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The Murder of JFK and the Massacre of the USS Liberty

More details of the wanton attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 have emerged showing that not only did Israel engineer the entire event, but that traitors in the US government were responsible for jointly planning it with Israel.
The United States has been lying about the massacre of the USS Liberty, a communications spy ship, which was attacked on June 8, 1967 during the Jewish war of aggression against Egypt and Syria. It has claimed that the attack was one of mistaken identity, a matter which should be dropped among friends.
There are several problems with that lie – namely that Israel is a sworn enemy of the United States, a country which it uses to accomplish its genocidal agenda of wiping out people who are its enemies – and everyone is its enemy. As Israeli leaders have stated time and again, Israel is always at war, and "everyone is our enemy." Hence ever since World War 1, Jews have attempted to wipe out all great powers, particularly Germany and Russia. They have already destroyed the United States, a nation whose sole purpose is to realize the genocidal dreams of the Jews who have lacked the abilities themselves to wipe out their enemies.
So not only is Israel an enemy of the United States, the proverbial sheep in wolves’ clothing, but the attack on the Liberty was intentional, planned months in advance by US and Israeli military and intelligence operatives, proving that a powerful minority – if not majority – of American politicians are the fifth column which has destroyed it. This operation was known as Operation Cyanide.
It is well known that Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, the man who made the body bags from Vietnam flow like a river, and President Johnson himself, ordered the commander of the USS Saratoga, Captain Joseph Tully, to recall the fighter squadrons he had dispatched in response to mayday signals from the Liberty.
We previously reported that US aerial reconnaissance monitored the bombardment of the ship, but new evidence has emerged showing that at least 1 US Navy submarine was monitoring it as well, information which the authors of our reference background material uncovered by happenstance from Lieutenant Jim O'Connor, an American traitor who knew about the treasonous operation and is now thankfully dead. The submarine, USS Amberjack, also took photos, which may still exist showing the activity during the Israeli attack.
But the question always returns to why. Johnson was a lifelong Semitophile, who may well have been Jewish on his mother’s side. As we have shown with genetic science elsewhere, most Jews are in reality Khazars – a gentile people who adopted Judaism in the 8th century. Johnson arranged for the illegal importation of around a 1000 Jews escaping Germany prior to World War 2, but the problem with that story is that Jewish and Gentile banksters under Rothschild dominion were creating that war ex nihilo.
So Johnson had long standing relations with Jews who were also inordinately supportive of his presidency and war in Viet Nam, but he also was beholden to them because of blackmail. It was the Jewish mob and Mossad who were the driving powers behind the murder of President Kennedy who insisted upon inspecting Israeli development of aggressive nuclear weapons at Dimona. The Israeli ambassador threatened Kennedy in a private meeting which included Robert Kennedy, the president’s brother and US Attorney General, that interference in Israeli affairs would result in personal consequences to the president.
It was easy enough to find Kennedy enemies in the United States, especially when crypto Mossad agent James Jesus Angleton was pulling strings. Johnson went along with the plan because the Jews bailed him out of his many impossible political and legal problems, which were on the verge of sending him to prison, by murdering the president. We believe that Robert’s plans to expose Johnson in a Life article the following week was the precise trigger which prompted the assassination, and the point at which Johnson agreed to the coup.
Thus when the Israelis planned their attack on Egypt, they realized that they would never be able to conquer the nation, so created a ruse to ensnare the United States by sinking the USS Liberty. Johnson realized that he would have major problems on his hands if he refused.
While Lloyd Vance implies that the original plan called for a light strafing of the ship which would then be used as the pretext to attack Egypt, we insist that the original plan was to sink the ship, largely based on knowing the minds of psychopaths, and knowing that loose lips sink ships – survivors were unwelcome.
A further complication was the mass murder of Egyptians in the Sinai by Israeli troops. The Liberty had undoubtedly picked up Israeli military communications, discovering that Israelis were butchering people left and right, just as they are doing in the Gaza strip today.
So the attack on the USS Liberty was a joint US-Israeli operation intended to murder as many Americans as needed to create a pretext for the US to enter the Israeli War of Aggression, 1967. It failed, saving the world from all out nuclear attack, an outcome which Pentagon war mongers were anxious to realize in a war with the USSR. Had the attack succeeded, Vance shows that America’s generals were prepared to use the nuclear option.
Not only has a gross injustice been served against the survivors who have sought explanation, and possibly an apology, but it proves yet again the treachery of the Jews and their stern determination to destroy the United States – or at the very least to make it a compliant servant in Jewish genocidal ambitions. We wish the alert true Americans that traitors and psychopaths never show remorse. The US government will lie until it is ended.
But there is one last terribly important secret: Israel is the colony of the Satanic Rothschilds. Thus behind the treachery of Israel lay its puppet masters.

Partial List of Traitors

Lyndon Johnson (US President)
Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense)
Walt Rostow ( Special Advisor to Johnson )
Ralph Steakly (General)
Foy Kohler (301 Committee)
Cyrus Vance (Deputy Secretary of Defense)
Rufus Taylor (Admiral)
Mathilde Krim (Irgun terrorist, LBJ whore)
August Hubal (Commander of Amberjack)
William McGonagle ( Commander USS Liberty)

Lloyd T Vance, Steve Johnson, The Truth About The USS Liberty Attack, nd (2010)

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