Saturday, October 28, 2017

Is God Really Impossible?

We came across an interesting essay which explained how God was impossible. Unfortunately, most of the opponents of the article did not read the fine print which qualified the argument. We would like to elaborate a bit further on the thesis.

The author of the article in question is an anonymous writer going by the name fatfist. To his credit he adheres to the scientific method and to precise definitions. Most of his adversaries couldn't define a fart if their lives depended on it.

For those wondering, a definition is a stipulation declaring criteria for membership in a set. For example when we ask for the definition of a ball, we don't care about its size, color, weight, etc as those are descriptive aspects of what we assume to be a ball. We are only interested in the minimum criteria for labeling an object a ball. We might then say that a ball is sphere with a bounce coefficient greater than 0. Thus a globe, though spherical, is not a ball because we assume that it does not bounce.

And so fatfist defines key terms in making his argument that God cannot exist. The first term is God who is defined as the person who created something from nothing as monotheist theologians are inclined to do.

His argument is sullied by the mischievous stipulation that the verb "to create" must be creatio ex nihilo, but which in ordinary usage does not carry that meaning. As such, caveat emptor. We exploit the loophole in short order.

He then defines space as a void, and matter as something which has form which can only come from location in space. An object has existence if it has location, and location is defined as the set of distances to other objects. Matter is that which has form.

Since space is a void - ie nothingness - by definition it cannot be created. Since it is impossible to have form without space, then space must necessarily precede form and hence precede matter. Since God is said to have form, he must have matter and be surrounded by space. The implication of these statements is that space and matter are eternal and God must consequently be subsequent to them.

Thus we have a non-eternal God who rather than creating the universe could have assembled planet earth and this would be highly consistent with Genesis which pervasively uses the language of manufacture, construction, and formation to describe the creative acts in its first 2 chapters. They were not creations ex nihilo as the theologians and atheists normally insist.

So God might exist, contrary to fatfist, but then we are talking of 2 different types of Gods - a greater and "lesser" god. The idea of a "lesser" god is actually consistent with the Biblical book of Genesis which introduces elohim which refer to powerful or authoritative beings rather than to gods with magical powers. These elohim could be the assemblers who built the earth and man but then the question becomes, How did they come to exist?

Along with Fatfist's description of matter and the universe is the explanation that all matter is bound together by gravity, magnetic, and other forces such that all matter is in fact unity. This gives rise to the idea of the Universal Mind. Perhaps all of these connections among matter creates in effect a mind much like the human mind which operates as the electro-chemical machinations of brain cells, neurons, axons, synapses, dendrites, and so forth. The idea of the universal mind could be analogous to the brain but operating on a much grander and more complex scale.

In any event, God is not impossible if one considers the "lesser" god of whom we may be children. On the other hand, neither is he guaranteed.

fatfist, God Does NOT Exist - It is IMPOSSIBLE for a God to Exist, HubPages (, June 3, 2014, accessed 10/28/2014

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Did Lady Diana Fake Her Death?

With all of the fake events such as Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc, one must ask if anything in the world is real, including the death of one-time Princess Diana. Although we do not have sufficient proof to make an adamant conclusion, we think that enough evidence exists to suggest that Diana indeed faked her own death.

There are many reasonable conspiracy theories which suggest that Diana was murdered. There are enough confessions, mysterious incidents, and ambiguous news to give rise to the idea that the one-time princess was murdered. We think that Occam's razor rescues us from that conclusion, although we are not opposed to it in principle should sufficient evidence emerge to substantiate it.

A simpler conclusion is that Diana faked her death to escape torrid media spotlights and to lead a more normal life. We suspect that Queen Elizabeth or her former husband Charles gave Diana the opportunity to leave at the peak of her fame in exchange for not sullying the royal line with Muslim lines, although it had long been overrun by Jews, and perhaps that is the main point.

