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The Smoking Gun in the JFK Murder

Some documents have been circulating for some time purporting to be the smoking gun in the murder of President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. We believe that they are plausible enough to warrant a brief examination.

The documents in question come allegedly from the safe of James Angleton, the chief of counterintelligence for CIA from 1954-75. More specifically the documents consist of various memoranda produced by the hyper secret MJ-12  Special Studies Project formed by President Truman to examine UFO and extra terrestrial phenomena in the wake of the Roswell, NM sighting in 1947. The CIA and government for years strenuously denied the existence of this group, but too many documents have leaked to maintain the charade with a straight face.

Interestingly the documents were salvaged from the flames and passed to Timothy Cooper around 1999. The scavenger’s identity is not known, but he was instructed to burn the papers of Angleton upon his death, leading us to believe that he was a high level and loyal lieutenant.

The group is said to have consisted of Nelson Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Edward Teller, John McCloy, Dean Acheson, Averell Harriman, George Bush, Sr, McGeorge Bundy, Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brzezinski, and Lyman Lemnitzer. There is some debate as to whether Nelson Rockefeller or Allen Dulles headed the group, but we suspect that it was Rockefeller. J Edgar Hoover is cited by one researcher as a member of the group, but of the memos indicates that he was to be admitted on a limited basis.

John Kennedy was briefed about the Roswell incident when he was a freshman Congressman and maintained an interest in these matters over the following years until he entered the White House as president at which time he requested CIA to brief him on the MJ-12 group and their activities. In addition to UFOs, the group studied psychological warfare and mind control technologies.

One of the documents reveals that Dulles specifically instructed the group to deny the president any information about MJ-12 or their knowledge on the grounds that he was not authorized to see any documents or share information., a response we are certain that encouraged him to vow to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces. In any event, he set in motion a series of bureaucratic plays to pry loose the information.

The DCI issued the following undated and unsigned memo to the MJ-12 distribution which among other matters included the following statement.

…As you know LANCER [Kennedy] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow…
These 2 details regarding date and signature form the basis of the main critique against the documents. However, they have been forensically corroborated as being of the period in question – namely Kennedy’s presidency.

However, we do know that Kennedy was formally rebuffed in the matter of a briefing after he made his request in June 1961. So it seems reasonable that this memo in question may have been drawn around that time.

As part of his bureaucratic maneuverings, Kennedy launched a diplomatic initiative with the USSR for joint space exploration which required that the CIA furnish not only NASA but several other federal agencies, along with the USSR, the MJ-12 files on UFOs.

Although Khrushchev initially rejected the proposal, by November 12, 1963 he changed his mind, telling his son at one point that there could be economic advantages to shouldering the costs of space exploration. Kennedy also sent a Top Secret memo to McCone instructing the CIA to carry out his orders regarding the sharing of files.

The following excerpt from Tab H of a 9 page memorandum retrieved from the fire:

Draft, Directive Regarding Project ENVIRONMENT. When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further, the weather is lacking any precipitation (misspelled as percipitation in memo) ... it should be wet
At least 2 authorities, Dr Robert Wood and Dr Michael Salla, have interpreted this paragraph of the memo to indicate that Washington – ie. Kennedy – should be wet – ie murdered.

There is some vagueness about the identity of MJ-1. Although we believe that most interpret it to be Allen Dulles or John McCone depending upon the date of the memo, there is also reason to believe that it may be Nelson Rockefeller since he was the alleged head of MJ-12. For now, we assume that it is Dulles – whether in his official or unofficial capacity.

The author of the memo is asking for a response by October for approval to proceed with plans, which again is interpreted as the murder of John Kennedy.

We know that the murder was set in motion no later than April 1963, so perhaps this memo is a last minute gate check before committing to the project. Clearly Kennedy’s persistence in gaining access to the MJ-12 files was beginning to become a craw in the MJ-12 group’s backside. Kennedy’s attempt to regain the control which Eisenhower lost over the secret society would be rebuffed by force if necessary.

We recently published information relating to tapped telephone conversations involving many of the same members of MJ-12 capturing the discussion of Kennedy's assassination, although the evidence is admittedly 2d hand at best.

We also acknowledge that other factors contributed to Kennedy’s demise, so we are not advocating that MJ-12 was the sole cause, but it may well have been the necessary cause.

We have noted some weaknesses in the documentary evidence implicating Dulles and Angleton in the murder, but we believe that it is fully consistent with other evidence and analysis showing that the Military Industrial Complex was the authority for the coup of 1963. We remain convinced that Rockefeller, Dulles, and Angleton were the chief sponsors of the murder.


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