Saturday, September 14, 2013

The JFK Murder Is A Continuing Operation

One of the enduring artifacts of the Warren Commission Report is the anomaly of an anti-social Lone Nut and the adamant refusal to release government files on the Lone Nut. The anomaly is resolved when one realizes that the plot to murder the President is a continuing operation covered by the government's rules on secrecy.
The Warren Commission and its many paid hacks continue to this very day, 50 years after the murder, to stonewall and defy the laws of the land on the release of government records related to the assassination of John Kennedy and to Lee Oswald. Many paid CIA operatives, including those who operate WCR friendly websites - some of which are funded by the CIA, militantly deny the public's right to see the contents of Lee Oswald's files or any other classified assassination files.
But why is the government still concealing files of a lone nut 50 years after he allegedly murdered the president? Why are Ruth Paine's income tax returns from the early 1960s still under top secret classification? The answer is obvious - Oswald was not a Lone Nut. As we have reported elsewhere, he was a highly capable and valuable intelligence agent who worked for many intelligence organizations. But that is old news.
What most people fail to recognize is that this secrecy of the government is partly based in law, particularly those which exempt the CIA and other stealth organizations from Freedom Of Information Act disclosures for ongoing operations.
The CIA does not have to release any document which relates to active operations. Thus it is quite evident that the operation to murder the President was a CIA operation which continues under the aegis of the cover-up operation. Hence the CIA is under no obligation, at least in its criminal mind, to release the information it possesses on its former agent Lee Oswald. And why did the CIA recruit a Lone Nut in the first place?
The CIA is not alone in defying the US Congress which it holds in the utmost contempt. The Office of Naval Intelligence and Federal Bureau of Investigation are just a few among so-called US government agencies withholding information, such as personnel files, in defiance of Congress and US law.
The other consideration is that the CIA does not report to Congress or the US president. It reports to its plutocratic bosses in Wall Street and academia. Under no circumstance does it see itself as a creature of government. Its only purpose is to serve plutocratic moneyed interests associated with America's 1%. Indeed, Yale is a prime recruiting ground, a place where imperial hauteur is cultivated before and after matriculation.
So contrary to the bland claims by the stealth organizations that 98% of all assassination records have been released, the truth is that some remain concealed, and many more have been destroyed. All of this is protect a Lone Nut.
If former Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Blinder believes that it is the last duty of a central banker to tell the public the truth about its currency - i.e. lying is good policy - does anyone with an IQ above a potato honestly think that a spook agency would think otherwise?

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