Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Evidence That William Greer Murdered Kennedy

We recently posted our thesis that Secret Service agent William Greer murdered President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in the City of Hate on November 22, 1963. New evidence emerges which supports our contention.
One additional witness to our murder brief was John Connally who told his nephew without hesitation that William Greer shot the president's head off, this according to an unidentified Charles P writing on January 26, 2009 to the editor of educate-yourself.org.
While some may dismiss this evidence as flimsy at best, it is further corroborated by S M Holland, a former deputy sheriff and employee of Union Terminal Company who was standing on the triple overpass at the time of the assassination and heard the first two shots which he said sounded like rifles and the third shot which sounded like a .38 or .45 caliber hand gun.
He told the Warren Commission his observations which are entirely credible as he was a life long hunter who used shotguns, hand guns, and rifles, knowing expertly the sounds they made. Other witnesses provided similar testimony about fire crackers going off in the car.
We state without equivocation that William Greer delivered the lethal head shot to Kennedy which explains why his wife, Jacqueline, made a mad dash to exit the limousine while the murderers completed their killing spree.

Michael Gordon, reports from Into The Midnight by Joseph McBride, as told 9/17/2013

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Anonymous said...

The Zapruder film has been crudely altered to hide Greer shooting JFK. For those naysayers who say Greer had his left hand on the steering wheel just look at at this rare blow-up of the limo in the Nix Film. You can see Greer's arm is raised off the wheel during the head shot and his left arm/ shoulder go down while his body dips before going back to the steering wheel when he turns forward again- something NOT seen in Zapruder. Look at the blow-up at 1:09 in this video http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xesq49_jfk-assassination-films-orville-nix_news or just watch to your heart's content in this GIF clip http://s889.photobucket.com/user/77forever/media/Gifs/normal_h_GIFSoupcom.gif.html

Anonymous said...
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Nathan Mcdonald said...

The driver clearly kills JFK I break down the possible motive and give the best video to date showing the drive shooting JKF. Zapruder footage starts at about 9:59 but please watch the whole thing https://youtu.be/U3fIOtrdhwg