Thursday, October 16, 2014

US Army Attacks Veterans Today

In a stunning article paralleling our recent analysis of the Ebola attack on the United States, Veterans Today reported a massive attack on their website by the US Army's Signal Corp operating out of Fort Huachuca in Arizona which took their website down for several hours yesterday.
While Gordon Duff surmised that their Ebola article was the triggering event, we point out to  our readers that Veterans Today has published 3 explosive articles within the last month touching on the brain center of the Ziocon assault on America.
In addition to fingering the culprits in the Ebola attack, they published startling evidence that former Governor of Tennessee Don Lundquist was heard on tape planning to murder former ambassador Leo Wanta for 30 billion dollars in extortion, a conspiracy involving major names in the US Senate, including Tom Corker. Finally VT reported that 137 US Congressmen and 5 Supreme Court justices had been bribed by the Bush Crime Syndicate to cover up the truth about the 9/11 attacks.
The recent assaults by the US Army on Veterans Today vindicates their reporting, and the quality of their sources, which may include Edward Snowden who has escaped to Russia for political asylum.
In their Ebola article, Duff reports that up to 5,000 Americans are now infected with the artificial virus, a state of affairs brought about by collusion of 5th column US traitors including the CEOs of the major airlines. CDC is specifically directing flights into the United States to spread the deadly Ebola virus on which it holds 4-5 patents minimum.
Other traitors involved in the attacks on Americans include Senator John McCain, the billionaire Koch brothers, Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Network, Lindsay Graham, the Bronfman Crime Syndicate, and the Guiliani Crime Syndicates.
While associated with the above groups, Dick Cheney is planning the next nuclear attacks on the United States using the nuclear bombs distributed to 25 US cities by Mossad.
We predicted earlier this year that the United States would be wiped out as a country by the end of 2014, and while some would accuse us of "fear porn" labels do not intimidate us. The facts point to a clear and present danger as the old cliché goes.

Gordon Duff, VT Issues First Ebola Warning (Subject to Hacker Attack!), Veterans Today, October 15, 2014, accessed 10/16/2014

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