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Understanding Climate Change

The Global Warming Nazis beat the drum of anthropogenic global warming, citing as their "evidence" a 1.6 degrees centigrade increase in global temperature as the smoking gun. As it turns out, the earth’s climate patterns are far more complex than such a simple citation of transient data.
The last time we ventured into these waters, the climate Nazis came out from behind their swastikas to warn us of imminent global regimentation – the New World Order – in order to rescue us from the impending disaster. But all of the bullying in the world will not alter the science of climatology, as much as prominent newsfakers such as BBC might propagandize.
The Corbett Report produced a fascinating presentation on earth’s climate vagaries by interviewing Dr Tim Ball, retired professor of climatology, and Dr Piers Corbyn, also a climatologist and astrophysicist. They showed with scientific evidence that the primary actor influencing temperatures on this planet is the sun.
Ball explained that the earth’s tilt – its axis of rotation – is not constant as many have believed until even the 1990s, which varies between a few degrees over time. This variation is not to be confused with wobbling, which is another factor related to earth’s relationship with the sun.
The major influences on the angle of tilt are the gravitational pulls of both the sun and the moon whose resulting obliquity of the ecliptic operates on weather patterns over short and long cycles.

The angle of rotation ranges from 21.8 to 24.4 degrees. The significance of this fluctuation is that the sun’s angle of incidence also changes, which strongly correlates with temperature as heat energy is consequently concentrated or diffused. Because the sun's angle of incidence is constantly changing – however minute - so does the temperature of the earth.
In considering another climatic influence, It should be reasonably apparent to most people that distance from a heat source will influence the local ambient temperature.
Until very recently, scientists, and certainly the public, assumed that the earth’s orbit around the sun was constant. Perhaps this was a result of Newton’s laws of motion which tend to describe static systems well, but fail in some important natural phenomena.
The term associated with orbital variation is orbital eccentricity which scientists have observed as a feature of the solar orbit, and has a cycle of about 90-95,000 years. This orbital characteristic explains the ice ages through which the earth has entered and exited. Each year the orbit of the earth around the sun varies ever so slightly, but over long periods of time accumulates to produce significant weather states such as ice ages.
Orbital eccentricity is largely influenced by Jupiter whose gravitational pull makes marginal changes on the orbit of the earth meaning that its distance from the sun fluctuates in a way which causes changes in temperatures. At certain periods, these effects can be quite pronounced.
But there are short term influences on temperatures, perhaps the most important being what its discoverer Piers Corbyn calls Solar Lunar Amplification Magnetic process (SLAM). This process describes the electromagnetic interaction between the sun, moon, and earth. The sun’s solar wind storms emit magnetic particles which interact with the earth’s magnetic fields, while the moon’s orbit modulates the effects.
The significance of these magnetic field interactions is that they strongly influence weather and temperature. Corbyn has produced a long range forecasting success rate of about 85% corroborated by 3d party auditors. In contrast, the UK’s Meteorological Office between 2007-11 had a dismal 0% success rate. Corbyn believes that the earth is facing a 100 year cooling cycle, a prediction which brings us right back to the 1970s.
The SLAM process covers a period of generally 60 years with sub cycles related to the sun’s 22 year magnetic cycle. This 60 year cycle correlates very nicely with the Pacific decay oscillation of 60 years which describes the cooling and heating of the Pacific Ocean.
As for the role of carbon dioxide in geo-temperatures, we will only state that it is a consequence, not a cause, of warming, due in large measure to the compound’s release from the ocean. However, we shall save that discussion for another day.
So why are the corporate-state news media so shrill about global warming? The reason was given in part by Rahm Emanuel, one time director of North American MOSSAD operations, who advised politicians to “Never let a crisis go to waste.”
If the Nazis can convince people that global warming is an anthropological phenomenon, then they can bamboozle them with draconian laws to regiment society. As a half way measure to totalitarianism, they can at least implement Cap and Trade laws which suck vast sums of money into their already bloated pockets – just as they did with the Federal Reserve System.
The main lesson of these 2 scientists is that the earth's temperature is in constant flux, because its primary determinants are in flux. Thus to expect constant temperatures over time is a somewhat foolish expectation - at least if you understand the science behind climatology. For now, the most important weather concern is a coming cooling age – not global warming.
James Corbett, It's the Sun, Stupid, The Corbett Report, 2/27/2011, Episode 177
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