Thursday, August 28, 2014

The One Minute Chronicle: Traitor McCain Enjoying His Stay at a Real Hanoi Hilton

 McCain with Vietnamese captors. (Veterans Today)
Senator John McCain is portrayed as the grizzled Vietnam War survivor who triumphed over a long harrowing captivity in Hanoi. The truth is that McCain is an American traitor.
Veterans Today frequently publishes a picture of the young Ziocon in Hanoi enjoying a pleasant afternoon tea with his alleged captors. His sufferings are rather minimal - if no more than enduring some overdone crumpets.
The truth of the matter is that Vietnam was a staged war instigated by the CIA as we copiously described in an earlier article on the subject. The former military editors of Veterans Today see McCain as a weasly traitor.
We see him in worse light. The ziocon war monger has never seen a war or foreign meddling he didn't like, with his strident bellicosity in overthrowing the duly elected government of Ukraine a not so subtle endorsement of ziocon traitor Victoria Nuland's grand plan to wipe out the Ukrainians.
Our firm belief is that McCain's involvement with Vietnam was that of an intelligence operation involving the betrayal of American locations in Vietnam to enable the war to continue on and on. We despise McCain as a murdering, treasonous, scumbag.

His war hero hagiography is as contrived and artificial as that of Bush Crime Syndicate capo George Bush, Sr. And his involvement in Vietnam was no more risky than that of AWOL George Bush Jr.

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