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Background on the Election of 1992

The presidential election of 1992 was the first one since 1968 where a credible 3d party candidate posed a threat to the major party candidates. The real motives of the candidates were quite surprising, and evidence that candidates know far less than they pretend.
Now it is difficult for an elected representative to be as stupid as the electorate – the smarter ones will always rule the stupid ones. So Ross Perot, candidate for the Reform Party, needed an issue which would resonate with the stupid ones. He found his cause in the Viet Nam Prisoners of War who were betrayed by the US government, an issue over which all Americans should be infuriated.
But the real issue motivating Perot was his knowledge of the massive drug trade the United States did (and still does) in this country and overseas, and George Bush, Sr’s central involvement in it. These two issues coupled with the Iran-Contra scandal, the Savings & Loan scandal, and the after taste of Watergate left decent Americans wanting something better. Some voters were tired of the false dichotomies between the Democrats and Republicans which are both criminal enterprises controlled by the same bankster and Jewish powers.
Having squandered the political capital he had amassed during the fraudulent Gulf War, Bush was vulnerable to the Clintons who were perceived as “outside the beltway” and thus a good alternative to the crime riddled Bush. Even Ross Perot thought so.
According to heavily footnoted information provided by Robert Morrow, Perot entered the 1992 election to dethrone Bush who had betrayed American POWs and who was corrupting Americans with his massive drug peddling in the United States, the real scandal behind Iran-Contra.
Gene Chip Tatum, an assassin for the US government during the 1980s and 90s, was given orders by George Bush, Sr to “neutralize” Ross Perot because his candidacy was effective – at least effective in siphoning off votes desperately needed for Bush. Perot also threatened to bring Bush to justice on account of the latter’s murders and drug empire.
For those lacking acumen, neutralize is a euphemism for murder in the event that less persuasive measures are not effective in compelling a target to obey the wishes of the murderer.
At one point we believed that Bush did not want a second term and that he threw the election to Bill Clinton because of the many favors Clinton did for Bush as the ring leader of the Mena Arkansas drug trade.
We believe that this explanation is accurate, but Bush may have wanted electoral revenge against Perot, and thus became motivated to campaign harder than he should have - although at the end had given up completely. We believe that Bush - in a rare lapse into reality - recognized that he was too vulnerable to more political scandals because Iran-Contra never had really gone away even in 1992.
Bush resigned himself to his fate as a fair quid pro quo for Clinton’s favors during his vice presidency.
On the other hand, Perot never believed he could win. In fact Morrow cites numerous examples of Perot and Clinton meeting frequently during the 1992 election to coordinate campaign strategies. Thus while Perot could not win electorally, he could spoil Bush’s chances - the real object of his candidacy.
Unfortunately Perot was either blind to Clinton’s murders and drug partnership with Bush, or decided that Clinton was the less of two evils. We believe that Perot was not apprised of Clinton’s drug empire in Arkansas.
In the end, Bush a perennial electoral pariah, assumed his natural pose as a political loser. But he knew that he would be back with his son George, who first had to prove himself by murdering John Kennedy, Jr.

Robert Morrow, Jeb Bush & Oliver North: Did You Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986?, (email), October 29, 2014

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