Sunday, October 19, 2014

Civil War Rages in US Government

Civil war rages within the US government with 2 sharp factions forming between luke warm patriots and ardent Satanists over the support of ISIS and ISIL, according to a recent dispatch from Veterans Today.
In a bombshell story, Gordon Duff identifies both ISIS and ISIL as Israeli front organizations funded and sponsored by dual citizen Israeli-Americans, and current and retired senior US military officers, all of whom are linked to open Satanic worship including the offering human sacrifices.
We are not using hyperbole when we speak of the Satanic religion of the US traitors. Their treasonous acts against the United States government speak volumes their allegiances to the Satanic Rothschild dynasty, the rulers of the Jewish state.
Duff names the traitors including Brigadier General Paul Vallely, a close associate of Brigadier General Michael Aquino whose career skyrocketed in spite of numerous scandals associated with Satanic ritual child abuse, the operation of pedophile rings, and leadership of the Church of Satan and Order of Set, religions which practice human sacrifice.
Other religious affiliations of their co-conspirators include "Pentecostal" and "Evangelical Christian", covers used to justify their support of the Rothschild state of Israel, much as the Satanists John Ashcroft and Janet Reno of the Clinton administration did as they butchered Americans at Waco and the World Trade Center.
According to Duff, Vallely has been filmed in Syria meeting with terrorist organizations, including the Israeli sponsored ISIS and ISIL. Other prominent individuals supporting these Jewish terrorist groups taking over Syria include Sheldon Adelson, Charles Koch, David Koch, George Soros, and other Satan worshipping persons.
One of the most shocking stories involves the Traitor Vice Admiral Tim Giardina and the entire US nuclear command, which is under investigation, prosecution, or sentencing for stealing nuclear bombs from Minot Air Force Base in South Dakota for delivery to Israel.
The B-52 loaded with nuclear missiles or bombs was downed August 27, 2007 in Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. The nuclear hijackers were clearly under orders from Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both working for George Bush, Jr and Sr.
President "Obama" has taken steps to clean house, but the revolutionaries led by Vallely have claimed that "Obama" has been on political witch hunt to purge patriotic officers.
"Obama", whose real name is Bari Malik Shabazz, is hamstrung by his conflicted, obfuscated, and compromised identity complex, and is thus susceptible to political blackmail. The president has terminated bombings of ISIS/ISIL under threat of death.
The recent security breaches at the White House were planned stunts to warn the president that if he did not obey Vallely that he would surrender his life. Recently 2 separate security violations within the White House proved just how bribable the Secret Service is. The latest incident involved an armed guard with criminal background boarding the White House elevator with "Obama," proving just how easily the Secret Service can murder a president, just as it did with President Kennedy.
The Jewish cabal which installed "Obama" as president is about ready to roll him under the bus since he has proven unreliable to 5th column.
Duff also reports that 2 downings of US military aircraft occurred after their highly secret and encrypted flight packets were betrayed to ISIS/ISIL by Vallely's forces, much as John McCain did to his North Vietnamese "captors." Flight information is handled on such a secure basis that only an insider could have provided the necessary information to permit the Israeli terrorists to shoot down the 2 aircraft.
How soon the civil war breaks out into open conflict is still unknown, but former Vice President Cheney has warned Americans that his forces are on the verge of attacking the United States soon. The latest Ebola campaign appears to be the opening salvo in the hostilities.
Veterans Today reported last week that 137 US Congressmen and 5 Supreme Court justices are receiving bribe money from the Bush Crime Syndicate to cover-up 9/11 investigations, and are surely paying them to keep quiet about treason of the Vallely putschists.
Gordon Duff, NEO – ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes – Who Is Responsible?, Veterans Today, 10/19/2014, accessed 10/19/2014

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