Rothschild owned bank from which John Rockefeller borrowed substantial sums to propel his oil business to meteoric heights. What the better biographies reveal is that Rockefeller borrowed first from family and then a man named Truman Handy and later William Otis and Stillman Witt. When his appetite for capital grew further, he turned to Henry Flagler who was able to bring in the substantial sums Rockefeller required to fuel his rapid business growth. The Rothschilds are not to be found.

Banyan proceeds to describe other banking relationships which Rockefeller fostered and nurtured, especially in Cleveland during the early years of his business development. However, one bank, National City Bank of Cleveland, caught the attention of Mullins. Its interest stems from a House Banking Committee report from May 1976 which showed that a Rothschild firm held an interest in this bank in the 1970s. Nowhere is there any evidence that any of the far-flung family held any interest in the bank in the 19th century. In fact, August Belmont, an agent for the family, lamented his client’s lack of interest in the important American market.

It is thus highly unlikely – though not proven – that there is any factual basis to implicate the Rothschilds in John Rockefeller’s phenomenal oil success. But Banyan does not stop there. He further points out that there is no credible evidence linking the Rothschilds to any globalist scheme. In fact, he quotes Cecil Rhodes as deploring Lord Nathaniel Rothschild as “absolutely incapable” of understanding his dream of an Anglo-American world government.

We should also note that it is impossible to intelligently speak of the Rothschilds as though they were a homogenous lot of Illuminati. The family is simply too diverse and large for sweeping accusations to be made. While we believe that conspiracies exist, we should not become peddlers of false and mischievous ones. We have troubles enough handling that truth that we do not need to traduce our cause with fake conspiracies.

The Invisible Man of the New World Order: Raymond B. Fosdick (1883-1972), Will Banyan

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Why the United States Destroyed Libya

If you believe the vicious lie that the United States invaded Libya because it was a terrorist exporting extremist Muslim regime, we invite you to the truth as found in a fascinating story by James and Joanne Moriarty. Far from being a closed hostile society, Libya was a model for all nations on the African continent.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Murder of Joseph McCarthy

Catty gossip is the basis for the standard story that Senator Joseph McCarthy died of alcoholism. We believe that he was murdered. To read the details about the death of McCarthy, follow the link to our new website.

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Rediscovering Joe McCarthy

If you think that you know Senator Joe McCarthy, you are probably mistaken - at least if you hold the conventional wisdom that he was a red baiting, witch hunting drunk.
The truth is that McCarthy was fundamentally correct in his assessment of Soviet infiltration of the United States, and his personal character nothing as portrayed by the establishment press and academia.
To read the rest of the story, follow the link to our new website.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

In Praise of Abby Martin

Abby Martin has begun a new series called Empire Files in which she documents the atrocities and costs of the American Empire. It is an excellent antidote to the chauvinistic patriotism parroted by people who imbibe propaganda and lies like it was fluoridated water.
To read our review and find her video, follow the link below to our article on our new website

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Monday, September 28, 2015

The End of Bellum Americana

A recent broadcast by Dr Joseph Farrell brought home to us the analysis of other commentators, such as Dr Jim Willie, Mike King, and the editors of Veterans Today, that the decline of the American Empire is palpable, and precipitated by imperial overstretch and the desire of its allies to be free of Washington's boot.
The most recent example of this shift in alliances and reassertion of national determination came with the recent announcement from German Chancellor Merkel that it welcomed Russia in a renewed attack on Washington's ISIS. That was the first shoe to drop.
To read about this development and its context, following the link below to our new website.

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Friday, September 4, 2015

Willie: Bank Bail-ins Already in Progress

Dr Jim Willie unloaded stunning information about the imminence of bank bail-ins in the United States and theft from safety deposit boxes.
For additional coverage of Willie's statements, and some of our own extrapolations from the interview, follow the link below to our new website.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Senator Perdue, Meet General Jack D Ripper

In a recent response to your author's letter to Senator David Perdue of Georgia, the latter fumed and frothed about the need to punish Iran and make it suffer more. Perhaps the Senator was really furious at yours truly for pointing out that the terrorist state of Israel has used nuclear weapons in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. For some reason he is not interested in imposing sanctions on the Jewish barbarians.
To read the full analysis of a letter which could have easily been written by General Jack D Ripper, follow the navigation below to our new website.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Was Harry Dexter White Really a Communist?

Economics aide to FDR's Secretary of Treasury Hans Morgenthau Jr, Harry Dexter White, is a Cold War shibboleth for both sides of the ideological conflict - his name conjuring up treason and turpitude on the right, and possibly wooly headed liberalism on the left. The verdict is in and it's clear that he had Soviet affiliations and a direct role in fomenting war in the Pacific.
To read about the latest research on White, follow the link below to our new website.

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Netanyahu’s Shocking Warning in Fink’s Bar

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a shocking threat to destroy the United States in 1990 in Fink's Bar in Jerusalem with the Bush Crime Syndicate complicit in the treason.
Read the full article and analysis of Netanyahu's threats and sabotage of the United States in the following article on our new website

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Friday, August 28, 2015

How the CIA Founded and Funded Google

If you think that Google was a wunderkind of 2 roller-skating college students with a gift for math and computer science, you would be mistaken. Behind Google is a mass of CIA funding, covert operations, and the Military Industrial Complex.
Dr Nafeez Ahmed has uncovered a startling amount of information about how the police state operates, and the role Google plays in the Matrix. Follow the link below to our new website for the first of several articles on this fascinating topic.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anglo-American Zionists Nuke China

Despite initial mendacious reports that a chemical explosion rocked the port city of Tianjin China on August 12, 2015, the actual cause of the explosions was 2 nuclear bombs launched at China by Anglo-American Jewish terrorists under government sponsorship and protection.
The full article may be found at the link below on our new website.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kissinger Concealed Israeli Nuclear Weapons Program

While the status of Israel's nuclear weapons program had always been a geopolitical parlor guessing game until its revelation in the 1980s, American presidents from Kennedy onward, including Nixon and his National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger, always knew it was real.
A newly released cache of Nixon documents reveals how Nixon and Kissinger sought to keep it a an international and domestic secret, a subject which you can read about on our new website at the following link.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Who Is Diego Wungal?

As controversial as Paul Is Dead is, its contentiousness has risen a notch with Bruno Zeta's theory published c. 2013 that Paul McCartney was murdered in 1962, replaced by Diego Wungal. Writing under the pseudonym BlackBeatle, Zeta makes a plausible case for his thesis.
Although we may not be the first to publish this story in English, there is relatively little available on the subject in our language, so we feel that we are breaking the story in that respect. To read the full article, please navigate to the story on our new website using the link below.