We are drawing from memory some of the key events of the crash, so we might be mistaken in some details and will stand corrected if indeed we are. But for starters, Diana predicted her own death which some see as an ill omen or that an assassination attempt was being plotted. But a simpler read of the notes she shared with her bodyguard is that she knew she was soon to fake her death. Writing the note created a lot of noise and distraction from the real facts - ie a cover story to confuse.

Complementing this idea is Diana's disclosure on the day of her "death", according to Lillian Zhang, to Richard Kray of the Daily Mail that she was planning to retire from public life.

A couple of key anomalies at the accident scene also reinforce the idea that Diana faked her death. One is that initial witnesses reported that the vehicle in which she and Dodi were riding suffered limited damage - certainly not enough to be fatal. Another witness observed Diana alive and coherent as she was placed in the ambulance.

Yet there was nearly 1.5 hours delay in arriving at the hospital which was only 10 minutes away. So 2 explanations present themselves. One is that Diana was murdered. The other is that her body was swapped for a fake while she and Dodi were taken to a royal jet to be flown to God-knows-where.

Given the penchant for the elite to fake deaths as Miles Mathis has shown again and again, we are inclined to believe that Diana faked her death and is most likely still alive. All of the stories about MI-6 involvement in her murder are noise. They most likely were involved in helping to fake it or in creating confusing conspiracy theories for never would MI-6 act to murder her without full royal consent which includes not just Phillip, but the very powerful Spencers and other prominent parties.

Our case is not ironclad. It would be nice to see a photo of her today as we have seen of John Lennon. But the idea that the royals would kill one of their own is an even greater stretch.

Lillian Zhang, Princess Diana's death faked?, May 28, 2012,, accessed 10/26/2017

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Louis Pasteur: The Troglodyte of Biology

Louis Pasteur has been lionized as a legend in biological history, but the truth of the matter is that he was a fraud, and was to medicine what the Middle Ages was to Western Civilization.

Not only did Pasteur steal ideas from others, but he faked data, and put biology and medicine on a trajectory not much different from blood-letting. Ethel Douglas Hume and R. B. Pearson exposed Pasteur's frauds in the early and mid 20th century, but Gerald Geison delivered the coup de grace in 1995 when Pasteur's papers were at long last released to the public. Geison found that Pasteur systematically falsified his data and stole ideas from his contemporaries including the truly great Antoine Bechamp.

So what was Pasteur's legacy? The process of heating foods, known as pasteurization, and the Germ Theory of pathology are his 2 most well known contributions. Unfortunately they are both quackery which serve big pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Pasteurization is most associated with milk processing during which milk is heated to well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit to kill germs. Unfortunately this process kills mostly good enzymes and bacteria which eviscerates so many of the benefits of milk. Unpasteurized milk is perfectly safe to drink, a fact to which this author can personally attest.

The more important idea which Pasteur fostered was the Germ Theory in which the Frenchman declared, contrary to all experimental evidence available in the 19th C., that monomorphic germs cause infectious disease.

Another French man, Antoine Bechamp, discovered that viruses, germs, microbes, et. al. are pleomorphic and change shapes, when sufficient waste and toxic matter are discovered in the body, to purge the body of these harmful matters. In other words, germs, etc. are the consequence of disease - not its cause - and are part of the toxic waste cleanup crew of the body. Bechamp's model is known as the cellular disease theory.

The implications are staggering. Modern medicine is built upon the faulty, troglodytic ideas of Pasteur which have resulted in toxic, lethal, and counterproductive vaccines which attack the body's ability to heal itself - to say nothing of causing autism, cancers, and other malignancies.

The great advances in health enjoyed over the past 2 centuries are largely creditable to vastly improved diets. Common childhood diseases such as chicken pox, measles, etc., are not communicable but caused by toxic build-up in the body.

