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Murdering Dorothy Hunt

A few folks still remember the shocking December 8, 1972 announcement of the crash of United Airlines flight 553 carrying the wife of Watergate burglar E Howard Hunt. What most Americans did not realize at the time was that she was murdered.
One of the few who recognized that criminal elements were involved in sabotaging the flight was Sherman Skolnick whose ground breaking research revealed that the crash was no accident. It was actually a carefully crafted murder of dangerous witnesses to the deeds of Washington’s Nazi thugs.
Not that Dorothy was a saint. She and her husband were a CIA couple, like the Clintons, albeit on a more modest scale. According to Skolnick, Dorothy outranked her husband in the agency. Although the story of her death has been told ably by Skolnick and others, we add some additional insight which we have not seen elsewhere.
The main narrative starts with Howard who, in legal jeopardy for the break-in at the Watergate hotel, began making noises about being an assassin and gathering a following in the press. At the same time, he began sending messages to the White House that he needed money to keep his lips tight and sealed, but giving the fake altruistic reason that he needed to take care of the financial needs of him and his conspirators.
Does anyone think that Howard was really blackmailing the president – especially over the Kennedy murder?
Well, the answer is yes. He was further enmeshing Nixon in Watergate but that was not the real story. Nixon did not have prior knowledge of the break-in and was yet a few months away from his “cancer on the presidency” encounter with Dean. The only thing Hunt had on Nixon was “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” – ie the Kennedy assassination, in which Nixon was sheep dipped. Hunt was pretending to expose Nixon in the murder, which he indeed could do because Nixon was compromised and a cutout for the real assassins as we explained in our article on Operation 40, the Bush led assassination squad created by the CIA on Nixon's orders when he was Vice President. But that is the giveaway. Hunt would have never turned coat on a CIA operation in which he was heavily involved. But Nixon didn’t know that – he was implicated by insinuation in the operation.
The Nixon White House received the message loud and clear which prompted a meeting at one point between White House counsel John Dean, another CIA operative, and Nixon. They discussed the need to raise the money and how to do so.
Although a figure of 1 million or more dollars was bandied about, Nixon assured Dean that the money could be raised. Indeed it could when you have millionaire backstabbing friends like George Bush. Nixon enlisted the aid of Bush who in turn went to his longtime business and CIA partner Bruce Leidtke, a co-founder of Bush’s CIA front company Zapata Oil.
Bruce fronted the money through Felix Rodriguez, another important CIA figure, who then conveyed the money to Dorothy Hunt. From there Hunt wound up on flight 553 along with CBS reporter Marcia Clark and some gas company executives from Omaha, one of whom told his wife that he had explosive irreplaceable documents of a very political nature.
The flight took off for Chicago, but rather than landing at O’Hare as scheduled was oddly routed to Midway not far from where the plane crashed after exploding at tree top level. Within minutes of the crash, nearly 50 FBI agents were circling the plane and site even though its field office was 12 miles away. It’s not every flight crash which is greeted with a 50 man FBI team. Upon arrival at the airport, the FBI confiscated the flight tape from the control tower.
This event alone is the smoking gun of a murder. Skolnick reported that there were survivors including Dorothy Hunt. But the FBI’s job was to murder survivors since they needed to recover the bribe money and to permanently ensure the silences of those pesky witnesses.
The newsfakers in the press reported initially that Hunt had 50,000 USD on her person, but she in fact was carrying 2 million USD in various instruments as subsequent investigations would reveal.
It is quite evident to us that Hunt was murdered to recover the money, because Nazis don’t pay bribe money to anyone. But here the story gets crazier, and we advise readers to reach for their tin hats; veterans reach for it instinctively.
Hunt’s son Saint John has stated that his parents were on the verge of divorce prior to Watergate, but that Dorothy decided to stand by her man. At this point we conjecture that Hunt was framing his wife. Dorothy was not the blackmailer – Howard was. So why didn’t the Firm try to murder him instead of his wife? It was because he was on their side – and Dorothy was so much excess baggage.
Hunt’s role was 2 fold: to further ensnare Nixon in Watergate and to murder his wife. He maneuvered her into the position of bagman from which Bush, Leidtke, and Nixon were determined to recover the 2 million USD. Many of you are saying that this is a preposterous notion. But we remind you that CIA executive Cord Meyer participated in the murder of his ex-wife Mary Meyer. Hunt was following suit in a rather clever plot.
As Bush’s one time case officer, we are certain that Hunt and Bush were conspiring together to achieve multiple aims.
There is other evidence of murder. Nixon appointed close aide Egil Krogh Under Secretary of Transportation for the divisions investigating the crash. He appointed his assistant Alexander Butterfield to head of FAA, and another aide, Dwight Chapin, was appointed a senior executive of United Airlines. Anyone who thinks these personnel moves were coincidences is a few lights short of a Christmas tree.
The investigation discovered high levels of hydrogen cyanide in the pilots and passengers which in conjunction with the explosion guaranteed a crash.
The flight had interesting passengers not the least of whom was CBS reporter Marcia Clark who had been probing various persons with knowledge of Watergate. More significantly were some natural gas cooperative executives who were the target of anti-trust investigations who, having discovered damning documents related to Watergate and Attorney General John Mitchell’s dropping of anti-trust charges against an El Paso firm which profited Mitchell handsomely, decided that they had leverage in obtaining relief. These small time players were no match for the Bush Crime Syndicate.
Supporting our contention that the FBI murdered survivors is CBS Network News’ vehement demands that Ms Clark be cremated against the determined wishes otherwise of her family. The mortician who handled her body was very shortly thereafter murdered. It is our opinion that William Paley, longtime CBS CEO was personally involved in the murder or its cover-up.
In 1974 Chuck Colson went on record stating that he thought the CIA sabotaged the plane, but no one took him seriously.
Finally, Skolnick reported that Dick Gregory, a White House enemy, was strenuously pressured to board the flight. Fortunately he exercised sound judgment in rejecting the offer.
In summary the flight was planned as a giant clean-up operation to eliminate blackmailers and to rid Hunt of his wife. We acknowledge that some aspects of our thesis are quite controversial, but there can be no controversy that the passengers were targeted for murder by Richard Nixon, John Mitchell, George Bush and Bruce Leidtke. We add to that list for good measure and sound reason Everett Howard Hunt, murderer and scumbag extraordinaire.
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Alison said...

