Thursday, September 5, 2013

The One Minute Chronicle: Hunt was Bush CIA Handler

If anyone thought that famed CIA spook E Howard Hunt truly spilled his despicable guts before he died, he is in for a disappointment. Hunt, we learned,  was once George Bush’s CIA case officer.
Many of a certain age will recall George Bush’s adamant non-denial denial that he was ever a part of the CIA, especially around the time of his presidential bid in the 1988 election and even more so when Kennedy murder accessory after the fact Gerald Ford appointed Bush CIA director in 1976. It turns out that Bush was lying yet again.
Bush was associated with the CIA at least as early as the 1950s through his Zapata Oil company, a front the spy agency used to gather intelligence and perform operations against its paymaster’s enemies in the Caribbean during the Cold War era.  These relationships are well documented in Russ Baker’s A Family of Secrets.
It is also well known that Hunt and anti-Semitic journalist William Buckley were pals going back to the latter’s days at the agency right about the time of his Yale studies. Yale is a well known recruiting ground for the CIA, George Bush’s alma mater, if you believe that he actually graduated from Yale. In fact many of the agency’s earliest founders graduated from the university, including murderer James Jesus Angleton.
What is news to us, however, is Hunt’s role in regards to Bush. According to Joseph McBride, in his latest book, Into the Midnight, he relays a tip he got from a reporter when he attempted to interview a man named Parrot whom Bush attempted to insinuate into the plot to murder Kennedy.
McBride cautions readers to take the information with a grain of salt, but we will pass the salt to someone else. The report came from the wife of a partner of Hugh Leidtke, one of Bush’s earliest partners with Zapata. Therefore, we suspect that the information is reliable, at least in spirit if not in substance.
In other news, we discovered that George Bush made a comment in the Houston Post a day or two prior to the arrival of Kennedy in Texas stating that if there is any trouble, it won’t be from the Republicans. So here is one of the co-conspirators in the murder essentially confessing to it. Why would anyone make such a juvenile statement unless he knew there would be trouble? It was a cheap form of plausible deniability. And yet the former president cannot remember where he was on November 22, 1963.
Yes, there was much hostility from a few isolated segments of Texas, most notably big oil, but thousands upon thousands turned out in the City of Hate to cheer the president.
Thus we have uncovered another nugget of truth into the workings of the spy community of the Cold War, made up of the military industrial complex and its plutocratic overlords.

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