American medicine is controlled by greedy psychopathic money interests, namely the Rockfellers, who control the so-called prestigious medical journals such as those endorsed by the American Medical Association. These plutocrats create toxic living conditions which in turn "require" the prescription of toxic drugs which in turn require more drugs and surgeries which make most Americans not only credit and wage slaves, but also medical slaves. You are nothing but a piggy bank for the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to shake and you are conditioned to accept it because of the witch doctoring founded upon Pasteur's quack theories which he recanted at the end of his life.

It is long past time to discard Pasteur and follow the science and wisdom of Bechamp.

-, Louis Pasteur Plagiarist, Imposter & the Truth About Vaccines, Aetherforce,, nd, accessed 10/23/2017

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

What's With All the Russian?

One curiosity in the Oswald case which has recently caught our attention is the large amount of Russian language spoken among Oswald and his closest associates. We do not yet know what to make of it, but we will draw the picture to encourage additional thought.

First let us deal with Lee HARVEY Oswald, the man accused of murdering President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas' Dealey Plaza. We accept the idea that there were more than one Oswald, quite possibly up to 4 significant Oswalds. There is the one just mentioned; the one who impersonated HARVEY in the Texas Theater and elsewhere also known as LEE using John Armstrong's convention; one who allegedly spoke with Patricia McMillan at the hotel where Oswald stayed in Moscow, and one whom we believe returned to the US with Marina in 1962.

(As we have argued elsewhere, we do not believe that HARVEY went to the USSR.)

The significant issue at the moment is not how many Oswalds we can count, but the fact that HARVEY could speak fluent native Russian. James Norwood provides strong evidence including contemporary documentary support that HARVEY's command of Russian was superb, and that he read difficult Russian works in a language already known for its difficulty.

We quickly note that LEE couldn't speak of lick of Russian to save his broken tooth which is why there are conflicting reports about "Oswald's" ability to speak Russian.

While in the US, HARVEY did not hide his Russian speaking abilities before fake-defecting to the USSR, but while in the Soviet Union he feigned complete ignorance, and made only token advances in learning the language during his 2 1/2 year stay.

When Oswald returned to the US, he brought with him his new wife Marina who quite obviously spoke Russian. She pretended not to understand English, but this was clearly a ruse. Researchers such as Armstrong have shown how she was able to negotiate complex contracts written in English.

One of Oswald's early handlers was George De Mohrenschildt, also a good friend of George Bush, who spoke Russian natively, and would most frequently converse with Oswald in Russian.

Finally, we have the vile Ruth Hyde Paine who was extremely proficient in Russian, long before she made the fake claim that she wanted Marina to live with her so that she could improve her Russian. So in Dallas, when Marina was living with Paine, and on occasions when HARVEY spent time there, Paine was hosting a house full of fluent Russian speaking spooks.

We are not suggesting that the ubiquity of Russian was a sign of Soviet intelligence work. But we are asking why this language was prevalent among these intelligence agents and operatives. Was it to speak in a language which neighbors could probably not understand when discussing CIA work? Was Ruth Hyde Paine Oswald's handler? Did everyone know that everyone else in this cozy confab spoke excellent Russian and worked for the CIA?

We have surmised previously that Paine was assigned to Oswald to keep an eye on Marina so that she could observe any of her Russian conversations, and likewise for HARVEY.

Nevertheless, we feel as though we are still dancing around the issue, and that the Russian language characteristic indicates something more than we currently know.

James Norwood, Oswald's Proficiency in the Russian Language, Harvey and Lee (, nd, accessed 10/22/2017

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Was Hitler Jewish?

Claims of Adolph Hitler's Jewish roots have circulated for years, but recent genealogical tracings strongly suggest that the reports are true. If so, what does this mean for our understanding of World War 2?

The most recent evidence we encountered comes from Miles Mathis whose extensive paper on the topic seems to seal as fact the suspicion that Hitler was Jewish in both his maternal and paternal lines. It also explains why Hitler's genealogy goes dark in several and unreasonable places - as if the Jewish controlled press is attempting to hide this fact.

But it is not just Hitler who was Jewish. Mathis shows that most of the senior Nazi leadership was Jewish, including Martin Bormann, Adolph Eichmann, Rudolph Hess, Heinrich Himmler and so many more.

