Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hope For Ebola Victims

In a stunning and wide ranging interview with the editorial staff of Veterans Today, Dr Rima Laibow revealed an inexpensive immune support supplement whose testimonials claim that it prevents or heals Ebola, the weaponized virus which the United States government produced to destroy 90% of the world's population.
Dr Rima, as she is known, cited a bevy studies, including ones by the Department of Defense, which demonstrated that Nano Silver 10 PPM provides efficacious inoculation against Ebola and other deadly viruses.
The silver solution concentrated at 10 part per million has been found to be more effective by orders of magnitude than higher concentrations of the same solution. Nano Silver 10 PPM is typically tasteless and odorless, and should be consumed under the regimen which Dr Rima has published on her website.

On the other hand, Nano Silver should not be confused with colloidal or ionic silver, solutions which do not have the same properties as Nano Silver nor have any studies demonstrating their effectiveness.However the colloidal Nano Silver 10 PPM has an extensive body of evidence substantiating its efficacy.
Not only have US government studies shown Nano Silver 10 PPM to be effective in fighting Ebola, but field reports from Sierra Leone, where Bill Gates, George Soros, Tulane University, and the CDC weaponized Ebola, give positive if not glowing reviews to the results of this immune support supplement.
These results are all the more remarkable given the profoundly virulent nature of the patented weaponized Ebola virus created by America's traitors.
Consumer Reports states that there is no evidence for the efficaciousness of Nano Silver, citing a doctor, and claiming that it will cause your body to turn blue, cause brain maladies, and other undesirable side effects. This information is entirely false and criminally irresponsible.
Even if the allegations were true, the lethality of Ebola, which is between 55-75%, would suggest that tradeoffs need to be made. Fortunately, this kind of triage is unnecessary because Consumer Reports and FDA claims are entirely baseless.
So accurate is Dr Rima's advice that the FDA has attempted to shut down her business, and the Satan worshipping banksters at JPMorgan Chase have seized her credit card merchant accounts and terminated her credit card processing services.
Additional evidence of the value of Nano Silver is the World Health Organization's attempts to sabotage the shipment of Nano Silver to Sierra Leone and issuing stern threats against using it. President Koroma of Sierra Leone, caring more for his people than for the Ziocon murderers at WHO, threw out of his country the UN officials who attempted to deter his distribution of Nano Silver.
Dr Rima emphasized that Ebola is easily and readily transmitted through aerosol methods, meaning that it spreads through airborne mechanisms. The Hazmat suits used to protect against Ebola are actually counter productive.
Finally, if the information provided by Dr Rima and Veterans Today were not correct, the US Army would not have attempted to blast its website off the internet.
We implore everyone to listen to the interview we reference below. It could be a life saver. We mince no words when we say that the United States government, in concert with the United Nations, powerful plutocratic individuals, including Bill Gates and George Soros, are determined to murder 90% of the earth's population. Their vaccines will kill you if the Ebola does not.
We often do not publish URLs to references because they disappear too quickly, but in this case we are breaking our policy because the information it contains is a matter of life and death.

Stew Webb, The Debate Is Over: Ebola Virus is Airborne, Veterans Today, 10/17/2014, accessed 10/17/2014,

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