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Friday, August 21, 2015

New Details Reveal “Obama’s” Anglo-Zionist Agenda

New details emerge concerning the communist ties among "Barack Obama", Bill Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Sylvia Margolin, Victor Margolin, Olya Margolin, Benjamin Margolin, and the Silvermaster Spy Ring.
While our sources, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning, do an excellent job of uncovering these connections, they fail to provide the correct interpretation of "Obama's" role as Manchurian candidate. "Obama" is not an Islamic weapon against the United States.
To read more and learn our interpretation, follow the link below to our new website to read the full article.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Statistical Proof That Conspirators Murdered John Kennedy

One of our favorite evidences proving that a cabal of conspirators murdered President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza is the statistical evidence showing the mathematical impossibility of so many witnesses to the Kennedy murder dying of unnatural causes.
To see 4 astonishing graphs proving a conspiracy to murder the president, see our latest article on our new website at the following address:

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Statistical Proof That George Bush Stole the 2004 Election

If there was any doubt that George Bush stole the 2000 election, there is absolutely none that he stole the 2004 election, as statistician Greg Black proved in his classic analysis of the election.
With his generous permission, we have reproduced his article in its entirety on our new website, whose link is provided below.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

From Dealey Plaza to the Texas Theater

There is much misinformation about the movements of Lee Oswald after the CIA ambushed President Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, but we offer an antidote to the lies of the Warren Commission. We also discuss the controversial Rambler station wagon, the Beckley rooming house, and the testimony of Roger Craig.
This article is one of our more important ones dealing with the details of the crime during this critical time period, an article you can read on our new website at the following address.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Just Say No to Drug Legalization

Contrary to British espionage agent George Soros' maniacal drive to legalize drugs, it would not hurt the drug business and would only lead to more human misery than the British have managed to inflict to date.
For a fuller explanation of our opposition to drug decriminalization, read our essay on our new website at the following link.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Narco-Diplomacy: Britain’s Legacy to the World

Britain has an undeserved reputation for civility which an examination of its narco-diplomacy lays waste in the very same manner it laid waste to so many nations in the past and today. The fount of this statecraft is the British monarchy, including Elizabeth II and her government.
Navigate to the link below on our new website to read about the British use of narco-diplomacy to conquer and rule nations.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A New Geometry for Understanding the Murder of President Kennedy

While so many researchers of the investigation of John Kennedy in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 focus on easy to hate groups such as organized crime and the CIA, very few realize that the masterminds of the assassination were the British monarchy and its super secret Special Operations Executive operating through the Permindex corporation.
To read more about this breakthrough in the Kennedy assassination, navigate to our article on our new website:

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Real Reason for the Iran Nuclear Treaty

Veterans Today has released a stunning and controversial article claiming that the motivation for the Iran nuclear treaty agreed to in July 2015 had less to do with the Iran's nuclear program and more to do with its quantum leap plasma energy technology based upon the work of Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. The implications are staggering.
For more information about the disclosures and implications, including the incident of the USS Donald Cook, you may read our article on our new website at the following link:

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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Coming Remonetization of Gold

Professor Antal Fekete makes the case that private ingenuity is bringing about the resuscitation of the gold standard which alone provides not only protection from arbitrary debasement of debt based dollars, but also income earned in gold. This is a contradiction to the oft-repeated bromide that gold is a non-interest earning asset.
We cover this topic based upon a recent presentation by Professor Fekete in an article published on our new website.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Murder, Inc., Dope, Inc., and the British Empire

Very few Americans are aware of the massive subversion of the United States by the British monarchy, but it is as real as real can be. Through the use of drugs and murder, the British Special Operations Executive has taken control of the United States. Its most famous murder was that of John Kennedy.
Our initial analysis of this phenomenon can be read on our new website at the following link.

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Friday, August 7, 2015

In Praise of Putin

While the Jew owned American press shovels bilious lies down its viewers’ throats about Russian president Vladimir Putin, we offer a completely different view based upon facts and fair analysis.

Our full assessment of Vladimir Putin is found at our new website linked below

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

How ‘Bout Them Bears? – A Diagnosis of the US Economy

John Williams' annual commentary on the State of the US economy is very a interesting read. We find that it is coherent and consistent, but the bad news is that America's economic prospects are not bright.

We have selected what we believe are the core charts in the commentary, and provide our reasoning for why we believe that Williams' timing for the great hyperinflation is off in the following link on our new website.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chronicle Update: Affairs Valentino

We have been remiss in reporting the developments in author Eveylyn Zumaya's quest to publish her research on Rudolph Valentino. Long time readers are aware of our enthusiastic review of her first book on the subject, Affairs Valentino. Although we may be a day late and dollar short in providing this update, fans will appreciate the new scholarship and efforts of Ms Zumaya.
Our update may be found on our new website at the following link:

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How the Zionists Murdered 2 Million Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians

While the British to this day deny the Armenian Holocaust of 1915-23 executed by The Young Turk Jews and supported assiduously by the United Kingdom, it is nonetheless a fact of history which that evil empire cannot erase.

We remember the event and provide a truthful telling of the murder of the Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians in the following article.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Permindex Squid and the Murder of JFK

An overlooked principal in the murder of President Kennedy was the Permindex corporation, a somewhat transient, and definitely shadowy organization populated with British royals, oligarchs, and servants of the British empire.
This article delves into the origins of Permindex, Clay Shaw's relationship to it, and its origins in British intelligence, particularly the Special Operations Executive which took over the United States after World War 2.
We only skim the surface as this organization will figure prominently in future postings about the quiet power of the still active and dominant British empire.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

How Doris Kearns Goodwin Slept Her Way to the Top

Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodman, and serial plagiarist, did not achieve her fame and status without good old fashioned bedroom skills. The land her job at Harvard she had sex with Lyndon Johnson according to research by Robert Morrow. This "complicated" relationship does not come without questions about her academic integrity and impartiality.

Read the full article on our new website at

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Did Lee Oswald Suffer Asperger's Syndrome?

The American Chronicle is expanding its presence on the web with a new website at
As part of our transition to the new venue, we are featuring an in-depth article by Judyth Vary Baker on the title of this article. Rather than publishing it here, we have decided to provide a link to the article on our new site.
The website still has significant work to be done, so we hope that you will indulge us until we can rectify the housekeeping deficiencies.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

One Minute Chronicle: Putin Slams Door on Subversive CIA Fronts

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed legislation passed by the federal Duma permitting the government to banish foreign subversive organizations. One of the first organizations evicted from Russia was the loathsome John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation.
Mike King explained in an article on this subject how the MacArthur Foundation is frequently a front for the CIA - much like US AID - which not only gathers intelligence, but also uses its grant making operations to incite "color revolutions" and other internal dissent to topple governments not obedient to the Ziocons and Washington government establishing its fascist New World Order agenda advocated so vociferously by major non-profit organizations.
The MacArthur Foundation is not only a subversive organization, but the UN has granted it non-governmental organization (NGO) status giving it not only the right to sit in official meetings with "consultative" powers, but also to actively promulgate policy in direct contradiction to America's tradition of self government by elected officials.
The CIA, through its many confederates such as the MacArthur and Rockefeller Foundations, has been working since the assent of Putin to foment a revolution to install another subservient puppet like Boris Yeltsin.
Putin has also expelled the Rothschild banksters, one of the motives for the George Soros and Victoria Nuland sponsored revolution in Ukraine.
We applaud the Russian people for recognizing the threat to their sovereignty and existence by evicting the fascist NWO NGO.


