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Fluoridation Kills

Back in the medieval day, anyone who questioned the benefits of fluoride was labeled a quack or tin hatter. Fortunately, modern science has vindicated the skeptics as studies have demonstrated that fluoride is responsible for a legion of maladies, many of which are lethal.
Fluoride which is added to municipal drinking water is an industrial waste product which would otherwise be regulated by the EPA. Indeed, farmers in the 1930s and 40s complained about the lethal effects fertilizer production had on their crops and livestock because one of the byproducts of fertilizer manufacture is various fluoride compounds, prompting the US Department of Agriculture to state that “Airborne fluorides have caused more damage to domestic animals than any other air pollutant.”
The fluoride scam originated with Alcoa and Dow Chemical who wanted a way to dispose of their toxic fluoride wastes. After hiring a quack scientist from the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Gerald J Cox, in the 1940s, to produce fraudulent studies showing the benefits of fluoride, the chemical manufacturers started calling upon municipal water authorities to sell their toxic industrial waste for addition to the water supply.
Somewhat earlier, and in conjunction, we believe, with the plutocrats’ Nazi program, Hitler began adding fluoride to water of conquered countries to induce lethargy and passivity toward his governments. Indeed modern studies have shown that fluoride drastically reduces IQ, contrary to what the IQ impaired city leaders of Kansas may say.
The main justification for Alcoa’s and Dow’s fraud is that fluoride prevents or ameliorates tooth decay. The truth is quite the opposite – fluoride induces fluorosis – especially in young children – contributing significantly to tooth decay. While some opponents of fluoride argue that topical application of fluoride is beneficial, the truth is much different.
The quacks at the Center for Disease Control tout fluoridated water as one of the leading triumphs of public health in the 20th century, contributing to the decline of tooth decay. Unfortunately this is not what the scientific studies disclose. Transnational studies demonstrated equal or greater declines in tooth decay over various longitudinal periods in locales with and without fluoridated water.
The shamans at the CDC are not friendly to scientific study on this matter. Nor is the redneck director of the Atlanta Watershed Authority, who when we broached the subject of fluoride toxicity in water, promptly cut us off.
Dr Gerald Judd stated that “Numerous top scientists over the past 60 years have discarded the theory that fluoride helps teeth, or is a nutrient helpful to man.” Judd found in a cross cultural study comparing US kids aged 8-10 and Ugandan children aged 6-10 that 30% of American youths had no cavities while 100% of Ugandan youths no cavities. While dietary considerations are relevant, the study demonstrated conclusively that fluoride is not a requirement for good dental health.
On the other hand, fluoride does cause dental fluorosis which is a condition of which destroys tooth enamel. But fluorosis is not limited to the teeth – it affects the body, including the skeletal system and thyroid, being a leading factor in pathologies related to both systems.
We have already discussed the devastating effects fluoride has on the brain, but Dr Blaylock informs us that the United States has seen a significant reduction in IQ and lower population of high IQ persons which he attributes largely to fluoridation. Other international studies suggest that each milligram increase of fluorine in urine corresponds to a 1.7 point reduction in IQ.
Yet the toxicity of fluoride is not limited to these maladies. According to the producers of Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary, additional side effects include numb brain, cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disease, bone disease, arthritis, immune deficiency, and calcification of the pineal gland.
We think that the most insidious effects of fluoridation, and the reason it is so staunchly defended by politicians and bureaucrats, is that the toxic substance is most effective at mind control and hence population control, creating docile societies of stupid people.
Much of this essay relies on the information provided by the aforementioned documentary, about which we cannot speak with too much laudation. With fluoride being more toxic than arsenic, it is past time for Americans to demand the end of fluoridated water.
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