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A Little Sumpin' About Operation 40

Operation 40 is a group about which very few Americans know, but its formation represented a watershed in American history, and led directly to the US coup of 1963.
Until the time of Castro, Cuba was the great offshore play palace of the wealthy, especially for those with organized crime connections. When the corrupt and brutal Batista regime unraveled in the 1950s, the CIA knew that it must not let a good crisis go to waste. It sought the services of a young firebrand, Fidel Castro, who played upon the people's suffering under Spanish and corrupt native rule.

Castro himself would rival Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao T'se Tung as butcher without peer, operating under the aegis of the CIA.
The CIA installed Castro as a foil in a larger game of strategic conquest, served by a bagman named George Bush. The agency was not about to lose control of the island, and its offshore torture chambers in Guantanamo. Indeed, if Castro really wanted to antagonize the United States, he would have allied with the Soviets to expel the American presence even with as many complications as that move would have entailed.
During the late 1950s, Nazis Allan Dulles and Prescott Bush, George Bush's father, conspired with a man J C King to write a letter complaining about the loss of property and generally deteriorating conditions on the island as a way to goad the United States to protect US business exploitations of the Cubans.
His letter of December 11, 1959 reached Dulles who took it to the National Security Agency (NSA) for action. Vice President Nixon, DCI Allan Dulles, Admiral Burke, Livingston Merchant of the State Department, and Gordon Gray were among the key action officers who heard the case and proposed that the government use "alternative means" for dealing with the Cuban problem. As Eisenhower's personal representative at the NSA, Nixon wasted no time in authorizing a group to bring about "regime change" and to "protect" American interests.
The group was known as Operation 40, but could never be requested of Congress, much less the American people, as it was authorized to engage in criminal activities, mostly murder, to sabotage the revolutionaries in Cuba. However, the CIA was not really sabotaging Castro because he was on the CIA's payroll. The group also had very little to do with Cuba, at least after Bay of Pigs, as it was needed to assassinate Americans who interfered with CIA activities.
Nixon, who was raised to national elected office by Prescott Bush, asked George Bush and Allan Dulles to head the group, with Bush taking the lead in fund raising, and Jack Crichton, a Texas oil man, as close associate.
Bush and Crichton in turn worked the members of the Texas based 8F Group to raise funds since Congress was not even aware of the new assassination program. Lyndon Johnson was one of the very well known members of this establishment but secretive group.
Among Bush's recruits was David Ferrie, Lee Oswald, David Morales, Frank Sturgis, and Barry Seal, all of whom played prominently in the assassination of Kennedy and/or other CIA crimes such as the Mena Drug cartel which financed CIA activities from the 1960s to the present.
Dulles appointed Tracey Barnes to initiate the Operation 40 Group in January 1960 with a launch meeting which included E Howard Hunt, Frank Bender, Jack Esterline, and David Atlee Phillips, all of whom would contribute mightily to the murder of Jack Kennedy.
The first order of business was to foment a counter-revolution in Cuba, but that was a half baked affair which failed miserably, and was never intended to succeed, because Castro was on the CIA payroll.
The group's next assignment was Bay of Pigs, for which George Bush of the CIA, along with Felix Rodriguez, professional murderer and scum bag, commuted between Houston and Miami weekly, no doubt ferried by David Ferrie or Barry Seal, to recruit Cuban ex-patriates for Brigade 2506, which would eventually be slaughtered by Castro. But no matter, it was all for show anyway.
For what it's worth Ferrie worked for Eladio del Valle.
To augment their numbers, crime boss Frank Roselli, and a young Porter Goss were recruited, the latter of whom would assist Bush in the 9/11 attacks.
The failure of Bay of Pigs provided the impetus to turn Operation 40 into a counter intelligence group because the paranoia of the CIA waxed hot in the risible belief that domestic traitors sabotaged its success. And who was the number 1 traitor? President Kennedy, of course.
After the Bay of Pigs flop, a planned one at that, Operation 40 came under the auspices of the CIA's as Domestic Affairs Division, a domestic terrorist group with an ostensible mission of taking out Castro, but with a real mission of murdering the president of the United States.
By November 22, 1963, Operation 40 was a battle hardened cohesive unit ready to take on its biggest challenge by staging a coup against the United States of America. George Bush was in Dealey Plaza with Jack Crichton, contributing his part to the assassination plot by taking his Operation 40 team to the Dal-Tex building where the assassins delivered either of the shots to the president's back or head - possibly both.
Thus Nixon's enduring legacy was the destruction of the United States by refusing to defy Allan Dulles' demands for a shadow government. But Nixon was in bed with Dulles and Prescott Bush in their grand scheme to take over America by destroying its Constitutional character, and governing with shadow entities with no accountabilities to anyone but themselves.
Nixon knew of Prescott's and Dulles' collaboration with the Nazis during World War 2, a fact which he uncovered through highly sensitive documents he obtained shortly after the war while working in the Navy. The pact between Nixon and Dulles was to promote the Nazi agenda  through secrecy and illicit power.
The unleashing of Operation 40 opened the flood gates of Murder, Inc, which operates to this day as a component of the totalitarian state, wreaking murder and mayhem at will.

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