Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ukrainian SU25 Blasted MH17 Out of Sky

More evidence streaming out of the graveyard of the Malaysian Flight MH17 downed on July 17, 2014 demonstrates convincingly that Ukrainian military blasted the civilian airliner out of the sky.
Veterans Today writer Peter Haisenko analyzed available internet photos of the Boeing plane's debris, discovering that the nose of the jet is riddled with holes matching those of 30 caliber gun - the types of guns used in anti-tank operations.
As he examined the inward and outward bends of metal where the holes are found, it became clear that bullets fired from a fighter jet entered and exited cockpit on both sides, most likely killing the pilots. Haisenko noted that only the cockpit suffered strafing while the rest of the plane suffered ricochet and pass through shots rather than direct fire.
However, as we reported from other Veterans Today stories, an Israeli Shin Bet firm, ICTS, is believed to have placed a bomb on the plane which detonated at the time the Ukrainian plane came under aerial assault. Thus the passengers were doomed by Ukrainian flying murderers, and an airborne bomb.
However, Haisenko argues that the SU 25 anti-armor canons were sufficient for causing air pressure problems in the main cabin, thus resulting in explosive reactions which could plausibly be attributed to a missile.
Now that we have a comprehensive explanation about how the MH17 was obliterated, we must still understand who did it. Clearly the thuggish Ukrainian government would not have the intelligence or capabilities to perform this act without sponsorship from the US and Israel.
While Israel was embarking on its genocidal destruction of Gaza, it worked to distract the world with an assault on a civilian airliner. As Ariel Sharon admitted to a news reporter in 1983, he killed Jews for political purposes. Indeed Ukrainians were killed in the State Department's Maidan Square false flag operation produced by the Jew Victoria Newland whose allegiances are strictly Israeli.
Israel is the fighting arm of the Rothschild New World Order which in turn relies heavily on the military might of the US and CIA. Indeed the CIA now has its own independent military force fully funded by narcotics trade which will most likely end up in a war with the Pentagon.
Despite the incessant stream of lies produced by American newsfakers, we know the truth about the murderers of July 17, 2014 who massacred Flight MH17.

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