Tuesday, September 3, 2013

40 Minutes Which Sealed a Lie

The 40 minutes between the murder of President John Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas at 12:30 PM and the arrival of Temple Bowley at the murder scene of Dallas Police Department officer J D Tippit is shrouded in myths and lies which sealed the Lie about Lee Oswald. We will explain.
We always make the disclaimer that we consider the myth that Lee Oswald murdered the president and the Tippit as the vilest of lies produced in American history. There is not a scintilla of evidence, let alone proof, that Oswald committed either act, and much to demonstrate that he did not. But we have covered that elsewhere.
The Warren Commission presented the story that after murdering the president, Oswald left the Texas School Book Depository by foot to catch a bus, and some say cab, to return to his boarding house, change clothes, murder Tippit, and then hide out in the Texas Theater on Jefferson Street in the Oak Cliff community of Dallas - all within 40 minutes. This nonsense is poppycock.
Dallas Police Officer Roger Craig witnessed Oswald run down the grassy knoll to enter a Nash Rambler station wagon, destination unknown to Craig. However, we surmise that Oswald went directly to the Texas Theater, or was perhaps dropped off at a point where he picked up a bus or cab to the theater. In any event, he did NOT go to his boarding house.
Oswald’s predicament was that he did not participate in the crime of the century according to plan, and needed a way to escape. He had informed his mistress Judyth Vary Baker that he wanted to escape the country because he knew that the CIA was zeroing in on him for elimination.
When he arrived at the theater at about 1:00 – 1:07 PM according to theater witnesses, he sat down right next to several people in a rather empty theater – very odd behavior to say the least. The reason for his odd movements was that he was attempting to locate his contact which could have either been another assassination handler, or his escape contact.
In the event it was the former, we must understand that Oswald was in the assassination plot to thwart or undermine it. Indeed he attempted on at least 2 occasions to notify the FBI of an impending attack on the president. Therefore, he would most likely be given his next assignment or movement at an obscure location.
In the second scenario, which we believe is more likely, Oswald was looking for an angel to take him away from the CIA while the heat subsided. One such possibility is David Ferrie, an odd fellow with whom Oswald worked closely on the Oschner cancer project in New Orleans over the summer.
There is good evidence supporting that scenario as Ferrie is known to have made a flight to Dallas the evening of the 22d but then quickly turned around for home realizing that Oswald’s case was now hopeless.
But many will object vehemently to this scenario because the Warren Commission said otherwise; to which we offer you some of our prime ocean front property in Topeka.  What the Warren Commission Report and independent news sources reported is that Oswald was seen by Earlene Roberts, the housekeeper at his boarding house, enter the house and quickly leave without saying a word. But there is more to the story.
“Oswald” did not say a word as he entered or left because it was not Lee Harvey Oswald – speaking would have undermined his ploy to impersonate Oswald. But there is more to know about Roberts. She was a widow with limited vision, blind in one eye, and faltering in the other. She testified before the Warren Commission that a friend urged her to turn on the television a couple of minutes before “Oswald” arrived. She also told the commission that she had been a police informant, an activity in which we strongly believe she was still engaged at the time.
She made some rather dramatic statements during her testimony:

Mr. Ball. Did a police car pass the house there and honked?
Mrs. Roberts. Yes.
Mr. Ball. When was that?
Mrs. Roberts. He came in the house.
Mr. Ball. When he came in the house?
Mrs. Roberts. When he came in the house and went to his room, you know how the sidewalk runs?
The astonishing statement is that Oswald came in the house at the moment the Dallas Police dropped off Tippit, after which they honked to alert Roberts to be in position to observe "Oswald" enter the house. She testified that this was a communication method they had used before, so she was quite comfortable with it.
So Earlene so happens to be at the television set fiddling with the antenna to get a better picture reception, because the DPD called to alert her a few minutes prior to get into that position, when the police drop off “Oswald”, toot twice on their horn to give the final warning, and drive off.
It should also be noted that Earlene’s sister was an apartment owner in Dallas who was quite familiar with Jack Ruby, and in fact seeking to do business with him. Thus Mrs Roberts' connections with the criminal elements involved in the murder are well established.
In any event, Roberts can now testify that she saw “Oswald” come into the house, change clothes, and walk out with a light colored jacket. Her last spotting of him was waiting for a bus near the house. As with plausible deniability, the murderers now have a plausible witness to place Oswald wherever they want him.
‘Now, who was this “Oswald”?’ you may ask. There are two candidates both of whom we believe are correct. The first candidate is Billy Lovelady who, though older, bore a striking resemblance to Oswald and was indeed seen at the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the assassination. His height was close enough to Oswald’s to make a good impression on the half blind Roberts.
We believe that he entered the house to get the coat, and then was then taken back to the Dallas Police Department. Indeed Jim Fetzer has a still image of Lovelady at the Dallas Police Department at 2 PM.
The other candidate was Roscoe White about whom we discussed his impersonation of Oswald in the famous back yard photo with him holding a gun. However, he was 2-3 inches too tall, a difference which even Roberts may have noticed.
Thus our opinion is that Lovelady gave the coat to White who then took it with him to the murder site of Tippit who, we believe, was lured onto 10th Street to make a special rendezvous after being ordered into the Oak Cliff community by the DPD – an area which was not even close to his normal assignment.
The lure, in our estimation, was his former mistress Johnnie Maxie Witherspoon who lived very close to the murder spot. Although she claimed that she and Tippit had broken off their affair in the summer, she is either lying, or she put out for a last tango on 10th Street.
On the way to a tryst or meeting with his former paramour, he stumbled across someone he mistook for Oswald – an incident which assumes prior acquaintance, a relationship about which we are unprepared to offer a dogmatic assertion.
In any event, one man accosted Tippit who emerged from his car with his weapon drawn, shot him 3 times, and then was shot in the head by another assailant who was described as shorter and in shorts. Thus we have Roscoe White murdering Tippit, along with an accomplice who then drove White to the Texas Theater where he made a grand entrance.
One very curious fact which many do not know is that an important witness observed the murder of Tippit from a bird’s eye view from her 2d floor bedroom. Doris Holan saw a police car parked in the drive way in front of which Tippit had parked to talk to White. She saw Tippit murdered, then the police car rolled very slowly forward while another man walked down to confirm that Tippit was dead. The police car then reversed and left out the alley.
Tippit was murdered about 1:06 PM but Officer Temple Bowley just happened to drive up by 1:10 PM which is 12 minutes earlier than “official” reports show the arrival of an officer. Was Bowley the driver of the vehicle in the drive way?
White would have arrived at the theater about 5-10 minutes later, but when he did do so, he was quite boisterous about it, catching the attention of the ticket agent who called police when he failed to pay for his ticket. Now why a freeloader would command the attention of 4-5 police officers is unknown, but 4-5 officers showed up in short order.
The importance of getting Oswald’s coat cannot be overstated for it shows that a carefully crafted plan had been set in motion to murder Oswald as well as Tippit. Only someone a few lights short of a Christmas tree could consider the wallet and coat found at the Tippit crime scene evidence of anything but a juvenile frame-up.
Part of the reason for the murder of Tippit was to lock up Oswald and then murder him – if indeed the original plan was not to murder him sooner. The other reason was to brand Oswald a murderer – a man who never hurt anyone – except his wife, but that is a matter for another story.
The purpose of leaving the bullet casings, the wallet, and coat at the crime scene was to implicate Oswald, and was evidence that both men were targeted for murder. But when one claims that Oswald was a “lone nut”, then details about the planted evidence at the crime scene can be brushed off with limited comment.
Whatever happened to Roger and Earlene? When Roger refused to change his testimony about the 6th floor crime scene and Nash Rambler, the police department turned on Craig with a vengeance. Several assassination attempts were made on his life. In desperation he finally committed suicide in 1975, or so they say.
Roberts’ indiscretions did not go unpunished either. She we harassed constantly by the police, day and night, who saw to it that she was quickly fired from any place she was hired for work. She was found in her apartment suffering from a heart attack and taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital where she died in 1966. We believe that she was murdered.
Oswald was a patsy who had nothing to do with the plot to murder the president or Tippit. The truth continues to develop, even 50 years after the crime.

Copyright 2013 Tony Bonn. All rights reserved.


Charles Heisler said...

No doubt Mrs. Holan had a birds eye view compared to the cab driver, Mrs. Markham and Domingo Benavides. Elevated up two floors took shrubbery and cars out of play. Curious to your thoughts on Domingo Benavides? Mechanic, Navy trained yet did not know how to operate a 2-way radio. No honorable discharge. Of all the males in Dallas a Latin is first at the scene and totally destroyed the integrity of the murder scene while Oswald will soon be smashed for his latin connections. 1963 pre-civil rights southern city and he goes un-touched after crawling all up inside a police cruiser belonging to a dead officer? Not much of a stretch to determine the origin of the wallet, spent casings, clothing article, etc. and his statements does not corroborate Mrs. Holans. I'd bet my money on her statement not his. Its as though he's there on that afternoon as the planter.

Tony Bonn said...

you raise an interesting point about benavides especially since Cubans were heavily involved in bush's op40 and alpha 66. the reason I have ruled him out as an accomplice is that there was an attempt on his life within 2-3 years of the accident, but the assassins confused his twin or look alike brother for him. also, I think that the Oswald imposter and his accomplice, probably ruby, handled the faked crime scene "evidence" given that they went to his rooming house for his coat.

on the other hand, nothing I have said precludes your suggestion. the murderers were always murdering witnesses and benavides if guilty would have been a huge liability.

I will think through this possibility a bit more as I hadn't given benavides as much thought as I should have.

thank you for that insight.

Tony Bonn said...

after conferring with one of my best sources on benevides, we both draw the same conclusion that he was not involved with op40 or the tippit murder.

benevides provided testimony that the fake Oswald was distinguishable from the real one, which put a pucker in bush's asshole. so they (via dpd) murdered his brother as reported above, but also attempted to murder benevides' father WHILE a dpd officer was present with the father. when the father attempted to mount an investigation into his son's death, the dpd warned him to drop it. dpd investigated nothing in the murder of the son because they did it or were protecting the perpetrators.

bottom line is that we reject the hypothesis that benevides was involved in the tippit murder.