Mike King, MACARTHUR FOUNDATION NO LONGER WELCOME IN RUSSIA, Tomato Bubble (, July 28, 2015, accessed 7/28/2015

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How Judah Benjamin Murdered Abraham Lincoln

The lame histories of the murder of Abraham Lincoln correctly identify John Wilkes Booth as the trigger puller in the Lincoln assassination, but they delve no further into the conspiracy which put the great president in his grave. We shall correct that omission.
In addition to explicating the murder of Lincoln, we should begin with the origins of the American Civil War which brewed for decades until it erupted into armed conflict in 1861. One aspect frequently overlooked is the involvement of the United Kingdom and France in the epic war, both of whose intrigues were indispensable to the ignition and continuation of the conflagration.
In 1859 Solomon de Rothschild toured the United States, taking special care to visit prominent politicians including "co-religionist" Judah Benjamin, senator of Tennessee, a man whom he praised effusively as "the greatest mind in North America."
In a letter to his cousin Nathan, Solomon urged him to use the family's influence throughout Europe to gain continental recognition of the Confederacy. One thing astute students of the Rothschilds know is that the family is all about money. If there is no profit in a venture, there is no reason to undertake it.
The family made its name by making sovereigns bow to its seignorage by lending them money to fight foreign wars, the ones with Napoleon being the archetype. Thus it would be nigh unto foolish to suppose that Solomon de Rothschild was not in the United States to find supplicants for the family's vast financial resources. We conclude that de Rothschild was establishing the financial basis for the Confederacy with the proviso that Judah Benjamin serve as his protégé in the government of Jefferson Davis.
Thus Benjamin was the Bernard Baruch of his day, wielding enormous power as the puppet master of Davis who could not have undertaken his war for independence without the aid of de Rothschild.
Other Jews who were involved in financing the Civil War were Senator John Slidell of Louisiana, Frederic Erlanger, a Parisian financier who gouged the Confederacy with heavily usurious loans, and Arthur Belmont who would be the Rothschild viceroy in the North to take up the Union cause.
Thus the Rothschilds practiced an early form of what would later become known as full spectrum dominance where they championed both sides of a conflict for the ultimate win-win jackpot. Lincoln, however, was too shrewd for the butchers of America and Europe, bypassing bankster financing with issuance of Greenbacks which were an interest free form of financing. This infuriated the New York Rothschild banksters, an offense which contributed mightily to his assassination a few years later.
While the Rothschilds were drumming up support for the Confederacy, their aim was to carve the United States into two nations which would make controlling them so much easier. The Czar of Russia, Alexander III, did not sit idly by while his enemies made imperial moves on the United States. Indeed many of Lincoln's decisions, including his controversial ones, were to preserve the Union at all costs in order to keep it independent of European powers who were puppets of the Rothschilds.
When William Seward, Lincoln's Secretary of State, recognized the danger of British and French support of the Confederacy, due solely to the machinations of the Rothschilds, he sought help from the Russian Czar who dispatched his naval fleets to San Francisco and New York where they remained for the duration of the war. With this check, the British and French decided to avoid further involvement in the war.
Later, to pay for the assistance, Seward bought Alaska in what was known as Seward's folly. The Russians sold what was to them a distant wasteland for money which helped recoup the cost of their military aid to the North. Seward may have appeared crazy to most, but he was crazy like a fox. Unfortunately it nearly cost him his life, and indeed cost Lincoln his.
With Judah Benjamin firmly entrenched in Richmond, he controlled Davis like a sock puppet. He served in succession as Attorney General, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State for the Confederacy, the latter of which is considered astounding in light of his disastrous failure as Secretary of War, a failure for which many sought to end his government career, including the Confederate Congress.
In 1861 the Confederate armies sought a quick victory over the North since in a long war of attrition they were sure to lose to the materially wealthier North. Thus it was a strategic imperative for them to win the war early, something which they could have easily accomplished at the Battle of Bull Run. After routing the Union army, Lee's forces could have handily taken Washington, but Davis, under Benjamin's tutelage, prevented an advance on the Union Capitol. This strategic blunder cost the South the war.
The large aim in standing down was to exhaust both belligerents by giving the Union time to regroup, hopelessly indebt them to the Rothschilds, and make the slaughtered victims easy prey for the vultures who would sweep in after the carnage. Taking Washington so early would prevent the realization of these lofty goals.
While Benjamin claimed that a shortage of supplies prevented development of follow through to the victory, this excuse has been debunked. Generals Stonewall Jackson, P G T Beauregard, and Wise would loathe Benjamin to their dying days for his perfidy in failing to take Washington. Even the Confederate Congress pressured Davis to fire the ostensibly incompetent Benjamin, but as the money lender, there was no way that would happen; so Davis reassigned him as Secretary of State.
When the war ended, Benjamin accompanied Davis out of Richmond to Washington, GA from which point he abandoned his sock puppet for Florida, eventually making his way to England where he served as a barrister for a number of years - most assuredly compensation for a job well done. In abandoning Davis, Benjamin showed his true colors.
Before deserting the South, Benjamin sought his final revenge on Lincoln. Few understand today that the murder of the president was a supremely well planned conspiracy, a fact understood by all at the time of the attempted wipeout of the US government in April 1865. Benjamin was also under suspicion as a ring leader in the conspiracy at the time.
Not only was Lincoln targeted, but so was Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of State Seward, and Ulysses Grant. The effort to plan a conspiracy so vast could not have been undertaken by an actor out on loan, Mary Surratt and her hoodlums, and the treasonous Dr Mudd. No, this vast of a conspiracy required professional assistance, the type of which could only come from the Bank of England via the Rothschilds.
The Bank of England was the premier intelligence agency in the world at the time of the Civil War, and was the progenitor of MI 5 and 6. Their services were provided to the Confederate Secret Service to plan the execution of Abraham Lincoln.
Thus Benjamin was the conduit and perhaps mastermind behind the plot. Wilkes was just a pawn and actor in the great drama.
Benjamin's haste to leave the US was due less to his status as a war criminal than as a murderer of Abraham Lincoln. His burning of all Confederate Secret Service documents was surely to cover his tracks in the various black operations against the North.
Most of the historical narrative above derives from a fascinating presentation by Mike King as noted in the Reference section. We have added additional conclusions based upon our understanding of the Rothschild Terrorist Family.
While the Rothschilds failed to achieve all of their aims in the Civil War, they would come back in 1913 with a vengeance and accomplish more than they could have dreamed of in 1859 when Solomon de Rothschild first visited the United States beating the drums of war.