The implications are staggering because it shows that World War 2 was a Jewish food fight, so to speak, where Gentiles were slaughtered like cattle. In other words, Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill, and Mussolini were all Jewish and they were, especially Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill, the instigators of World War 2.

For those who might accept the idea that Hitler was Jewish but then suggest that he was a self-loathing Jew, we would quickly point out that there is no such thing. Of all peoples, Jews are very tribalistic and narcissistic, meaning that they are extremely chauvinistic and supportive of all things Jewish. There isn't even the remotest chance that a Jewish Hitler would be against Jews.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the Holocaust was a gigantic hoax, one which the Jews had been perpetrating since the 1850s. There isn't a shred of evidence that Hitler sponsored any extermination of Jews. Of what the whining Jews neglect to inform you is that far more Gentiles died in Germany than did Jews, and that the deaths were the direct result of Allied bombing which made it impossible for the Germans to maintain healthy living conditions in the work camps.

No Jew was killed with Xyklon B - a delousing agent used as such, or in gas chambers which were strictly crematoria. These ludicrous lies should cause Gentiles everywhere to rise in revolt against Jews.

Hitler was also an early champion of resettling Jews in Palestine although there was no open enthusiastic support of that idea at the time. Consequently other relocation plans were pursued including to Madagascar of all places.

But didn't Hitler defy the Rothschilds and lift the yoke of the Allies who had ruined the nation with its crushing war reparations? Yes, and he also moved against the Jews by imposing restrictions on their employments. These actions were very popular with Germans who recognized that the Jews among them were traitors who had sold them out in World War 1 and would do the same in World War 2. These popular acts paved the way for Hitler's assumption of extraordinary power.

Thus, assuming that Hitler was indeed Jewish, we must conclude that he was controlled opposition to move Jews out of Germany into the United States and other western nations, as well as setting up the inevitability of a Jewish state for the Rothschilds. His legacy would guarantee to neutralize any animosity toward Jews while they enslaved the rest of humanity which they see as so many beasts of burden.

Indeed Mathis uncovers abundant evidence that Hitler was an intelligence operative working for Jewish industrialists who wished to re-arm Germany for one more massive butchering. Hitler was above all else an actor doing the bidding of his patrons.

Hitler's act as an antagonist would then explain his fake death about which we have see-sawed. We originally accepted the revisionist stories that Hitler faked his death and escaped to Argentina. Then we rejected those accounts assuming that Hitler was a non-Jew who championed the German people against Western and Jewish oppressions and thus would have gone down with the ship so to speak. As it turns out, the Fuhrer most likely survived his death.

CIA (main stream) news sources admit that DNA tests show that Hitler had Jewish blood, but they stop short of stating that he was Jewish as only a liar could circumlocute. This seems to us a limited hangout operation. If other independent sources can confirm the genealogical evidence presented by Mathis, then we have a major rewrite of history on our hands.

Miles Mathis, Hitler's Genealogy, January 16, 2017,

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Meet Miles Mathis, Polymath

We stumbled upon a remarkable man whose attraction to us was not necessarily his varied and sundry interests, but his ability to think originally about historical events and squeeze truth out of establishment (CIA) sources.

We are speaking of Miles Mathis, a true Renaissance man whose interests stretch from art to physics, mathematics, science, history, poetry, and most likely much more, interests which some may see as mutually exclusive - unless of course one is speaking of a bonafide polymath.

It is all the more remarkable that we would endorse Mathis' writings because it is not our habit to champion Jews whom we regard as a source of many of the great ills in the Western world. Mathis describes himself either as Jew or half Jew, the latter of which might be akin to being half pregnant. However Mathis is very objective in assigning responsibility where it is due and holds no prejudicial animus towards Jews.

