Monday, October 13, 2014

Obama's Shattering Universe

Sheriff Joe Arpaio claimed that the disclosure of his investigation into President Obama's birth and identity would be "universe shattering." While we have no idea what he and the Cold Case Posse will reveal, we doubt that he will discover the half of it, or that it will come to half of what we have surmised.
For most Americans, it will be universe shattering once it is finally revealed that the person going by the name "Michelle Obama" is actually a man, a discussion we have pursued in detail thanks to ground breaking research by former law enforcement officials.
Even those who recognize that Bari Malik Shabazz is the son of Jo Ann Newman and Malcolm X will not begin to fathom the true nature and purpose of their son. The secret is darker and truly universe shattering.
Please understand that Shabazz is a composite intelligence creature. He was not born to Stanley Ann Dunham and Lolo Soetoro. Stanley Ann Dunham herself is an intelligence construct who is no more real than the man on the moon, although she borrows certain facets from Newman.
Dunham and Soetoro were killed off because they were no longer required and too risky to the completely scripted Soetoro lie. Dunham was a figment, but Soetoro was real and murdered because he had already played his role.
All of the stories about Indonesia, Hawaii, and other exotica of Shabazz' life are myths, fabrications, and lies. For those still struggling over the birth certificate, let's just say that you are in over your head.
Shabazz' entire life history has been obscured and cut out of whole cloth. The public has never been allowed to inspect original documents, records, or sources of any kind. This lock down on Shabazz' life history is because he is an intelligence operation perpetrated by traitors at the highest levels of the American and Israeli governments.
It is critical to understand that Shabazz' alleged grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham was CIA, and that CIA works for Mossad. Everything which happened to Shabazz in his youth was the connivance of Dunham and his CIA wife.
Shabazz was groomed from youth to be president, with Dunham the willing co-conspirator. According to our understanding, Stanley Armour was the half brother of Malcolm X, which is how he got involved with the Shabazz project.
Fred Newman and Jo Ann Newman were Jews who virulently hated America. The writings of Newman are instructive on this matter and documented in previous posts. Newman practiced sexual psychotherapy and wrote that he despised the American way of life and its morality.
Thus, by any means necessary, he would produce a weapon to destroy America, working hand in glove with both the CIA and Mossad, by hatching a future President who would wreak enormous damage on the country through polarizing, murdering, lying, and betraying.
Jo Ann seduced Malcolm X to produce a son for an experimental weapon against America. When the child was birthed, we believe that Fred and Jo Ann conspired with the CIA to murder the father Malcolm X. It fits the pattern of everyone else in Shabazz' fake life - they all disappear.
Shabazz would be groomed as Muslim and Christian, though in reality he is a Jew.
Shabazz was trained to hate America, destroying it through trillion dollar debts, use of drones against Americans the admission of Ebola victims into the country, and the use of the IRS to harass political opponents. Not even Richard Nixon could descend to such depths.
When the Israelis took over Palestinian television stations, they began broadcasting 24 hour pornography in order to destroy, inflame, and humiliate the Palestinians. They used pornography as a weapon, and so use political pornography in the form of a completely undocumented president to humiliate the United States, and to prove to the world what ignorant boobs Americans truly are.
However, Shabazz is starting to become a liability in a number of ways. Not only is he completely blackmailable due to his transvestite "wife", but his policies have not been sufficiently bellicose for his Jewish handlers. He is becoming radioactive, and his controllers are ready to throw him under the bus.
His mother, Jo Ann Newman, a wanted terrorist living in the White House, is there to control him, because her test tube baby is her political project to destroy America. She does not love her son any more than she loves a ham sandwich. She has used him like so much weed killer on a garden. She has no use for him, and when he has self destructed, she will move on to something else, although we understand that she may be dying of cancer, at long last.
This destruction of a human being and use for her Jewish undying hatred of goyim and Americans is what Fred and Jo Ann Newman were all about, with Bari a casualty in their cosmic hate for mankind.
The Manchurian Candidate will be given destruct instructions. With nuclear bombs in 25 US cities, Shabazz may well be the Samson who detonates them as a last act of revenge.
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