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Unmasking Alek Hidell

The identity of Alek Hidell has been something of a mystery to JFK assassination researchers, but we believe that we have linked Hidell to more than one person – the unwitting Lee Oswald and the very witting Ruth Paine.
Alek Hidell is the name on an identification card found in Lee Oswald’s wallet at the time of his arrest. One of his wallets was found at the Tippit murder scene with the Hidell identification, and another presented after his arrest in the Texas Theater after the CIA murdered the President and the Dallas Police supervised the murder of officer J D Tippit. We believe that the forged ID was planted on Oswald after his arrest.
Allek Hidell is also the name of the individual who ordered a weapon in March 1963 from Klein mail order located in Chicago . The weapon ordered from Klein was not a Mannlicher-Carcano as was claimed by the deceptive Warren Commission; but the fact that a rifle was ordered from Klein by Hidell was sufficient for framing Oswald.  
The fabricated WCR story stated that Hidell ordered the weapon sent to Oswald's post office box; Hidell's identification was found on Oswald; a Carcano rifle was found on the 6th floor of the TSBD; Oswald was on the 6th floor; therefore Oswald murdered the president. The logic is childish, but then the Nazi perpetrators knew they were dealing with a simpleton public.
When asked by the Postal Inspector on 11/23/1963 about his post office boxes and Hidell, Oswald exasperatedly stated that he did not know about Hidell, a statement we believe because the Hidell identity was planted on him by Dallas police with CIA supervision. Hidell got around, as this ID showed up in other places as we will discuss momentarily.
We know from Jim Fetzer’s research that Chauncey Holt, chief accountant for mob boss Meyer Lansky, was also a gifted forger who used his talents to create the Hidell identification cards which were delivered to the CIA or Secret Service, along with other forged items, in a red pickup truck parked in Dealey Plaza’s parking lot on 11/22/1963. From there the cards were propagated to Oswald.
Another person found with the Hidell ID was Richard Case Nagel who, fearing being implicated as the patsy, managed to get himself arrested so that he could provide a rock solid alibi of being in jail when the assassination occurred. Nagel worked for the CIA.
The faked backyard photos of Oswald holding the Carcano were found in Ruth Paine’s garage, so we now have two suspects who may have ordered the rifle. Our suspicion is that Paine, or possibly her husband Michael, was the individual who ordered the Carcano and cooperated with the photo forgers to plant evidence in her garage implicating Oswald.
While CIA operative Nagel may have been the Hidell impersonator, we think the more likely explanation is that CIA operative Ruth Paine did the deed. Paine was the Oswald baby sitter who put up Marina in her home for a time and took her to and from New Orleans, playing the kindly neighbor with hidden venom. As a CIA operative, she could easily forge and hide evidence related to post office boxes.
Finally, we noted earlier that the strange package which Linnie Mae Randle mendaciously claimed Lee took to work on 11/22 – a package supposed to be large enough to be a rifle, possibly disassembled, was really the rifle her brother Buell Frazier got from Paine and which he smuggled to the TSBD to frame Oswald.
Thus, we conclude that the ordering of the rifle from Klein and delivery to Alek Hidell was the work of CIA operative Ruth Paine.

PS 10/28/2017: We failed to include the fact that Alek was the name "Oswald" used in the USSR. There is more to unwind with Alek J Hidell pseudonym.

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The Daughter of Chauncey Marvin Holt said...

Enjoyed the read! Yes, Hidell was used alot - and yes my father helped to forge identification with the name and picture of LHO. Among many other things for the day/event/set up. Interesting that this point doesn't come up more for debate.

I wanted to share your post but did not see that you provided a link to do so.

The Daughter of Chauncey Marvin Holt said...

You should put a "share" tag on this post... :)

Tony Bonn said...

thank you for your comments and pointing out the missing share button. I will see if I can rectify that shortcoming.

do you have any specific vignettes or anecdotes to share about your father as they relate to 11/22 events?

Anonymous said...

A fine summary, but I have one comment on Nagel. While one cannot rule out that he might have been used as a patsy in some version of unfolding of events, he was primarily a spy who worked in double and triple agent operations. If one believes him (I tend to, but he is always working angles, so caveat emptor) Nagel was told to warn Oswald by his Soviet handlers and kill him if he did not pay heed.

Exactly what Nagel thought he was avoiding when he got arrested and put in Federal prison is unclear, as I read it. Being a patsy was only one of the deadly possibilities.

Tony Bonn said...

yes nagel knew that he was expendable patsy material, and knew what cia was planning for kennedy. it is quite likely that he got some of the information from the soviets. as such, he thought it advisable to be locked up in a prison in order to provide an air tight alibi for his whereabouts, or to be unavailable should he be ordered on some mission for which there was no return.

Anonymous said...

The forged Selective Service card could not have been the work of Chauncey Holt because it was really crappy and Chauncey did great work on his forgeries. I have a book in publication as we speak how the name Alek Hidell came about. The information is in the back of the book in Appendix 2.

A.O. said...

What's the name of the book please?