One example where Mathis has shown originality is in the computation of pi which anyone with grade school mathematics education would tell you is 3.14 ad infinitum world without end. However in the case of our mathematician, we learn that it is 4 when dealing with a circle in motion. He provides the proof which should turn the world of mathematics upside down, but for some reason is being suppressed - we can't imagine why (wink wink).

Where we are most captivated with Mathis, however, is in the sphere of history where he has exposed more faked history than Carter has pills. Even as hardened Conspiracy Scientists we were shocked at the number of faked deaths reported as authentic. While we could not enumerate all of them, to name just a few, consider that all of these people's deaths were faked: Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and so many more.

Mathis' methodology is to examine the standard texts of these events - which in a sick way often means consulting Wikipedia - to examine them for consistency. Stories with a considerable number of inconsistencies, or requests for suspension of disbelief, become candidates for complete dismissal.

An example is the assassination of President Lincoln in Ford's theater. While we have written previously that we do not believe that John Wilkes Booth murdered the president, we were not bright enough to suppose that Lincoln had not been murdered at all. It is this unique ability to begin at ground zero and to question everything about a story which make Mathis a coruscating intellect.

Continuing with the example of Lincoln, Mathis asks why an actor would risk his reputation and life for killing a president, and then stop on stage after a 15 foot jump to make a short speech, and then be able to escape without one single person in the audience or cast attempting to rush him, as there must have been many armed military men in the house that evening.

The other critical observation Mathis made is that Lincoln was not taken to a hospital, the likes of which existed in abundance in Washington, DC. This point alone serves to undermine the thesis that Lincoln was shot. It also explains to us why General Grant, Robert Lincoln, and a couple of other potential guests refused the invitation to accompany the President to the play. Perhaps these episodes were faked as well. The fakery of assassination is also the reason Mary did not go to the funeral. Why should she? - it was for some other man or none at all.

Mathis even suggests that Booth was dead at the time of the fake assassination and would have therefore been a perfect patsy.

The other major technique Mathis uses in deconstructing fake history is genealogy which has proven time and again to identify the same powerful families behind both fake and real murders. More intriguing is that so many - perhaps a majority - link back to the British Peerage which at times seems to be primarily Jewish.

While Mathis prizes truth over lies, even when it implicates Jews, he always writes in an irenic fashion - ie, he does not demonize Jews, recognizing that both Jewish and Gentile financial elites are behind the many frauds and desecrations of history. From this stance, Mathis makes the ostensibly reasonable proposal to appeal to the reason of perhaps the 50 most powerful men in the world rather than to fight them - the latter proposition being dead on arrival. While we like the idea, we are not optimistic since these men tend to be psychopathic, a confession of which one bankster made in an article published by Zero Hedge many moons ago. The bankster in question said that "we cannot help ourselves" in connection with fleecing people and the system.

Regarding art, we are not firstly drawn to portraiture, but nonetheless respect Mathis' work. He has pointed out how the Rockefellers and its CIA have totally destroyed art by ignoring and denigrating representational art in favor of such modernist forms as Abstract Expressionism. We were heart warmed to read Mathis' appreciation of William Merritt Chase and John Singer Sergeant, to which list we like to add Childe Hassam.

If you want to understand Western history over the past 1000 years, you must take Miles Mathis with you on that journey.

Miles W Mathis,

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Presley Project

If you think that Elvis Presley was a spontaneous combustion of American popular culture of the 1950s who rose from rags to riches, you have been drinking too much of the CIA Kool-Aid. New information has surfaced showing that Presley was an MK-ULTRA project from birth.

The standard hagiography of Presley is that he was the poor son of a tenant farmer who by good fortune and talent stumbled on a career as a music and film idol at the dawn of the Rock & Roll era, only to die prematurely 1977. The story is a contrived hoax of the CIA.

Researcher Miles Mathis has uncovered a great deal of information which sheds light on the real powers behind the Presley phenomenon, and gives us a truer portrait of the entertainer's personality and career.

Presley was born to a Jewish mother whose family were very well connected to prominent Jews, including the disgraced Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas who was forced to resign from the court due to extensive criminal activities.

