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Who Is Buell Wesley Frazier?

Buell Wesley Frazier is a somewhat obscure figure in the murder of President John F Kennedy in Dealey Plaza in the City of Hate on November 22, 1963, but known as the man who drove Lee Oswald to work that day. The truth is that he was involved in the plot to frame an innocent man.
Frazier, while staying in Irving, Texas with his sister Linnie Mae Randle who was a neighbor of CIA operative Ruth Paine, provided the damning “evidence” that Oswald carried a package to work described as the length of curtain rods. This meaningless statement provided the Warren Commission the baseless evidence that Oswald was actually carrying the Mannlicher-Carcano which he smuggled into the Texas School Book depository where Frazier worked side by side with Lee Oswald.
The bottom line is that the story is bogus. Oswald smuggled nothing into the TSBD on 11/22/1963. In addition to his association with Paine, Frazier was associated indirectly with the ubiquitous Jack Ruby through his friend John Crawford. So there is ample evidence to consider Frazier an element, even if somewhat minor, in the plot to murder the President. He and his sister were directly involved in the framing of an innocent man.
What may not be bogus is that Frazier himself took the Carcano to work that day. After arriving at the parking lot which was about 3 blocks from the TSBD, Frazier stayed behind, according to his dishonest testimony, to charge his car battery. The truth, we believe, is that he needed to bring the "curtain rods" into the building, "curtain rods" being code for Mannlicher-Carcano.
It was not just about the curtain rods which Frazier lied. He lied about practically everything related to the events of 11/22.  George O’Toole produced The Assassination Tapes which researcher David Horne called a gem. O'Toole interpreted his interviews through a patented device called the Psychological Stress Evaluator which has an uncanny ability to detect stress in voice recordings. When O’Toole found Frazier in the 1970s – after much difficulty, he presented a series of questions for which Frazier lied constantly.
According to Larry Rivera, writing in Veterans Today, the following questions elicited high stress:
"1. Did he (Oswald) take that package up with him into the building?
2. Did he tell you he was going to go home with you that night?
3. There was nobody else in the (polygraph) room with you?
4. Did he (the examiner) tell you that you passed the test?
5. Do you know Paul Bently?
6. You never knew he (Oswald) had this gun then?"
But things get more interesting due to Frazier’s position at the time of the assassination. According to his earliest testimony, he was on the steps of the TSBD at the time of the President’s murder. The Weigman photo confirms that he was on the stair steps as he stated in his very first testimony to the Dallas Police on the evening of 11/22. Subsequent stories he told placed him in various other locations on the stairs of the TSBD.
The striking fact about his Warren Commission testimony, regardless of his variations in telling the story, is that he identified Billy Lovelady as being there and always in front of him. This evidence refutes the claim that Doorway man was Lovelady because Frazier was in front of Oswald and Lovelady was in front of Frazier. If the Warren Commission Lie needed another nail in its coffin, it just got one.
And if Doorway man is not Lovelady, then it had to be Oswald. The meaning is staggering as it ends for all time any spurious speculation that Oswald was on the 6th floor.
However, Frazier was removed from the Altgens6 photo because his presence there would have complicated the lies necessary to support the Altgens6 fabrication removing Oswald from the photo, thus creating the plausibility that Oswald was elsewhere, such as the 6th floor.
But it was Frazier who took at least one trip to the 6th floor that day in the course of processing book returns. We believe that he took the rifle carried from the Paines into the TSBD to the 6th floor on one of his trips to handle book returns. This was the ridiculous curtain rod story which Frazier’s lying sister Linnie Mae told to help frame Oswald.
This revelation is dramatic because not only do we now know that Linnie Mae and Buell were conspirators in the assassination through their association with the Paines, but it also exposes them as analogues to Earlene Roberts and Roy Truly, other accomplices who provided plausible witness to a crime. The problem with Roberts, Randle, and Frazier is that they are the only witnesses to the alleged events which they allegedly saw. They were in reality liars and obstructers of justice who should be prosecuted for their crimes.
These numerous prevarications and accessories to murder explain the enormous stress which always shows in Frazier’s voice profiles. He is lying about his role to preserve his life. Should he ever be found out, there would be hell to pay – be it in the form of a “suicide,” “accident,” or “heart attack.”

The evidence is mounting to the skies vindicating the innocence of Lee Oswald. The smug self righteous accusers have hung themselves on the own petard.

Larry Rivera, JFK: Why Buell Wesley Frazier was erased from Altgens6, Veterans Today, March 7, 2013
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Paul Gluyas said...
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Anonymous said...

why of a sudden Buel Wesley Frazier.
buell says Now after over 50 years ,
that he saw LHO walk past him -
Houston /Elm near the Lights.
He assumes Lho must of walk out of
Docks. Because all Employee's come
and go that way .Why was live with
his Sister if he was married Beverly
June 1962, Dev 1987 married Betty
in 1988? In 11-22-1963 Buell owned
two Guns that the DPD took from him.
Buel was arrested the same day LHO,
Strange ?