Mike King, Judah Benjamin: The Big Jew of the Confederacy, Tomato Bubble, July 24, 2015, accessed 7/24/2015

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Chronicle Bombshell: How Israel Nearly Nuked USA During Reagan Years

Very few Americans know the story about how Israel nearly nuked the United States during the Reagan years, but new evidence has come forward proving that Benjamin Netanyahu and convicted spy Jonathon Pollard attempted just that.
Jonathon Pollard was a Mossad agent working directly for Benjamin Netanyahu during the 1980s who with the highest security clearances stole the most sensitive nuclear secrets in America's defense portfolio.
The damage was so severe that the details of his arrest and conviction are still of the highest secrecy today. Pollard stole practically every substantive nuclear secret we had including the locations of  all nuclear missiles, order of battle details, and the most advanced nuclear technology in the American arsenal.
These shocking reports come from Veteran's Today which published an expose of Jonathon Pollard and his plans to aid the Soviet Union to destroy the United States in the 1980s.
Not only did Pollard take vital defense secrets which left America truly defenseless, he also exposed over 1500 US CIA agents and assets throughout the world, of which 110-120 were murdered by the handiwork of Pollard.
Gordon Duff also reports that Pollard was selling American secrets on behalf of the state of Israel under the handling of Benjamin Netanyahu. The plot of the Jews was to provide enough technical, tactical, and strategic advantage to the USSR that it could obliterate the United States without the United States firing a shot.
So severe was the damage to US defenses that its details are fully classified today. In most cases, it is unlikely that your representatives in Congress know the nature of the treason, but the ones who do fully support the treachery against the United States as they work for Netanyahu and the Satanic Rothschilds.
Miraculously the Soviets declined the temptation, perhaps following the lead of Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis by refusing the bait. Although Jews engineered the Soviet era and were the butchers who murdered up to 60 million Russians during the 1930s, their grip on power slipped somewhat beginning in the 1950s. Had they retained their power, they would have surely used Pollard's information to destroy the United States.
So while they still had considerable power during the 1980s, they were checked by cooler heads. This event may be why Mikhail Gorbachev calmly pulled down the flag - he had won checkmate. On the other hand, the USSR was economically bankrupt and in no position to develop their victory.
As interesting as this story is, another vital question remains unanswered. Who were Pollard's assistants? There is no way that he could have obtained the information he stole without the aid of very powerful people in the Reagan administration and the Pentagon.
This leads us to our conclusion that Vice President George Bush was the lead traitor who availed the clearances to enable Pollard's espionage. It was Bush who decommissioned several aging Davy Crocket class weapons during his term, whose nuclear pits were then passed through Pantex in Texas from where the pits were sent to Africa, South Africa, Israel, and then some back to the United States.
In the same vein, Pollard had very tight connections in South Africa, and thus we believe was instrumental in the movement of the nuclear pits to the South Africans.
After re-entering the US, newly refashioned nuclear devices were used to destroy the Murrah Building and the World Trade Centers.

With the benefit of this new explosive information, we now see the shoot down of KAL 007 as a trigger event for the Soviets to launch World War 3. It is also a possibility that the Jewish attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983 was another signal to the Soviets to launch a nuclear attack.
Not only should Pollard be executed for murder and high treason, but so should his accomplices in the Bush Crime Syndicate. This evidence proves our point that Israel is a sworn enemy of the United States and must be dismantled as a state.

Gordon Duff, Pollard Goes Free Over Our Dead Bodies, Veterans Today, July 24, 2015, accessed 7/24/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

The True Story of Hanoi John McCain

Hanoi John makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot according to revelations made by Veterans Today in an article describing the treason of Senator John McCain.
Not only did Hanoi John cause the deaths of other Americans in actions tantamount to murder, but his treasonous father, and the traitor Richard Nixon, covered up his crimes to advance his career. As senator, Hanoi John would use his power to block Congressional investigation into the POWs and MIAs left behind in Vietnam.
The name Hanoi John is slight play on Hanoi Jane Fonda who went to Vietnam to protest the US involvement in the war. In a twisted bit of irony, it turns out that both Hanoi John and Jane were right in some respects. The CIA instigated war was an atrocious barbarity worthy of any ancient army. William Colby's Operation Phoenix, and Lieutenant Calley's massacre at My Lai were some of the gross excesses which hang around America's neck of shame.
While ordinary soldiers and Marines were not typically involved in these barbaric actions against civilians, CIA operations left them exposed to ignominy and vilifications heaped upon the American military during the war. The war protesters unfortunately directed their ire at the wrong targets. It was CIA, Lyndon Johnson, Prescott Bush, Averill Harriman, Robert McNamara, Eugene and Walter Rostow, and a bevy of other psychopaths who were behind the barbaric deeds committed during the war.
Hanoi John, the son of a high ranking US Navy Admiral, was supposedly shot down, captured by North Viet Nam, and held as prisoner for several years. While prisoner, McCain gave away the locations of US troops, order of battle information which resulted in at least 60 shoot downs of US pilots, and over 30 general propaganda recordings which gave comfort to the enemy.
Hanoi John was well known among other US POWs as a traitor, especially those whom he left behind. When Hanoi John became a senator, he fought vociferously to keep POW and MIA records classified, and refused to cooperate with other senators who sought to determine the status of these men. The traitor also fought hard to stop legislation making it a crime for government bureaucrats to lie about the status of POWs.
One would have thought that Hanoi John, as a former POW, would have been an advocate for the men he left behind to rot in Viet Nam. However that would not be the case for two reasons. One is that any discovery into the POWs' situations would have eventually exposed McCain's treason. Congressman Bob Dornan described how Hanoi John threatened Vietnamese officials with dire consequences should they divulge any of the secrets they held about his treason.
The second reason Hanoi John was apoplectic about any discovery of POW or MIA information is because he was probably sent as CIA to provide the order of battle information in order to keep the war going. While we do not have hard evidence of this assertion, the only way that McCain could have received the sensitive information he had was through constant contacts with outside sources, meaning that he was part of a Communist intelligence operation which the CIA handled.
When Hanoi John was offered the opportunity to return to the United States c. 1967, he refused, but not out of a sense of duty, something which he only showed to the cause of treason. Bob Dornan explained that McCain had no choice but to stay because if he - Hanoi John - came home as the son of a high ranking scumbag Naval admiral, it would have sunk his career before it started.
So Nixon, who was known to be involved in numerous treasons himself, as we reported with the Yamashita gold hoard, took special actions to expunge and hide any incriminating evidence of treason.
Now you know the story of an American traitor, a man with blood on his hand, but who is not in the least bit bothered by it because he has no conscience. McCain has been seen most recently with ISIS/ISIL leaders, proving that not only are they CIA/Mossad, but also enemies of the United States.

