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9/11 Conspirators Revealed

Evelyn de Rothschild and wife Lynn Forrester
The evidence started as a trickle, but has now turned into a torrent, inculpating Israel as the aggressor in the elaborate 9/11 attack on the United States involving nuclear weapons. Those who continue to deny the primary role of Israel in the attacks are aiding and abetting America’s number 1 enemy.
The Israelis, of course, needed a little bit of help from their friends, especially the Ziocon authors of the Project for a New American Century, one of the key policy statements establishing the foundation for the assaults. Indeed a vast number of the American traitors of the Bush Crime Syndicate were deeply involved with Israel in planning and executing the attacks. In fact their relationship with the Nazi Jews goes back to the destruction of the King David Hotel in 1946 and the murder of President Kennedy in 1963.
Writing in Veterans Today, Lasha Darkmoon assembled an extraordinary cache of statements making the prima facie case that dual citizen Jews were the prime movers in the treasonous assault on US soil – the infamous 5th column come home to roost.
But the Bush Crime Syndicate terrorist cells operating within the United States have done so since the Spanish-American War at the very latest. American banksters such as Morgenthau, Morgan, DuPont, Rockefeller, Bush, Harriman, Bundy, Warburg, and too many others to enumerate have been the masterminds behind all 20th C wars, including the establishment of Adolph Hitler and World War 2.
Most of these treasonous Americans worked under the tutelage of the Rothschilds who have been making money and war since the early 19th C. Darkmoon estimates that the Satanic Rothschilds are worth 500 trillion dollars, with the pauper Rockefeller Nazis worth only 100 trillion. These 2 dynasties control 2/3 of the world’s estimated 990 trillions in wealth.
Their contempts for America are legendary, with David Rockefeller on record in his autobiography that he has wanted to destroy the Constitution of the United States for as long as he can remember. Darkmoon documents Eveleyn de Rothschild’s, and his wife Lynn Forrester’s, whereabouts on 9/11 at the top of a 5 star New York hotel being served breakfast at 9a on the balcony so that the couple could watch with glee the proceedings which followed shortly thereafter.
As we mentioned, the Rothschilds had a little help from their friends, and Darkmoon kindly helped us to a list of Satan’s little helpers, a list we had started in a previous posting. We reproduce the roster as follows. Darkmoon provided the Ziocon names closely associated with the attack, either because they participated in it, or because they are material witnesses to a crime.
Our contribution is to identify the persons, as most Americans could probably not distinguish in the list which Bush was president when. Our original enumeration contains many who are missing from this roster, but this one focuses on the leading Ziocons who planned and covered-up the attacks.
Most of these people are traitors.

George W. Bush
President, USA
Tony Blair
Prime Minister, UK
Benjamin Netanyahu*
Prime Minister, Israel
Ehud Barak*
Prime Minister, Israel
Shimon Peres*
Prime Minister, President, Israel
Henry Kissinger*
Secretary of State, USA
George HW Bush
President, USA
Dick Cheney
Vice President, USA
Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense, USA
Richard Perle*
Political advisor, USA
Douglas Feith*
Under Secretary of Defense, USA
Dov Zakheim*
Comptroller of the Pentagon, USA
George Tenet (Cohen)*
Director CIA, USA
Robert Mueller
Director FBI, USA
John Ashcroft
Attorney General, USA
Michael Chertoff*
Secretary Homeland Security, USA
Michael Mukasey*
Attorney General, USA
Colin Powell
Secretary of State, USA
Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State, USA
Richard Armitage
Deputy Secretary of State, USA
Philip Zelikow*
Executive Director 9/11 Commission, USA
Ari Fleischer*
White House Press Secretary, USA
Karl Rove
Political advisor, USA
Elliott Abrams*
Politician, USA
Lewis “Scooter” Libby*
Political aide to Dick Cheney, USA
Jack Abramoff*
Lobbyist, UA
Rudolph Giuliani
Mayor NYC, USA
Eliot Spitzer*
Governor New York, USA
Richard Holbrooke
Investment banker, USA
Michael Ledeen*
Consultant NSA, USA
Larry Silverstein*
Owner World Trade Center, USA
Frank Lowy*
Businessman, Australia
David Rockefeller
President Chase Manhattan, USA
Rupert Murdoch*
Communications magnate, Australia
Maurice Greenberg*
Paul Bremer
Diplomat, USA
William Kristol*
Editor, Weekly Standard, USA
James Woolsey
Director CIA
Newt Gingrich
Speaker, House of Representatives, USA

Nearly all of the people on this table had advance knowledge of 9/11, participated in the crime, or participated in its cover-up. They should be interrogated under oath, and most of them prosecuted for murder, treason, and attack against the United States. Most of the Jews on this list are dual citizens who have absolutely no allegiance to this nation. Even Israel is it not its liege - rather the Rothschilds and Mammon are their masters.

Lasha Darkmoon, 9/11: The Shocking Truth Laid Bare, Veterans Today, September 6, 2014, accessed 9/7/2014,

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