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Who Was Malcolm Wallace and for Whom Did He Murder?

Malcolm Wallace (1921 – 1971) is a rather obscure name in American history who made his way through life murdering political opponents of Lyndon Johnson. It also turns out that he arranged the sniper’s nest in the Texas School Book Depository.
Wallace’s biography is readily available on other internet sites, so we won’t belabor it here. We will labor over his murders since they are pivotal to understanding American politics of the 1950s and 1960s. It is unfortunate that this scumbag lived so long.
Mac Wallace was Lyndon Johnson’s hatchet man for eliminating noisome opposition. He got his start murdering in 1951 when he murdered Douglas Kinser, the owner of a miniature golf course, and a paramour of Lyndon Johnson’s slutty sister Josefa with whom Wallace was having an affair  simultaneously with Kinser. When Kinser asked Josefa for a loan from her brother, the request was deemed blackmail, requiring – you guessed it – a cleanup operation.
Wallace went to the golf course to shoot Kinser full of holes, after which he was arrested thanks to the alertness of a patron who was able to get his license plate number. The jury convicted him of first degree murder, but through jury intimidation and intervention by the Judge Charles O Betts, an accessory after the fact, he was given a 5 year suspended sentence after which he walked from the court house a free man.
Wallace’s next murder victim was probably Josefa herself, who had returned home from a Christmas party at her brother’s house on December 24, 1961 around 11:45 PM, but was found dead the following morning, having died around 3 AM supposedly of a brain hemorrhage.
Yet another Wallace victim was Henry Marshall who tenaciously pursued the corruption of Billie Sol Estes, another Lyndon Johnson crony who had abused the cotton allotments designed to restrict cotton production. Marshall was the Department of Agriculture investigator who refused to be deterred from the investigation, even when offered lucrative promotions.
On June 3, 1961, Wallace bludgeoned Marshall with a blunt object, shot him 5 times with the victim's rifle, and then pumped him full of carbon monoxide from his truck, after which he hauled the corpse to a remote location of his farm where he was found dead. The corrupt sheriff and murder accessory, Howard Stegall, immediately ruled it a suicide, which was just as quickly confirmed by the Justice of the Peace Lee Farmer who saw no pictures of the victim.
Absolutely no crime scene photographs, finger prints, or other investigation, including an autopsy, were performed into the crime. Indeed there was no time to waste on investigating when there was work to do in washing and polishing Marshall’s pickup truck by sun up. The widow Sybil and brother Robert were finally able to have the body exhumed for an autopsy many months later, upon which the examiner ruled the cause of death murder. However, there was to be no justice in this life.
Murder accessory after the fact ‘Tommy G. McWilliams, the FBI agent in charge of the Henry Marshall investigation, came to the conclusion that Marshall had indeed committed suicide. He wrote: "My theory was that he shot himself and then realized he wasn't dead."’, so he tried carbon monoxide inhalation. Not even the writers of Saturday Night Live could make this up.
This summary only touches on the murders of Mac Wallace, but there is one more of note. Wallace’s finger print was found on a box on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository which Kennedy’s murderers attempted to frame Lee Oswald. Oswald’s finger prints could be found nowhere, yet what is Mac Wallace’s doing on a box?
We do not have evidence that Wallace shot at the president, but we are absolutely convinced that he was involved in the murder of Kennedy, with Johnson’s full blessing. Nathan Darby, a Certified Latent Print Examiner, confirmed beyond doubt that the finger print belonged to Wallace. Given Wallace's legend as a hit man, there is strong reason to believe that Wallace was one of the president's assassins.
So we have yet another presidential murderer identified. As for Wallace’s final ending, he was found dead in a car “accident” as the result of yet another clean-up operation, when his demands for more money for his involvement in the Kennedy murder were answered with carbon monoxide pumped into the driver’s cabin while he drove into Pittsburgh, TX – a sort of poetic justice for the scumbag.


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Malcolm (Mac) Wallace, Spartacus Educational
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Paul Crowley said...

Edward Clark, LBJ's long time friend and lawyer, supposedly handled Mac Wallace. Clark gave the orders to Mac LBJ's bidding. With the Billie Sol Estes and Bobby Baker scandals coming to light. Johnson could have faced jail time. Meanwhile JFK, it was rumored...was going to dump LBJ, from the '64 ticket; in favor of N. Carolina's Terry Sanford. J. Edgar Hoover, no Kennedy fan, was going to be let go due to retirement age of 70; after the '60 election cycle. It was mandatory, for all government employees, unless the president asked you to stay on; and that was not going to happen, for Hoover. John Connelly, the Gov. of Texas, got JFK, to commit, to come to Texas to raise some money for the '64 election. That sealed the deal. With the death of JFK in Dallas...LBJ became president...his buddy J. Edgar Hoover, stayed on and the Sol Estes-Bobby Baker scandals were quietly taken care of. Big oil was happy that the 27% oil depletion allowance would stay with Lyndon in the white house.