Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where Was Oswald at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963?

Abundant photographic evidence pinpoints the precise location of Lee Oswald at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963, exposing Allan Dulles, the mastermind behind the criminal Warren Commission, as the murderer that he was. Oswald was on the steps of the Texas School Book Depository.
We present three significant photographs documenting Lee’s position as the assassination took place in Dealey Plaza in the City of Hate. The first is the famous Altgens6 photo which we discussed in a recent blog. Although it has been altered in countless ways to conceal Oswald’s presence, it still contains enough evidence to identify him, as well as key conspirators in the November coup such as Jack Ruby.
Jim Fetzer published fascinating evidence and analysis to demonstrate that the man in the doorway of the TSBD was indeed Lee Oswald. With important and ground breaking analysis by Ralph Cinque and others, he revealed that Doorway Man’s shirt, body contours, and even altered facial composition are indeed those of Oswald.
Many combatants in JFK murder research have battled over Doorway Man’s identity with some claiming Billy Lovelady and others Oswald. The deception of the CIA was based upon producing a composite of Oswald’s and Lovelady’s face on Doorway Man, obscuring the true face of Oswald. In addition, Lovelady wore a red and white vertically striped short sleeve shirt while Oswald wore a brown long sleeve shirt, making it impossible for Lovelady to be Doorway Man.
Captain Will Fritz’ notes of his interrogation of Oswald were recently discovered which show that Oswald stated that he was standing in front of the TSBD with Bill Shelley, a claim which is supported by the photographic witness.
The next photographic evidence explaining where the conspirators and innocent bystanders stood is the Weigman photograph taken moments after the assassination. It shows Buell Wesley Frazier standing in the middle of the stairs leading up to the TSBD – just as he stated in his first interrogation by Dallas Police. Frazier also stated that Billy Lovelady was standing in front of him, making it impossible for Lovelady to be Doorway Man and proving a frame-up job by the CIA.
Again we see agreement between initial and photographic testimonies.
The third photographic evidence comes from Bill Kelly who posted a still from a movie frame for which he promised to provide photographer and source. However the subject is clearly from the stairs of the TSBD where Lovelady, Frazier, Shelley, and Oswald were standing.
Kelly has circled a figure in red showing a man in the doorway which we positively identify as Oswald. We base our identification on facts from the Fetzer-Cinque analysis, plus corroboration from a living witness, who knew Lee very well, who stated to us privately that Lee often held his hands in the position shown in the still frame. The figure also is wearing the distinctive brown long sleeve shirt which Oswald wore that day.
This latest evidence is perhaps the most explosive discovered in the past 50 years of private JFK assassination investigation. While we cannot take credit for any of the photographic discoveries or analysis, we believe that we are among the first – please correct us if we are mistaken – to collate these three photographs together in a way which demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that Lee Oswald, rather than being on the 6th floor of the TSBD shooting at the president, was standing on the stairs of the TSBD – exactly as he told Captain Will Fritz in the latter’s interrogation of him.
Please see our links in the Reference section for the evidence.
The implications of these discoveries are staggering. Not only does it irrevocably and volubly vindicate Lee, it also damns the Warren Commission, most notably Allan Dulles, Gerald Ford, Arlen Specter, and Earl Warren, as obstructers of justice, accessories after the fact to murder, and as murderers.
The vast criminal enterprise of the CIA, Bush Crime Syndicate, and military industrial complex are on full display, caught red handed in their Nazi machinations. Even more striking is the exposure as nuts and complicit co-conspirators of the Warren Commission’s legion of defenders and sock puppets.
We conclude without qualification that Lee Oswald is innocent of President Kennedy’s murder, a claim supported abundantly by the photographic evidence.


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Anonymous said...

If Oswald was really outside the TSBD at 12:30pm and witnessed the kill shots being fired, how was he able to get to the 2nd floor lunchroom without being noticed, and with enough time to purchase a "Coke" before being confronted by the Dallas PD? More importantly, if he really did just witness this horrific crime, is it reasonable to believe that he, or anyone else present there, would leave the aftermath scene of wild pandemonium in order to purchase a soft drink? If so, perhaps the case can be made where a taste of "the Real Thing" became a tonic counterbalance to the witnessing of such an monumentally "unreal" event.

Tony Bonn said...

your comments are troubled by a myth - namely that Oswald went to the 2d floor to get a coke. we believe that he did not do so. the sources of this myth were roy truly and officer baker, both of whom cooperated with the conspiracy or even helped plan it as did truly.

it is most emphatically reasonable to believe that Oswald would leave the scene of the crime because he was a cia agent who had other orders, and more accurately was running to save his life.

cia ordered him to be in position on the 6th floor to fire at kennedy, although expert assassins were ringed around dealey plaza to do the job.

Oswald knew he was being setup and attempted to flee because the plan was for baker to murder him in the 6th floor lair. no way in the world did Oswald go to the 2d floor for a coke.

Tony Bonn said...

ps - to reinforce a point, we should stress that Oswald was not in his assigned position ever on the 6th floor.

for that we should be eternally grateful for that indeed was the unraveling of the cia frame-up of oswald. their lies have been exposed as extravagant psychopathic desperations.