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The Ebola Conspiracy

Although our first instincts were to suppose that the Ebola epidemic was merely a psychological warfare operation against Americans in the way that Sandy Hook was, we have uncovered strong evidence that it is a malicious plot organized under the auspices of the US government to wipe out up to 90% of human population.
Not that the US government is on its own in this matter, since it has received substantial support from such billionaires as Bill Gates and George Soros. But the US government, through the Center for Disease Control has been hard work since at least 2006 constructing an attack on the American people as part of its stated goals of reducing world population by 90%.
For those wondering about the specifics of the Ebola campaign against America, we point you to the patents which the US government holds on Ebola, a ghastly virus which is deadly in at least 50% of its victims. The US government holds at least 4-5 Ebola patents with one filing October 26, 2009 listing as inventors Jonathon S Towner, Stuart Nichol, Thomas Ksiazek,  and Pierre Rollin.
The work of Towner correlates with a bioweapons laboratory in Sierra Leone which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a virulently hateful organization dedicated to wiping out 90% of the human population. Gates is on record fretting over the rise in the world's population, noting that even if all preventative measures were taken such as sterilization and vaccination, the growth could only be curbed by 10-15%.
Interestingly enough Sierra Leone is the very epicenter of the Ebola epidemic, leaving it to a 2 year old to realize that the Gates bioweapon lab in Sierra Leone is the source of the scourge.
The Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone is the apparent location of the bioweapons lab which is operating in conjunction with the CDC and Tulane University. James Robinson, MD of Tulane University is associated with the lab as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Another suspected conspirator is Pardis Sabeti, MD of Harvard University who studied under the highly racist Rhodes scholarship program which seeks to recover for Britain all lost colonies of the British empire, as well as under the Soros Fellowship, whose namesake has funded in part the US takeover of Ukraine and its ensuing genocide against the  country's eastern citizens.
Another person of interest in the conspiracy is Stephen Gire of Harvard University who has been involved in Ebola vaccination research. We ask you to withhold your natural instinct to believe that vaccination research is a noble endeavor because under the circumstances it is a cover for more sadistic goals of the Gates-Soros conspiracy.
Gates recently invested 50 millions USD in the Ebola epidemic, part of which was to sponsor vaccines to reduce population. The Microsoft founder is also a co-owner of the Ebola patents cited above. From there Monsanto picked up the ball to begin development of a vaccine, with Tekimara Pharmaceutical the lead developer of the vaccine with a 140 million dollar contract with the US Department of Defense.
However, reports from our source indicate that an Ebola vaccine has been available for 8-10 years. Thus we assume that Tekimara and Monsanto are simply productionalizing a known vaccine to profit from the deliberate spread of the virus.
Even more startling is the US government claim of ownership over any and all other Ebola viruses which share a 70% similarity with the virus it invented. This arrogance staggers the imagination.
Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg have collaborated with polio vaccinations, and have declared the intent to vaccinate every single child in Africa with multiple vaccines as part of their population reduction initiatives. The horrors of vaccines are a topic for another posting, but clearly Gates' 50 million USD investment will reap a windfall for the billionaire and his co-conspirators as they collect munificent compensation for their alleged philanthropies.
While Gates laments that vaccinations and sterilization will only reduce projected population growth by 10-15%, his intellectual confrere, the psychopathic Dr Eric Pianka of the University of Texas received a standing ovation in 2006 when he declared to other health professionals that he seeks to reduce the world population by 90%. The kicker to the statement is that he advocated doing so through an air borne Ebola virus.

For those who think that Bill Gates is a generous philanthropist, let us detail the real Bill Gates. Reports in the 1990s when he was a technology rock star were frequently unflattering when they were honest. Reporters noted Gates’ contemptuous, hostile, and demeaning attitude towards people, a trait very consistent with his desire to wipe out human populations as part of his genocide campaign.

More recently, Dr Jim Willie reported intelligence he received that one of the passengers on the MH-370 flight which the US and Israel destroyed carried a passenger who was going to testify to The Hague Convention concerning crimes against humanity which implicated Gates as a genocidal murderer for his role in creating the Ebola virus.
Further underscoring that Ebola is a policy of the United States government, the CDC has warned funeral homes and hospitals to prepare for a massive increase of deaths. So while the US President and Centers for Disease Control are peddling lies about the insignificance of Ebola, they are urgently warning funeral home directors and hospital administrators to plan for skyrocketing deaths from Ebola, the disease on which it holds numerous patents.


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