Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why Nixon Was in Dallas on November 22

Richard Nixon is among that rare party of 2 who claimed not to recall where he was on November 22, 1963 when President John Kennedy was murdered in the City of Hate in Dealey Plaza. We believe that he was there at the command of his boss Nelson or David Rockefeller.
Although Nixon claimed at various times not recall his exact whereabouts on that fateful Friday - much like George Bush, he would also claim to be in New York in a taxicab, or at an airport, or God only knows where. What is beyond dispute is his presence in Dallas on November 21, and the morning of November 22. His presence speaks volumes.
It is no mere coincidence that 4 US Presidents were in Dallas on November 22 - John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, George Bush, and Richard Nixon.
Nixon had plausible deniability as corporate counsel for Pepsi which was conducting a board meeting there - quite an unusual location for the company headquartered in New York.
While Nixon may have had been on client business at the time, his real paymaster was not Pepsi, not even his law firm. Nixon was a protégé of the Rockefellers through the agency of Prescott Bush who catapulted Nixon to national prominence when Nixon offered his services and sworn loyalty by destroying the naval intelligence papers showing the Dulles brothers intricately and intimately linked to leading Nazis in Germany.
Nelson and David were the powers behind the throne who elevated the 2 time electoral loser Nixon to president. Nixon's rise to grace required that he sell his soul - again - this time as a bagman in the murder of the man who narrowly defeated him for president in 1960.
As the assassination drew near, it needed a final confirmation from the plutocrats who desired and approved the murder. Thus they sent Nixon to Dallas to confirm the operation. Nixon could have been sent without his explicit knowledge, but we think that Nixon knew why he was sent, and may have even conveyed cash to needy participants.
Nixon also had another relationship to Dallas in the person of Jack Ruby, one of Nixon's associates going back to at least 1947. The mobster was hired by Nixon in the 1950s for jobs unknown, so it was a natural that Nixon would be the go between for the plutocrats and the mobsters in Dallas. Indeed the ubiquitous Ruby seems to be the gluon who held many of the conspirators together.
The reason we think that Nixon fudged and hedged his stories about his location on the 22d is that he knew full well why the Rockefellers sent him to Dallas, an act which makes Nixon an accessory to murder. It also explains why Nixon is heard on the tapes telling Haldeman to "Get Bush to do it - he'll do anything!" Indeed Poppy did do anything and everything related to the murder of John Kennedy.
Thus we jettison our previous ideas about Nixon's innocence and cast him with Judas and his 30 pieces of silver.

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TeleBob said...

Nixon was in Dallas on November 21 for the meeting of the Bottlers Association convention. He was counsel to Don Kendall president of Pepsi. Interestingly enough, Cliff Carter of LBJ's staff was owner of a 7UP bottling plant too. Just another interesting coincidence?