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The Cocaine Presidency

It seems that the common thread uniting the presidencies of George Bush, Sr, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jr, and Bari Shabazz is drugs, or more specifically cocaine. Each of these presidents has been a significant consumer or distributor of the dreaded drug. In fact having trafficked in it may even be a requirement for the job.
When George Bush, Sr’s assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan failed, he had to wait out the next 8 years biding his time with funerals and criminal activity, all for national security, dontcha know? While vice president, George Bush was the principal sponsor of the Iran Contra drug trade.
Of course the CIA had created the conflict in Nicaragua between the Sandinistas and Contras as a means of justifying military expenditures, and gaining control of more of the world. But none of that mattered because Bush , William Casey, and Oliver North knew that the American people were about as dumb as a pig with a frontal lobotomy, and that they could get away with anything they wanted.
It turned out that the Teflon president actually served a useful role as protector and patsy.
In short, Bush and his White House cronies, including Richard Secord, felt justified on “national security” grounds in trading arms for cocaine in order to fight the red menace in Central America. While there are some Americans who understand that Bush was involved in this drug trade, few recognize that these people had no interest in the geopolitics of Nicaragua. What was important was drugging America, and earning billions of dollars for their personal bank accounts.
However, the scheme fell apart starting in 1985 when one of the important cogs in the drug trade, Barry Seal, began making noises that he wanted relief from the IRS agents who were hounding him for back taxes on the 30 million USD he had earned running drugs for George and Jeb. Yes, Jeb Bush was in the epicenter of the Iran Contra drug trade.
Seal had a long standing relationship with the CIA going back to the 1950s when he and David Ferrie ran arms to Cuba’s Fidel Castro who was supported by the Agency whose leaders were anxious to unleash a reign of terror on the island.
Taking a page from George DeMohrenschildt’s book, Seal had the audacity to inform George Bush and his criminal associates that he would leak damaging information if he did not call off the IRS’ investigation. Seal reminded the vice president that he had eye witness and recorded evidence that he and Jeb were directly involved in drug transactions.
Jeb got his start in drugs during the 1970s when Lady Bird Johnson’s Texas Commercial Bank ostensibly sent him to Venezuela circa 1977 to begin banking operations in the country. The truth is that he was on a mission for his father’s CIA to begin organizing the drug trade in the Americas since George had sewn up the business in Southeast Asia.

All of this history was on the verge of unwinding with Barry’s loose lips, putting the Bush Crime Syndicate in panic mode with a plan to murder the impudent pilot which they did on February 11, 1986. To make sure that everyone knew that they meant business, they murdered his mistress the same day. To really drive home the point, George Sr gave his son George Seal's favorite airplane which he used while governor of Texas.
While there were scores – and possibly hundreds – who were murdered to insure that scandal did not engulf George’s political future, one figure who got caught in the crossfire was Sweden’s prime minister, Olof Palme. For a number of reasons he angered the Bush Crime Syndicate, but the latest transgression was knowing too much about the drug trade, a fact which the state controlled media dutifully covered up in the wake of his murder in which Gene Chip Tatum took part.
The problem with Palme actually started with North, who had a tendency to speak too much himself. According to Robert Morrow’s sources, Bush was on the verge of wiping out North, just as North had murdered Seal.
Now when we say that Oliver North murdered Barry Seal, we mean that he hired about 8 Columbians from the Cali drug cartel to murder him, 3 of whom were convicted; but all 3 testified that they were working for LTC Ollie North.
North was eventually made the fall guy for Iran Contra, but when called before the show trials Congress put on to placate public opinion, North donned his Marine Corps uniform and beat his chest about patriotism, fighting commies, and baking apple pie from a recipe he got from Hillary. (We jest ever so slightly).
It turns out that the Clintons were eyeball deep in the Iran Contra cocaine business, which is one reason George relinquished the presidency to Bill who had done such a great service to “national security” by leasing out the Mena airfield to Bush, North, and their drug running cronies.
Why Americans idolize the criminal Bush family baffles us, but it is evidence for our claim that Americans are evenly paired with a potted plant, and deserve the tyranny which is engulfing them.

Robert Morrow, Jeb Bush & Oliver North: Did You Murder CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986?, (email), October 29, 2014

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