Presley had a twin brother Jesse Garon who is said to have been delivered still-born and who was buried in an unmarked grave which makes it very convenient to obscure his real fate. According to Mathis, it is a near certainty that Jesse survived because numerous photographs of Elvis are impossible to be the same man. Thus the most reasonable explanation is that Elvis had a double, and what better doppelganger than one's twin brother?

Thus Jesse allowed "Elvis" to maintain a whirling dervish itinerary of activity in music, military, film, and concert.

Mathis describes the many Jews involved in Presley's meteoric career which got so many breaks as to defy credulity, such as appearing on the Jewish Milton Berle Show just a couple of weeks after his first record released as a complete unknown.

The Jewish David Sarnoff's RCA benefitted handsomely from the record deals made for Presley, as did the Dutch native Tom Parker. In fact Parker made far more from the records than did Presley, not because Presley was a poor businessman, but because Presley was property - property of CIA, and its affiliates RCA, Parker, and the Dutch Phillips family.

In time, Jesse let his appearance and health go, perhaps due to medical problems, and thus caused problems with doubling for his brother. Mathis believes that Jesse married Priscilla. The many accounts of Presley's drug addictions to lose weight contradict earlier stories that Elvis was clean as whistle regarding drugs. The most reasonable account is that both stories are true - Elvis took care of himself while Jesse did not.

While this may have been a factor in deciding to close down the act, Mathis also argues that the expense of maintaining two Elvis' may have been too much for the Agency, although we find that thought unpersuasive. It is more probable that Elvis was no longer generating cultural shock, and thus was no longer valuable as a psychological warfare tool. His death would generate plenty of publicity and new income, so keeping Elvis alive was not essential to future revenues.

Thus in August 1977, the trigger was pulled so to speak. Whether Jesse died or fake died we don't entirely know. Dear readers of our past Chronicle on this subject will recall that we were positive that Elvis faked his death, but at that time we had never considered the possibility that his twin was involved in the Presley Project. As such, we need to re-open the investigation. In any event, at least one "Elvis" survived the reports of his own death.

So what was the purpose of the Presley Project? It was designed, years in advance of its execution, to debase American society through sex, drugs, and Rock & Roll. Such debasement would lead to destruction of the family unit and  decreases in the White population, thus exacting revenge by the Jews on the races they believed crushed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Forgiveness is not part of the Jewish lexicon.

Presley was an authentic talent who still has legions of fans, but he was a puppet in a much larger game to corrupt traditional American values.

Miles Mathis, Elvis Aron Presley: Intelligence Project, December 15, 2015

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

White Genocide

After more than a century of relentless warfare against Caucasians, the White Race is in its death throes and has not much more than a century or two of survival remaining. We describe the perpetrators, their methods, and motives for White Genocide.

The vicious assault against Whites began in earnest internationally with World War 1 during which the Jews pitted the White Anglo-Saxons of the United Kingdom and the United States, with its French and Italian allies, against Anglo-Saxon Germans. It was a fratricidal war which decimated Caucasians, especially the French. The Jewish Winston Churchill used the Gallipoli fiasco as a killing field for his naval and marine forces, then said, "Oops my bad" without suffering any consequences for his feigned incompetence.

The Jewish Winston Churchill, the Jewish Franklin Roosevelt, and the Jewish Josef Stalin orchestrated war in Europe a second time against Adolph Hitler who represented an ideological threat to Zionism and its predatory central banking. Again brother killed brother in a replay of World War 1, but this time with much greater destructive force. The Jewish Winston Churchill resorted to carpet and fire bombing to destroy the loathed Caucasians.

Prior to World War 1, Jews instigated the American Civil War to decimate the White ranks. The Rothschilds backed both sides of the war. When Lincoln dared to issue his own money, the Rothschilds closed ranks to murder him. But in the meantime, they were able to prolong the vicious war with their pretentious self-righteous abolitionist propaganda and deep pockets.