Future generations of Americans will use the epithet Hanoi John the same way earlier generations used the name Benedict Arnold.

Gordon Duff, Trump right about “Hanoi John McCain, Veterans Today, July 18, 2105, accessed 7/18/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Hitler, FDR, and Jesse Owens

If you believe the US ministry of propaganda about how Jesse Owens was snubbed by Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olynpic games, you are going to be in for surprise by reading the true account.
For those new to the subject of Jesse Owens, he was a black athlete who won 4 gold medals at the summer Olympics in Berlin. Not only was he not suppose to go to the Olympics because he was black - the ultimate sin in America's south, and much of the rest of the nation, but he was supposedly a pariah in Nazi Germany because of his non-Aryan roots.
America's official propaganda outlets - PBS, the universities, History, and other peddlers of mendacities - have repeated year after year the story about how Adolf Hitler was infuriated by Owens' achievements, storming out of the fuhrer's box at the stadium when Owens marched by.
In a marvelous piece of historical revisionism, Mike King explained the real story. As Owens proceeded past Hitler's box, the German chancellor made eye contact with Owens and waived at him; the star athlete returned the recognition.
Quoting King,
Owens himself confirms that the "snub" story is a hoax, stating, "When I passed the Chancellor, he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticizing the man of the hour (Hitler) in Germany.
Racist Franklin Roosevelt, on the other hand, did not even so much as send a telegram of congratulations. King further quotes Owens as follows:
"Hitler didn’t snub me - it was FDR who snubbed me. The president didn’t even send me a telegram."
This should not surprise students of Democrat politics. It was FDR who personally ordered that Japanese, Italians, and Germans should be rounded up and detained in concentration camps in the United States, or whose movements were severely restricted to their homes. This illegal act was even applied to American citizens.
It was mass murderer Woodrow Wilson who re-established segregation in Washington after the murderer Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft made significant inroads in dismantling it.
Hitler, contrary to the bilious lies spread about him, did not round up Jews to murder them. The holocaust hoax is another Jewish lie, as are the stories about Hitler's anti-Semitism.

As much as the Jew controlled media spreads its foul lies about American history, the truth will always out.

Mike King, The Real Roosevelts, Mike King, 2015, 106pp

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Chronicle Update: Israel Shot Down Flight MH 17

We reported last year the best intelligence available about the massacre of Malaysian Air Lines flight MH 17 which was shot down over the Ukraine by Jewish operatives on July 17, 2014. Since then more shocking news has surfaced involving Russia's defense of the civilian airliner.
As readers of these chronicles may recall, we reported early that the destruction of MH 17 was not the activity of the Ukrainian dissidents who fought for independence from the fascist Ukrainian government installed by the Rothschild junta led by Benjamin Netanyahu and Victoria Nuland of the State Department.
With the blessing of "Barak Obama" and John Kerry, CIA and Mossad orchestrated the mass murder by directing the flight over a no-flight zone in the Ukraine, and then launching a Sukhoi SU25 fighter to riddle the cockpit with bullet holes, and then to launch an air to air missile at the civilian aircraft.
New forensic evidence collated by Veterans Today has essentially proven that the air to air missile was an Israeli Python AAM which blasted the plane from the skies over Ukraine, thus deeply implicating the Rothschild state in yet another instance of terrorism.
In an even more shocking revelation, Gordon Duff reported that not only was the Boeing 777-200 blasted from the air, but so was the Ukrainian SU25 which shot down the Boeing, by a Russian fighter which was attempting to defend the Boeing.
Our previous analysis was that the Ukrainians attempted to blow-up the airliner because it erroneously identified the plane as that of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus the Russian Air Force dispatched a fighter for protection of the Russian head of state.
Other explanations for the Israeli terrorism include an urgent desire to draw Russia into World War 3, and to provide a distraction of the genocidal Jewish murders of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip.
If that analysis is incorrect we do not have a plausible explanation for the Malaysian massacre other than Israel's hatred for Malaysia which had convicted murderers George Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu of crimes against humanity.
Nearly as breathtaking as the Jewish murder spree are the brazen lies told by the Jewish controlled press which plastered the story all over the airwaves that Ukrainian separatists had used a BUK surface to air missile to shoot down the MH 17. The lies are mind boggling.
The cover-up and falsehoods told by the US government, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other professional liars and feces in America have finally come undone. The world can see what psychopathic monsters run the US news media, but also US foreign affairs.
The story is simple. A cabal of CIA, Mossad, and Ukrainian assassins shot down the MH 17, murdering 298 people because "the finger nail of a Jew is worth infinitely more than the life of a gentile." The rabbinic teachings have been brought to their pathological conclusion.

Gordon Duff, MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to hide Updated, Veterans Today, July 17, 2015, accessed 7/17/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Most Medical Studies Are Frauds

