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Meet Crime Lord Tom Clark

If there were needed further proof that the American government is one vast criminal enterprise, along comes Tom Clark who proves that high position and crime go together like a horse and carriage. He also proves our long standing thesis that American plutocrats gave the world Nazism and Adolf Hitler.
Most Americans would draw a blank if asked who Thomas Campbell Clark (1899-1977) was, perhaps offering that he was popular entertainer Dick Clark’s unknown brother. But he was actually Truman’s Attorney General and a justice of the US Supreme Court, who unlike Abe Fortas, did not get caught in his crimes.
While dredging around in the forums of the Education Forum, we discovered substantial information about his ties to organized crime, and how graft was his middle name, making a complete mockery of justice. Now don’t get us wrong - if you see pictures of Clark, you will think that he is the epitome of the fine upstanding pillar of the sanctimonious community. The truth turns out to be otherwise.
Testifying before Congress on October 16, 1964, Murray Humphreys, a Chicago Mob bagman, told legislators that "Attorney General Tom Clarke [sic] was, he always was, 100% for doing favors .. .” and it should go without saying that those favors carried a price tag, sometimes quite high.
Clark’s first claim to notoriety was The German Report prepared in 1946 by O John Rogge which followed the links of Hitler’s government to high ranking and well placed Americans, a subject which we have covered elsewhere. Truman urged Clark to squash it, which he did with gusto, eventually firing Rogge when he leaked word of the report’s existence and contents in a speech at Swarthmore College.
Clark also lent his services to major organized crime figures of the 1940s who were finally busted by squealing dons who did not want to spend time in prison, leading Frank Nitti, the Chicago crime boss, to blow his brains out.
When mobster Paul Ricca needed help getting out of jail, he called upon lawyer John Dillion of Missouri who pulled strings through Harry Truman’s mob sponsor Tom Pendergast to send an envoy, Maury Hughes from Dallas, to visit Attorney General Clark in Washington for the purpose of releasing freshly convicted and imprisoned Ricca and 3 other mobsters from jail.
In 1945 Clark had the mobsters transferred to Ft Leavenworth, where less than 2 years later they were released amidst scowls and vociferous objections from the public, elements within the Justice Department, and a federal judge. Their paroles were approved so quickly that the Chicago parole office did not even have time to review it. Reports circulated that the parole board members were paid 500,000 USD to vote for parole, charges about which the members were asked to comment and refused to deny.
As Supreme Court justice, Clark chose accused mobster Henry Crown’s son John as his law clerk. But Clark’s ties to the mob were long and thick. As one researcher put it, Clark ran Dallas – he was the fixer’s fixer. Numerous crime legends, including Johnny Rosselli, were in debt to Clark for his many interventions into to their criminal justice mishaps. Jurisprudence was an afterthought for Clark – when he had a few moments spare time to break away from servicing organized crime and hiding Nazi atrocities.
Clark's son Ramsay became Attorney General in his own right under Lyndon Johnson, who was heavily involved in the murder of John Kennedy. Clark meddled into the investigation of Jim Garrison in order to sabotage Garrison's work. The defendant, Clay Shaw, was knee deep in Nazi CIA operations after World War 2 and was involved in supporting the CIA's efforts to murder the president.


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