St. John's book, "Dorothy: An Amoral and Dangerous Woman," sets up another possibility, in my view, which is that Dorothy may have been the person who planned the plane crash and murder, and then faked her own death.

St. John says that she had reserved the seat next to her, along with her own (which would insure no witness to the fact she wasn't there); that the $1 million was in travelers' checks; and that she bought a $200,000 life insurance policy at the airport before boarding the plane. In her handbag was found a clipping about a doctor who had simply disappeared, with his wife, after taking a day cruise off the coast of some South American country. St. John had no clue why his mother would have saved that clipping, since there is no evidence she knew the doctor.

Dorothy also spent several weeks in Europe the summer before, although I don't know if Watergate had broken when she did so.

Tony Bonn said...

I appreciate your update on this issue. I have acquired in recent months strange new respect for st john based upon feedback I have received from judyth vary baker, something I did not have at the time of my article. I have also acquired some reports that Sherman skolnick was oftentimes fed disinformation from government sources - someone who informed a great deal of my thinking at the time.

additionally, after studying numerous other faked deaths such as those of elvis, Barbara olson, joan rivers, and so many more, the idea of hunt's faked death is more than plausible, and still fits with many of the aspects of "crash" scene.

it would be nice if we could get a confirmed sighting of Dorothy after the crash the seal the case. of course she may well have had cosmetic surgery to disguise her looks.