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John Lennon's Double Fantasy

From plasticmacca, the real Lennon (l) and fake (r).
When we announced our conclusions that Paul McCartney had been murdered in 1966, we demurred in concluding that other Beatles had been replaced or murdered. After re-examining evidence supplied by Tina Foster and her sources, we believe that John Lennon was indeed replaced in the band and murdered.
As with McCartney, a number of factors substantiate Lennon's replacement, the foremost of which are the numerous likeness of the band member which do not match. We show one of such example posted on the plasticmacca blog; however, Foster provides numerous other photos with even starker dissimilarities between the known Lennon and the alleged Lennon.
To cement the claim that there are different Lennons, we would like to see a forensically competent evaluation as performed on McCartney by Gavazenni and Carlesi. Even so, we believe that the differences are so pronounced that focused concentration on the photographs will reveal that different people are impersonating Lennon.
As to the timing of the switch we are not positive, but given the photo reproduced here, it seems that 1966 is a credible date as it was the year in which "Lennon" was filming How I Won the War in Spain after concluding The Beatles tour of the United States.
Physical cues to which Foster points are the square chin versus a pointed chin for the imposter, a straight nose versus a beak nose, and a solid body build to a weak or gaunt build. After reviewing the evidence ourselves, we strongly concur with Foster's findings, and thus conclude from the photographic evidence that Lennon was replaced.
We would also go a step further to assert that Lennon was murdered as was band mate Paul. Thus we have the two murders of John Lennon, the one in December 1980 being the reflection of the first.
Other clues to a murder include the divorce of "Lennon" from his first wife Cynthia after what many considered a successful marriage. Also, the real Lennon wrote 2 books, a feat never repeated by the replacement, even though John stated in 1965 that he wrote all of the time.
John's son Julian has stated in interviews that he saw his father only 8-10 times during his life, a distance and abandonment which only makes sense if "John" were not the real father.
Finally, of extreme importance, and perhaps the nail in the coffin of the anti-conpsirator's theory about a single John, is the FBI's seizure of a set of finger prints of the fake John on October 6, 2010. There is no reasonable explanation for this action other than the release of the finger prints would expose the identity fraud committed by the US, British, and other governments.
Another nail in the coffin, as though it were needed, is the medical records fraud committed by the attending physicians at the hospital where "John" was taken after being assassinated by Jose Perdomo or one of his CIA accomplices. The doctors hid "Lennon's" records in a safe to keep them from view, after which they destroyed them. One nurse and doctor stated that they did not recognize the individual as John Lennon 2.0.
A further consideration should be given to the strange relationship between Yoko Ono and Lennon 2. Ono came from a very wealthy Japanese banking family and has worked in intelligence nearly all of her life. As an admitted witch, she would have been very comfortable in British American intelligence circles where occultic individuals are highly cultivated.
Our view is that Ono was the handler for the fake John, a job which required her to keep him drugged out and on the farm, so to speak. Ono's connection with Satanism may also be the fount and basis of our analysis that Lennon was deeply involved in the occult, a connection which may have properly belonged to the fake Lennon rather than the original.
The motives for murder of the real John Lennon were much the same as for Paul. The Illuminati, including the Bush Crime Syndicate, wanted to co-opt the band's popularity to eliminate its anti-war influence, and to use it as a front for the BCS's burgeoning drug trade operating out of Southeast Asia.
While we suspect that other proofs of a switch and murder are available, we believe that these are sufficient for establishing the case that there were at least 2 John Lennons, and possibly more. The Beatles were a concept of the mind control organizations such as MI6 and CIA who wanted to subvert and control popular culture along Satanic lines.
We believe that the double Lennons fantasy is worthy of additional research, particularly for pinpointing John's (original) death - both its time and location, as well as finding his body.
Tina Foster, I don't believe in Featles: CIAlebrity impersonator, "John Lennon" (updated),, May 10, 2010, accessed 10/19/2014
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