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Fukushima Radiation Levels Explode on US West Coast

Most Americans - like good cows and sheep - had zero to miniscule knowledge of the Fukushima nuclear disaster which struck Japan in 2011. This same herd does not know that the US West Coast has been bombarded by massive levels of nuclear fallout and radiation orders of magnitude higher than public health officials tell them.
George Washington of Washington's Blog has recently reported that the levels of radioactive cesium are 100 to 1000 times higher than originally predicted, and 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 times greater than before the attack on the Fukushima nuclear facility.
This radiation, cesium-137, has a half life of 30 years, but Washington reports that the Savannah River National Laboratory has stated that the effects of Chernobyl with persist for 180-320 years. The inference is that Fukushima is a much greater disaster than Chernobyl, and hence its effects will be much longer.
We must caution readers not to be lulled into a false sense of complacency from the half-life numbers. Just because the half-life is only 30 years - enough to decimate 2 generations - does not mean the health crisis has faded. The levels of radiation at the half-life point are still toxic and lethal - especially given the vast quantities poured into the atmosphere, oceans, and soil.
Radioactive cesium accumulates in fish and animals, and thus will continue to pollute the food system with deleterious effects on health for centuries to come. Not only are living organisms affected, but so is the soil, which makes grains and vegetables a source of radiation, especially on the West Coast, the source of enormous amounts of fruits and vegetables.
Most people around the world believe that Fukushima was a  freak accident consequent to the tsunami which hit Japan in March 2011. However, that is a bogus half truth. The immediate problem is that the nuclear plant, with heavy construction input from Westinghouse, was built faultily, the product of significant briberies and kickbacks to avoid having to repair  serious construction defects. If the money had been spent to build the plant properly, it would have most likely survived the assault.
But the real cause of the nuclear holocaust was the Bush Crime Syndicate which used nuclear devices placed under ground in the Pacific Ocean to launch the tsunami. The Asian press reported the tsunami as such based upon scientific data collected by various measuring devices on both sides of the Pacific. There was no indication whatsoever that the tsunami was natural. On the contrary, the evidence indicate a massive explosion at the source of the tidal waves.
The reason for the attack was the US' paranoia over Japan's drifting away from its colonial imperialism and building closer ties with China, the consequences to the dollar as the reserve currency, and the balance of power in the Pacific. However, US foreign policy is not made by Americans. Rather the Rothschild dynasty and its colony Israel rule the United States. Since the Rothschild-Israeli axis is a genocidal murderous cabal of hyenas, destroying a nuclear facility along with its lethal effects on biosystems is all part of a day's work.
The impacts on the US West Coast will be enormous. Radiation based diseases such as cancer will rise dramatically. Washington's Blog made very clear that modeled effects of the fallout versus measured effects have been wildly different, with the latter being much higher than the former. As an example, actual radioactive cesium levels were 500 times higher than estimated on the West Coast.
The implications to the US are staggering. As people on the West Coast start to realize the effects on their health, more than a few of them will decide that it is time to leave. That will greatly dampen the price of real estate in California, and further undermine the financial house of cards which is the state government.

Japan, for all practical purposes, is finished as a nation. Its demographics were already strongly against it, but the impacts of radiation will make functioning as a leading nation nearly impossible. It is already lumbering under the Keynesian shackles into which Washington placed it in 1989. Its economy has barely budged for 30 years.
We are only in the beginning phase of this colossal manmade catastrophe. While the pandemonium we predict is not yet here, the following years will vindicate our assessment.
George Washington, Fukushima Increased Cesium Levels 100 to 1,000 Times Worldwide ... and 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 Times On the U.S. West Coast, Zero Hedge, August 29, 2014, accessed 8/31/2014,

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