Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Real Reason Bush Invaded Iraq

While most Americans believe that the invasion of Iraq was incited by concerns for weapons of mass destruction, that is only half of the story. To paraphrase Paul Harvey, we will tell you the reeest of the story.
As way of background, and according to the CIA controlled media, the United States invaded Iraq in March 2003 to avenge the attacks on the World Trade Center, and to punish Saddam Hussein for his use of chemical weapons.
Chief propagandist for the Bush Crime Syndicate, Colin Powell, went on stage to declare his phony, fabricated evidence that Iraq was a terrorist state hell bent on unleashing Armageddon before its time through the use of WMD. When American troops arrived, they could not find any weapons of mass destruction. They may have a found a buried airplane or 2, but they did not find any nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons - at least according the CIA controlled media.
Poor old murderer George Bush took a lot of heat for lying and contriving reasons to invade Iraq. Well it turns out that he wasn't lying. Jim Willie has revealed startling news from his sources, one of whom worked for Halliburton during the mid 2000s, that he was in Iraq gathering every single chemical weapon he and his comrades could find.
Why were they gathering these weapons if none existed? Was it due to concern for Hussein's wicked ways? Don't be so foolish. The Bush Crime Syndicate staged the attacks on the World Trade Center at the direction of Israel. Indeed the Israelis were euphoric over the event because it meant that US military power would be under its control to accomplish their genocidal agenda for the Middle East. So it is impossible to conceive of Bush having any concern for Hussein's alleged wicked ways.
The reason that Bush invaded Iraq was to round up all of the chemical weapons - as well as any others - which his father had sold to Hussein because they all bore Made in America labels. Hussein was a long time crony of the BCS, whom the CIA - ie BCS - installed as dictator of Iraq in 1979. As long as Hussein did our bidding, including a hokey invasion of Kuwait in 1990, he could do whatever he wanted in Iraq.
However, Hussein overplayed his hand when he decided to sell oil in Euros. This action posed a grave threat to dollar dominance, and the shaky house of cards which is US finance. Because Hussein threatened the dollar, he could not be trusted to keep secrets about the BCS supplied weapons with which he was abundantly and generously supplied.
Thus Bush, Jr, with direction from Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, both of whom were part of the Hussein junta, went into overdrive to invade Iraq - not to liberate the country which they left in shambles, but to sweep up evidence of Bush connections to the arms deals they cut under the table with Hussein during the 1980s and 90s.
There was also some ill feelings regarding the attempted assassination on Bush, Sr after he left the presidency, for which the BCS sought revenge.
The entire 9/11-Iraq escapade has been one long dirty lie for which stupid Americans have fallen prey. The destruction to the lives of American soldiers sent to fight on a nuclear battle field for corrupt and wicked regimes in Washington and London proves the contempt Americans have for their citizens. The contempt infests both the hooligans in Washington and Wall Street, but also Main Street where Americans happily send their children to fight Mammon's wars.

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