The Jews have not targeted just American Whites, but European - especially as they engaged in wholesale systematic destruction of the White race in the Jewish controlled USSR. At least 60 million Caucasians were murdered by the Jews, and these pusillanimous people did not have the courage to fight back.

All American wars have a goal of depleting and demoralizing the White stock while motivating them to fight wars of Jewish aggression as a demented form of patriotism. But permawars are not the only methods which the oligarchs use to debase American and European societies.

Edward Bernays was the father of propaganda - a man closely associated with America's ruling elite such as the Rockefellers, Morgans, Harrimans and others. He stated that the elite should use mind control techniques, such as mass advertising, to manipulate the thinking of Americans. Thus Skull & Bones alumni Henry Luce founded Time magazine under the auspices of J P Morgan to create a mass circulation news weekly to mold American thinking and values in order to realize Aldous Huxley's Brave New World ushering in the zombie society where dumbed down Americans happily work as slaves on the elitist's plantations.

One of the great propaganda coups of the Bernays acolytes is the creation of White guilt. Presumably it was Whites who were responsible of slavery, but this is a lie. Jews were the great financiers and ship owners of the slave trade. Only a very small percentage of Americans owned slaves. I can assure you that none of my large clan of family on either my paternal or maternal side owned slaves. But the Ivy League schools have made hay with the insidious idea of Dead White Males and their effacement from American history owing in part to the aspersion that they were slave owners or not diversity friendly.

To help realize this dystopia for the oligarchs, Tavistock,  CIA, MK-ULTRA and other projects were initiated to precipitate the new revolution featuring drugs, sex, and rock and roll. The CIA distributed massive quantities of LSD via its agents such as Timothy Leary, Gordon Wasson, and Faul McCartney which in turn created a very profitable revenue stream for all kinds of Eastern Establishment drug distribution empires.

Jewish entertainment executives unleashed all manners of depraved entertainment which glorifies pornography, pedophilia, and abortion, all of which is designed to impede family formation and population growth.

The final assault on the White race is miscegenation in which interracial marriages and relationships are presented as normal. Oftentimes this normalization is achieved by CIA life time actors who play out these perverted relationships with the understanding that slow witted whites will imitate such base behaviors. It is this last attack which is finally extinguishing the Caucasians.

Other extermination tools of the elite include Chemical Trails which crisscross the skies of all major US cities; Genetically Modified Organism foods which brew into formaldehyde in the body; vaccines which cause cancer and autism to create useful idiots; and massive plastics usage which destroys fertility and gender development, and promotes obesity.

As we stated, we do not claim to know why the Jews and their White fellow travelers are hell bent on destroying Whites. It is not because of the Holocaust because it never happened - it is another Jewish lie. Perhaps it is jealousy. After all, most Jews are an amalgamation of many races; so perhaps they resent the purity of the true Caucasians.

Having said that, we would be irresponsible should we fail to offer an informed explanation for elitist hatred of the Caucasians. The answer goes back to the Essenes, a fiercely messianic cult whose writings were preserved in the Qumran caves of Jordan. The Essenes believed that a warrior messiah - much like David - would arrive to deliver them from Roman rule. Their writings, as do the Old Testament writings, call for the complete extermination of Gentile races and enslavement of those few who are permitted to live, especially the hated Romans who subjugated Jews and forced them to worship Caesar as god. This imperial cult eventually became known as Christianity - render unto Caesar.

The Jews have finally emerged from their humiliation to control the world with vengeance taught by the Old Testament and Qumran writings very much on their minds. This we believe is the motive animating their quest to eradicate the White races.

Perhaps the most burning desire of the Jews is to destroy any vestige of God. Only Caucasians can produce blue eyed blondes - people which persons of all races confirm as the most beautiful people on the planet. The eyes of Caucasians are blazing blues, flashing greens, and other magnificent colors. Perhaps racial envy is at the root of the genocidal holocaust..

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