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Cold Fusion and MIT’s Scientific Terrorism

MIT enjoys a reputation as one of America’s scientific and technology crown jewels, but it is in reality a bastion of Lysenko's acolytes spreading lies and disinformation about the world’s most important energy technology since the advent of crude oil. We are talking, of course, about Cold Fusion.
Low rent intellects infest all institutions of “higher” learning, but MIT excelled in the person of Ron Parker who was the head of the MIT Plasma Fusion Center in charge of the Tokamak project investigating hot fusion technologies. But why was Parker so hostile to cold fusion that he would enlist the university’s vast resources to burying such a promising scientific breakthrough?
We remember in the late 1980s when the Wall Street Journal published excited articles about the announcements coming from the University of Utah and its star scientists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons that they had discovered a method of producing cold fusion in a test tube – to somewhat overstate the case.
We also remember that its enthusiasm turned to skepticism when the publicity department of MIT, and those of fellow travelers at such places as the California Institute of Technology, opened a torrent of criticism against the discovery.
The sin of the scientists was to threaten the status quo with technology which might render hot fusion obsolete and turn off the spigot gushing vast millions spent on it. More to the point, the discovery had the potential for ending the lavish perks and income of many of the so-called scientists pursuing hot fusion.
Jim Fetzer reports on his site the story of the late Eugene Malove, who resigned from the MIT press office in disgust over the school’s fraud, and who documented the corruption of Parker and his office.
Some of the more childish pranks included holding a wake for Cold Fusion, but more serious assaults included enlisting newsfakers at NBC and the Boston Herald to run hit pieces on the emerging technology – labeling it “possible fraud” and junk science.
The most serious act of Lysenko thuggery came from the fake experiments Parker and his colleague conducted to discredit the science. Malove discovered, in a premonition of Climategate, that 2 alterations of data were made to prove that Cold Fusion was a fraud. Even the adulterated evidence demonstrated an excess of heat produced using Cold Fusion techniques.
While NASA, itself another bastion of fakery, has labeled Cold Fusion as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the truth is quite different as E-Cat has created a device capable of generating kilowatts and more of energy. The proof is in the pudding as they say.
Hank Mills and Sterling Allan, the two sources for Fetzer’s article, document numerous statements from so-called scientists lambasting the discoveries of Pons and Fleischmann, including the odious statement by Lysenkoist Ronald George Ballinger who stated that any scientist subsequently proving Cold Fusion would be an embarrassment if associated with the technology’s discovering scientists.
There are a couple of disturbing points from this fraud which Mills and Allan make, and  which we would like to amplify. MIT and their co-conspirators produced a fraud of criminal proportions by murdering a promising science in its infancy - modern day Herrods. Fortunately the truth is slowly starting to trump the Lysenkoist ignorance of MIT, Cal Tech, and others, as the E-Cat products demonstrate, but the loss of time and knowledge is an unforgiveable indictment of MIT’s tawdry behavior – nay, crimes against humanity.
The larger problem is the endemic fraud in the nation’s universities who are often revered as defenders of the scientific method. Such delusions are evidence of bunny land mentality. Even if Cold Fusion turned out not to be what Pons and Fleischmann thought, the knee jerk reaction of burying the findings of 2 respected scientists is unconscionable. It was the true closing of the American mind.
The American Chronicle goes on record defending the integrity and the brilliance of Pons and Fleischmann as well as the value of their finding of Cold Fusion, perhaps the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century.

James Fetzer, The History of MIT's Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion, December 30, 2011, as accessed from 9/28/2013

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Alain Coetmeur said...

Thanks to cover that subject.
I have a tendency to share your vision, even if I don't think it is specific to MIT, but to the proeminent western secientific community, mostly US, followed by the sheep of EU and some emerging countries (not chine hopefully).

As techwatcher on, I have made an executive summary which shows how har is currently the industrial developement of LENR

For new commers which still feel that cold fusion have been debunked and is impossible, I have made an article which explain how unscientific and absurds are the classic arguments parroted by all uninformed people.

Jed Rothwell had prepared a wikipedia article, rejected, on how unscientific were the LENR critics

I hope all those data are usful to you or to newcommers reading your passionate article.

parallel with climategate are clear, since the same methods of statistics fraud, manipulation of peer review, terrorism against dissenters, faked consensus, pseudo-scientific political IPCC/DoE ERAB panel, funding manipulation, denial of facts, unfounded claims of victory despite facts...

only difference is that AGW claim a non-proven fact, while LENr is de denied proven fact...

Best regards, hope this helps.
AlainCo the techwatche of

Tony Bonn said...

thank you for posting and please keep hammering away for the truth.

I am about ready to publish a short posting on the abiotic nature oil which is another area where honest scientific investigation in the usa (and west) is not permitted by the police state.

there is so much opposition to the scientific method and the truth because behind it all is a gigantic plutocracy whose wealth depends upon outdated knowledge or outright lies. the scientific method has been discarded in favor of scientific voodoo.

Alain Coetmeur said...

Ah ah... On abiotic oil, I would rather follow the oil lords, but anyway if you find evidence...

I may seems strange to many people, but my critics against LENR denial, or AGW false consensus, is based simply on huge number of evidence and scientists... I'ml basically mainstream, but it is just suspended to evidences...

anyway my lesson is that if I did not study a subject I should not criticize minority reports.
the second is that minority reports are not to be discarded but criticized properly.

finally and that is the hardest, for some subject only business, engineering, free market, bottom earth people, can solve the controversy by finding a practical application.

it is happening with LENR.
sadly for AGW since it is non refutable in reasonable time at the level of what believers ask (today the pause is dismissed, so like most LENr experiment, evidence are ignored)...

good luck...
I may not agree on all you say, but provided you don't shut up dissenters, I will battle for your right to dissent.

nature and engineering will have the last word.
or else it is not important and we can discuss forever, with pleasure.

Tony Bonn said...

Dissent is allowed when it is well reasoned : )

We are not always right :-o