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Who Is Doorway Man?

New evidence from multiple researchers finally settles the question of the identity of the man known as Doorway man in the famous Altgens6 photograph taken by Ike Altgens of the Associated Press at the time President Kennedy’s motorcade passed in front of the Texas School Book Depository at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963. If you guessed Lee Oswald you are correct.
The photograph has been a point of contention because the individual shown in the photograph bears resemblance to both Lee Oswald and Billy Lovelady, another employee of the TSBD. The reason for the contention is that the Lone Nut Theory requires that Oswald be on the 6th floor of the TSBD at the time of the shooting. Without that flimsy bit of "evidence," the wheels come flying off the Warren Commission’s go-cart of lies.
Jim Fetzer, Ralph Cinque, and Clare Kuehn provided various insights into the resolution of Oswald’s identity, but it was not intuitively obvious to the most casual observer. Part of the problem is that there are at least 4 versions of the Altgen6 photo when only 1 is expected. The other problem is that in addition to a faint resemblance between Lovelady and Oswald, there is also a Lovelady imposter. Isolating the various components of the photographic fraud required the contributions of several investigators, but their conclusions are groundbreaking.
The starting point for unraveling the mystery is Oswald’s own statement about where he was at the time of the ambush of President Kennedy. One of the conspirators in the murder, Captain Will Fritz of the Dallas Police Department, took notes of his interview with Oswald which were recently discovered which reveal Oswald’s statement of his whereabouts. Oswald told Fritz that he was “out with Bill Shelley in front,” meaning that there were witnesses to his location and that he could not be on the 6th floor even though his presence on the 6th floor would prove absolutely nothing other than he was on the 6th floor.
William Shelley, a CIA agent like Oswald, adamantly denied being with Oswald when he said “At no time during the shooting did I see Lee Harvey Oswald.” As Dr Cinque notes, the 3 name code for Oswald was a giveaway that Shelley was lying about a man with whom he worked. Shelley also withheld critical information from the Warren Commission about his work on the 6th floor of the TSBD on the morning of 11/22. His genuineness as a truthful witness is lacking, especially considering his involvement with the agency even prior to its legal inception after World War 2.
But the nail in the coffin for the lying Shelley is Victoria Adam’s testimony when she said that after she went down the stairs immediately after the gun fire, she saw Oswald and Shelley standing by the elevator and Jack Ruby standing outside.
In addition to the eye witness testimony, we have the photographic witness of Ike Altgens, which requires a bit of explanation before proceeding with the findings. The conspirators, especially the FBI, were very anxious about the clothes Lovelady and Oswald were wearing that day because they realized that some evidence had to be altered using people who were not appropriately attired. The reason the evidence had to be altered is because it showed Oswald where he told Fritz that he was standing. To alter evidence, the CIA and FBI required an Oswald imposter, in this case Billy Lovelady.
Lovelady told the FBI at the time of the Kennedy murder that he wore a red vertically striped red and white shirt and blue jeans. Indeed, the FBI took a photograph of Lovelady in such attire in March 1964 because that is what Lovelady was wearing. However, this was not even close to the type of shirt which Oswald wore which had a very distinctive cut and fabric pattern.
So the FBI photographed a Lovelady imposter in a plaid or checked shirt which more closely resembled Oswald’s shirt than the red and white striped shirt Lovelady wore on the 22d. Then the CIA took elements of Lovelady’s face to superimpose on Oswald’s face, and then physically altered the photograph to make Oswald’s shirt look more like the new Lovelady shirt. They also covered up the man in the Fedora with a toddler, the former of whom was Jack Ruby. Bill Shelley had to be wiped out, which is probably the person with a white splotch over his face, and Lovelady had to be obscured which may be the man with his arms over his head. Numerous rearrangements of Altgen6 were made to create the fraud that Lovelady was the man in the doorway.
Dr Cinque began to unravel the fraud as he examined the body and shirt with known images of Oswald, especially of those taken at the police station. As a chiropractor, he noticed that the body position and lay of the shirt of the man in the doorway matched Oswald. The shirt which was given to Lovelady ex-post facto contained too many anomalies, not the least of which were lay, construction, and fabric.
More significantly, the person known as Black Tie Man standing next to Oswald is shown in a physically impossible position as he appears both in front of and behind Oswald at the same time. The problem is that his image, pasted in, obscures much of Oswald’s left arm and shoulder – yet he is supposed to be behind Oswald.
One finding which we offer is that Oswald’s missing arm and shoulder are found on the left side of Black Tie Man’s jacket. If someone would move that element back to Oswald, we would see part of Oswald’s missing arm. We are also doubtful that Black Tie Man is real, but that is not critical to the main story.
Other observers, including a dentist comparing jaw structure, noticed difficulties with the conspirators’ hoax. The man in the doorway had to be Oswald. Dr Jim Fetzer published these findings in a 5 part series of articles in 2012 highlighting the work of Cinque and other collaborators who deconstructed the Altgens photo fraud perpetrated by the CIA.
One other interesting observation the authors made was the fact that 2 Secret Service agents were looking back at Oswald as was Jack Ruby. Why would attention be on an obscure no-name warehouse worker? The answer that we provide is that Oswald was not at his assigned post on the 6th floor. The patsy decided that he did not want to be the patsy.
The findings of the researchers are historic and ground breaking as they obliterate the last of the Warren Commission Lies to be exposed. For those wanting a fuller explanation of Cinque’s analysis, please follow the links in the Reference section with parts 2 and 5 being the most valuable.
Jim Fetzer, et. al., JFK Special 2: Oswald was in the doorway, after all!, Veterans Today, April 13, 2012,
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