In an astonishing article on the state of medical research, F William Engdahl reported the statements of major doctors in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada who have concluded that at least half of all scientific medical studies are pure frauds.
It would seem that the ghost of Trofim Lysenko has arisen from the grave to guide the quackery of Western medicine. Lysenko is the bully Soviet "scientist" who put other scientists on trial who disagreed with his quack biology theories during the heyday of the Jewish Soviet reign of terror in the 1930s.
Quoting Dr Richard Horton, editor of the internationally renowned peer reviewed medical journal The Lancet , Engdahl quoted the doctor as follows:
Much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.
But Horton is not alone. Engdahl also quoted Dr Marcia Angell, former editor of the equally prestigious New England Journal of Medicine as follows:
It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.
One of the general themes of the article cited below is that so much medical science serves the pecuniary interest of the pharmaceutical behemoths which pays for the research for which obsequious research firms grovel for grants. Clearly there is a massive conflict of interest.
On a sadder note, Engdahl notes that there is very little courage to clean up the fraud which is sponsored not only by the giant pharmaceuticals, but by the not for profit fraud houses, such as the Rockefeller Foundation, all of whom have a vested interest in perpetuating ignorance and fraud. Even the US government regulatory agencies are completely controlled by the pharma giants and cooperate with the fraud, of which the FDA is the most egregious.
These findings do no shock us - they only reinforce our general thesis that American science is not truly scientific, but a tool to control the masses and to justify fraud and injustices upon the horde of gullible people who make up the vast majority of the United States.
So many lies have been advanced by "science", that it would take another blog to fully cover the mendacities which pour out sewage in the volumes in which water falls over Niagra. As a taste of the many scientific forgeries we deplore, we throw out the following in no particular order:
  • Evolution ( a lie and a fraud )
  • AIDS caused by HIV ( a total lie )
  • Theory of Relativity ( a lie )
  • Safety of vaccinations ( a lie )
  • Genetically Modified Organisms ( untested toxic food )
  • Global Warming ( a complete lie )
  • The fossil theory of hydrocarbon fuels ( a total lie )
  • Peak Oil ( a lie )
  • The attack on cold fusion ( a vicious attack upon valid scientific discoveries )
  • Rocket science ( vertical lift off is total imbecility )
  • The benefits of water fluoridation ( fluoride is a toxic, IQ lowering industrial waste )
  • The Gay Gene ( pure lie )
This list does not exhaust the "scientific" lies peddled to the American public, but they exemplify the enormity of medieval science in this country and the vast sewer of fraud in the universities.
Higher education pursues politically correct objectives such as parading the Gay Gene which no one has ever identified, let alone confirm in reproducible studies, which is a sin qua non of the scientific method. Even some homosexual researchers have grown uncomfortable with the nonsense.
The worst abuses come from the bolshevist universities which destroy careers of earnest promising scientists who make uncomfortable discoveries upsetting the scientific applecart as happened with Fleischman and Pons in their pursuit of Cold Fusion in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Parents who send their students to universities often end up sending them to bolshevist mind control centers where they learn to think like their oppressive troglodyte professors. It is time to tear down the universities and rebuild science on a truthful foundation.

Most Americans are probably too young to remember when doctors promoted smoking as healthy, but the medical whores indeed advanced the cause of the giant tobacco terrorists.
It is a shame that a nation which has contributed so much to true scientific advances is adrift in a sea of scientific quackery.

F William Engdahl, Shocking Report from Medical Insiders, New Eastern Outlook, June 18, 2015, accessed 7/11/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

The Secrets to David Rockefeller's Longevity

Many may wonder what is the explanation  for Satanist David Rockefeller's long life. We can finally reveal the secret as fine organ playing, but not of the Wurlitzer variety. We can also assure you that it is not from good living.
One may be tempted to think that genes explain his longevity. Indeed John Rockefeller Sr lived to age 97 while his son lasted for 86 years. So David's survival to 100 fits the gene theory well. However there more to the story.
F William Engdahl has reported that the vast Rockefeller estate at Pocantico Hills in New York has opened a restaurant on the premises using nothing but chemical free food. By chemical free we mean not only that the food was grown without pesticides, but that it is non GMO. This return to nature is quite ironic for a family whose influences on the Monsanto and DuPont corporations, to say nothing of the Rockefeller Foundation, spawned the entire genetically modified organisms movement - Frankenstein science to say the least.
So popular is the Monsanto wheat that it has been turned away at ports in China, and Russia has banned the commercial planting of GMO seeds.
One might also reasonably surmise that Rockefeller's wealth - which counts into the trillions - yes that t was not a typo - affords him the very finest in health care. The family's extensive control of the American health system and relentless push to bring it under bolshevist administration would certainly provide access to top flight medical care. This insight brings us closer to the truth.
Indeed healthy eating is not the only cause of David Rockefeller's long life, nor is his world class health care. Engdahl reported recently that the billionaire terrorist underwent his sixth heart transplant before his 100th birthday in June 2015. Our question is, where does he get the hearts?
Being a strong supporter of eugenics, it can only be surmised that he is very particular about where he gets his hearts, and thus we must further suppose that many men have been murdered to supply him cardiovascular rejuvenation. We are also very suspicious that he may have murdered his son a few years ago to have a heart for his latest transplant. We will also admit that we have no hard proof of such theories - only a visceral revulsion about the man's evilness.
For our part, we had hoped that the American traitor, supporter of Germany during World War 2, and murderer of John Kennedy would be dead by now, but the monster lives on like some blob from a B grade 1950s movie, only in his case real people are terrified, to which we say, Die already!

F William Engdahl, Out of the Bag Radio Show, July 8, 2015, accessed 7/11/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greece Remains Under Rothschild Thumb

Proving themselves to be boobs as big as Americans, the Greek people have gallivanted around Athens celebrating their pyrrhic, pointless victory over their sovereigns in Washington and London. The truth of the matter is that the July 5th austerity plebiscite was a tragedy greater than Aeschylus could have invented.
In a coruscatingly brilliant analysis by Paul Craig Roberts, the former Reagan administration treasury official outlines the real actors and victims in the recent Greek election on acceptance of further austerity. The election was nothing but bling for a bag lady.
The real issue wasn't Greek debt which its prime minister has made very clear is unpayable. In Rothschild finance, no debt is ever forgiven - ever - or my name isn't Shylock. Realities being what they are, the Western bolshevists ruling the European Union on behalf of the Rothschilds warned the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund,  and European Commission, to provide a modicum of leniency to Greece in exchange for keeping Greece in the European Union.
The issue is not that Greece's departure would prove financially disastrous although that possibility is very real. Rather it is that any centripetal forces would distract attention away from the real schwerpunkt of Washington's policy centering in the Ukraine. The ultimate goal is the subjugation of Russia. If the EU showed signs of splintering, NATO would face grave challenges and compromise its designs on Russia.
Although the referendum had no bearing on Greece's participation in the Rothschild organization, it could have been the first step in the direction of an exit. So the Troika ordered Greece to hold an election in order to provide the Eurocrats with a face saving way to lower the financial bar just a tad, as well as provide Tsipras a small bit of negotiating room. The eastern front must hold at all costs.
But if the Greek prime minister thought that he had a mandate to do anything but kiss Jean-Claude Juncker's behind, he was sadly mistaken. For no sooner had the hoopla died down in Greece than he was visited by Ziowhore Victoria Nuland who was dispatched by "Obama" to deliver an assassination threat not to do anything rash such as seek aid from Russia or demand too much loan forgiveness, or to even think about leaving the European Union.
The goal of the Ziocons is to wipe out Russia or to bring it under the dominion of the Rothschilds, the same people who ruled Russia through the Communist party it installed after toppling the Czar in 1917. Russia and China stand as obstacles to the New World Order, neither of whom must be allowed any strength.
With the entire Greek government under the threat of assassination, and millions - maybe billions - but with so much poverty who needs that much - pouring in to bribe the military and other influential sectors of Greece, the intelligentsia will sell their country down the river in a heart beat to stay in the Rothschild fold.
As Roberts noted, Russia missed a golden opportunity to turn the Ziocon flanks, and will pay dearly for it.
Without doubt the Greeks have mismanaged themselves. They have voted for endless largesse by picking other people's pockets, and those pockets are now full of holes and empty after decades of corruption and national theft. Socialism is not an industry which provides long term prospects, except downward mobility. The EU is simply finishing what the Greeks started.
The only way for the Greeks to fight the Ziocons is to leave the European Union, reissue their own currency, and seek a bilateral position between the West and the East including Russia. Continued slavery to the Rothschilds (Brussels) is the ultimate humiliation of Greece.
As for the Russians, it may not be too late to drive a wedge between Greece, NATO, and the EU, but the clock has almost run out. Until the City of London is destroyed, along with the Rothschilds, the world is under their thumb and on the brink of World War 3.

Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts – A Shocking Behind The Scenes Look At What Is Now Unfolding In Greece, King World News, July 7, 2015, accessed 7/7/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Very Strange Death of Jim Morrison

Everyone knows that Jim Morrison, the fabled lead of the 1960s rock group The Doors, died of a heroin overdose in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, what everyone knows is a lie. Jim Morrison was murdered for reasons we provide below.

While Morrison's public persona was that of a bad boy, hippie drug user, hard drinking rock and roll freak, the truth is rather different in one important respect. The shocking truth is that Morrison was not a drug user - he despised drugs and had a strong aversion to needles.

Eric Hufschmid has posted several fascinating articles exploring Morrison's death and his personal life, but his main point is that the singer was never a heroin user. Given his dislike for needles, it is preposterous to suppose that he was a heroin addict or user - even in far away Paris.

Other anomalies abound in the Morrison death including the lack of photographs of the death scene. One cannot imagine the Parisian police failing through negligence to photograph the body  or crime scene. Both his celebrity and the circumstances of his death were too great to overlook such a detail as pictures. How did anyone know that he died of drug overdose and not murder? They didn't, and they also knew that heroin was not the cause of death, despite what the deception whores  have said.

An additional oddity requires explanation, namely that Morrison's death was a very hushed up affair. Not only was his death not reported for several days, but his funeral was as stealthy as a CIA/Mossad black operation. Not only did no one see his body - and we mean no one - but given his huge popularity, his funeral was so sparsely attended, and closed casket, that it could have been mistaken for a bar mitzvah in Riyadh.

One question which no one has asked is, why was Morrison buried in France rather than in the United States? As far as we know, no one in the Morrison family attended the funeral. The hurried rush to burial is strong evidence that Morrison was not in the casket, or that his body bore strong evidence of violence, inconvenient evidence which the Establishment needed to cover up.

Bill Siddons, the band's manager, flew to Paris to view the body for identification. Strangely enough Siddons was strongly averse to viewing corpses, and never saw the body. Besides wondering why he even went to Paris in the first place, we have to wonder if Morrison was in the casket, or why it wasn't opened.

Perhaps the strangest oddity in the Morrison death was the lack of an autopsy. Is it so intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that he died of heart failure that we could dispense with such details as an autopsy, especially when suspicious circumstances surrounded the death at the ripe old age of 27?
The answer of course is, no. Although autopsy policies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, the most obvious and sensible explanation is that Morrison's body gave strong evidence of other causes of death than heart failure or drug overdose. The denial of an autopsy is done to cover-up a crime.
Besides all of the protocol violations connected to Morrison's death, his shares many of the same incoherencies of other famous murders, such as that of John Kennedy, Nelson Rockefeller, and others murdered by the Establishment, where the story starts one way and ends another.
In Morrison's case he was allegedly found in his Paris apartment bath tub, but in another telling, he was found in a bathroom stall at Rock 'n Roll Circus. It could well be the case that both stories are true in some large measure, but these and other discrepancies - such as the heart failure vs heroin overdose - demand better explanations than those provided. More importantly the discrepancies suggest that the powers that be had not gotten their story straight as was the case with Kennedy in the early hours of his murder by CIA/Mossad.
Most Morrison fans know that his father was high ranking US Naval officer George S Morrison. They might also know that his father was one of the key players in the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident which was the contrived casus belli of the Viet Nam War which the mass murderer Lyndon Johnson unleashed to satisfy his Zionist handlers.
Morrison fans may not know that his father became sharply critical of Israel when he found out about the unprovoked Jewish attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 during the US planned and launched Six Day War. In fact, George Morrison called for economic and military response against Israel for its wanton attack against the United States.
Even more intriguing is that the people surrounding Morrison were well connected to US intelligence. Band manager Danny Sugarman who is the source of so many lies about Morrison, married Oliver North's secretary Fawn Hall, who along with her boss was heavily involved with the Iran-Contra crime operation. North carried out George Bush's instructions to murder Barry Seal.
Another manager, Bill Siddons, dated Lynette Fromme, the woman who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford, the president involved in the cover-up of the Kennedy murder. Fromme was, we believe, an MK Ultra subject programmed to murder the president so that Nelson Rockefeller could assume the presidency without an election. Fromme was also a member of the notorious Charles Manson Family.
Thus it is very evident to us that US and Israeli intelligence were involved in the murder of Morrison.
So given all of the foregoing, Hufschmid offers a cogent explanation of Morrison's death which has but one possible flaw. The truth is that Morrison was murdered as vengeance and a warning to his father to drop the USS Liberty retaliation. The minor flaw is that 4 years had passed between the attack on the Liberty and the attack on Jim Morrison. However, the time lapse is not an insurmountable objection. We simply need to explain why Mossad waited so long, and there could be multiple reasons including that the terrorist organization did not want to leave finger prints.

It is also possible that the establishment moved against Jim Morrison because he was an embarrassment given his father's high rank.
It is most plausible that Morrison was murdered at the Rock 'n Roll Circus in Paris, drug to his apartment, thrown in the tub, then Pamela Courson, Morrison's girl friend, was sent to discover it. Her death less that 3 years later was probably a witness elimination operation under the guise of a heroin overdose story.
The main points of this affair are that there is no evidence that Morrison died of a heart attack or of heroin - it was simply a story told to the press. No one saw the dead body; no autopsy was performed. Morrison was not a heroin user and expressed contempt for drugs, especially after he saw many of his peers die from them.
The most reasonable explanation of the legend's death is that Morrison was murdered as a message to his father. His son was the horse's head in the bed.


