Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Election Guide

As the election of 2014 draws closer, we thought that it would be meet to issue some guidance to prospective voters who are locked into their abusive marriages to the Republican and Democrat parties.
Some of our dear readers think that there is a difference between the two parties. Just as some adults have to inform their kids that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are not real, so we must inform Americans that neither are the Republican or Democrat parties. In truth they are controlled by the same bankster totalitarian Nazis who put Hitler and Lenin in power.
Evidence for the common control is the similarities between the parties. Both Bush and "Obama" have bombed more countries than Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger could have ever hoped in their wildest wet dreams. The Ziocon controlled press do not report the many covert wars in which the US is involved including those in the Ukraine and Africa. "Obama" has precisely the same bombing and drone mentality as Bush.
We have published reviews of books demonstrating how electoral politics works, which is a lot of bribery and intimidation behind closed doors, an example of which was Phyllis' Schafly's classic on the 1964 election in which she showed that the Rockefellers governed the Republican party with an iron grip.
The perennial cry of the stupid voter who thinks that things will change when his party gets a majority is an infantile psychosis. The US federal debt has ballooned under Republicans and Democrats, wars have increased under both parties, and the nation has gone to hell in a hand basket with both at the helm.
So for this upcoming election, we urge voters to vote for candidates who are not Democrat or Republican. We have published information showing that 130 members of Congress are receiving bribes to keep quiet about the truth of 9/11 and Israel's placement of nuclear devices in 25 US cities. This cover-up includes members of both parties. To think that your sainted representative is pure is idiocy. Both the Republican and Democrat parties are traitors and pawns of the Rothschild banksters.
The second advice we offer is to vote against any politician who supports the state of Israel or who is Jewish. Given the preceding information of the Israel's war against the United States, it staggers the imagination that anyone who is a patriotic American could possibly support any candidate who champions Israel's genocidal wars and nuclear destruction of America.
Americans who hate this country always cry about having to pick the less of two evils, to which we respond, You are a moron. We all have choices, and the choice in all elections is to vote for the country or vote for your favorite treasonous Nazi Democrat or Republican.
One party to consider is the Constitution party, a party which has made significant strides in recent years because of its adherence to the US Constitution. We are sure that other parties exist, but even if they don't, write in someone.
Do not vote communist as that party is a Jewish operation.
If you decide not to vote, we understand. The 2012 election had roughly 125-135 million votes but only 95 or so million voters. "Obama" was placed in office through massive vote fraud. You as a citizen have no choice in the election any way.

So if you decide to vote, please do not vote Democrat or Republican. If you are stupid enough to think that it makes a difference, then vote against the incumbent.

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