Eric Huffschmid, The Strange Death of Jim Morrison, various dates, accessed 7/5/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Cure For Economic Decline

While the liars in the universities and press would have you believe that economics is a complicated, arcane science which is required to understand economic cycles, the truth is that these cycles can be easily understood and ended. The solution lies in the abolition of debt based money.
Although Mike King is not the first to advance this cure, he has perhaps simplified it to the point where he could author a 1 page book entitled Economics For Dummies.
The basic problem plaguing nearly all economies around the world is that they use debt based currency. While it is true that we are enslaved by fiat currency, this description obfuscates the real problem, namely that money is created by debt.
It may sound responsible to tether money to an anchor such as debt to keep it from becoming pure fiat currency, but it is indeed the rope around which the Jewish Rothschild banksters have subjugated the entire world.
As King so eloquently notes, with a debt based currency, the supply of Principal + Interest > Money Supply. Always. I recall a college professor in Economics 101 at the University of Illinois explaining away this problem as either negligible or non-existent. Facts prove otherwise, and the professor's magisterial hand waiving accomplished nothing but foisting his Lysenkoist drivel on yet another generation of fools.
The Keynesians have gotten away with these lies because in the early stages of bolshevist finance, the amount of shortfall between principal and interest is too small, and more importantly, the cycle of money and debt creation can be perpetuated indefinitely - well at least until the gap becomes too large as it is today.
The other factor plaguing the Keynesians is the Marginal Productivity of Debt which in this country is negative. So the addition of more debt means economic contraction. In real terms this is precisely what has been happening since 2000. With inflation being higher than officially reported, the economy has shrunk faster than anyone knows - a problem reported by John Williams at Shadow Stats for many years. The vast shrinkage of work force participation back to 1978 levels, and the decline of real income below the high water mark of 1971 is about all the proof anyone needs to see the causation between debt and economic activity.
The debt currency problem is easy to fix by abolishing the usury of the Federal Reserve. All currency should be issued by the US Treasury debt free as needed by productivity. But this kind of policy tends to invite "lone nut" men such as John Wilkes Booth who worked for the Confederate intelligence services who worked for the British to murder a president who defied the banksters, and Mr George Bush of the CIA who helped murder another president who was said to be working on issuing currency directly by the Treasury.
As long as a nation follows the usurious practices of the Jewish Federal Reserve Board, it will suffocate under debt. Jesus threw the first century Jewish money changers from the temple and will do so again when he returns  - and this time for good.

Mike King, Global Debt Crisis for Dummies, Tomato Bubble, nd, accessed 7/4/2015

Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Cowards and Criminals in Uniform

We were reminded of yet another murderous act of the US Military when we came across a retrospective of the United States' missiling of civilian Iran Air Flight 655 on July 3, 1988. Murder is the US government's stock in trade so the story came as no surprise.
The murderers of the USS Vincennes launched a surface to air missile in Iranian waters over Iranian airspace to shoot down the Airbus A300 B2-203 carrying 290 passengers of which included 66 were children. The coward and murderer Captain William C Rogers III gave the orders to attack the unarmed airliner.
The hysterically retarded explanation offered by the Reagan administration was that the US Navy mistook the Airbus for a F-14 Tomcat fighter. The liars of the administration also declared that the sailors were in a mental state of "scenario fulfillment" in which they confused war exercises with reality.
Reagan, who was the author of operation Garden Plot while governor of California, a false flag event to murder Vietnam War protestors, stated that the attack was in self defense.
The US government rushed to produce a report which it delivered less than 4 weeks after the event on July 28 to whitewash the affair. It stated that a combination of faulty electronic signals gave the commanding officer poor information on which to base the decision to shoot down the civilian airliner.
International investigations came to significantly differently conclusions, holding the US responsible for criminal behavior. In 1991, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Crowe, finally admitted that the USS Vincennes was in Iranian territorial waters contrary to vehement denials from the criminal Reagan administration in 1988.
In a classic admission of guilt, Vice President and murderer George Bush declared, “I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever, I don’t care what the facts are.” The crew was awarded combat mission ribbons, and Rogers and LT Commander Lustig were awarded the Legion of Merit for murdering civilians.
To recap, a navy which spends billions of dollars on training and on allegedly the most advanced weaponry and surveillance equipment in the world was unable to distinguish an F-14 Tomcat from a bulky Airbus jetliner 3 times its size because its crew was in a haze of "scenario fulfillment" and then honors the murderers with military decorations, including the coveted Legion of Merit.
We rest our case that the US military is commanded by cowards and psychopaths who call the murdering of civilians courage. The US military is a shameful and cowardly cabal of little boys. This is what the Village People called macho men. It is what we call murderous, cowardly men. "I'm a big man because I shot down 290 unarmed civilians - give me my medal!"
GPD, Murder in the Air, Veterans Today, July 3, 2015, accessed 7/4/2015
Copyright 2015 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

How Theodore Roosevelt Faked His Attempted Assassination

People familiar with the charlatan Theodore Roosevelt will not be surprised to learn that the gun shot wound he allegedly suffered while running for president in 1912 was entirely faked.
The reason people familiar with the publicity whore Roosevelt would not be surprised by this fakery is that the "Rough Rider's" life was manufactured horse manure, including his famous charge up San Juan Hill. We have documented how this event never occurred, and that this president's military record was entirely fraudulent.
Even the "prestigious" PBS has reported that a black Brigade accomplished the heroism of San Juan Hill - not Leonard Wood and Hop-along Roosevelt.
Mike King has re-examined the shooting event in the 1912 election to discover that it could not have possibly been true that Roosevelt was shot and then delivered a 90 minute flatulent speech.
On October 14, 1912, John Flammang Schrank allegedly shot Roosevelt with a Colt .38 caliber pistol moments before the president was scheduled to deliver a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When his ineffectual bodyguards explained to the crowd that Roosevelt had been shot, some in the crowd started yelling "Fake! Fake!" Thus began the first October Surprise.
Then in drama queen fashion - as King puts it - Roosevelt revealed to the audience his blood stained shirt to "prove" that he had been shot. He was "miraculously" saved by his thick speech and steel lined eye glasses case. Although he claimed Bull Moose bravado, there was other bull in the story. Thus arises the legend of the original magic bullet theory.
It is preposterous beyond imagination to believe that a .38 caliber pistol at close range would have been stopped by paper and an eye glasses case. It is also preposterous to believe that the former president would not have been rushed to a hospital for treatment, especially given that his predecessor was downed not so much by the bullet but by the residual effects of the shooting - and a fake doctor who guaranteed that McKinley would die.

Oddly enough, given this background, Roosevelt's bullet was never removed. If you are wondering why, it is because he never had a bullet to remove.
But why would Roosevelt stage this publicity stunt? His Jewish handlers, specifically Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff were hell bent on electing their sock puppet, the treasonous, adulterous, murdering, racist, ziowhore Woodrow Wilson because they were desperate for World War 1.
Taft was on the cusp of winning re-election, but Roosevelt was ordered by these men to run in the 1912 election to syphon votes from Taft and to create insinuations that Taft was behind his attempted murder the way Roosevelt was truly associated with the murder of McKinley.
It is unclear if there is anything truthful in Roosevelt's biography, but we are certain that the gunshot wound is completely staged fakery.

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